Goals and Highlights: 49ers 26-23 Bengals in NFL
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9:12 PM5 months ago


Watch the best moments of the win in OT 49ers over Bengals.



8:50 PM5 months ago


8:47 PM5 months ago

2:00 OT

Pass to Ayuk 9 yds 2&goal at 1 yd
8:46 PM5 months ago

2:00 OT

8:45 PM5 months ago

2:23 OT

Great catch by Kittle 9 yds 1&gol
8:44 PM5 months ago

2:34 OT

Time out 49ers
8:43 PM5 months ago

4:00 OT

Pass to Kittle 22 yds 1&10
8:42 PM5 months ago

4:53 OT

Pass to Jennings 25 yds 1&10
8:40 PM5 months ago

6:10 OT

Pass to Kittle 8 yds 2&2
8:39 PM5 months ago

6:15 OT

41 yds FG is GOOD
8:37 PM5 months ago

6:45 OT

Burrow sack by Bosa 4&10
8:35 PM5 months ago

8:40 OT

Pass to Uzomah 23 yds 1&10
8:33 PM5 months ago

9:45 OT

Deep pass to Higgins 26 yds 1&10
8:28 PM5 months ago

00:04 4Q

47yds FG is NO GOOD we have overtime
8:26 PM5 months ago

00:20 4Q

What reception of Kittle 19 yds 1 & 10 and are in position of FG
8:24 PM5 months ago

00:30 4Q

Pass to B.Aiyuk 17 yds 1&10
8:18 PM5 months ago

1:19 4Q

Burrow pass deep to J.Chase for 32 yards TD BENGALS
8:17 PM5 months ago

1:25 4Q

Burrow manages to throw and Boyd has the 1 & 10
8:15 PM5 months ago

1:50 4Q

Pass to Higgins 22 yds 1&10
8:12 PM5 months ago

2:00 4Q

8:12 PM5 months ago

2:40 4Q

Burrow was sack by Bosa  2&18
8:09 PM5 months ago

3:00 4Q

sack  JG. by Sample 3&10
8:07 PM5 months ago

4:20 4Q

Wilson runs 4 yds 1&10
8:06 PM5 months ago

5:00 4Q

Burrow is sacked by Williams 4&20
8:02 PM5 months ago

7:22 4Q

Garoppolo sack by Hill 4 &18
7:58 PM5 months ago

9:05 4Q

Pass to Kittle 14 yds 1&10
7:54 PM5 months ago

9:20 4Q

Pass to Chasse 17 yds TD Bengals
7:50 PM5 months ago

10:59 4Q

Pass to Higgins 26 yds 1&10
7:49 PM5 months ago

11:45 4Q

 Mixon runs  17 yds 1&10
7:46 PM5 months ago

12:42 4Q

Sack from Ogunjobi 4 down
7:44 PM5 months ago

14:00 4Q

FUMBLE by JG but recovers by himself 2 & 20
7:40 PM5 months ago

00:00 3Q

Finish the third quarter
7:37 PM5 months ago

1:30 3Q

46 yds FG is NO GOOD
7:36 PM5 months ago

1:48 3Q

Pressure on Burrow FUMBLE recovered by himself 4 & 14
7:28 PM5 months ago

6:33 3Q

Pass to Uzomah 12 yds 1&10
7:25 PM5 months ago

7:46 3Q

24 yds FG is GOOD
7:24 PM5 months ago

7:46 3Q

Incomplete pass 4&goal
7:19 PM5 months ago

9:13 3Q

Pass with Kittle 16 yds at 3 & 13 and it's 1 & goal
7:17 PM5 months ago

10:30 3Q

Pass to Kittle 20 yds 1&10
7:14 PM5 months ago

12:49 3Q

Pass to Samuel 19 yds 1&10
7:11 PM5 months ago

13:08 3Q

3 and out on the Bengals first offense
7:09 PM5 months ago

15:00 3Q

The third quarter has started
6:54 PM5 months ago

00:00 2Q

First half ends 17-6
6:51 PM5 months ago

00:18 2Q

Pass to Kittle 14 yds TD 49ers
6:49 PM5 months ago

0:30 2Q

Time out Bengals
6:44 PM5 months ago

0:57 2Q

Philiphs drops the ball again in the attempted reception recovered by Sherfield TURNOVER
6:39 PM5 months ago

1:07 2Q

Deep pass with Benjamin, it's incomplete 4 & 15
6:34 PM5 months ago

1:42 2Q

Mc Person 28 yds FG is GOOD
6:29 PM5 months ago

1:46 2Q

Pass to Perine 14 yds 4&1
6:24 PM5 months ago

2:00 2Q

6:19 PM5 months ago

3:40 2Q

Burrow throws the pass is deflected by a 49ers player and it falls miraculously to Chase 17 yds 1 & 10
6:14 PM5 months ago

4:26 2Q

6:09 PM5 months ago

4:26 2Q

6:04 PM5 months ago

4:26 2Q

TD Bengals Deep pass to Chase 37 yds TD Bengals
5:59 PM5 months ago

5:00 2Q

Complete pass to Uzoma 8 yds 1&10
5:54 PM5 months ago

6:55 2Q

Mixon runs 3 yds 3&1
5:49 PM5 months ago

7:59 2Q

3 & 5 Pass deep with Kittle is incomplete will be 4 & 5
5:44 PM5 months ago

9:28 2Q

Pass to Kittle 5 yds 2&5
5:39 PM5 months ago

10:40 2Q

Burrow manages to escape the pressure and runs 3 yds
5:34 PM5 months ago

11:45 2Q

Pass by Burrow with Boyd 17 yds 1 & 10
5:29 PM5 months ago

12:05 2Q

TD 49ers Deboo Samuel runs 23 yds and score a TD
5:24 PM5 months ago

13:10 2Q

Wilson runs for 12 yds 1&10
5:19 PM5 months ago

00:00 1Q

First quarter ends 3-3
5:14 PM5 months ago

0:31 1Q

37 yds FG is GOOD
5:09 PM5 months ago

0:36 1Q

Time out Bengals
5:04 PM5 months ago

1:09 1Q

Complete pass with Peine 11 yds 4&1
4:59 PM5 months ago

2:33 1Q

Pass from Burrow to Boyd  11 yds 1&10
4:54 PM5 months ago

3:57 1Q

Pass from Burrow to Higgins 20 yds 1&10
4:49 PM5 months ago

5:48 1Q

 Mixon runs 5 yds 1&10
4:44 PM5 months ago

6:41 1Q

33 yds FG is GOOD the score is 3-0
4:39 PM5 months ago

9:00 1Q

Deboo Samuel runs for 2 yds
4:34 PM5 months ago

9:10 1Q

On the kick CraftCraft recovers the ball that was touched by a Bengals player. 1 & 10 49ers
4:29 PM5 months ago

9:20 1Q

Incomplete pass from JG. 4 & 5
4:24 PM5 months ago

11:48 1Q

Garappolo complete pass with Kittle 1 & 10
4:19 PM5 months ago

12:04 1Q

3 and out the Burow team
4:14 PM5 months ago

12:45 1Q

Mixon's run drops the ball but recovers it himself
4:09 PM5 months ago

13:20 1Q

Henderson makes the sack and from 3 & 11 it will be 4 down 3 and out
4:04 PM5 months ago

15:00 1Q

First play of the match is a carry with Wilson losing 1 yd
3:59 PM5 months ago

Next games of 49ers

The 49ers have a very accessible schedule for the rest of the season.                                                                           

vs Falcons

at Titans

vs Texans

at Rams



3:54 PM5 months ago

Next games Bengals

The Bengals have 4 games left

at denver

vs Ravens

vs Chiefs

at Browns

3:49 PM5 months ago

Injuries of home team

Fred Johnson, Trenton Irwin, Khalid Kareem, Tyler Shelvin and Logan Wilson are the injuries of the Bengals 
3:44 PM5 months ago

Warm up home team

The Bengals come out to warm up before the game led by young QB Joe Burrow who has more than 3,000 yards 23 TD and 14 INT.


3:39 PM5 months ago

odds to win

The 49ers are favorites for this game with a victory probability of 51.6% while the Bengals have a probability of 48.1%
3:34 PM5 months ago

Injuries 49ers

The 49ers arrive to the jungle without this players.


3:29 PM5 months ago


The Bengals and Niners have met twice in SB. The title remained in the hands of the San Francisco 49ers who won by 20-16 and thus obtained their third NFL champion title and their third title in the 1980s.
3:24 PM5 months ago

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How to watch San Francisco 49ers – Cincinnati Bengals Live Stream on TV and Online?

How to watch San Francisco 49ers – Cincinnati Bengals  Live Stream on TV and Online?

If you want to watch the game San Francisco 49ers –Cincinnati Bengals  live on TV, your options is Nueve channel

If you want to directly stream it: Streaming services and Blim

If you want to watch it on internet, VAVEL US is your best option!

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Games between San Francisco 49ers vs Cincinnati Bengals

3 of the last 5 games have been won by the 49ers and at Paul Brown Stadium they have won the last 2 consecutively

2019 Cincinnati Bengals 17-41 San Francisco 49ers

2015 San Francisco 49ers 14-24 Cincinnati Bengals

2011 Cincinnati Bengals 8-13 San Francisco 49ers

2007 San Francisco 49ers 20-13 Cincinnati Bengals

2003  Cincinnati Bengals 41 -38 San Francisco 49ers

3:09 PM5 months ago

Key player of 49ers

Tight end George Kittle is the player to follow after many absences from the niners, Kittle is always synonymous with guarantee, with 44 receptions 606 yds and 5 TDs are the numbers at the moment.

The # 85 is a fundamental piece for the QB. Jimmy Garapollo is the player with the most passes completed on the third down.

Photo: Getty images//  Michael Zagaris
Photo: Getty images// Michael Zagaris


3:04 PM5 months ago

Key player of Bengals

If the Bengals team wants to win the game, it will have to do what it does best to run. Joe Mixon has had a great season and is the second best RB in the league with 978 yds, the third RB with the most attempts and with a total of 12 TDs make him the most important player in the home team.
Photo: Getty images// Kirk Irwin
Photo: Getty images// Kirk Irwin
2:59 PM5 months ago

Bengals win to seek playoffs

Bengals Burrow's team arrives with a streak of 2 wins and 3 losses, beyond that record the team has declined considerably in recent weeks so HC Zac Taylor will have to improve things as things are starting to get complicated the playoff scene.

The Bengals were division leaders but a stumble and victory by the Browns would leave them momentarily out of the playoffs.

Those of Cincinnati must improve a lot after their last result where they lost at home against the Chargers. The team is 1-3 at home so it is not their strength this season.

2:54 PM5 months ago

San Francisco 49ers: win or say goodbye

The San Francisco 49ers come into this game 6-6 and winning 3 of their last 4 games overall. The niners have the second best road record in the NFC at 4-2, despite their good record they lost their last road game and will play for the second week in a row.

Right now the niners have the last playoff berth but a Washington win would take that ticket away.

2:49 PM5 months ago

The game

Key game in the jungle, the Bengals play week to the chances of entering the playoffs and in such a hard-fought division, anyone can win it so the margin of error decreases while Niners are still with postseason aspirations but they require the remaining games to be won and several teams stumble.
2:44 PM5 months ago

The match will be played at the Paul Brown Stadium

The San Francisco 49ers vs Cincinnati Bengals match will be played at the stadium: Cincinnati, Ohio  with a capacity of 65515 people Named after the Bengals' founder Paul Brown, the stadium is located on approximately 22 acres (8.9 ha) of land and has a listed seating capacity of 65,515.

Paul Brown Stadium is nicknamed "The Jungle," an allusion to not only the namesake Bengal tiger's natural habitat but also the Guns N' Roses song "Welcome to the Jungle" which is the unofficial anthem for the team.

It is one of three stadiums in the NFL not named after a corporate sponsor, the others being Lambeau Field (Packers) and Soldier Field (Bears).

Photo: Getty images// Tyler Barrick
Photo: Getty images// Tyler Barrick
2:39 PM5 months ago

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