Highlights and Best Moments: Chiefs 34-28 Chargers in NFL Season
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Thank you for following the Chargers-Chiefs NFL game.
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End game

Chiefs 34-28 Chargers.
12:26 AM5 months ago

OT 08:45


Kelce breaks away and reaches the diagonals for the winning touchdown.

12:21 AM5 months ago

OT 09:16

Once again, Hill came up with the reception to put Kansas in field goal range.
12:16 AM5 months ago

OT 09:40

Kelce with another long reception and the Chiefs are already in the opponent's zone.
12:11 AM5 months ago

OT 10:00

Overtime. The Chiefs on offense.
12:06 AM5 months ago

End of fourth period

Chiefs 28-28 Chargers. There will be overtime.
12:01 AM5 months ago

4Q 00:25

Herbert's bomb, but the pass is wide for Allen and the Chargers will have to clear.
11:56 PM5 months ago


11:51 PM5 months ago

4Q 00:47

Herbert to Allen to position himself near midfield.
11:46 PM5 months ago

4Q 01:16


Mahomes finds Kelce and the game is tied.

11:41 PM5 months ago

4Q 01:22

Mahomes takes advantage of the gap and puts the ball on the 7-yard line.
11:36 PM5 months ago

4Q 01:40

Mahomes breaks away and completes to Hill for first and ten.
11:31 PM5 months ago

4Q 01:57

Two-minute pause.
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11:21 PM5 months ago

4Q 02:19


Herbert with a power pass to Allen for the touchdown to retake the lead.

11:16 PM5 months ago

4Q 04:18

Jackson runs and they're in the red zone. First and ten for the Chargers
11:11 PM5 months ago

4Q 04:24

Play action play and Herbert finds Cook to get to the opponent's 30 yard line.
11:06 PM5 months ago


11:01 PM5 months ago

4Q 07:44


Hill with the reception in the diagonals and, they play it for the conversion that Mahomes finds Edwards to tie the game.

10:56 PM5 months ago

4Q 08:34

Great play by Kelce and it stands at the 1-yard line for Kansas City.
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10:46 PM5 months ago

4q 09:39


Ekeler on the ground finally makes the touchdown to increase the lead.

10:41 PM5 months ago

4Q 09:54

Mahomes' pass falls short and is intercepted. The Chargers have first and goal.
10:36 PM5 months ago

4Q 10:54

Fumble at the 1-yard line and the Chargers go empty-handed again.
10:31 PM5 months ago

4Q 12:11

Kelly with the carry on fourth down and now they have first and goal.
10:26 PM5 months ago

4Q 11:17

Great pass from Herbert to Allen on the sideline and the Chargers are now in field goal range.
10:21 PM5 months ago

End of third quarter

Chiefs 13-14 Chargers.
10:16 PM5 months ago

3Q 01:48

Mahomes with the short pass on fourth down and the Chiefs also go empty-handed.
10:11 PM5 months ago

3Q 06:15

Hill makes the reception with everything and pass interference to put Kansas in the opponent's zone, inside the 25-yard line.
10:06 PM5 months ago

3Q 07:44

The Chargers can't make the first opportunity and leave empty-handed.
10:01 PM5 months ago

3Q 09:24

Herbert with the short pass and it will be fourth chance.
9:56 PM5 months ago

3Q 11:39

Jackson takes advantage of the gap and moves the chains.
9:51 PM5 months ago

3Q 12:12


Harrison Butker 33-yarder cuts the deficit to just one point.

9:46 PM5 months ago

3Q 12:16

Mahomes with the inaccurate pass on third down. Looking for a field goal.
9:41 PM5 months ago

3Q 13:32

Hill with the reception between three defensive backs. First and ten Kansas.
9:36 PM5 months ago

3Q 14:53

Pass interference on Hill and the Chiefs are already in opponent's territory.
9:31 PM5 months ago

3Q 15:00

The second half begins. Chiefs on offense.
9:26 PM5 months ago

Half time

Chiefs 10-14 Chargers.
9:21 PM5 months ago

2Q 00:00

Herbert's fumble is deflected and the Chargers leave empty-handed.
9:16 PM5 months ago

2Q 00:03

Herbert runs and stays at the 2-yard line.
9:11 PM5 months ago

2Q 00:20

Allen with the reception, comes out on the wing and has first and goal.
9:06 PM5 months ago

2Q 01:10

Williams takes advantage of his physical power to make the reception and move the chains.
9:01 PM5 months ago

2Q 01:51

Mahomes takes the hit, releases the ball and it is recovered by the Chargers' defense.
8:56 PM5 months ago

2Q 02:00

Two-minute break.

The Chiefs will come back with a first and ten.

8:51 PM5 months ago


8:46 PM5 months ago

2Q 03:15


Guyton with the reception in the diagonals to turn the game around.

8:41 PM5 months ago

2Q 06:15

Herbert with the personal carry on fourth down and the Chargers stay alive on offense.
8:36 PM5 months ago

2Q 08:19

Mahomes flies to Hardman and the Chiefs to deep zone clearance.
8:31 PM5 months ago


8:26 PM5 months ago

2Q 09:12


Herbert's personal carry to break the scoreless tie at SoFi Stadium.

8:21 PM5 months ago

2Q 10:!5

Allen manages to escape and reaches the 5-yard line.
8:16 PM5 months ago

2Q 12:10

Jackson with the catch and keeps moving his legs to move the chains.
8:11 PM5 months ago

2Q 13:23

Herbert to Cook to move the chains in the opponent's zone.
8:06 PM5 months ago

2Q 12:42

Jackson takes advantage of the gap and gains 15 yards for first and ten.
8:01 PM5 months ago

2Q 14:48


Harrison Burtker 30-yarder widens the gap with his first field goal.

7:56 PM5 months ago

End of first quarter

Chiefs 7-0 Chargers.
7:51 PM5 months ago

1Q 01:41

Mahomes takes the pressure off and completes to Kelce to set up in the red zone.
7:46 PM5 months ago

1Q 04:33

Edwards with the reception after Mahomes' pass and Kansas is already in the opponent's field.
7:41 PM5 months ago

1Q 05:18

Interception to Herbert after deflecting the ball.
7:36 PM5 months ago

1Q 08:50

Anderson comes up with the reception to move the Chargers' chains in the opponent's backfield.
7:31 PM5 months ago


7:26 PM5 months ago

1Q 07:34


Burton on the ground route enters the diagonals to break the zero.

7:21 PM5 months ago

1Q 08:32

Hill with the reception and turns the corner to get in the red zone.
7:16 PM5 months ago

1Q 10:07

Burton takes advantage of the screen pass and gains more than 25 yards to set up in the opponent's backfield.
7:11 PM5 months ago

1Q 11:57

Kelce with the reception between two players to move the chains.
7:06 PM5 months ago

1Q 13:22

Hill takes off his mark and with sheer speed moves the chains.
7:01 PM5 months ago

1Q 13:33

Herbert's incomplete pass on fourth down and the Chargers go empty-handed.
6:56 PM5 months ago

1Q 13:22

Williams can't make the reception and will be fourth and goal.
6:51 PM5 months ago

1Q 14:04

Ekeler with the carry and after the good kick return, the Chargers are in the goal zone.
6:46 PM5 months ago

1Q 15:00

The game begins. Chargers on offense.
6:41 PM5 months ago

Minutes away

In minutes, the game between the Los Angeles Chargers and the Kansas City Chiefs will kick off from SoFi Stadium.
6:36 PM5 months ago

They jump into the field

The Chargers have taken the field with a very good attitude to get the victory in their stadium and regain the top spot in the AFC West.
6:31 PM5 months ago

Great campaign

While in just his second season as a pro, Justin Herbert is ahead of Mahomes in fourth place with 3,822 yards and is aiming to qualify for his first career playoffs.
6:26 PM5 months ago

The fifth best

Although Patrick Mahomes has not had a great season compared to previous seasons, he is fifth best in terms of most yards thrown as of this writing with 3,642, 500 behind Tom Brady.
6:21 PM5 months ago

The MVP is already warming up

Patrick Mahomes is already on the field and, just like last year, will be looking to win at SoFi Stadium:
6:16 PM5 months ago

Thus they arrived

Justin Herbert and the Chargers thus came home on a mission to sweep the series against Kansas City:

6:11 PM5 months ago

Chargers Casualties

These Chargers players will not be eligible to play in this game at SoFi Stadium:

Easton Stick

Asante Samuel Jr.

Alohi Gilman

Larry Rountree III

Breiden Fehoko

6:06 PM5 months ago

Absent Chiefs

These are the Chiefs players who will not be in attendance for tonight's game:

QB Shane Buechele

CB L'Jarius Sneed

OL Kyle Long

OT Prince Tega Wanogho

DB Zayne Anderson

6:01 PM5 months ago

Winning streak

These two teams are on a hot streak for this game, as the Chiefs have six wins in a row, while the Chargers have two wins (Bengals and Giants). This Thursday, one of them will break that good record.
5:56 PM5 months ago

First game

On September 26, they met for the first time this season, where the Los Angeles Chargers were very effective with steals to pull out a 30-24 victory at Arrowhead Stadium against the Kansas City Chiefs.
5:51 PM5 months ago


The Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Chargers play a crucial game that could mark the fate of the American Conference and the AFC West division. We start with the coverage of the game.
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Where to watch the game?

We remind you that the game will be broadcast on television by Fox Sports and streaming through Star +.
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Justin Helbert, a must see player!

The Chargers quarterback is going through a great moment on offense and this can be seen in the positive results of the team. The quarterback's connection to Austin Ekeler and Keenan Allen has been very important in winning games and continuing to fight for the division leadership with the Chiefs. Justin Helbert does not come out as a favorite to beat Mahomes, but this is for a minimal question, since in week 3 he took the victory of Kansas by a score of 30 to 24. Herbert's numbers are 3822 yards through the air, 30 passes from scoring and 11 intersections, numbers higher than those of Mahomes and with a victory behind the Chiefs, his team will seek to tie in the general table and, winning the series, they would occupy the direct place in the playoffs.
Photo: Chargers
Photo: Chargers
5:31 PM5 months ago

Patrick Mahomes, a must see player!

The Chiefs quarterback is going through a great moment in his career and arrives with 3,642 yards through the air, 27 touchdown passes and 12 intersections. The Kansas City team is doing very well in the league and, after losing the final last season, they make the Chiefs favorites to repeat their pass to the Superbowl. In the previous game against the Raiders, the quarterback generated 258 yards through the air and had to do with 35 of the 48 points of the game in just three quarters of games. Mahomes will look to beat the Chargers for the first time this season and get his team one foot in the next phase.
Photo: Chiefs
Photo: Chiefs
5:26 PM5 months ago

How does the Chargers get here?

The Los Angeles team is second in their division with 8 wins and 5 losses and they come off winning against the New York Giants. The Chargers come from failing to make the postseason last year and together with Justin Herbert they are looking to advance to the next round this season. For this, Los Angeles will seek to stay with the series against Kansas City and fight for direct classification or position themselves very well for the Wild Card. A victory in this game would give them that possibility since in the remaining weeks they have relatively comfortable duels and two divisional games against the Broncos and Raiders to define that possibility.
5:21 PM5 months ago

How does the Chiefs arrive?

The Kansas City team comes to this duel as the leader of the western division of the American Conference and with a victory away from its closest pursuer, the Chargers, that is why the victory in this duel can be essential to continue with the aspirations to get a direct postseason ticket and avoid the Wild Card. The Chiefs are going on a good streak with 6 consecutive victories, likewise, the team has a positive road record with 3-2. Kansas City will close the season with important duels, duels where the results will be very important, so this victory will be important to maintain the good rhythm.
5:16 PM5 months ago

Where's the game?

The SoFi Stadium located in the city of Los Angeles will host this duel between two teams that fight for the leadership of the Western Division of the American Conference. This stadium has a capacity for 70,200 fans and was inaugurated in 2020.
Photo: NFL
Photo: NFL
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Good dayΒ to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the live broadcast of the game between Kansas City Chiefs vs Los Angeles Chargers, corresponding to week 15 of the 2021-2022 NFL regular season. The meeting will take place at the SoFi Stadium at 7:20 p.m.