Touchdowns and Highlights: Cardinals 25-22 Cowboys in NFL


8:05 PM25 days ago


Watch the best plays of Cardials win.


7:31 PM25 days ago

00:00 4Q

Cardinals victory game ends 25-22
7:29 PM25 days ago

2:00 4Q

7:28 PM25 days ago

2:10 4Q

Murray runs 12 yds 1&10
7:27 PM25 days ago

2:45 4Q

Edmonds runs 11 yds 1&10
7:26 PM25 days ago

2:55 4Q

Edmonds runs 11 yds 1&10
7:25 PM25 days ago

2:57 4Q

Time out Dallas
7:25 PM25 days ago

3:10 4Q

Murray pass with Ertz 11 yds 1 & 10
7:23 PM25 days ago

4:36 4Q

Murray runs 15 yds 1&10
7:20 PM25 days ago

4:42 4Q

Prescott pass to Wilson is complete SUCCESSFUL CONVERSION
7:19 PM25 days ago

4:42 4Q

Prescott pass with Cooper 4 yds TD DALLAS
7:18 PM25 days ago

5:30 4Q

Prescott pass with Lamb 16 yds 1 & 10
7:17 PM25 days ago

6:11 4Q

Trick play Wilson receives the ball and throws the pass to Pollard 31 yds
7:16 PM25 days ago

6:58 4Q

Prescott pass with Wilson 6 yds 1 & 10
7:10 PM25 days ago

8:32 4Q

38 yds FG is GOOD
7:10 PM25 days ago

9:12 4Q

Murray complete pass with Wesley 4 & 8
7:07 PM25 days ago

10:30 4Q

Prescott runs FUMBLE recovered by Gardeck TURNOVER
7:05 PM25 days ago

11:41 4Q

Prescott pass deep with Lamb 26 yds 1 & 10
7:01 PM25 days ago

12:29 4Q

Murray runs 2 yds 4&7 
6:59 PM25 days ago

13:42 4Q

Murray passes with Green 11 yds 1 & 10
6:54 PM25 days ago

14:49 4Q

Prescott short pass with Wilson 4 yds TD DALLAS
6:51 PM25 days ago

15:00 4Q

Prescott runs 1 yd 1 & goal
6:49 PM25 days ago

00:00 3Q

The third quarter ends 22-7 the scoreboard
6:48 PM25 days ago

00:40 3Q

Prescott runs 12 yds 4&1
6:47 PM25 days ago

1:00 3Q

Prescott FUMBLE recovered by himself 3 & 13
6:46 PM25 days ago

1:34 3Q

Prescott pass with Pollard 14 yds 1 & 10
6:44 PM25 days ago

2:22 3Q

3 and out Arizona
6:39 PM25 days ago

3:21 3Q

3 y out Dallas
6:34 PM25 days ago

4:02 3Q

26 yds FG is GOOD
6:30 PM25 days ago

6:00 3Q

Murray runs 14 yds 1 & 10
6:29 PM25 days ago

6:24 3Q

Time out Arizona
6:27 PM25 days ago

8:39 3Q

Murray pass short left with Kirks 16 yds 1 & 10
6:23 PM25 days ago

8:53 3Q

3 and out Dallas
6:18 PM25 days ago

9:39 3Q

Murray pass incomplete CONVERSION NOT SUCCESSFUL
6:16 PM25 days ago

9:39 3Q

What a reception of Wesley, Murray pass deep with Wesley TD ARIZONA
6:12 PM25 days ago

12:21 3Q

Murray pass deep with Kirk 43 yds
6:10 PM25 days ago

13:37 3Q

Murray pass short left with Edmonds 11 yds 1 & 10
6:07 PM25 days ago

15:00 3Q

The second half starts
5:55 PM25 days ago

00:00 2Q

First half ends at AT&T 13-7 at halftime
5:53 PM25 days ago

00:03 2Q

53yds FG is GOOD
5:39 PM25 days ago

1:25 2Q

Prescott pass deep with Gallup TD DALLAS
5:33 PM25 days ago

2:00 2Q

5:32 PM25 days ago

2:02 2Q

Prescott short pass with Wilson 11 yds 1 & 10
5:23 PM25 days ago

5:27 2Q

Murray complete pass with Wesley TD ARIZONA
5:22 PM25 days ago

5:30 2Q

4 & goal time out cards
5:18 PM25 days ago

8:10 2Q

Murray pass short to middle with Green 20 yds 1 & goal
5:17 PM25 days ago

8:43 2Q

Murray is captured by Gregory loses 5 yds 2 & 15
5:15 PM25 days ago

11:08 2Q

Banjo fake punt and throws a deep pass with Ward 23 yds
5:11 PM25 days ago

13:05 2Q

Murray pass short left with Edmonds 14 yds 1 & 10
5:06 PM25 days ago

14:36 2Q

Prescott captured by Baker 11 yds 4 & 12
5:04 PM25 days ago

00:00 1Q

The first quarter ends 3-0 the scoreboard
4:57 PM25 days ago

1:12 1Q

3 and out Cards
4:52 PM25 days ago

2:39 1Q

43 yds FG is NO GOOD
4:50 PM25 days ago

4:11 1Q

Prescott pass short left with Schultz 14 yds 1 & 10
4:48 PM25 days ago

4:38 1Q

Elliot runs 0 yds 4 & 1
4:46 PM25 days ago

7:02 1Q

Prescott short pass with Elliot 13 yds 1 & 10
4:41 PM25 days ago

7:46 1Q

24 yds FG is GOOD
4:38 PM25 days ago

9:26 1Q

Murray pass deep with Green 42 yds 1 & goal
4:36 PM25 days ago

10:27 1Q

Edmonds runs 14 yds 1&10
4:35 PM25 days ago

10:58 1Q

Dortch runs to left 24 yds
4:27 PM25 days ago

14:00 1Q

Prescott short pass with Gallup 9 yds 2 & 1
4:26 PM25 days ago

15:00 1Q

Start the game, enjoy it.
4:25 PM25 days ago

All set

All set at AT&T Stadium for the game of this great rivalry between Dallas vs Cardinals
4:14 PM25 days ago

Warm up Arizona

The Arizona Cardinals are warm up at the AT&T Stadium.


4:12 PM25 days ago

Warm up Dallas

Cowboys are warm up for the game at the AT&T.


3:58 PM25 days ago

Honoring a legend

Dak Prescott salió a calentar con una playera del ex HC John Madden. 


3:54 PM25 days ago

Inactives Dallas

Cowboys has this players inactives.

- #15 Will Grier - #31 Maurice Canady - #38 Israel Mukuamu - #68 Matt Farniok - #81 Simi Fehoko


3:42 PM25 days ago

Inactives Cards

Cards will not be able to count on these players for today.

Zach Kerr, DT
Rondale Moore, WR    
Jordan Phillips, DE    
Marco Wilson, CB    
James Conner, 

3:31 PM25 days ago

Odds to win

The Cowboys are favorites today with 57.1% According to ESPN's FPI while it cards 42.6%
11:04 PM25 days ago

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Arizona Cardinals vs Dallas Cowboys How to watch Stream on TV and Online?

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Games between Arizona Cardinals vs Dallas Cowboys

The Cardinals have 3 wins in the last 5 games vs. Dallas Cowboys, plus they have won 3 of the last 4 at the home of the Dallas Cowboys.
10:49 PM25 days ago

Key player of Dallas

Dallas Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs is the most important player on defense with 40 tackles and is the player with the most interceptions with 11 and 21 passes defended and is also the leader in that statistic.
In his last game Diggs made 2 tackles, 1 interception and defended 3 passes so what he can do defensively against the cardinals will be important.
Photo: Getty images// Richard Rodriguez
Photo: Getty images// Richard Rodriguez
10:44 PM25 days ago

Key player of Cards

RB James Conner, who is still in doubt for the game against Dallas, is undoubtedly the Cardinals' best player as he has 187 carries, 700 yds and 14 TDs, being the second best player in TDs.
His last game was against Detroit running just 39 yds on 8 carries before getting hurt.
Photo: Getty images//Christian Petersen
Photo: Getty images//Christian Petersen
10:39 PM25 days ago

Dallas cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys with a 11-4 record come to this game after beating Washington and being the NFC East champion, but they still dream of being the # 1 seed for that they will have to win and the Packers lose.
However, the atmosphere of good feelings and good football is breathed in the Dallas dressing room and they hope to be the most dangerous contender in the NFC on the way to the Superbowl.

The Dallas Cowboys have not lost since Thanksgiving Day to the Raiders.

10:34 PM25 days ago

Arizona Cardinals

The cardinals come to the end of the season in their worst form, the team that started with a 7-0 record has fallen in 3 of their last 5 games making it difficult to win their division with 2 games to go, the cardinals have a ticket playoffs for sure but still looking to win their division and finish as high as possible in the NFC seed.

While the casualties of major players like Watt, Hopkins and Conner have been a factor, also coaching has been key to the cardinals going 3-5 in the last 8 games, so it will be a kill or die game in Arlington.

10:29 PM25 days ago

The game will played at the AT&TStadium

AT&T Stadium, formerly Cowboys Stadium, is a retractable roof stadium in Arlington, Texas, United States. It serves as the home of the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League (NFL) and was completed on May 27, 2009.

It is also the home of the Cotton Bowl Classic and the Big 12 Championship Game. The facility, owned by the city of Arlington, can also be used for a variety of other activities such as concerts, basketball games, soccer, college and high school football contests, rodeos and motocross and Spartan races. It replaced the partially covered Texas Stadium, which served as the Cowboys' home from 1971 through the 2008 season.

The stadium is widely referred to as Jerry World after Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who originally envisioned it as a large entertainment venue.

The stadium can seat around 80,000 people, but can be reconfigured to hold around 100,000 seats making it the largest stadium in the NFL by seating capacity. Additional attendance is made possible by the Party Pass (open areas) sections behind the seats in each end zone which are positioned on a series of six elevated platforms connected by stairways.

The record attendance for an NFL regular season game was set in 2009 with a crowd of 105,121. It also has the world's 31st largest high definition video screen.

Photo: Getty images// Tom Pennington
Photo: Getty images// Tom Pennington
10:24 PM25 days ago

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