Highlights and Touchdowns: Chiefs 31-34 Bengals in NFL Season
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Thank you for following the Bengals-Chiefs game.
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End game

Chiefs 31-34 Bengals.
4:08 PM25 days ago

4Q 00:00


Evan McPherson with the short field goal and the Bengals win the game and their division.

4:03 PM25 days ago

4Q 00:46

Illegal use of hands against the Chiefs defense and the Bengals will have first and goal.
3:58 PM25 days ago

4Q 01:35

Mixon with the carry that falls short and will be fourth down.
3:53 PM25 days ago

4Q 01:48

Two Burrow carries and no touchdown. Still at 1 yard.
3:48 PM25 days ago

4Q 02:00

Two-minute break. Bengals with first and goal.
3:43 PM25 days ago

4Q 03:20

Chase with the long reception to keep the Bengals offense alive.
3:38 PM25 days ago

4Q 04:13

Chase with the reception and the Bengals are already in the end zone.
3:33 PM25 days ago

4Q 06:01


Butker's 34-yarder connects for a field goal to tie the game.

3:28 PM25 days ago

4Q 06:04

Mahomes is pressured and throws to the outside. Fourth down.
3:23 PM25 days ago

4Q 08:58

Williams with the run up the middle and moves the Chiefs' chains, already in field goal range.
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4Q 11:44


Boyd with the reception at corner and the Bengals turned the game around.

3:08 PM25 days ago

End of third quarter

Chiefs 28-24 Bengals.
3:03 PM25 days ago

3Q 01:51

Short pass by Mahomes and the Chiefs will have to clear.
2:58 PM25 days ago

3Q 03:42

A pull play works for the Chiefs and they set up in the opponent's 48-yard line of scrimmage.
2:53 PM25 days ago

3Q 05:28

Burrow is stopped and the Bengals will have to clear from midfield.
2:48 PM25 days ago

3Q 07:48

Chase with the reception, but falls two yards short of moving the chains.
2:43 PM25 days ago

3Q 10:50

Mahomes with the incomplete pass and the Chiefs to clear.
2:38 PM25 days ago

3Q 12:04

Mahomes breaks up the middle and gains 18 yards to move the chains, already near midfield.
2:33 PM25 days ago

3Q 13:30


Chase with another catch to escape to the diagonals and tighten the score.

2:28 PM25 days ago

3Q 15:00

The second half begins. Bengals on offense.
2:23 PM25 days ago

Half time

Chiefs 28-17 Bengals.
2:18 PM25 days ago

2Q 00:41


Mack 46-yard field goal to close the gap

2:13 PM25 days ago

2Q 00:46

They pressure and hit Burrow, the pass incomplete and the Bengals will have fourth down.
2:08 PM25 days ago

2Q 01:42

Defensive pass interference and the Bengals are already in the opponent's backfield.
2:03 PM25 days ago

2Q 02:00

Two-minute pause.
1:58 PM25 days ago

2Q 02:18


Williams with the short carry and Kansas is back to ringing in the end zone.

1:53 PM25 days ago

2Q 04:46

Mahomes connects again with the long delivery and the Chiefs are already in the opponent's zone.
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1:43 PM25 days ago

2Q 07:42


Chase in hand-to-hand coverage beats the defender for the touchdown.

1:38 PM25 days ago

2Q 08:22

Boyd with the pass complete and Cincinnati is already in the red zone.
1:33 PM25 days ago

2Q 08:35

Pass interference on the defensive end and the Chiefs give away first and ten to the Bengals.
1:28 PM25 days ago


1:23 PM25 days ago

2Q 11:59

Mixon with the short carry and the Bengals move the chains.
1:18 PM25 days ago

2Q 12:56


Williams with the power carry and ends up getting into the diagonals to regain the lead at 14.

1:13 PM25 days ago

2Q 14:48

Mahomes' bomb to Hardman to get into opponent's territory.
1:08 PM25 days ago

End of first quarter

Chiefs 14-7 Bengals.
1:03 PM25 days ago

1Q 02:01


Chase with the short one, and then breaks away at speed all over the field for the touchdown.

12:58 PM25 days ago


12:53 PM25 days ago

1Q 02:50


De Mahomes with a short throw to Kelce for the second touchdown of the game.

12:48 PM25 days ago

1Q 05:05

A holding nullified the last action, but then Bell with the 24-yard reception to move the chains.
12:43 PM25 days ago

1Q 05:25

Kelce with the catch inside the opponent's 25-yard line. First and 10 Kansas City.
12:38 PM25 days ago

1Q 06:53

Burrow is pressured and forced into a short gain. Bengals to clear.
12:33 PM25 days ago

1Q 09:!6

Mixon has 13 yards on the ground on first down.
12:28 PM25 days ago


12:23 PM25 days ago

1Q 09:21


Mahomes finds Robinson in the deep zone to open the scoring.

12:18 PM25 days ago

1Q 10:01

Kelce with the center and direct carry to move the chains on fourth down.
12:13 PM25 days ago

1Q 10:43

Mahomes pass complete, but they are one yard short of moving the chains.
12:08 PM25 days ago

1Q 11:51

Deep pass by Mahomes that is incomplete, but there is defensive interference.
12:03 PM25 days ago

1Q 12:14

Burrow to Chase, but they fall short of the mark and will be fourth down.
11:58 AM25 days ago

1Q 14:00

Williams with the carry on third down that falls short and the Chiefs will have to clear.
11:53 AM25 days ago

1Q 15:00

The game begins. Chiefs on offense.
11:48 AM25 days ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from kickoff at Paul Brown Stadium between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Kansas City Chiefs.
11:43 AM25 days ago


Patrick Mahomes has gone from strength to strength this season and, in the win over the Steelers, he completed 76.7% of his completions for 258 yards, three touchdowns and zero interceptions.
11:38 AM25 days ago

Special uniform

The Bengals will wear their yellow and black uniform for this game, an outfit that has brought them luck in some games this season:
11:33 AM25 days ago

Already warming up

The speedster Hill and the entire Chiefs team are already on the field warming up before kickoff:
11:28 AM25 days ago

Absent Bengals

These Bengals players will not see action this afternoon:

OT - D'Ante Smith

RB - Trayveon Williams

DE - Cam Sample

DT - Tyler Shelvin

LB - Germaine Pratt

QB - Jake Browning

CB - Jalen Davis

11:23 AM25 days ago

Absent Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs will be without the following players:

QB Shane Buechele

RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire

CB DeAndre Baker

OL Kyle Long

OT Prince Tega Wanogho

11:18 AM25 days ago

The present and the future

These two quarterbacks, Joe Burrow and Patrick Mahomes, are two of the most talented in the league and are expected to be big stars in the future, so this game could happen consistently in the American Conference.
11:13 AM25 days ago

Divisional title

The Cincinnati Bengals have it in their hands to win the AFC North title, but, to do so, they will have to pull out the victory this Sunday; otherwise, they will wait until next week when they visit the Browns.
11:08 AM25 days ago

For the first seeding

This afternoon, the Kansas City Chiefs could clinch first place in the conference if they win this Sunday and if the Titans lose to the Dolphins.
11:03 AM25 days ago


A momentous game will be played this Sunday with two of the best teams in the American Conference when the Cincinnati Bengals host the Kansas City Chiefs. We begin with the coverage of the game.
10:58 AM25 days ago

Tune in here Kansas City Chiefs vs Cincinnati Bengals Live Score in NFL Season 2021

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What time is Kansas City Chiefs vs Cincinnati Bengals match for NFL Season?

This is the start time of the game Kansas City Chiefs vs Cincinnati Bengals of 26th December in several countries:

Argentina: 3:00 PM in NFL Game pass

Bolivia: 2:00 PM in NFL Game pass

Brazil: 3:00 PM in NFL Game pass

Chile: 2:00 PM in NFL Game pass

Colombia: 1:00 PM in NFL Game pass

Ecuador: 1:00 PM in NFL Game pass

USA (ET): 1:00 PM in CBS Sports

Spain: 7:00 PM

Mexico: 12:00 PM in FOX Sports and NFL Game pass

Paraguay: 3:00 PM in NFL Game pass

Peru: 3:00 PM in NFL Game pass

Uruguay: 3:00 PM in NFL Game pass

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Last games

The series between these two franchises has been very even with 15 wins for the Bengals and 14 for the Chiefs, highlighting that the Red Arrow won the last confrontation they held:

Cincinnati Bengals 10-45 Kansas City Chiefs, 2018.

Kansas City Chiefs 21-35 Cincinnati Bengals, 2015

Cincinnati Bengals 28-6 Kansas City Chiefs, 2012

Kansas City Chiefs 10-17 Cincinnati Bengals, 2009

Kansas City Chiefs 6-16 Cincinnati Bengals, 2008

10:43 AM25 days ago

Key player Cincinnati Bengals

Joe Burrow is having a second year as the consolidation in the NFL and is leading the Bengals to a very possible qualification with 69.9 % of passes completed, for 4,165 yards, 30 touchdowns and 14 interceptions.
Photo: Récord
Photo: Récord
10:38 AM25 days ago

Key player Kansas City Chiefs

Although he has not had as spectacular a season as in previous years, Patrick Mahomes' numbers are still really good with 66.1% of his completions for 4,310 yards (with the hope of surpassing five thousand), 33 touchdowns and 13 interceptions (of which only three have occurred in the last seven games).
Foto: As
Photo: As
10:33 AM25 days ago

How do the Chiefs and Bengals fare in the 2021 season?

The Kansas City Chiefs are the best team in the AFC with a record of 11 wins and 4 losses; while the Bengals are in first place in the AFC North with a 9-6 record.
10:28 AM25 days ago

Cincinnati Bengals: to become champions

With the combination of results on the last day, the Cincinnati Bengals are one win away from winning the AFC North after beating the Baltimore Ravens in both games, including last Sunday's 41-21 win at home with Joe Burrow's 525 yards through the air. In addition, with the win, they could still think about the first place in the conference when facing a direct rival.
10:23 AM25 days ago

Kansas City Chiefs: to tie for first place

After a very difficult start to the season, the Kansas City Chiefs have won eight consecutive victories, which allowed them to win the AFC West title once again. However, this game against a direct rival is fundamental to win it and almost assure the top of the American Conference to rest in the first week. It should be noted that their defense has allowed 17 points or less in seven of the eight victories and they want to extend that streak.
10:18 AM25 days ago

Kick-off time

The Kansas City Chiefs vs Cincinnati Bengals match will be played at the Paul Brown Stadium, in Cincinnati, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 1 pm ET.
10:13 AM25 days ago

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