Touchdowns and Highlights: Bengals 16-21 Browns in NFL
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4:21 PM18 days ago


Watch the best moments of Browns win.


4:04 PM18 days ago

00:00 4Q

Finish the game in the fisrtenergy victory of the browns 21-10
3:59 PM18 days ago

2:00 4Q

Two minutes warning
3:54 PM18 days ago

2:30 4Q

Allen short pass with Evans 4 yds TD BENGALS
3:53 PM18 days ago

2:30 4Q

Time out Browns
3:52 PM18 days ago

2:47 4Q

Allen pass short left with Evans 9 yds
3:47 PM18 days ago

4:33 4Q

Allen pass with Taylor 26 yds 1 & 10
3:44 PM18 days ago

6:00 4Q

Allen short pass with Taylor 15 yds 1 & 10
3:37 PM18 days ago

7:14 4Q

Keenum pass right with Felton 10 yds TD BROWNS
3:34 PM18 days ago

9:15 4Q

Johnson runs 9 yds 1&10
3:28 PM18 days ago

10:08 4Q

Johnson runs left 9 yds 1 & 10
3:22 PM18 days ago

11:28 4Q

3 and out Bengals
3:20 PM18 days ago

14:00 4Q

Keenum pass incomplete TURNOVER DOWNS
3:15 PM18 days ago

00:00 3Q

Finish the third quarter
3:11 PM18 days ago

1:34 3Q

Chubb escapes to the right 35 yds 1 & goal
3:10 PM18 days ago

2:56 3Q

Johnson runs 11 yds 1&10
3:09 PM18 days ago

3:37 3Q

Johnson runs 14 yds 1&10
3:04 PM18 days ago

5:01 3Q

36 yds FG is GOOD
3:02 PM18 days ago

6:19 3Q

Allen sacked by Garret 8 yds of loss 3 & 21
2:59 PM18 days ago

7:58 3Q

Time out Bengals
2:51 PM18 days ago

12:59 3Q

Williams runs  9 yds 1&10
2:49 PM18 days ago

14:20 3Q

3 and out Browns
2:47 PM18 days ago

15:00 3Q

The third quarter starts
2:34 PM18 days ago

00:00 2Q

The first half ends the score is 7-14
2:33 PM18 days ago

00:10 2Q

Keenum pass is INTERCEPTED by Hilton TURNOVER
2:30 PM18 days ago

00:10 2Q

Time out Browns
2:29 PM18 days ago

00:15 2Q

Keenum pass short left with Schwartz 12 yds 1 & 10
2:28 PM18 days ago

00:22 2Q

Keenum pass Johnson 10 yds 1 & 10
2:27 PM18 days ago

00:47 2Q

Time out Browns
2:25 PM18 days ago

2:00 2Q

Keenum pass with Landry 22 yds 1 & 10
2:22 PM18 days ago


2:19 PM18 days ago

3:40 2Q

Keenum FUMBLE recovered by Henderson and sent to the end zone TD BENGALS
2:17 PM18 days ago

4:58 2Q

Johnson runs 11 yds 1 & 10
2:15 PM18 days ago

5:45 2Q

Allen short pass with Evans 12 yds 4 & 21
2:10 PM18 days ago

7:56 2Q

Evans runs right 12 yds 1 & 10
2:07 PM18 days ago

8:35 2Q

Keenum pass short right with Landry 9 yds 4 & 1
2:01 PM18 days ago

10:10 2Q

3 and out Bengals
1:58 PM18 days ago

11:10 2Q

QB sack, Allen loses 7 yards 2&17
1:54 PM18 days ago

11:22 2Q

Johnson runs 1 yd TD BROWNS
1:53 PM18 days ago

11:30 2Q

Johnson runs right 8 yds 1 & goal
1:51 PM18 days ago

13:27 2Q

Johnson runs left 8 yds 2 & 2
1:47 PM18 days ago

15:00 2Q

QB sack, Allen is captured and loses 7 yds 2 & 17
1:44 PM18 days ago

00:00 1Q

The first quarter ends, the score is 7-0
1:38 PM18 days ago

1:03 1Q

Keenum pass deep with Landry 26 yds TD BROWNS
1:37 PM18 days ago

1:27 1Q

Big run of Chubb 14 yds
1:36 PM18 days ago

3:40 1Q

Keenum pass short right to Jones 22 yds 1 & 10
1:32 PM18 days ago

4:25 1Q

3 incomplete passes from Allen and they go to punt.
1:24 PM18 days ago

6:09 1Q

Keenum pass incomplete short left to Schwartz. 4 & 10
1:22 PM18 days ago

7:47 1Q

Keenum runs left 13 yds 1 & 10
1:17 PM18 days ago

9:45 1Q

Allen incomplete short pass 4 & 9
1:16 PM18 days ago

10:43 1Q

Allen pass short right with Chase 24 yds 1 & 10
1:10 PM18 days ago

10:50 1Q

3 and out Browns 
1:07 PM18 days ago

13:15 1Q

3 and out Bengals
1:03 PM18 days ago

15:00 1Q

Start the game, enjoy them.
12:56 PM18 days ago

All ready

Everything is ready at FirstEnergy Stadium for the last regular season game between the Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns.
12:44 PM18 days ago

Warm up Browns

The Browns are already warming up at FirstEnergy Stadium for the final game of the regular season.



12:40 PM18 days ago

Warm up Bengals

You breathe tranquility and happiness in the Bengals already with their safe ticket, they go out to warm up at FirstEnergy Stadium.


12:36 PM18 days ago

Injuries Bengals

The Bengals will rest a lot of players for next weekend's wild card round.

Evan McPherson, Cam Sample, D.J. Reader, Logan Wilson, Tee Higgins, Joe Mixon and Joe Burrow

12:27 PM18 days ago

Injuries Browns

The Cleveland Browns are these inactive players for today.


12:15 PM18 days ago

For the record

Ja'Marr Chase needs 12 or more yds to set a catcher franchise record with the most yds in a season.
12:09 PM18 days ago


In the NFC North everything is decided between these teams, the Bengals 10-6 will go to the playoffs and can only go up to the No. 2 seed if the Titans lose.

While the 7-9 Browns aspire to close in a good way

12:02 PM18 days ago

Odds to win

The Browns are slightly favorites with a 54.5% chance of winning today, the Bengals have a 45.1% chance of winning today.
12:21 AM18 days ago

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12:16 AM18 days ago

Cincinnati Bengals vs Cleveland Browns How to watch Stream on TV and Online?

If you want to watch the game Cincinnati Bengals vs Cleveland Browns Live on TV, your options is IZZI

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Last games Between Bengals vs Browns

Of the last 5 games there are 4 wins for the Browns and at First Energy Stadium 3 of the last 5 games have been wins for the Browns
12:06 AM18 days ago

Key player of Browns

Defensive end Myles Garret has 32 tackles, is the third-highest sack player with a total of 15.
In his most recent game he had a discreet participation since he only made 1 tackle and did not register sacks, so he will seek to improve his game.
Photo: Getty images// Jason Miller
Photo: Getty images// Jason Miller
12:01 AM18 days ago

Key player ofCincinnati Bengals

Rookie sensation Jamar Chase is the team's fastest receiving receiver and fourth-best in the entire NFL with 1,429 yds, 13 TDs and 79 catches.

In his most recent game, he had 3 TDs 266 yds and 11 receptions, without a doubt among the Bengals' most offensive attacking players. 

Photo: Getty images// Dylan Buell
Photo: Getty images// Dylan Buell
11:56 PM18 days ago

Cleveland browns

The Browns, being the disappointment team of the season, will seek to close at home in a decorous way because at this moment they have a record of 7-9 and without possibilities of entering the wildcard.

It will be a mere formality game for some but other players will seek to have a good game.

11:51 PM18 days ago

Cincinnati Bengals

The AFC North champions arrive in Cleveland with little to play as they will only be able to be in the # 3 or # 4 seed in the American Conference, the Bengals arrive after giving an authority blow against Kansas City and having more than 70 pts in 2 games and 1000 yds

Without a doubt a great team that will be fighting in the playoffs, however they will save their best players for the wild card round.

11:46 PM18 days ago

The game will played at the First Energy Stadium

FirstEnergy Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Cleveland, Ohio, United States, primarily for American football. It is the home field of the Cleveland Browns of the National Football League (NFL), and serves as a venue for other events such as college and high school football, soccer, and concerts. It opened in 1999 as Cleveland Browns Stadium and was renovated in two phases in early 2014 and 2015. The initial seating capacity was listed at 73,200 people, but following the first phase of the renovation project in 2014, was reduced to the current capacity of 67,431.

The stadium sits on 31 acres (13 ha) of land between Lake Erie and the Cleveland Memorial Shoreway in the North Coast Harbor area of downtown Cleveland, adjacent to the Great Lakes Science Center and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Cleveland Stadium stood on the site from 1931 to 1996.

 Photo: Getty images// Jason Miller
Photo: Getty images// Jason Miller
11:41 PM18 days ago

The game

Last week and it brings us a divisional duel in the NFC North but with different directions
11:36 PM18 days ago

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