Highlights: Philadelphia Eagles 15-31 Tampa Bay Buccaneers in NFL Wild Card


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The game is over!

The game ends at Raymond James Stadium, victory for the Buccaneers.
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4Q | 2:00

2 minute break.
5:03 PM4 months ago

2nd one for Philly!

Kenneth Gainwell receives the ball and withstands the impact with the Tampa Bay defense to score:
4:59 PM4 months ago

4Q | 4:45

TOUCHDOWN!!! Kenneth Gainwell receives a float pass from Jalen Hurts and scores a second time for Philly. The conversion is good.
4:56 PM4 months ago

4Q | 5:26

The Eagles get into the red zone.
4:51 PM4 months ago

4Q | 9:01

They slow down the Buccaneers and clear the ball.
4:48 PM4 months ago

Philly appears!

Boston Scott's 34-yard run to put up Philadelphia's first points:
4:44 PM4 months ago

4Q | 12:08

TOUCHDOWN!!! Great defensive block for Boston Scott to get away and run the ball to score. Jake Elliot's kick is good.
4:39 PM4 months ago

4Q | 13:06

Tom Brady's offense fails to advance and the clearance will come.
4:34 PM4 months ago

Bye to the 3rd!

The third quarter is over, an important advantage for the Buccaneers.
4:34 PM4 months ago

4th one!

Mike Evans' annotation manages to unmark himself and remain alone near the end zone:
4:31 PM4 months ago

3Q | 1:03

Philadelphia's defense stops Tampa Bay and forces them to punt.
4:25 PM4 months ago

3Q | 3:54

Philadelphia fails to advance and they are forced to punt.
4:21 PM4 months ago

3Q | 5:18

TOUCHDOWN!!! Mike Evans receives a 36-yard pass from Tom Brady and scores on the interception. Ryan Succop's kick is good.
4:18 PM4 months ago

3Q | 5:25

INTERCEPTIO!!! Again Jalen Hurts is intercepted.
4:14 PM4 months ago

The Connection!

Rob Gronkowski pulls off the deception against the Eagles defense and is left alone to receive Brady's pass:
4:10 PM4 months ago

3Q | 7:38

TOUCHDOWN!!! Tom Brady connects with Rob Gronkowski and 7 more for the Buccaneers. Ryan Succop's kick is good.
4:05 PM4 months ago

3Q | 10:35

FUMBLE!!! The Philly guys can't catch the ball well and the locals keep the ball.
4:02 PM4 months ago

3Q | 10:36

The Tampa Bay team fail to advance and clear the ball.
3:57 PM4 months ago

3Q | 12:07

The Eagles clear again.
3:51 PM4 months ago

3Q | 15:00

The third quarter begins.
3:37 PM4 months ago


We go to rest, lead of 17 for the Buccaneers.
3:33 PM4 months ago

2Q | 0:43

INTERCEPTION!!! Jalen Hurts is intercepted by Mike Edwards, he will go to zero Philadelphia.
3:31 PM4 months ago

2Q | 1:07

Philly crosses midfield, Hurts pass of 35 yards and the Eagles advance.
3:25 PM4 months ago

2Q | 2:00

2 minute break. Advantage of 17 for Tampa Bay.
3:23 PM4 months ago

2Q | 2:31

The Philly's defense capture Tom Brady and the Buccaneers clear the ball.
3:21 PM4 months ago

2Q | 3:19

Philadelphia doesn't get anything and they have to give the ball to Tampa Bay.
3:13 PM4 months ago

2Q | 6:09

Time out Tampa Bay, Philly's 4th chance is coming and they are looking to cool them down.
3:11 PM4 months ago

2Q | 6:36

Jalen Hurts' offense crosses midfield.
3:02 PM4 months ago

2Q | 9:16

Ryan Succop's field goal is good.
3:01 PM4 months ago

2Q | 9:34

Philly's defensive line tackles Brady and forces a field goal attempt.
2:57 PM4 months ago

2Q | 12:52

Tom Brady's offense crosses midfield.
2:55 PM4 months ago

2Q | 14:16

They capture Jalen Hurts, to clear the ball again.
2:54 PM4 months ago

2nd one for the Bucs!

Ke'Shawn Vaughn breaking through the Philly defense to score a second time for the Bucs:
2:50 PM4 months ago

Bye to the 1st!

The first quarter ends, advantage of 14 for the Tampa Bay.
2:45 PM4 months ago

1Q | 0:25

TOUCHDOWN!!! Ke'Shawn Vaughn breaks through the Eagles defense and scores for the Buccaneers. Ryan Succop's kick is good.
2:39 PM4 months ago

1Q | 3:19

The Buccaneers cross midfield.
2:35 PM4 months ago

1Q | 4:41

Again Philadelphia does not achieve anything and they clear the ball.
2:28 PM4 months ago

1Q | 7:04

3 and nothing, clears the Tampa Bay offense.
2:26 PM4 months ago

1Q | 7:59

Bad clearance by the Eagles who leave the ball at the Tampa Bay 45-yard line for their second offense.
2:24 PM4 months ago

1Q | 8:00

Jalen Hurts does nothing on his first offense, the Eagles clear.
2:23 PM4 months ago

First one!

Great run by Giovani Bernard to open the scoring at Raymond James Stadium:
2:18 PM4 months ago

1Q | 10:00

TOUCHDOWN!!! Giovani Bernard carries the ball a couple of yards and scores. Ryan Succop's field goal is good.
2:14 PM4 months ago

1Q | 12:19

The Buccaneers get into the red zone.
2:09 PM4 months ago

1Q | 14:03

Brady's offense crosses midfield.
2:06 PM4 months ago

1Q | 15:00

The Eagles kick off and the game starts.
2:00 PM4 months ago

Here're the Buccaneers!

Locals out:
1:58 PM4 months ago

Evolution of Philly

The Philadelphia Eagles game has evolved since their matchup against Tampa Bay in Week 6, since then, the running game has dominated Jalen Hurts' game.
1:52 PM4 months ago


With the aim of causing an upset, the Philadelphia Eagles are ready for today's game:
1:45 PM4 months ago

Colors of today

The Philadelphia Eagles will go out in their green uniform with white pants, while the Tampa Bay team will go out in their red uniform and white pants.
1:40 PM4 months ago

Getting ready!

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are already warming up for today's game:
1:34 PM4 months ago

Great duel

We will have a very close duel between a Philadelphia squad whose main weapon is the running game, against the reigning NFL champions with a Tom Brady with a great passing game.
1:30 PM4 months ago

The Eagles appears!

The Philadelphia Eagles are now out on the field at Raymond James Stadium for the final warm-up before the game:
1:25 PM4 months ago

Inactive Buccaneers

These are the inactive Buccaneers players:
1:20 PM4 months ago

Inactive players of Eagles

The list of inactive Philadelphia Eagles players for today's matchup:
1:14 PM4 months ago

Last duel!

The last meeting between the two teams was a victory for the Buccaneers by a score of 28-22 in week 6 of the regular season. In this game, Tom Brady's offense overwhelmed Philadelphia's defense. The Tampa Bay quarterback had 2 touchdown passes to win the game.
1:08 PM4 months ago

Face to face

A good meeting between both teams awaits us, here we share the statistics of the season of each one.
Photo: ESPN
Photo: ESPN
1:01 PM4 months ago

Here we go!

We're just under an hour before the Eagles-Buccaneers game kicks off at Raymond James Stadium. Both teams will go out in search of victory. Who will make it? Follow our coverage on VAVEL to find out.
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In a few moments we will share the latest information on the Eagles vs. Buccaneers, in addition to the events that arise from Raymond James Stadium. Do not miss any details of the match with minute by minute and live online from VAVEL.
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Where to watch the game?

We remind you that the game will be broadcast on television by Fox Sports and streaming through Star +.
If you want to follow it online, VAVEL is your best option.
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Tom Brady, a must see player!

The Buccaneers quarterback is going through a great moment in his career, the considered GOAT in his position arrives with 5,316 passing yards, 43 touchdown passes and 12 intersections. The Tampa Bay team finished as the leader in its division, 2nd place in the National Conference and, in addition, the title last season makes the Bucs favorites to repeat. In the previous game against Atlanta, the quarterback generated 276 passing yards and was involved in 30 of the game's 42 points. Brady will look to beat the Falcons again and secure his ticket to the next round.
Photo: Buccaneers
Photo: Buccaneers
10:48 PM4 months ago

jalen Hurts, a must see player!

The Eagles quarterback is going through a great moment offensively and this can be seen in the team's positive results at the end of the regular season. The Philadelphia quarterback leads the offense in passing yardage and carries, Hurts numbers are 3,144 passing yards, 16 touchdown passes and 9 interceptions, plus 139 carries for 10 touchdowns, his quarterback numbers are lower than those of Brady and being in the team in 7th place in the National Conference, will seek to win the duel at all costs.
Photo: Eagles
Photo: Eagles
10:43 PM4 months ago

How does Tampa Bay get here?

The Tampa Bay team finished as leaders of their division with 13 wins and 6 losses, as well as three consecutive wins against the Jets and Panthers. The Buccaneers are the defending champion and with the help of Tom Brady they will seek to advance to the Superbowl and fight to repeat the title. Those from Tampa Bay will seek to sweep their rivals and advance to the next round. The Buccaneers are one of the big favorites to represent the National Conference and the Wild Card duel will be the beginning of this path towards the Superbowl.
10:38 PM4 months ago

How does the Eagles arrive?

The Philadelphia team had a very good end to the regular season with a record of 9 wins and 8 losses, in the last 5 weeks they had 3 wins in division games and having won in week 11 against New Orleans they achieved stay with the tiebreaker in the classification and get into the postseason. The Eagles are not favorites but they will seek to surprise everyone and stand up to match Tampa Bay and try to eliminate them.
10:33 PM4 months ago

Where's the game?

The Raymond James Stadium located in the city of Tampa Bay Las Vegas will host this duel between two teams fighting to advance to the semifinals of the National Conference. This stadium has a capacity for 65,900 fans and was inaugurated in 1998.
Photo: NFL
Photo: NFL
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Good day to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the live broadcast of the match between Philadelphia Eagles vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, corresponding to the Wild Card duel of the 2021-2022 NFL season. The match will take place at the Raymond James Stadium, at 13:00 (ET).