Highlights and Touchdowns: Cardinals 11-34 Rams in NFL Playoffs
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Thank you for following the broadcast of the NFL Wild Card game between the Rams and Cardinals. See you next time.
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End game

Cardinals 11-34 Rams.
12:15 AM4 months ago

4Q 02:00

Two-minute pause.
12:10 AM4 months ago

4Q 03:05

Murray with the incomplete pass on fourth down and the Rams will return to the field.
12:05 AM4 months ago

4Q 04:21


Gay from 46 yards out connects on his second field goal of the night.

12:00 AM4 months ago

4Q 04:24

Stafford with the carry, but falls short of the first-and-10 mark.
11:55 PM4 months ago

4Q 07:37

Kupp breaks away and goes over half the field for another first and ten and keeps running down the clock.
11:50 PM4 months ago

4Q 10:11


Matt Pratter 55-yard field goal.

11:45 PM4 months ago

4Q 14:55


Gay from 38 yards out connects on the field goal for the 31-8 lead.

11:40 PM4 months ago

End of third quarter

Cardinals 8-28 Rams.
11:35 PM4 months ago

3Q 00:38

Watt stops Akers and it will be fourth down for the Rams.
11:30 PM4 months ago

3Q 01:45

Akers with the carry around the corner and the Rams are in the end zone.
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11:20 PM4 months ago

3Q 03:27

Stafford connects with a long delivery to Jefferson to set up in the opposition's half.
11:15 PM4 months ago

3Q 04:11


The visitor's zero is broken with Conner's short carry to make the score more decent.

11:10 PM4 months ago

3Q 08:58

Murray to Kirk and Arizona is already in the red zone, although a brawl ensued.
11:05 PM4 months ago

3Q 07:00

Murray escapes on fourth down and the Cardinals are already in the opponent's backfield.
11:00 PM4 months ago

TD RAMS 28-0

10:55 PM4 months ago

3Q 10:36


Stafford connects with Kupp for the touchdown to extend the lead.

10:50 PM4 months ago

3Q 12:01

A deceptive play and Beckham finds Akers to set up in the red zone.
10:45 PM4 months ago

3Q 13:30

Stafford with the quick, complete pass to his tight end to move the chains.
10:40 PM4 months ago

3Q 15:00

The second half begins. Rams on the offensive.
10:35 PM4 months ago

Half time

Cardinals 0-21 Rams.
10:30 PM4 months ago

2Q 00:48

Higgbe can't complete the reception and the Rams to clear.
10:25 PM4 months ago

2Q 02:00

Short pass from Murray and Arizona to kick.

Two minute break.

10:20 PM4 months ago

2Q 03:12

Short Rams carry with 22 yards to go and they will have to clear.
10:15 PM4 months ago

2Q 04:47

Murray fumbles on the screen pass play and is intercepted.
10:10 PM4 months ago

2Q 06:14

Moore with the completed pass when he came up just short of an interception.
10:05 PM4 months ago

2Q 07:06

Conner with the carry up the middle and Arizona finally moves the chains.
10:00 PM4 months ago

TD RAMS 21-0

9:55 PM4 months ago

2Q 07:59


Murray was going to be overthrown in the end zone, but he throws the pass and Long intercepts it and returns it for a touchdown

9:50 PM4 months ago

2Q 07:50

The play is reviewed and the decision is changed. Incomplete pass.
9:45 PM4 months ago

2Q 07:50

Green with the reception and then the fumble.
9:40 PM4 months ago

2Q 08:55

Stafford with the delayed pass to Akers, when it looked like he might escape to the diagonals. Fourth down and clear.
9:35 PM4 months ago

2Q 11:07

Murray with the short pass and complete, but Arizona will have to clear.
9:30 PM4 months ago

TD RAMS 14-0

9:25 PM4 months ago

2Q 11:27


The play is reviewed and Stafford did cross the diagonals to extend the lead.

9:20 PM4 months ago

2Q 11:47

Stafford runs twice and does not reach the diagonals.
9:15 PM4 months ago

2Q 12:52

They reversed the decision and there is no Rams touchdown.
9:10 PM4 months ago

2Q 12:53


Michel with the short carry to enter the diagonals and increase the lead.

9:05 PM4 months ago

2Q 11:27

Stafford pass to Beckham and the Rams come within two yards of scoring. First and goal.
9:00 PM4 months ago

End of first quarter

Cardinals 0-7 Rams.
8:55 PM4 months ago

1Q 00:20

Higbbe with the catch and the Rams are already in the opponent's backfield.
8:50 PM4 months ago

1Q 01:20

Akers with the explosive carry to get to his 46-yard line. First and ten.
8:45 PM4 months ago

1Q 02:29

Two Arizona forward passes that take away a first and ten, they lose the down and will have to punt.
8:40 PM4 months ago


8:35 PM4 months ago

1Q 03:50


Stafford bomb to Beckham for the touchdown and the first points of the game.

8:30 PM4 months ago

1Q 05:34

Higgbe with the catch and puts the ball at the 6-yard line.
8:25 PM4 months ago

1Q 07:28

Stafford with personal hauling to move the chains.
8:20 PM4 months ago

1Q 09:46

Odell Beckham's reception for first and ten and set up in the field goal zone.
8:15 PM4 months ago

1Q 10:06

Murray with the bomb that does not find Moore and Arizona to clear from a committed area.
8:10 PM4 months ago

1Q 11:32

Stafford is pressured and caught on third down. Rams to clear from midfield.
8:05 PM4 months ago

1Q 13:33

Big play by the Rams where Sony Michel escapes and reaches the opponent's 45 yard line.
8:00 PM4 months ago

1Q 13:52

Green makes the reception, but out of bounds and the Cardinals will have to clear.
7:55 PM4 months ago

1Q 15:00

The game begins at SoFi Stadium. Cardinals on the offensive.
7:50 PM4 months ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from kickoff between the Cardinals and Rams from SoFi Stadium.
7:45 PM4 months ago

They jump into the field

The Rams are more than motivated to return to the postseason and want to get revenge after their home loss to Arizona this season:
7:40 PM4 months ago

Tough rivalry

It should be noted that these teams are in the same division, so they meet twice a year and this time it will be three times, highlighting that in the season the visitor always won:
7:35 PM4 months ago

There is support

Arizona fans have shown up at SoFi Stadium to support their team and their quarterback, Kyler Murray.
7:30 PM4 months ago

The debut

Matthew Stafford is back in the postseason and will make his debut with the Rams, remembering that when they hosted the Cardinals in this building they lost by a score of 37-20.
7:25 PM4 months ago

How did the Cardinals get here?

With only one victory in the last five games, the Cardinals did not close the season in a good way but, with the recovery of some players, they want to make a splash this Monday. It should be noted that they were the best team to qualify as a wild card, despite losing to the Seattle Seahawks on the last day.
7:20 PM4 months ago

Rams Casualties

These are the elements of the Rams that will not be present for tonight:

QB Bryce Perkins

S Taylor Rapp

RB Buddy Howell

OLB Chris Garrett

OLB Terrell Lewis

OL Alaric Jackson

OL Tremayne Anchrum Jr.

7:15 PM4 months ago

Inactive Cardinals

These are the Arizona players who will not be present for this game, highlighting the absence of catcher Isabella:

7:10 PM4 months ago

How did the Rams arrive?

Four wins in the last five games were enough for the Rams to claim the NFC West division championship, although they lost in overtime at home to the San Francisco 49ers on the last day of the season.
7:05 PM4 months ago

Good news

Prior to kickoff, Arizona received good news that running backs James Conner and Chase Edmonds, as well as wide receiver Rondale Moore, will be available for this game and will be of great help to Kyler Murray.
7:00 PM4 months ago

The winner goes against...

The winner of this game between Rams and Cardinals already has an opponent, venue and time, as the winner will be visiting the champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers next Sunday at Raymund James Stadium at 2:00 p.m. in Mexico and 3:00 p.m. Eastern time in the United States.
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The last game of the wild card round will be played in a historic way, since for the first time an NFL postseason game will be played on Monday and it will be between the Los Angeles Rams and the Arizona Cardinals. We begin with the coverage of the game in VAVEL.
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Tune in here Arizona Cardinals vs Los Angeles Rams Live Score in NFL Season 2022

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this Arizona Cardinals vs Los Angeles Rams match in NFL Season from SoFi Stadium.
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What time is Arizona Cardinals vs Los Angeles Rams match for NFL Wild Card?

This is the start time of the game Arizona Cardinals vs Los Angeles Rams of 16th January in several countries:

Argentina: 10:15 PM in NFL Game pass

Bolivia: 9:15 PM in NFL Game pass

Brazil: 10:15 PM in NFL Game pass

Chile: 9:15 PM in NFL Game pass

Colombia: 8:15 PM in NFL Game pass

Ecuador: 8:15 PM in NFL Game pass

USA (ET): 8:15 PM in ESPN and NFL Game pass

Spain: 2:15 AM

Mexico: 7:15 PM in ESPN, Canal 5 and NFL Game pass

Paraguay: 10:15 PM in NFL Game pass

Peru: 9:15 PM in NFL Game pass

Uruguay: 10:15 PM in NFL Game pass

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Last games

These two teams meet every two years as divisional rivals, with the 2021 season highlighting the visitors taking the wins; the Rams lead the all-time series 46-39-2 and have won four of the last five:

Los Angeles Rams 30-23 Arizona Cardinals, 2021.

Arizona Cardinals 37-20 Los Angeles Rams, 2021

Arizona Cardinals 7-18 Los Angeles Rams, 2021

Los Angeles Rams 38-28 Arizona Cardinals, 2020

Arizona Cardinals 24-31 Los Angeles Rams, 2019

6:35 PM4 months ago

Key player Los Angeles Rams

With nearly two thousand yards for the NFL's top receiver on the campaign, Cooper Kupp promises to cause headaches for opposing defenses with direct routes, or they could use him in the ground game as they have done on a few occasions.
Image: Nación Deportes
Image: Nación Deportes
6:30 PM4 months ago

Key player Arizona Cardinals

Kyler Murray will face his first Playoffs of his career and patience will have to come to the forefront to lead this team to victory. During the regular season he completed 69.2% of his completions for 3,787 yards, 24 touchdowns and 10 interceptions.
Photo: As
Photo: As
6:25 PM4 months ago

The key for the Rams

The key will be to give Matthew Stafford protection, especially in his own backfield, so that he can have time to complete passes and avoid interceptions, which were a big headache in the last three games. In addition, they will have to continue with the ground attack and use the multiple weapons they have.
6:20 PM4 months ago

The key for the Cardinals

If they want to keep out the Los Angeles offense they will have to control the time of possession and they will have to help themselves in the ground game that has left much to be desired in the last games, however, Kyler Murray has the ability to run and James Conner had the best season of his career, better than the ones he had in Pittsburgh.
6:15 PM4 months ago

How did the Rams get there?

With five wins in the last six games, the Los Angeles Rams improved their season to snatch the divisional title from the Cards, however, they gave up the opportunity to finish second in the NFC because they lost in overtime to the San Francisco 49ers on the last day of the season.
6:10 PM4 months ago

How did the Cardinals get there?

The Arizona Cardinals missed out on winning the NFC West in large part by winning only one of their last five games, the last of them at home against the Seattle Seahawks, although they ended up advancing as the top-ranked non-divisional champion team.
6:05 PM4 months ago

Kick-off time

The Arizona Cardinals vs Los Angeles Rams match will be played at the SoFi Stadium, in Los Angeles, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 8:15 pm ET.
6:00 PM4 months ago

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