Touchdowns and Highlights Steelers 16-15 Jaguars in NFL Season
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9:21 PM3 months ago


9:05 PM3 months ago


Steelers 16-15 Jaguars.
9:00 PM3 months ago

4Q 00:00

Santoso takes a long field goal kick that goes wide. The Steelers win by one point.
8:55 PM3 months ago

4Q 01:56


Rudolph finds Snead down the sideline, though they miss the two-point conversion and this is 16-15.

8:50 PM3 months ago

4Q 02:00

Two-minute break with the Steelers on fourth-and-goal within one yard of scoring.
8:45 PM3 months ago

4Q 02:26

Another good pass from Rudolph and the Steelers are already in the goal zone.
8:40 PM3 months ago

4Q 02:49

Rudolph with the pass complete and the Steelers are already inside the opponent's 30-yard line.
8:35 PM3 months ago

4Q 03:03

Layne with the big play by making the interception and putting the ball near midfield.
8:30 PM3 months ago

4Q 04:41

From Perry to Jones and a big play by the Jaguars to set up in the opponent's field.
8:25 PM3 months ago

4Q 06:20


Sciba with the 39-yard field goal to cut the deficit.

8:20 PM3 months ago

4Q 08:08

Rudolph's short pass and little by little the Steelers are getting the offense going.
8:15 PM3 months ago

4Q 10:24

Rudolph with a pass to the sideline to move the chains and get closer to midfield.
8:10 PM3 months ago


8:05 PM3 months ago

4Q 12:17


Beathard finds the hole up the middle and makes it across the diagonals for the home team's first touchdown.

8:00 PM3 months ago

4Q 13:32

Short QB run and the Jaguars are already in the end zone.
7:55 PM3 months ago


7:50 PM3 months ago

3Q 00:29

Steelers loose ball on fourth down and the Jaguars will have good field position.
7:45 PM3 months ago

3Q 01:07

Rudolph's short pass and it will be fourth down.
7:40 PM3 months ago

3Q 02:51

A carry play with the receiver and Simms delivers more than 12 yards to already be at midfield.
7:35 PM3 months ago

3Q 03:28

Warren with the reception and the Steelers move the chains to keep the offense going.
7:30 PM3 months ago

3Q 05:24

Beathard has to get rid of the ball early and the Jaguars go to midfield to clear.
7:25 PM3 months ago

3Q 07:20

Beathard with the pass complete and the Jaguars are already at midfield.
7:20 PM3 months ago

3Q 09:15


Rudolph has to get rid of the ball in the end zone and there is Safety for the locals.

7:15 PM3 months ago

3Q 10:00

Three and out for the Jaguars, but they will leave inside their 4-yard line to the Steelers.
7:10 PM3 months ago

3Q 11:48

Little and nothing with the Steelers offense now with Mason Rudolph and to clear quickly.
7:05 PM3 months ago

3Q 13:50

Beathard's short pass and the Jaguars clear.
7:00 PM3 months ago

3Q 15:00

The second half begins between Jaguars and Steelers.
6:55 PM3 months ago


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6:45 PM3 months ago

2Q 00:23


Snell with the reception and stretches to get all the way to the diagonals for the touchdown.

6:40 PM3 months ago

2Q 00:31

Pickett finds his tight end to get all the way to the red zone and there is time out for the Steelers.
6:35 PM3 months ago

2Q 00:58

Pickett with the pass complete and the Steelers are already in rival territory.
6:30 PM3 months ago

2Q 01:05

Lawrence and the Jaguars play it on fourth down but are stopped at the opponent's 36-yard line.
6:25 PM3 months ago

2Q 02:00

Two-minute break with first and ten for the Jaguars.
6:20 PM3 months ago

2Q 04:20

Pickett with the pass complete, but too short of the mark and the Steelers after having two first and tens nullified by penalty, to clear.
6:15 PM3 months ago

2Q 06:09


Santoso 30-yard field goal to extend the lead. 

6:10 PM3 months ago

2Q 06:09

Lawrence has to send his pass outside on third down.
6:05 PM3 months ago

2Q 08:11

Lawrence with the pass complete and the Jaguars are already in the red zone.
6:00 PM3 months ago

2Q 10:21

Play action play that works and Jones with the reception.
5:55 PM3 months ago

1Q 10:50

Lawrence with another completed pass and the Jaguars are already at midfield.
5:50 PM3 months ago

2Q 13:14

Etienne takes advantage of the hole up the middle and gains 12 yards for a first-and-10 to his 23-yard line.
5:45 PM3 months ago

2Q 12:50

Trubisky's pass complete, but short, and the Steelers clear midfield.
5:40 PM3 months ago

End of first quarter

Steelers 0-3 Jaguars.
5:35 PM3 months ago

1Q 01:30

Johnson with the cross-court catch for first and ten.
5:30 PM3 months ago

1Q 02:16


Santoso with the far field goal and opens the scoreboard 3-0.

5:25 PM3 months ago

1Q 02:21

Lawrence with the high pass rush. Fourth down.
5:20 PM3 months ago

1Q 04:25

Lawrence escaped and by legs got the first and ten.
5:15 PM3 months ago

1Q 06:35

Lawrence pulls off the pass despite pressure and the Jaguars move the chains beyond their 45-yard line.
5:10 PM3 months ago

1Q 08:09

Trubisky is pressured and the Steelers three and out. To clear.
5:05 PM3 months ago

1Q 09:31

Santoso also attempts a long field goal and also misses it. The Steelers offense will be back.
5:00 PM3 months ago

1Q 09:36

A little high on Lawrence's pass and the Jaguars will face fourth down.
4:55 PM3 months ago

1Q 10:48

Pass from Lawrence to Kirk and the Jaguars move the chains to the other side of the field.
4:50 PM3 months ago

1Q 11:44

Chris Boswell misses a long field goal and the Steelers go empty-handed on their first drive.
4:45 PM3 months ago

1Q 12:49

Trubisky is pressured and eventually had to get rid of the ball and is incomplete on third down.
4:40 PM3 months ago

1Q 14:06

Trubisky pass to Claypool on third down to move the chains.
4:35 PM3 months ago

1Q 15:00

The game between Steelers and Jaguars begins. Jacksonville on offense.
4:30 PM3 months ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the game from Florida between the Jaguars and Steelers in Week 2 of the NFL preseason.
4:25 PM3 months ago

The view

This is the view from EverBank Field to watch the Jaguars in their second home game of the preseason, though they have yet to win.
4:20 PM3 months ago

There is support

Despite playing away, Steelers fans have been in Florida as usual to cheer on their team.
4:15 PM3 months ago

The future

The future at the quarterback position on the Steelers appears to be with Trubisky and Pickett.
4:10 PM3 months ago

They jump to warm up

The Jaguars are currently warming up in search of their first preseason win.
4:05 PM3 months ago

The headline

For the second consecutive game, Mitchell Trubisky, who has played for the Bears and Chiefs, will be the starter for this game and in the second half Kenny Pickett will take the controls of the team on offense.
4:00 PM3 months ago

Pickens putting on a show

One of the problems in the Steelers' offensive game is Pickens, a receiver who will replace Smith-Schuster.
3:55 PM3 months ago

When do the Jaguars debut?

The Jaguars will also make their debut on Sunday, September 11, as visitors against the Washington Commanders, who will be sporting a new name and new uniforms.
3:50 PM3 months ago

When do the Steelers debut?

Pittsburgh will be making its debut on September 11 as a visitor when it faces the AFC Champion Cincinnati Bengals.
3:45 PM3 months ago


Week 2 of the NFL preseason continues with an attractive game when the Pittsburgh Steelers visit the Jacksonville Jaguars. We begin with the coverage of the game through VAVEL.
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Tune in here Pittsburgh Steelers vs Jacksonville Jaguars Live Score in 2022 NFL Preseason Game 2022

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What time is Pittsburgh Steelers vs Jacksonville Jaguars match for 2022 NFL Preseason Game 2022?

This is the start time of the game Pittsburgh Steelers vs Jacksonville Jaguars of August 20th in several countries:

Argentina: 8:00 PM on NFL Game Pass

Bolivia: 7:00 PM on NFL Game Pass

Brazil: 8:00 PM on NFL Game Pass

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Background Pittsburgh Steelers vs Jacksonville Jaguars

They have not faced each other in preseason since 2015 and have usually met in regular season, although the Jaguars have the advantage with three wins and two losses in the last five games, the Steelers have won in their last two visits to the state of Florida.

Pittsburgh Steelers 27-3 Jacksonville Jaguars, 2020

Pittsburgh Steelers 20-16 Jacksonville Jaguars, 2018

Jacksonville Jaguars 45-42 Pittsburgh Steelers, 2018 (Playoffs)

Jacksonville Jaguars 30-9 Pittsburgh Steelers, 2017

Pittsburgh Steelers 21-23 Jacksonville Jaguars, 2015 (Preseason)

3:25 PM3 months ago

Final regular preseason games.

The Jaguars will close out the regular season on Saturday the 26th by visiting the Atlanta Falcons and the Steelers, a day later, will close out NFL preseason activity when they host the Detroit Lions.
3:20 PM3 months ago

Key Player Jacksonville Jaguars

After suffering a serious injury last season, second-year running back Travis Etienne Jr. should take advantage of his opportunity to try to command a ground attack that was one of the weaknesses of the offense last season.
3:15 PM3 months ago

Key player Pittsburgh Steelers

It seems that Mitchell Trubisky will be the one to start the season, so he should not disappoint in this game and he should do his best to change the image he left during his time with the Chicago Bears, and the competition is fierce after the departure of Ben Roethlisberger.
Image: Steelers
Image: Steelers
3:10 PM3 months ago

Jacksonville Jaguars: fine-tuning details

The Jacksonville Jaguars will have a good opponent to give playing time to most of the starters, including Trevon Lawrence, although they will have to fine-tune several issues on defense, where they are still very weak and have suffered in recent years.
3:05 PM3 months ago

Pittsburgh Steelers: Defining the quarterback

The good news for the Pittsburgh Steelers was that in the first preseason game they defeated the Seattle Seahawks 32-25, all three quarterbacks looked very good on the field, both Mitchell Trubisky who opened the game, Mason Rudolph who has been with the team for several years and the rookie Kenny Pickett, who led the winning series at the end of the game, so this game will be key to see which of the three will win the position.
3:00 PM3 months ago

The Kick-off

The Pittsburgh Steelers vs Jacksonville Jaguars match will be played at the EverBank Field Stadium, in Jacksonville, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 19:00 pm ET.
2:55 PM3 months ago

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