Highlights: New York Giants 27-31 New York Jets in NFL preseason
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Thank you so much for following the New York Jets and New York Giants at VAVEL. A great Sunday everyone.
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9/11 - Jets vs Ravens

9/11 - Titans vs Giants.

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Jets 31-27 Giants.
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Zuerlein confirmed the extra point.
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Streveler passed to Jackson, who advanced five yards and confirmed a touchdown for the Jets with 27 seconds left on the clock.
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Jets with a 66-yard lead.
3:59 PMa month ago


Santoso hit a field goal from the 49-yard line.
3:46 PMa month ago


Zuerlein converted the extra point. Game tied.
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Streveler found a right pass for Mims, who advanced 29 yards free to score a touchdown for the Jets.
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After a 52-yard advance, the Jets returned a yard foul.
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White gave Jackson a pass, but didn't get the down. Come punt over there.
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Santoso confirmed the extra point.
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Webb found a pass for Allen, who rushed for 18 yards and confirmed another touchdown for the Giants.
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Jets 17-17 Giants.
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Webb with a pass through the middle to Corbin, who advanced five yards. Giants offensive campaign with 23 yards.
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Santoso converted the extra point and left everything the same.
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WHAT A PLAY! After 76 rushing yards, the Giants reached the touchdown with Corbin.
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Giants offensive campaign with 61 yards forward.
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Jets 17-10 Giants.
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Zuerlein converted the extra point for the Jets.
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White hit a left pass to Smith, who advanced 19 yards in eight seconds and scored a touchdown for the Jets.
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After a 13-yard advance, the Jets retreated 15 yards and soon after, White had an incomplete pass.
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White with a pass to Wesco and a seven-yard advance. Giants offensive campaign with 24 yards forward.
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Zuerlein converted the extra point and left everything the same.
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BALANCE! White hit a left pass to Berrios, who advanced 21 yards and scored the Jets' first touchdown of the game.
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Santoso converted the extra point for the Giants.
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Flacco shorted on the right to Carter, who advanced 35 yards for the first touchdown of the game.
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Santoso hit a shot from the 36-yard line and scored three points for the Giants.
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Jets 3-0 Giants.
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Zuerlein hit a field goal from the 49-yard line and scored the first points of the game. Jets in front.
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Taylor tried the pass on the left to Gollady and was intercepted.
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Giants offensive campaign with seven-yard loss shortly after advancing 13.
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Taylor took a long time to shoot and was served, losing 10 yards.
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It's NFL preseason at VAVEL.
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The Jets have won the last two games. In 2019, 34-27. In 2021, 12-7. The Giants' last win was on August 8, 2019.
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In the last 20 games between the two teams, the Giants have won 11 times, while the Jets have won nine games.
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Look at him!

Zach Wilson threw the most touchdown passes last season. There were nine in total.
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Speak up, Michael Carter!

"I actually feel like I had a leadership role in the past year, even when I joined," Carter said early in the training. "I think keeping where I am and focusing on myself and trying to bring the others with me é what I'm really focused on”.

"Attention to detail and finish," Carter said of the two areas the group grew the most in. "I feel like when the younger guys arrived, they had to learn to finish and learn to be professionals. That means finishing all the things youê does. So the veterans of the group learned to be more consistent. I think we're all doing very well, and just so? we have to keep improving."

"I played with him in college twice," said Carter, who played for North Carolina. "He was always good. I still tell him untilé today I can't believe he wasn't drafted because he is; better than many of the running backs that were. He keeps improving and has the biggest chip on his shoulder. . He loves the game and when youê loves the game, when youê respects the game, and youê takes the time to do this é as a girlfriend, youê get what you want with it." data-google-query-id="CJ6D28L15vkCFduVlQIdUhAPgg" data-id="article_adv-8" id="article_adv-8" style="margin-left:auto;">

"I want to go there" and put something big in the movie," he said. "I want to do something with my mates. I hope we are doing very well because we did well in training and now é a matter of translating this into the game".

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How does the Jets arrive?

The  Jets won both preseason games. But in the last 10 games, he lost six.
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Look at him!

Daniel Jones was the most touchdown player last season. There were nine passes.
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Speak up, Saquon Barkley!

"I'm really ready," Barkley said. "If I have to compare it to last year, I'm way beyond what I was before. At this point last year, I started getting back into training (after spending the offseason and camp rehabilitating his surgically repaired knee)... And I didn't really have much time with just the rehab process with my knee to prepare. And now I don't have it. I have all the camp to go out every day and do joint practice against another team, to go against (defensive lineman Dexter Lawrence and Leonard Williams), find ways to improve and build on that chemistry with Felice (center Jon Feliciano) and Drew (disarm Andrew Thomas) and (disarm Evan) Neal."

"I'm always up for any coach (Brian Daboll) who wants me to do it," Barkley said. "That was his decision. We don't talk about what's going on; to come this weekend. But my mindset is just arriving ready and prepared to work."

"I couldn't practice," he said. "I really couldn't do anything. I was on the side running in the third field just trying to simulate the workout as much as I can. There is no way to get your mind and body and get in shape for football than playing football for real. So I use the example like when you is á in high school and high school; playing football, and then you goes straight to basketball season and thinks it's in shape because he plays football. But then you vá for basketball, and youê is not; in the form of basketball. They are just two completely different things. And the only way you can get in football shape é going thereá and playing football. And that's what I couldn't do at this point last year."

"I would say it was always me,' he said. "I think my mentality é different. I just have a different mindset. And I'm in a place where I'm grateful - blessed. And just living one day at a time. I wouldn't say anything triggered it, but I think I would say I've probably been out of some games for the last couple of years. Probably being fed up and not even with the outside noise, but even having to stay out of games and rehab and all that, all the bad stuff, I think you'd be fine. You could say. I think I'm fed up with this. So it kind of takes me to a place where now I'm just happy, enjoying life, enjoying the game I love, and I'm just happy. I want to go there; out and have fun.''

"I feel like we have a big group of guys," Ximines said. "I really think a lot about everyone in the room from top to bottom. And we motivate each other every day, and é a good group. And I'm really looking forward to competing with these guys this year."

"Each day é an opportunity", said Ximines. "Youê It has to look that way in this league, and I feel like no matter where the chips fall or where I am, I see every day, every repetition as an opportunity. material."

"My rookie year seems like it was há a long time," Ximines said. "But it happened quickly. I'm looking up now. I'm in my fourth year, but I feel like if I can get back to making plays like that, it will be; good for me. And it will be good for the team too."


"I think he did a good job," said Daboll. "He isá ready to go. He's available. He's improving. He é a big-bodied guy. He has heavy hands. It does a good job of defining the advantage. I think he took the defense well. (Outside linebackers coach) Drew (Wilkins) did a good job with him. So we need it from our guys."

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How do Giants arrive?

The Giants won both preseason games, but ended the season with six straight defeats.
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It will be the last game of the two teams before the start of the NFL regular season.
Photo: Disclosure / Giants
Photo: Disclosure / Giants
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The match will be played at MetLife Stadium

The New York Giants vs New York Jets match will be played at the MetLife Stadium with a capacity of 82.500 people.
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