Highlights and Touchdowns: Packers 7-23 Vikings in NFL Season
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Thank you for following the broadcast of the Packers vs. Vikings NFL game.
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4Q 01:09

Cook with the run that stays wide of the mark and Minnesota to clear.
7:16 PM23 days ago

4Q 02:00

Two-minute pause.
7:11 PM23 days ago

4Q 03:21

Cook with one more carry and the Vikings continue to run down the play clock.
7:06 PM23 days ago

4Q 03:35

Rodgers with the incomplete pass in the end zone on fourth down and with it the Packers will lose.
7:01 PM23 days ago

4Q 06:17

Rodgers finds Cobb over the middle to close to his 40-yard line.
6:56 PM23 days ago

4Q 06:48


Joseph 29-yard field goal to increase the lead.

6:51 PM23 days ago

4Q 06:52

Cousins lofts his pass and is incomplete on third down.
6:46 PM23 days ago

4Q 08:09

Maddison with the carry and Minnesota about to deliver the final blow in the game.
6:41 PM23 days ago

4Q 10:27

Jefferson with the reception after Cousins withstood the hit and Minnesota already in the opponent's zone.
6:36 PM23 days ago

4Q 12:03

Rodgers is caught on third down and the Packers forced to punt.
6:31 PM23 days ago

4Q 14:14

Doubs with the 23-yard reception and Green Bay moves the chains.
6:26 PM23 days ago


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3Q 00:26

Jones with the short carry, but enough to make it first and ten.
6:16 PM23 days ago

3Q 01:55

Good defensive tackle against Jefferson and the Vikings clear.
6:11 PM23 days ago

2Q 04:30

Cook turns the corner and manages to put the ball on his 36-yard line.
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3Q 05:06


Dillon with the carry to break the scoreless game.

5:56 PM23 days ago

3Q 06:45

Dobbs with the reverse and the Packers are already in the red zone.
5:51 PM23 days ago

3Q 08:54

Jones with the carry on a trap play and the Packers are already approaching midfield.
5:46 PM23 days ago

3Q 09:46


Joseph 56-yarder capitalizes on three more punts.

5:41 PM23 days ago

3Q 10:33

Short pass from Cousins and Minnesota will have to clear.
5:36 PM23 days ago

3Q 12:06

Rodgers is hit, the ball is fumbled and recovered by Minnesota.
5:31 PM23 days ago

3Q 12:57

Dillon keeps moving his legs and advances near midfield.
5:26 PM23 days ago

3Q 13:13

Dillon with the two-yard carry, but enough to move the chains.
5:21 PM23 days ago

3Q 15:00

The second half begins. Packers on offense.
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2Q 00:13

Cousins gets rid of the ball and the Vikings with fourth will have to clear.
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2Q 00:27

Rodgers' bomb is intercepted and Minnesota recovers the ball with seconds left with two timeouts.
4:56 PM23 days ago

2Q 00:33


Cousins finds a lone Jefferson who breaks away and runs all the way into the diagonals.

4:51 PM23 days ago

2Q 00:40

Jefferson with the reception and the Vikings threaten to score more points.
4:46 PM23 days ago

2Q 02:00

With first and ten, the Vikings will return after the break.
4:41 PM23 days ago

2Q 03:15

Rodgers with the very powerful delivery to Jones and the Packers to clear.
4:36 PM23 days ago

2Q 03:54


From 28 yards Joseph extends the lead on a march that promised for more.

4:31 PM23 days ago

2Q 05:44

Jefferson scampers 54 yards to set up in red zone. Great march by the Vikings.
4:26 PM23 days ago

2Q 06:44

Cook with the carry and gets to the 11-yard line for first and ten to get out of the commitment zone.
4:21 PM23 days ago

2Q 07:58

Jones' carry falls inches short and Green Bay leaves empty-handed.
4:16 PM23 days ago

2Q 08:30

Dillon comes within one yard of scoring on third down.
4:11 PM23 days ago

2Q 10:48

Rodgers finds Watkins and the Packers have first and goal inside the 9-yard line.
4:06 PM23 days ago

2Q 12:45

Jones on the wing exploits the hole to gain more than 25 yards and put himself in the opponent's half.
4:01 PM23 days ago

2Q 13:46

Rodgers finds Tonyan to approach midfield.
3:56 PM23 days ago

2Q 14:17

They pressure Cousins, who throws incomplete and the Vikings to clear.
3:51 PM23 days ago


3:46 PM23 days ago

1Q 02:39

Rodgers is pressured and caught. Packers to clear midfield.
3:41 PM23 days ago

1Q 03:56

Rodgers to Cobb and the Packers move the chains.
3:36 PM23 days ago

1Q 06:18

Cousins is caught and the Vikings to clear out
3:31 PM23 days ago

1Q 07:35

Rodgers with the incomplete delivery and the Packers to clear.
3:26 PM23 days ago

1Q 08:27

Jones with the carry to move the chains with 11 yards.
3:21 PM23 days ago


3:16 PM23 days ago

1Q 09:17


Cousins fumbles on fourth and finds a lone Jefferson for the touchdown.

3:11 PM23 days ago

1Q 11:35

Jefferson with the reception and the Vikings are already in the red zone.
3:06 PM23 days ago

1Q 12:23

Cousins finds Jefferson and the Vikings are in the opponent's backfield.
3:01 PM23 days ago

1Q 15:00

The game begins. Vikings on the offensive.
2:56 PM23 days ago

Minutes away

In minutes the game between Packers and Vikings will be underway
2:51 PM23 days ago

All set

Minnesota takes the field looking to beat its divisional rival.
2:46 PM23 days ago

Upcoming Vikings games

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At Vikings (In UK)

2:41 PM23 days ago

Upcoming Packers games

Green Bay will have the following games in the regular season:

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2:36 PM23 days ago

At the same time

As well as our Packers vs Vikings game, the following games will be played:

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2:31 PM23 days ago

Back home

First test of danger for the Vikings to start the tournament.
2:26 PM23 days ago


The Packers were winless last year and will now try to get off on the right foot without Davante Adams.
2:21 PM23 days ago


The Vikings have high expectations for this season and will be looking to hit the ground running from Week 1 and show what they are made of.
2:16 PM23 days ago

Rodgers debuts

After what happened in the off-season and not having any preseason activity, Aaron Rodgers makes his debut this Sunday with the mission to put his Packers in the Super Bowl.
2:11 PM23 days ago


The Green Bay Packers will have a tough home visit to the Minnesota Vikings in a fierce NFC North rivalry. We begin with VAVEL's coverage of the game.
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Tune in here Green Bay Packers vs Minnesota Vikings Live Score in 2022 NFL Season Game 2022

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What time is Green Bay Packers vs Minnesota Vikings match for 2022 NFL Season Game?

This is the start time of the game Green Bay Packers vs Minnesota Vikings of September 11th in several countries:

Argentina: 5:25 PM on NFL Game Pass

Bolivia: 4:25 PM on NFL Game Pass

Brazil: 5:25 PM on NFL Game Pass

Chile: 5:25 PM on NFL Game Pass

Colombia: 3:25 PM on NFL Game Pass

Ecuador: 3:25 PM on NFL Game Pass

United States (ET): 4:25 PM on Fox Sports and NFL +

Spain: 10:25 PM on NFL Game Pass

Mexico: 3:25 PM on NFL Game Pass, Fox Sports and Fox Sports Premium

Paraguay: 5:25 PM on NFL Game Pass

Peru: 3:25 PM on NFL Game Pass

Uruguay: 5:25 PM on NFL Game Pass

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Background Green Bay Packers vs Minnesota Vikings

These divisional games tend to be closer than usual and proof of that is what has happened in the most recent five meetings where the Packers have a minimal advantage of three wins to two losses, although the last time they traveled to Minneapolis they lost by three points.

Minnesota Vikings 10-37 Green Bay Packers, 2022

Green Bay Packers 31-34 Minnesota Vikings, 2021

Minnesota Vikings 28-22 Green Bay Packers, 2020

Green Bay Packers 43-34 Minnesota Vikings, 2021

Green Bay Packers 23-10 Minnesota Vikings, 2021

1:51 PM23 days ago

Key Player Minnesota Vikings

Once again the vote of confidence is being given to Kirk Cousins, who will have better weapons and will have to prove why he is one of the highest paid in the league and lead his Vikings to the divisional lead in the NFC North.
1:46 PM23 days ago

Key player Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers will be the player to watch because he will be with the Packers once again and he has won two consecutive MVP awards in recent years, although his pending debt is to reach another Super Bowl and he is looking to do it this tournament.
Foto: NFL
Photo: NFL
1:41 PM23 days ago

Minnesota Vikings: to make a quality run

The Minnesota Vikings were able to reinforce in areas where they really needed it, such as defense, which is why some specialists place them in the Playoffs zone and they will have to reaffirm it from the first game and what better than doing it against their divisional rival.
1:36 PM23 days ago

Green Bay Packers: no weapons on offense?

One of the big stories in the off-season was whether Aaron Rodgers was going to stay or not, in the end he decided to stay, but the one who fled was Davante Adamas to Las Vegas Raiders, reason why now they will have to coordinate better and the QB12 will have to find his ideal man in the offense. The Green Bay Packers made it to the divisional round last season and are expected to do it again for this year. Matt LaFleur repeats at the helm of this team where he has not done badly at all and has always taken them to the postseason.
1:31 PM23 days ago

The Kick-off

The Green Bay Packers vs Minnesota Vikings match will be played at the U.S. Bank Stadium, in Minnesota, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 4:25 pm ET.
1:26 PM23 days ago

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