Highlights: Cincinnati Bengals 17-20 Dallas Cowboys in NFL
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The Cowboys play again on Monday (26), when they face the Giants. The Bengals play a day earlier, against the Jets.
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Maher hits it in, converts the Field Goal and gets the win for the Dallas Cowboys on the last throw!
7:29 PM17 days ago


With a spike, Cooper Rush took the Cowboys into the field goal zone and in comes Maher for a 50-yard Field Goal!
7:21 PM17 days ago


And the Bengals' offense barely got off the 20-yard line. Cooper Rush is coming down the field to try to win the game!
7:17 PM17 days ago


Unable to get past midfield, the punt was punted and possession is Bengals', at the eight-yard line to start the campaign!
6:50 PM17 days ago

2' 58

The Cowboys on the first play of the campaign already arrive at the 50-yard line with a good pass from Cooper Rush!
6:50 PM17 days ago


The campaign went all the way down the field, yielding a 4th & 6 that turned into a 1st down at the 30-yard line, until the 2nd & goal where Burrow found Higgins for the touchdown! Then came the two-point conversion, and we have a 17-17 score!
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The campaign stopped at the 40-yard line, being returned to the Bengals on the punt that the ball stops at the 15-yard line.
6:43 PM17 days ago


And the campaign didn't work out, with the ball already returned to the Cowboys at the beginning of the last quarter.
6:40 PM17 days ago


With possession and trying to get into the field of attack, the Bengals go into the last quarter looking to stay ahead on the scoreboard!
6:35 PM17 days ago

1' 15 FUMBLE

AND WE HAVE FUMBLE! Cooper Rush hit the pass and the receiver let the ball slip in the field of attack, giving possession to the Bengals!
6:27 PM17 days ago


The play yielded another Field Goal, another converted by McPherson, which now leaves the game a little tighter at 9-17!
6:23 PM17 days ago

5' 40

The Bengals' campaign is already past the 40-yard line in the field of attack, yielding a good chance to score!
6:18 PM17 days ago


The Cowboys started the drive at the 20-yard line, but the drive didn't yield anything. Punt hit and here come the Bengals also at the 20-yard line!
6:12 PM17 days ago


Burrow, on a 4th & 3, was saved by a foul that turned another failed campaign into a 1st down. He reached the 30-yard line, for a 50-yard field goal by the Bengals, taking the game to 6-17!
6:02 PM17 days ago


The ball is already in play and the Bengals start the first drive of the second half at the 25-yard line!
6:00 PM17 days ago

Teams on the pitch

The teams return to start the second half.
5:48 PM17 days ago


Winning 17-3 with no scares, the Dallas Cowboys will start the second half and third quarter of the game on defense!
5:47 PM17 days ago

9 seconds

On the 54-yard attempt Maher hit the field goal and managed to get the ball inside, sending the score to 17-3!
5:42 PM17 days ago

51 seconds

Then Burrow, on the next play, was ENGAGED by the defense, suffering a sack! The Bengals went for a punt, and the Cowboys start at the 50-yard line on a great return!
5:40 PM17 days ago

1' 32

Almost a fumble now! Burrow tried to clear, was pulled, and knocked the ball away, which still remained with the Bengals, on a very lucky throw!
5:33 PM17 days ago


But then Rush's campaign failed, going to punt, with fair catch by the Bengals' player starting at the 13 line.
5:29 PM17 days ago


Brown received the long pass and the campaign already reaches the 50 line!
5:28 PM17 days ago


And the campaign didn't work. The punt was punted and the Cowboys started at the 15 line, but got to the 25 line in the blink of an eye!
5:21 PM17 days ago


Burrow went on his own, pulled out and got the slide, plus a foul. 1st down and more yards than expected!
5:18 PM17 days ago


On 3rd & 5 Burrow got the pass and now gets the 1st down, keeping the campaign going, still at the 27 line.
5:16 PM17 days ago


The Cowboys' descent was also ineffective. The punt was punted and the Bengals start at the 10-yard line, attempting the visitors' first touchdown drive. And as I was writing this a false start and pressure on the QB for a loss of yards happened. Hard today.
5:09 PM17 days ago


Remember that the possession was Bengals'? Then, the punt was forced and the Cowboys already launched themselves into the attack, starting at the 26 line!
5:06 PM17 days ago

2nd Q

On a 2nd & 16 the 2ndQ begins with Bengals possession, who attempt the 1st down in the backfield!
5:00 PM17 days ago

In the end of first Q!

In the first Pollard didn't make it but in the second on a ball on the line, he managed to invade the end zone and makes the 14 to 3 after the extra point at the end of the first quarter!
4:53 PM17 days ago

2' 26

On a 30+ yard field goal for the Bengals the ball crossed the Y and we are now 7-3!
4:36 PM17 days ago


On the Cowboys' first drive of real danger the play already turned into a touchdown, which turns 7-0 with the extra point on the 25-yard kick!
4:29 PM17 days ago


Both teams take to the field to start the match!
3:53 PM17 days ago


The players are already on the field to start warming up for the match!
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We now begin the broadcast of the match between the Bengals and Cowboys, in this second week of the NFL!
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Zac Taylor, meanwhile, commented on new plays in the Bengals' last game: "New operation. We caught ourselves there with 13 seconds left, I understand that, trust me, we'd rather do something different. But just trying to make sure that the operation ran smoothly, we found that we sacrificed a few seconds just to make sure we were all on the same page."
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Mike McCarthy commented on the Cowboys' offensive production, with Cooper Rush replacing Dak Presscot: "At the end of the day, Kellen and the offensive staff have been working on this since April - more than April, but working with the players since April. So we just have to trust what we've built and we have to adjust when we have lineup changes, and we're definitely working on it and we want to make sure that we're helping, but maybe not being as conservative as you'd like to be. Let's be honest: in Kellen's time as coordinator, he's been able to play very, very aggressive. But we're at a stage where we have to be a little smarter in certain situations, and that's all part of growing as a player."
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Playoffs - 2021

The Cowboys fell in the first round of the Playoffs, being defeated by the 49ers 23-17. The Bengals were beaten in the playoffs by the Rams, going down to the Raiders, 26-19. After that the loser of the day was the Titans, by 19 to 16. Finally, in the AFC final, the new victim was the Chiefs, by 27 to 24. In Super Bowl LVI the Rams won, by 23 to 20.
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NFC and AFC - 2021

In the 2021 season the Dallas Cowboys went 12-5 to lead the NFC East, qualifying with the Eagles and knocking off the Washington Football Team and the Giants, while the Cincinnati Bengals went 10-7 in the AFC North, also in first place, going through with the Steelers, leaving behind the Browns and Ravens.
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NFC East and AFC North

In the NFC East the Cowboys are at the bottom with no wins, with the Eagles, Commanders and Giants already winning the season. In the AFC North Bengals are also at the bottom with no wins, seeing the Steelers, Ravens and Browns already with wins in the competition.
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Last matches: Bengals

The Bengals on the other hand lost two games in the preseason and won one, in addition to losing in the first round. On August 12 the first loss came to the Cardinals, by 36 to 23. On the 21st the Bengals were beaten by the Giants 25-22. Finally, on the 27th, the Bengals beat the Rams by 16-7. In the first round, last Sunday (11), the Bengals were beaten by the Steelers by 23 to 20.
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Last matches: Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys came into the season winning two preseason games and losing one, as well as losing their first regular season game. In the preseason, on the 13th, the loss was to the Broncos, 17-7. After that the Cowboys beat the Chargers 32-18 on August 20. Finally, in the preseason, the Cowboys beat the Seahawks by 27-26 on August 26. Last Sunday the Cowboys were beaten by the Buccaneers by 19-3.
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