Pittsburgh Steelers 17-29 Cleveland Browns NFL Week 3 Recap and Scores from Week 3
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8:14 PM10 days ago


11:26 PM13 days ago

End of match

Steelers 17-29 Cleveland
11:10 PM13 days ago

4C - 1:51

Pittsburgh field goal to get closer on the scoreboard.
11:06 PM13 days ago

4C - 1:57

Pittsburgh is approaching the point-zone are at the 20-yard line.
10:59 PM13 days ago

4C - 4:00

Trubisky is held back and Steelers will be forced to punt
10:54 PM13 days ago

4C - 5:00

Pittsburgh hangs on and they force Cleveland to kick will again be ball for the visitors.
10:51 PM13 days ago

4C - 7:20

Cleveland again with a good defense, recovers the ball.
10:40 PM13 days ago

4C - 9:00

Cleveland touchdown to increase the lead.
10:36 PM13 days ago

4C - 13:00

Cleveland is making favorable progress and closing in on the points.
10:31 PM13 days ago

End of third quarter

Steelers 14-16 Cleveland
10:30 PM13 days ago

3C - 1:04

Pittsburgh ends up clearing and the Browns will have the ball again.
10:24 PM13 days ago

3C - 2:31

Cleveland field goal and leads by two points.
10:15 PM13 days ago

3C - 5:30

Cleveland with Nick Chubb has good carries and they are already at midfield.
10:07 PM13 days ago

3C - 9:35

Pittsburgh is forced to punt and it will be Cleveland's ball.
9:57 PM13 days ago

3C - 13:15

The Steelers are advancing in a big way and approaching midfield.
9:38 PM13 days ago


Steelers 14-13 Cleveland
9:28 PM13 days ago

2C - 0:34

Pittsburgh's defense does its job with Sutton stopping Cooper and it will be 4th and 2.
9:22 PM13 days ago

2C - 2:00

Two-minute pause
9:16 PM13 days ago

2C - 3:30

Touchdown for the Steelers to tie the game again, Trubisky makes it personal.
9:13 PM13 days ago

2C - 5:20

The Steelers advance favorably to the 30-yard line.
9:06 PM13 days ago

2C - 8:50

Cleveland touchdowns drop 6 more points.
9:03 PM13 days ago

2C - 10:30

Cleveland is making great strides and they are closing in on the red zone.
9:01 PM13 days ago

2C - 12:50

It will be 3rd and 9 on a blocked pass by Heyward.
8:52 PM13 days ago

2C - 14:55

Pittsburgh touchdown ties the game
8:50 PM13 days ago

End of first match

Steelers 0-7 Cleveland
8:49 PM13 days ago

1C - 0:40

Great reception by George Pickens and the Steelers move into the red zone.
8:42 PM13 days ago

1C - 2:53

Cleveland touchdown opens the scoring in the game.
8:41 PM13 days ago

1C - 3:32

Nick Chubb with a nice carry gets into the red zone.
8:36 PM13 days ago

1C - 5:00

Chris Boswell misses the field goal and Cleveland kicks off from its 40-yard line.
8:31 PM13 days ago

1C - 8:37

Again the Pittsburgh defense doing its job well defensive back Ogunjobi grabs the QB and forces Cleveland to punt.
8:25 PM13 days ago

1C - 11:04

Great pass from Trubisky to Diontae Johnson for first and 10.
8:23 PM13 days ago

1C - 12:10

Great pass from Trubisky to Diontae Johnson for first and 10.
8:20 PM13 days ago

1C -13:05

Great defensive play by Steelers and force Browns to punt, great play by defensive back Wallace.
8:18 PM13 days ago

1C - 14:00

Nick Chubb with a nice 8-yard carry and Browns is near midfield.
8:16 PM13 days ago


The game kicks off in Cleveland and the Browns will have the first possession.
8:08 PM13 days ago

All ready

Everything is ready for kickoff, we are minutes away from kickoff between Pittsburgh and Cleveland, who are playing for the leadership of the North American division.
8:03 PM13 days ago

Players finish warming up

The players finish warming up and go into the locker room to suit up and get ready for kickoff, the stadium looks amazing and is expected to be almost full to capacity.
7:58 PM13 days ago


Expect it to be very cold tonight in Cleveland with a lot of wind, so kickers will have a tough job with field goals
7:53 PM13 days ago

These are the Pittsburgh Inactive

No. 2 QB Mason Rudolph
No. 53 G Kendrick Green
No. 82 WR Steven Sims
No. 92 DT Isaiah Loudermilk
No. 93 LB Mark Robinson
No. 96 LB David Anenih
7:48 PM13 days ago

These are Cleveland's Inactive

No. 8 QB Kellen Mond
No. 12 WR Michael Woods II
No. 25 RB Demetric Felton
No. 39 S Richard LeCounte III
No. 59 T Joe Haeg
No. 74 T Chris Hubbard
No. 90 DE Jadeveon Clowney
7:43 PM13 days ago

This is what FirstEnergy Stadium looks like

This will be the setting for today's match.
7:38 PM13 days ago

Already at the Stadium

The teams are already in the stadium and start to warm up, some players are with the fans and others are concentrating on warming up, there is a great atmosphere in this Thursday Night Football.
7:33 PM13 days ago


The fans are starting to arrive at FirstEnergy Stadium, many Steelers fans in Mexico made the trip and are at the stadium to support the Steelers, most of the fans for obvious reasons are from Cleveland.
7:28 PM13 days ago

Stay tuned to follow Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cleveland Browns live in the 2022 NFL Season.

In a few minutes we'll share with you the starting lineups for Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cleveland Browns live on Date 3 in NFL 2022. As well as the latest information from FirstEnergy Stadium. Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute live online coverage from VAVEL Mexico.
7:23 PM13 days ago

Where and how to watch Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cleveland Browns online and live in the 2022 NFL Season.

This is the kickoff time for the Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cleveland Browns game on September 22 in various countries:

Argentina: 9:15 PM on NFL Game Pass
Bolivia: 8:15 PM on NFL Game Pass
Brazil: 9:15 PM on NFL Game Pass
Chile: 9:15 PM on NFL Game Pass
Colombia: 19:15 PM on NFL Game Pass
Ecuador: 19:15 PM on NFL Game Pass
United States (ET): 20:15 PM on CBS and NFL +
Spain: 2:15 AM on NFL Game Pass
Mexico: 19:15 PM on NFL Game Pass, Fox Sports and Fox Sports Premium
Paraguay: 21:15 PM on NFL Game Pass
Peru: 19:15 PM on NFL Game Pass
Uruguay: 21:15 PM on NFL Game Pass

7:18 PM13 days ago

FirstEnergy Stadium

The Cleveland Browns Stadium, located in the city of Cleveland in the United States, has a capacity for 67 thousand spectators and was inaugurated on September 12, 1999. It will be the venue where tomorrow the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers will face each other in another edition of Thursday Night Football in Week 3 of the NFL.
7:13 PM13 days ago


For the Steelers, defensive back TJ Watt will not be active and continues to recover, while for the Browns only Deshaun Watson will not be active due to suspension, these are the two players who will not be active tomorrow in a game that undoubtedly promises to be one of the best of Week 3.
7:08 PM13 days ago


The record is clear and convincing for the Steelers, since in the last 14 games, Pittsburgh has won 11 games, while Cleveland has won only 3 games, so tomorrow the Steelers will come out as heavy favorites to win in Week 3 of the NFL.
7:03 PM13 days ago

Key Player Cleveland

Nick Chubb:

Cleveland running back, he had 3 touchdowns last game against the Jets, in the current campaign in 2 games he has 87 yards, he is a very strong player that with his body manages to open space and score, he will look to win the second game of his team in the tournament against a tough divisional rival with what are the Steelers.

6:58 PM13 days ago

Key Player Steelers

Minkah Fitzpatrick:

Undoubtedly one of the best defensive backs in the American league, with 2 interceptions in 2 games is one of the players that with the injury of TJ Watt will have to throw his shoulder to his teams and try to stop any opposing offense, he came to Pittsburgh after being drafted by Miami and in one more edition of Thursday Night Football will seek to give one more win to the Steelers and keep them as divisional leaders of the AFC North.

6:53 PM13 days ago

How does Cleveland arrive?

The Browns are coming off an ugly comeback by the New York Jets 30-31 and also suffering their first loss of the season. The Browns, who are suffering without their starting quarterback Deshaun Watson, will be looking to do the same at home and defeat a strong divisional leader like Pittsburgh.
6:48 PM13 days ago

How does Pittsburgh arrive?

The Steelers are coming off a 17-14 loss to the New England Patriots in a game that left a lot of questions in Mike Tomlin's mind, two timely mistakes were what opened the door for the Patriots to lose for the first time this season, leaving them with a record of one win and one loss.
6:43 PM13 days ago

Good afternoon, VAVEL friends!

Welcome to the Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cleveland Browns, corresponding to Date 3 of the NFL Season 2022. The match will take place at FirstEnergy Stadium, at 7:15 pm.