Highlights: Kansas City Chiefs 41-31 Tampa Bay Buccaneers in NFL
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10:35 PM6 months ago


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With the lead at 10 points the Chiefs beat the Buccaneers on Sunday Night Football!
10:29 PM6 months ago


We entered the 2 minute warning and Mahomes held on a 3&17 to give the ball back to the Buccanners with less than a minute on the clock.
10:18 PM6 months ago


Brady went for the 1st & goal very quickly and got the touchdown on the pass to Fournette! We now have 41-31 and an end to a game that promises!
10:15 PM6 months ago


The Buccaneers attempted the drive, returned the ball and Mahomes, at the midfield line, attempted the long pass and was intercepted, starting a new drive at the 40 on offense!
9:59 PM6 months ago


Mahomes' drive went all the way to the 20-yard line, for a 32-yard field goal conversion! 41-24 and increases the Chiefs' lead!
9:51 PM6 months ago

End of 3Q!

With the return at the 35-yard line the Chiefs close the third quarter in the lead and go on to try to increase the lead!
9:46 PM6 months ago


Brady left the ball to White, who got in the middle of the mess to break into the end zone and get the TD to narrow the score! And we go 38-24!
9:39 PM6 months ago


Now it was Brady's turn to shine! He got a great pass to Kieft and the 1st & goal!
9:36 PM6 months ago


On another fair catch, Tom Brady starts the drive at the 25-yard line looking to narrow the score.
9:31 PM6 months ago


And now Mahomes hits a great pass to Fortson to break into the end zone and score another touchdown for the Chiefs! We have a 38-17!
9:29 PM6 months ago


Patrick Mahomes is an ABSURD! He has now caught the pass to Kelce even under pressure and is at the 5 yard line with a 1st & goal!
9:25 PM6 months ago


And the campaign didn't pay off for a change and the Chiefs start the campaign at the 26-yard line!
9:20 PM6 months ago


On the return the Buccaneers start the drive at the 25-yard line.
9:16 PM6 months ago


And on the 44-yard field goal Wright converted and made it 31-17!
9:13 PM6 months ago


On Pacheco's great run, the Chiefs already get to the 30-yard line on offense and go for another TD!
9:09 PM6 months ago


The second half of the game begins with the Chiefs' possession at the 25-yard line!
8:57 PM6 months ago


With a 28-17 score, the Chiefs go on to beat the Buccaneers in this first half of Sunday Night Football!
8:52 PM6 months ago


And Brady gets what he needed! Throwing to Evans, the Buccaneers get the touchdown and lessen the blow on the scoreboard! 28-17!
8:48 PM6 months ago


And on that 2 minute warning Brady leads the Buccaneers to the 40 yard line on offense, in search of a TD before the end of the first half!
8:35 PM6 months ago


Mahomes took it all the way to the 3rd & goal and on the power play got the TD! We're off to a 28-10 start in what could be a huge win!
8:29 PM6 months ago


The campaign went all the way to the 34-yard line, down to a 4th & 1 where Mahomes found the WR, but he didn't get the ball! The punt was punted, and Brady STARTED the campaign at the 25-yard line, but he was sacked and suffered the fumble! The Chiefs are at the 33-yard line and are already back in the red zone!
8:19 PM6 months ago


Good comeback by the Chiefs and the inspired Mahomes campaign starts at the 26 line!
8:17 PM6 months ago


Brady now got the connection with Evans already in the end zone and the Buccaneers have their first TD in the game! We're going 21-10!
8:14 PM6 months ago


In a quick campaign Brady managed to lead the Buccaneers to a 1st down already near the 10-yard line.
8:12 PM6 months ago


On the returned ball Tom Brady will now start a new drive in an attempt to cut the loss at the 20-yard line.
8:08 PM6 months ago


Mahomes got, on the pass to Kelce, the 1st & goal. Then on the 2nd & goal he ran to escape the sack, was one yard away from the TD and was hit, but still managed the over the top pass to Clyde Edwards, in another spectacular touchdown! And we're going 21-3!
8:03 PM6 months ago


At that start of the second half Mahomes already started running and stopped at the 49-yard line for another TD! Then soon after Mahomes put his RB to run and reached the 15-yard line!
7:53 PM6 months ago


With an even good return, Brady started the drive but did little and didn't get past the 50 line, with good work by the Chiefs' defensive line, which stays at fair catch.
7:47 PM6 months ago


And with only 8 yards to run, Clyde Edwards was once again put to work and marched into the end zone for another touchdown! We are 14-3 at the moment!
7:46 PM6 months ago


Clyde Edwards got a GREAT run, picked up a 1st down and is now at the 12 yard line, already looking at another TD!
7:42 PM6 months ago


OH MY GOD MAHOMES! On 3rd & 1 Mahomes was grabbed and almost sacked, but he hit the pass even on downs and got the 1st down at the 50 line!
7:36 PM6 months ago


The Chiefs' return was not the best, and Mahomes starts the drive at the 21-yard line.
7:33 PM6 months ago


Fournette on the runs gained no yards and the field goal was the option of the offense, which got the points on Succop's 45-yard kick!
7:30 PM6 months ago


Tampa on the return managed to get to the 25 line and now with Brady on the field the hosts are already at the 35 line in the field of attack!
7:27 PM6 months ago


And we already have a touchdown! Patrick Mahomes, at the 17-yard line found Kelcee put him inside the end zone, opening the scoring early!
7:27 PM6 months ago


The game begins with kick off by the Chiefs and the return is CONFUSED, where White has released the ball and the Chiefs start with the ball at the 23 yard line!
7:27 PM6 months ago

National anthem

Now the American national anthem is played, after a moment of silence in honor of the victims of Hurricane Ian.
7:15 PM6 months ago

Teams on the pitch!

With the players taking the field, we kick off on Sunday Night Football, we go to Mahomes vs Brady, it's Buccaneers and Chiefs day!
7:15 PM6 months ago

Stay on Tampa

Because of Hurricane Ian, there was a possibility that the game would be moved to U.S Bank Stadium, which is home to the Minnesota Vikings. Even with this situation, in a Category 4 Hurricane that ended up losing strength at the moment, the match was kept in Tampa.
7:10 PM6 months ago


We now begin the broadcast of the match between the Buccaneers and Chiefs in Week 4 of the NFL regular season!
7:05 PM6 months ago

Tune in here Kansas City Chiefs vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers Live Score

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Todd Bowler!

Buccaneers head coach Todd Bowler talked about Hurricane Ian, which passed through Tampa and left a trail of destruction: "Our thoughts and hearts go out to everyone in Tampa who is still there. We hope they recover well and it doesn't hit them too hard. That's the biggest thing. What we do is really small entertainment for people who are going through a lot of hard things. We hope we can provide that. It's bigger than just the soccer team, No. 1. No. 2, it's making sure that the families of the players are safe and the families of the coaches and all the staff are safe so they can focus on football."
6:50 PM6 months ago

Andy Reid!

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid commented on the team's performance: "We have room to improve. I'll start with this: a lot of room to improve, and they know that. But I like the effort. I like what they are doing with the scheme - the communication part - I like that. We've had some offenses that will throw some things at you now. We have to keep working to get better - but I like where we are now." I expected us to be in this position - and that's where we are. But we have to keep building."
6:45 PM6 months ago

Injury Report

The Injury Report of both teams shows that for the Buccaneers Akiem Hicks is out, while Julio Jones, Russell Gage, Breshad Perriman and Donovan Smith are doubtful for the games. In the Chiefs Mike Danna and Harrison Butker are out, while Joshua Kaindoh and Marquez Valdes-Scantling.
6:40 PM6 months ago


The two teams have met 14 times, with eight wins for the Buccaneers and six for the Chiefs. The two have even played in the LV Superbowl, where the Buccaneers won 31-9.
6:35 PM6 months ago


In the AFC West the Chiefs lead with two wins and one loss, tied with the Broncos, above Chargers, who are 1-2 and above the Raiders, who are 0-3. The Buccaneers lead the NFC South, above the Panthers, Saints and Falcons, all 1-2 on the season.
6:30 PM6 months ago

Last Matches: Chiefs

The Chiefs also have two wins and one loss in their last games, so they are 2-1 on the season. On the 11th the victory was over the Cardinals, by 44-21. After that, on the 15th, another victory came over the Chargers, now by 27-24. Finally, the loss came on Sunday (25), to the Colts, by 20 to 17.
6:25 PM6 months ago

Last Matches: Buccaneers

In the regular season the Buccaneers are already two wins and one loss, going 2-1 so far. On day 11 the victory was by 19 to 3 over the Cowboys. After that, on Sunday (18), the victory came against the Saints, by 20 to 10. Finally, on Sunday (25), the loss came, by 14-12 to the Packers.
6:20 PM6 months ago

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