3:59 PMa year ago

This was the Steelers' last TD

3:57 PMa year ago


Thank you for following the Saints-Steelers game.
3:52 PMa year ago


3:47 PMa year ago

4Q 01:53

Warren with the carry for first and ten and the Steelers would win.
3:42 PMa year ago

4Q 02:00

Two-minute pause.
3:37 PMa year ago

4Q 03:44

Sims with the short carry and will continue to run down the clock.
3:32 PMa year ago

4Q 04:23

Wallace intercepts Dalton and the Steelers close to victory.
3:27 PMa year ago

4Q 05:33

Wright misses the 48-yard field goal and the Steelers leave empty-handed.
3:22 PMa year ago

4Q 06:10

Freiermuth with the reception, but it falls short and will be fourth down.
3:17 PMa year ago

4Q 07:44

Saints play for it in the fourth and don't make it. The Steelers will be back.
3:12 PMa year ago

4Q 07:58

Kamara's short carry and it will be fourth down.
3:07 PMa year ago


3:02 PMa year ago

4Q 08:38


Short Pickett carry and the Steelers extend the lead to 10 points.

2:57 PMa year ago

4Q 10:17

Warren lunges in and gets the first and goal.
2:52 PMa year ago

4Q 11:25

Warren with the reception and gets inside the opponent's 25-yard line.
2:47 PMa year ago

4Q 12:18

Kazee with the interception after a rebound and the Steelers will have good field position.
2:42 PMa year ago

4Q 13:44


This time he doesn't miss and Wright makes the 33-yard field goal.

2:37 PMa year ago


2:32 PMa year ago

3Q 01:16

Harris with the 11-yard carry to close to midfield.
2:27 PMa year ago

3Q 01:55

Harris with the 11-yard carry to close to midfield.
2:22 PMa year ago

3Q 03:02

Freiermuth with the one-handed reception on a great play.
2:17 PMa year ago

3Q 03:47

Pickett's personal carry to move the chains and get out of a compromised area.
2:12 PMa year ago

3Q 05:49

Kamara's short carry and the Saints for penalties and fumble will have to clear.
2:07 PMa year ago

3Q 08:09

Olave with the 13-yard reception and New Orleans moves the chains.
2:02 PMa year ago

3Q 08:55

Wright misses the 39-yard field goal and Pittsburgh walks away empty-handed.
1:57 PMa year ago

3Q 08:59

Pickett with incomplete pass on third and goal.
1:52 PMa year ago

3Q 10:16

Holding the defense and the Steelers are already in the end zone.
1:47 PMa year ago

3Q 11:19

Pickens with the reception up the middle for first and ten.
1:42 PMa year ago

3Q 13:22

Pickett with the 17+ yard carry to move the chains.
1:37 PMa year ago

3Q 13:46

Dalton's incomplete pass and the Saints to clear.
1:32 PMa year ago

3Q 15:00

The second half begins. Saints on the offensive.
1:27 PMa year ago


1:22 PMa year ago


1:17 PMa year ago

2Q 00:19


Johnson with the touchdown reception and the game is tied.

1:12 PMa year ago

2Q 01:20

Dalton caught after the good 15-yard pass he had thrown.
1:07 PMa year ago

2Q 02:00

Two-minute break. Steelers to clear.
1:02 PMa year ago

2Q 04:14

Sims takes advantage of the blocks and gets first and ten.
12:57 PMa year ago

2Q 04:44

Watt with the short carry and first and ten.
12:52 PMa year ago

2Q 06:40


Lutz from 44 yards out scores the first points for the visitors.

12:47 PMa year ago

2Q 07:22

Watt catches Dalton and will be fourth down.
12:42 PMa year ago

2Q 08:45

Shaheed with the reception and New Orleans is already in the points zone.
12:37 PMa year ago

2Q 09:39

Dalton with the pass through the middle and the Saints are already in opponent's territory.
12:32 PMa year ago

2Q 11:14

Short pass to Pickens and the Steelers to clear.
12:27 PMa year ago

2Q 12:45

Dalton with the incomplete pass on third and long. To clear the Saints.
12:22 PMa year ago

2Q 14:17


Wright with the 33-yard field goal to extend the lead.

12:17 PMa year ago

2Q 14:50

Pickett's short pass and it will be fourth and goal in the red zone.
12:12 PMa year ago


12:07 PMa year ago

1Q 00:50

Harris with a great carry and gets to the opponent's 20-yard line.
12:02 PMa year ago

1Q 01:36

Personal foul on Pickett and the Steelers make it first and ten.
11:57 AMa year ago

1Q 02:54

Kamara with the short reception and the Saints to clear.
11:52 AMa year ago


11:47 AMa year ago

1Q 05:06


Pickens with the short carry on third and goal for the touchdown.

11:42 AMa year ago

1Q 06:09

Johnson with the front desk and are on first and goal.
11:37 AMa year ago

1Q 07:21

Pickett's short pass and manages to move the chains.
11:32 AMa year ago

1Q 08:16

Freiermuth with the reception, but falls two yards short of advancing and will be fourth.
11:27 AMa year ago

1Q 09:51

Harris' carry and the Steelers are already in the opponent's field.
11:22 AMa year ago

1Q 11:19

Dalton's short pass and the Saints clear out of the area.
11:17 AMa year ago

1Q 13:12

Incomplete pass by Pickett and Steelers to clear.
11:12 AMa year ago

1Q 14:21

Pickens with the reception on third down to move the chains.
11:07 AMa year ago

1Q 15:00

The game between Saints and Steelers begins.
11:02 AMa year ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the Saints-Steelers Week 10 NFL game.
10:57 AMa year ago

Reunion between two friends

Big Ben and Freiermuth were reunited with a grand salute at Acrisure Stadium.
10:52 AMa year ago

All set

The Saints with the latest motivation to try to get back to winning ways.
10:47 AMa year ago

Sunday Billboard

These are the games scheduled at noon in the NFL this Sunday, November 13:

Lions vs Bears

Browns vs Dolphins

Broncos vs Titans

Vikings vs Bills

Texans vs Giants

Jaguars vs Chiefs

Saints vs Steelers

10:42 AMa year ago

Saints losses

While these are the New Orleans elements that will not see action today:

No. 1 WR Marquez Callaway
No. 6 SS Marcus Maye
No. 20 LB Pete Werner
No. 22 RB Mark Ingram
No. 23 CB Marshon Lattimore
No. 75 G Andrus Peat
No. 88 TE J.P. Holtz
No. 92 DE Marcus Davenport

10:37 AMa year ago

Steelers losses

These are the Steelers' losses for this NFL Sunday:

No. 2 QB Mason Rudolph
No. 25 CB Ahkello Witherspoon
No. 37 DB Elijah Riley
No. 39 S Minkah Fitzpatrick
No. 53 G Kendrick Green
No. 93 LB Mark Robinson

10:32 AMa year ago


Ben Roethlisberger is visiting to watch his Steelers play.
10:27 AMa year ago

2021 MVP returns

Last season's best defensive player, MVP TJ Watt, is back after overcoming his pectoral injury.
10:22 AMa year ago

With possibilities

Because of how bad their division is beyond the Buccaneers going 5-5 record, the Saints are still in the fight and need a win to stay alive.
10:17 AMa year ago


The New Orleans Saints look to get back to winning ways against the struggling Pittsburgh Steelers coming off their bye week. We begin with VAVEL's coverage of the game.
10:12 AMa year ago

Tune in here New Orleans Saints vs Pittsburgh Steelers Live Score in NFL Season Game 2022

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this New Orleans Saints vs Pittsburgh Steelers match for the 2022 NFL Season Game on Week 10 on VAVEL US.
10:07 AMa year ago

What time is New Orleans Saints vs Pittsburgh Steelers match for 2022 NFL Season Game?

This is the start time of the game New Orleans Saints vs Pittsburgh Steelers of November 13th in several countries:

Argentina: 3:00 PM on NFL Game Pass

Bolivia: 2:00 PM on NFL Game Pass

Brazil: 3:00 PM on NFL Game Pass

Chile: 3:00 PM on NFL Game Pass

Colombia: 1:00 PM on NFL Game Pass

Ecuador: 1:00 PM on NFL Game Pass

United States (ET): 1:00 PM on Fox Sports and NFL +

Spain: 7:00 PM on NFL Game Pass

Mexico: 12:00 PM on NFL Game Pass and Fox Sports

Paraguay: 3:00 PM on NFL Game Pass

Peru: 1:00 PM on NFL Game Pass

Uruguay: 3:00 PM on NFL Game Pass

10:02 AMa year ago

Last games New Orleans Saints vs Pittsburgh Steelers

These teams meet every four years due to being in different conferences where the advantage has gone to the Saints with nine wins to seven losses, remembering that they have won four of the last five meetings.

Pittsburgh Steelers 28-31 New Orleans Saints, 2018 season.

New Orleans Saints 35-32 Pittsburgh Steelers, 2014 season

Pittsburgh Steelers 10-20 New Orleans Saints, 2010 season

New Orleans Saints 31-38 Pittsburgh Steelers, 2006 season

Pittsburgh Steelers 29-32 New Orleans Saints, 2002 season

9:57 AMa year ago

Key player Pittsburgh Steelers

With the departure of Chase Claypool, the main responsibility of the offense in the aerial game will fall on Diontae Johnson, who has been criticized for dropping balls that were catchable and although he has not done it this season, his activity has been decreasing with 43 receptions, 372 yards and 0 touchdowns so far.
Foto: AP
Image: AP
9:52 AMa year ago

Key player New Orleans Saints

He has only had one game of more than 100 yards on the ground, but there is no doubt about the talent of Alvin Kamara, who must be given the ball more time and the offensive line must help him to open spaces against a team that is not very good against the ground attack.
9:47 AMa year ago

Pittsburgh Steelers: Offensive variations

The Pittsburgh Steelers had an important bye week to have a better communication, especially on offense with Kenny Pickett who, although he has had some sparks, the ground game has not helped him and he has had some severe mistakes. In Bill Cowher's last season at the helm of the "Steel Curtain" he curiously started with a 2-6 record and a win against the Saints they managed to get back on track to finish with an 8-8 record, will Mike Tomlin be able to do the same this season? In addition, with TJ Watt's injury, the team has gone from being the team with the most catches in 2021 to the one with the least in 2022, so they will have to adjust in this regard.
9:42 AMa year ago

New Orleans Saints: tighten the screws

The New Orleans Saints will have to get their act together if they want to fight for the divisional leadership of the NFC South because they are only one game away despite having a 3-6 record, however, they will have to adjust many things on offense, because Andy Dalton has not been the solution after they whitewashed the Raiders a few weeks ago and it will be seen if Jameis Winston can return.
9:37 AMa year ago

The Kick-off

The New Orleans Saints vs Pittsburgh Steelers match will be played at the Acrisure Stadium, in Pittsburgh, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 13:00 pm ET.
9:32 AMa year ago

Welcome to’s LIVE coverage of the 2022 NFL Season Game 2022: New Orleans Saints vs Pittsburgh Steelers

My name is Adrian Hernandez and I will be your host for this game. We will provide you with pre-game analysis, roster updates, and news as it happens live here on VAVEL US.
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