Highlights and Touchdowns: Chiefs 30-27 Chargers in NFL
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Thank you for following the Chiefs-Chargers game.
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4Q 00:16

Herbert throws the pass and is intercepted.
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4Q 00:31


Mahomes with the pass to Kelce and there's one more fumble.

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4Q 00:37

Watson with a 34-yard reception on the opponent's 34-yard line.
10:57 PM4 months ago

4Q 01:05

Holding the defense and the Chiefs are already in the opponent's backfield.
10:52 PM4 months ago

4Q 01:31

Valdes with the reception and the Chiefs near midfield.
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4Q 01:46


Herbert connects with Palmer and Los Angeles flips the board.

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4Q 02:00

Two-minute pause.
10:37 PM4 months ago

4Q 02:20

Ekeler catches the ball and puts it inside the 5-yard line.
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4Q 03:34

Herbert with the bomb to Allen and the Chargers are now in the red zone.
10:27 PM4 months ago

4Q 05:09

Herbert with the carry for a 10-yard gain for a first-and-10 at midfield.
10:22 PM4 months ago

4Q 06:47

Pacheco fumbles the ball away and the Chargers recover it.
10:17 PM4 months ago

4Q 10:09

Allen fumbles the ball away and it is recovered by the Chiefs.
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4Q 13:07

Michel with the short haul, but enough to move the chains.
10:07 PM4 months ago

4Q 14:50


Mahomes connects with Kelce, who breaks down the sideline to get all the way to the promised zone and turn the game around.

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3Q 01:50

Moore with the 15-yard reception to set up in the opponent's backfield.
9:52 PM4 months ago

3Q 03:18

Mahomes finds Watson on third and long and they move the chains to get out of the zone.
9:47 PM4 months ago

3Q 05:02

Ekeler with the carry that falls short and the Chargers to clear.
9:42 PM4 months ago

3Q 06:22


Butker with the 30-yard field goal to cut the deficit.

9:37 PM4 months ago

3Q 07:09

Pacheco with the red zone carry on third down and is stopped behind.
9:32 PM4 months ago

3Q 11:55

Herbert is caught on third down and the Chargers clear.
9:27 PM4 months ago

3Q 15:00

The second half begins. Chargers on offense.
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2Q 00:14


Dicker 21-yarder extends the gap to 7 points.

9:12 PM4 months ago

2Q 00:17

Herbert with incomplete pass on third and goal.
9:07 PM4 months ago

2Q 01:13

Herbert had not arrived on a carry, but is pushed off the field and is flagged for a personal foul.
9:02 PM4 months ago

2Q 02:00

Two-minute pause.
8:57 PM4 months ago

2Q 02:49

Mahomes with the incomplete pass and the Chiefs to clear.
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2Q 03:31


Ekeler with the carry up the middle and Los Angeles retakes the lead.

8:42 PM4 months ago

2Q 04:16

Horvath's carry and the Chargers now have first and goal.
8:37 PM4 months ago

2Q 06:24

Herbert with personal hauling to move the chains.
8:32 PM4 months ago

2Q 09:43

Herbert completes with the catcher and makes it first and ten.
8:27 PM4 months ago

2Q 12:41

Mahomes with the incomplete pass and the Chiefs to clear.
8:22 PM4 months ago

2Q 12:10

Herbert is caught on third down and the Chargers clear.
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8:12 PM4 months ago

2Q 14:13


Short pass from Mahomes to Kelce and the Chiefs take the lead.

8:07 PM4 months ago

2Q 14:48

Mahomes' bomb and the Chiefs are already in the goal zone.
8:02 PM4 months ago


7:57 PM4 months ago

1Q 01:22

Kelce escapes 22 yards and moves the chains into the opponent's backfield.
7:52 PM4 months ago

1Q 02:45


Dicker 46-yarder for the first field goal of the game.

7:47 PM4 months ago

1Q 02:39

Herbert with the incomplete pass on third down.
7:42 PM4 months ago

1Q 04:36

Williams with the reception with the tips and move the chains.
7:37 PM4 months ago

1Q 05:58


Butker's 52-yarder cuts the lead to a single point.

7:32 PM4 months ago

1Q 06:07

Mahomes with the incomplete delivery and it will be fourth down.
7:27 PM4 months ago

1Q 09:33

Mahomes finds Kelce at midfield.
7:22 PM4 months ago


7:17 PM4 months ago

1Q 09:33


Herbert drops his arm and finds Palmer on a 50-yard send for the first touchdown of the game.

7:12 PM4 months ago

1Q 10:16

Allen with cross trajectory and reception to move the chains.
7:07 PM4 months ago

1Q 10:54


Butker with the 33-yard field goal to open the scoring.

7:02 PM4 months ago

1Q 11:18

Mahomes' incomplete pass and it will be fourth down.
6:57 PM4 months ago

1Q 12:16

Moore with the reception on the carry they made on Mahomes and they're already close to the red zone.
6:52 PM4 months ago

1Q 13:41

Pacheco with the carry by exploiting the hole through the center and they are already in the opponent's field.
6:47 PM4 months ago

1Q 14:21

Mahomes with the pass over the middle to move the chains.
6:42 PM4 months ago

1Q 15:00

The game begins. Chiefs on offense.
6:37 PM4 months ago

Sunday's results

These have been the results of Sunday, Thursday and tomorrow will close with the 49ers vs Cardinals in Mexico.
6:32 PM4 months ago

Van de blancos

The Chiefs are wearing all white with red accents heading into this game.
6:27 PM4 months ago

The forecasts

The favorite for this game is Kansas City by 5.5 and on a combined basis an explosive game is expected with 52.5 points.
6:22 PM4 months ago

Already warming up

The home team is already on the field at SoFi Stadium warming up.
6:17 PM4 months ago

Inactive Chiefs

Kansas City will be without the following players:

RB Ronald Jones

WR JuJu Smith-Schuster

QB Shane Buechele

CB Chris Lammons

DE Joshua Kaindoh

T Darian Kinnard

DE Malik Herring

6:12 PM4 months ago

Inactive Chargers

These are the Chargers players who will not be in attendance today:

Easton Stick

Dustin Hopkins

Gerald Everett

Jason Moore Jr.

Larry Rountree III

Jeremiah Attaochu

Brenden Jaimes

6:07 PM4 months ago

Prime Time

This game was not going to be played on this schedule, but the league decided to change it to Bengals vs Steelers.
6:02 PM4 months ago


The Chiefs defeated the Chargers in Week 2 in a thrilling game that, on that occasion, was also in prime time just like this one.
5:57 PM4 months ago


The Chargers seek revenge at home against the Chiefs on NFL Sunday Night Football.
5:52 PM4 months ago

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What time is Kansas City Chiefs vs Los Angeles Chargers match for 2022 NFL Season Game?

This is the start time of the game Kansas City Chiefs vs Los Angeles Chargers of November 20th in several countries:

Argentina: 10:20 PM on NFL Game Pass

Bolivia: 9:20 PM on NFL Game Pass

Brazil: 10:20 PM on NFL Game Pass

Chile: 10:20 PM on NFL Game Pass

Colombia: 8:20 PM on NFL Game Pass

Ecuador: 8:20 PM on NFL Game Pass

United States (ET): 8:20 PM on CBS Sports and NFL +

Spain: 2:20 AM on NFL Game Pass

Mexico: 7:20 PM on NFL Game Pass, Channel 9 and ViX

Paraguay: 10:20 PM on NFL Game Pass

Peru: 8:20 PM on NFL Game Pass

Uruguay: 10:20 PM on NFL Game Pass

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Last games Kansas City Chiefs vs Los Angeles Chargers

The Chiefs lead the all-time series with a 66-58 win-loss record and one tie and have won three of their last five, including this season's Week 2 win.

Los Angeles Chargers 24-27 Kansas City Chiefs, 2022 season

Kansas City Chiefs 34-28 Los Angeles Chargers, 2021 season (overtime)

Los Angeles Chargers 30-24 Kansas City Chiefs, 2021 season

Los Angeles Chargers 38-21 Kansas City Chiefs, 2021 season

Kansas City Chiefs 23-20 Los Angeles Chargers, 2020 season (overtime)

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Key player Los Angeles Chargers

He has four straight games with at least one interception, an issue that, against the Chiefs, they will have to avoid if they want to think about winning. Justin Herbert has accumulated 65.8% of his completions so far in 202, for 2,450 yards, 14 touchdowns and 6 interceptions.
5:32 PM4 months ago

Key player Kansas City Chiefs

A big part of why this team works and is so good is thanks to Patrick Mahomes, who produces more than 80 percent of the team's yards during a game and on the season records 66.9 percent of his completions, 2,936 yards, 25 touchdowns and 7 interceptions.
Foto: Chiefs
Image: Chiefs
5:27 PM4 months ago

Los Angeles Chargers: Making up for losses

The Los Angeles Chargers have had an up and down season, but mainly because of the number of injuries they have had on both sides of the field that has affected them too much; they will have to establish the ground attack to have Patrick Mahomes sitting as long as possible.
5:22 PM4 months ago

Kansas City Chiefs: not to lose the ball

One of the keys for the Kansas City Chiefs to come out with the victory will be not to lose the ball and thus with their coarse offense they can win on the road; even though they lost a few weeks ago at home against the Bills, they have the best record in the American Conference and this Sunday they could give an important blow of authority to retain it and continue leading their division more than ever.
5:17 PM4 months ago

How is the NFL AFC West going?

This is how the Western Division of the American Conference is going after 11 weeks:

Kansas City Chiefs: 7 wins and 2 losses (3-game winning streak).

Los Angeles Chargers: 5 wins and 4 losses (1-game losing streak)

Denver Broncos: 3 wins and 6 losses (1-game losing streak)

Las Vegas Raiders: 2 wins and 7 losses (three-game winning streak)

5:12 PM4 months ago

The Kick-off

The Kansas City Chiefs vs Los Angeles Chargers match will be played at the SoFi Stadium, in Los Angeles, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 20:20 pm ET.
5:07 PM4 months ago

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