Highlights and Touchdowns: 49ers 38-10 Cardinals in NFL
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Thank you for following the 49ers-Cardinals NFL Week 11 telecast.
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4Q 01:56

Mason with the carry for first and 10 and San Francisco has secured the victory.
11:00 PM13 days ago

4Q 02:00

Two-minute pause.
10:55 PM13 days ago

4Q 02:07

McSorley fumbles and is intercepted in the end zone. Arizona comes away with nothing.
10:50 PM13 days ago

4Q 03:29

Green with the reception and Arizona is already in the point zone.
10:45 PM13 days ago

4Q 06:21

Mason with the short carry and misses the mark. 49ers to clear.
10:40 PM13 days ago

4Q 08:10

McSorley with the pass to the outside and Arizona to clear.
10:35 PM13 days ago

4Q 09:33

Green with the reception at midfield to move the chains.
10:30 PM13 days ago

4Q 10:08


Garoppolo with the pass to Kittle who scampers 32 yards down the sideline for the touchdown to make it a thrashing.

10:25 PM13 days ago

4Q 13:10

Incomplete pass by McCoy on fourth down and the 49ers will have good field position.
10:20 PM13 days ago

4Q 14:55

Nick Bosa personal foul and the Cardinals move the chains.
10:15 PM13 days ago


10:10 PM13 days ago

TD 49ERS 31-10

10:05 PM13 days ago

3Q 00:29


Aiyuk with his second touchdown reception of the night and the gap was already widening at Aztec Stadium.

10:00 PM13 days ago

3Q 01:53

McCaffrey with the reception on the inside route for first and ten in the red zone.
9:55 PM13 days ago

3Q 03:10

Mitchell with the carry on a slide down the left sideline and the 49ers are already in the end zone.
9:50 PM13 days ago

3Q 04:47

McCoy with the short pass after the catch and Arizona to clear.
9:45 PM13 days ago

3Q 06:23

Aiyuk can't catch the ball and after a penalty the 49ers to clear
9:40 PM13 days ago

TD 49ERS 24-10

9:35 PM13 days ago

3Q 07:52

McCoy with the incomplete pass on fourth down and the Cardinals leave empty-handed.
9:30 PM13 days ago

3Q 07:55

Hopkins with the incomplete pass and it will be fourth down.
9:25 PM13 days ago

3Q 08:56

Hopkins with the reception and the Cardinals get past midfield.
9:20 PM13 days ago

3Q 10:27

Conner with the carriage by turning the corner and move the chains.
9:15 PM13 days ago

3Q 10:34


Samuel with the reverse and escapes 39 yards to the diagonals for the touchdown.

9:10 PM13 days ago

3Q 11:22

Juszczyk with the short reception to move the chains in the opponent's field.
9:05 PM13 days ago

3Q 13:31

Garoppolo with personal hauling to move the chains.
9:00 PM13 days ago

3Q 15:00

Second half begins between 49ers and Cardinals
8:55 PM13 days ago


8:50 PM13 days ago

2Q 00:18

McCoy with the personal carry and has first and 10.
8:45 PM13 days ago

2Q 00:43


Robbie Gould with the 39-yard field goal to extend the lead 7 points.

8:40 PM13 days ago

2Q 00:47

Short pass from Jimmy G and it will be fourth down.
8:35 PM13 days ago

2Q 01:47

McCaffrey with the reception to move the chains and keep the offensive series alive.
8:30 PM13 days ago

2Q 02:00

Two-minute pause.
8:25 PM13 days ago

2Q 02:50

McCaffrey with another reception and they are already at the opponent's 35 yard line.
8:20 PM13 days ago

2Q 03:33

McCaffrey with the screen pass and he's already over half the field. First and ten.
8:15 PM13 days ago


8:10 PM13 days ago

2Q 04:19


Conner with the touchdown on the ground for the first touchdown in favor of the Cardinals.

8:05 PM13 days ago

2Q 04:56

McCoy with the reception and Arizona with a 4-yard first-and-goal.
8:00 PM13 days ago

2Q 06:50

Dortch escapes with the screen pass and Arizona is already in the red zone.
7:55 PM13 days ago

2Q 07:46

Hopkins with the reception to again move the chains to their 36-yard line.
7:50 PM13 days ago

TD 49ERS 14-3

7:45 PM13 days ago

2Q 08:42


Kittle escapes all the way to the diagonals after Garoppolo's pass and San Francisco capitalizes on the interception.

7:40 PM13 days ago

2Q 09:31

Big play because Moore makes the interception tra sun tra sun rebound.
7:35 PM13 days ago

2Q 10:41

Hopkins with the reception for another first and ten, but he's going to get punished for taunting defenders.
7:30 PM13 days ago

2Q 12:27

Hopkins with the reception on third down to keep the offensive series alive.
7:25 PM13 days ago

TD 49ERS 7-3

7:20 PM13 days ago

2Q 13:35


Aiyuk appears in the diagonals with the reception for the first TD of the game.

7:15 PM13 days ago

2Q 14:30

Slip play by McCaffrey and the 49ers are already in the red zone.
7:10 PM13 days ago


7:05 PM13 days ago

1Q 00:32

Personal foul by the Arizona defense and they give away 15 yards.
7:00 PM13 days ago

1Q 01:13

Kittle with the reception on third down to move the chains out of a compromised zone.
6:55 PM13 days ago

1Q 02:49

McCoy with the incomplete pass to Conner and Arizona to clear.
6:50 PM13 days ago

1Q 04:35

Conner with the carry and the jumper for first and ten to get out of a compromised zone.
6:45 PM13 days ago

1Q 05:47

Good kickoff by San Francisco and sets Arizona up to start its 3-yard drive.
6:40 PM13 days ago

1Q 06:07

Reversible by the 49ers that does not work and it will be fourth and goal, to be cleared.
6:35 PM13 days ago

1Q 07:51

McCaffrey with the first-and-10 reception for the Niners.
6:30 PM13 days ago

1Q 08:00


Pratter with the 40-yard field goal to break the game's scoreless tie.

6:25 PM13 days ago

1Q 08:03

McCoy with the incomplete pass when looking for Hopkins.
6:20 PM13 days ago

1Q 09:11

Conner with the 4-yard carry for another first and ten, already inside the 30-yard line.
6:15 PM13 days ago

1Q 10:20

Hopkins with the reception at the opponent's 39-yard line.
6:10 PM13 days ago

1Q 11:18

Hopkins with the reception on third down to make it first and ten for Arizona and the game.
6:05 PM13 days ago

1Q 12:50

Jimmy G's deep pass no handkerchief and San Francisco to clear.
6:00 PM13 days ago

1Q 13:42

Short pass by McCoy and the Cardinals to clear after 3 plays.
5:55 PM13 days ago

1Q 15:00

The game begins. Arizona on the offensive.
5:50 PM13 days ago

In this moments

The national anthems of the United States and Mexico are played at the Azteca Stadium.
5:45 PM13 days ago

Minutes away

The game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Arizona Cardinals will kick off in a few minutes.
5:40 PM13 days ago

All set

The San Francisco 49ers with the last meeting on the field of the Aztec Stadium in search of the win and thus snatch the top spot from the Seattle Seahawks in the NFC West.
5:35 PM13 days ago

Warming up the arm

JJ Watt was given time to warm up with the fans, although he was given a very bad pass in the end.
5:30 PM13 days ago

The entire field

This is what the field at the Azteca Stadium looks like today, in spectacular condition:
5:25 PM13 days ago

Cardinals losses

While Arizona will not have the following, highlighting the absence of Kyler Murray.
5:20 PM13 days ago

49ers losses

These are the San Francisco elements that will not see action today:

DL Arik Armstead

RB Tyrion Davis-Price

DL Samson Ebukam

LB Curtis Robinson

DL Kemoko Turay

OL Nick Zakelj

5:15 PM13 days ago

Already warming up

The 49ers with Jimmy Garoppolo are already on the field at Estadio Azteca warming up before this historic game.
5:10 PM13 days ago

The 2005

On October 2, 2005, the NFL had its first regular season international game at the Aztec Stadium with these same two teams, where the 49ers scored two touchdowns in the first quarter, but were then erased by the Arizona Cardinals with a 31-14 win.
5:05 PM13 days ago

Will not play

The Arizona Cardinals announced earlier in the day that Kyler Murray was unable to recover 100 percent from his injury and will not see action on Monday, leaving Colt McCoy as the starter.
5:00 PM13 days ago


This Monday, the NFL will return to Mexico at the Azteca Stadium and we will bring you all the details of the game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Arizona Cardinals. We start with the coverage through VAVEL.
4:55 PM13 days ago

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What time is San Francisco 49ers vs Arizona Cardinals match for 2022 NFL Season Game?

This is the start time of the game San Francisco 49ers vs Arizona Cardinals of November 21st in several countries:

Argentina: 10:15 PM on NFL Game Pass

Bolivia: 9:15 PM on NFL Game Pass

Brazil: 10:15 PM on NFL Game Pass

Chile: 10:15 PM on NFL Game Pass

Colombia: 8:15 PM on NFL Game Pass

Ecuador: 8:15 PM on NFL Game Pass

United States (ET): 8:15 PM on ESPN and NFL +

Spain: 2:15 AM on NFL Game Pass

Mexico: 7:15 PM on NFL Game Pass, Channel 5, ESPN and Star Plus

Paraguay: 10:15 PM on NFL Game Pass

Peru: 8:15 PM on NFL Game Pass

Uruguay: 10:15 PM on NFL Game Pass

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Last games San Francisco 49ers vs Arizona Cardinals

The 49ers lead the all-time series with a record of 32 wins and 29 losses, but have won just two of their last five games.

Arizona Cardinals 31-17 San Francisco 49ers, 2021 season

San Francisco 49ers 10-17 Arizona Cardinals, season 2021

San Francisco 49ers 20-12 Arizona Cardinals, 2020 season

Arizona Cardinals 24-20 San Francisco 49ers, 2020 season

Arizona Cardinals 26-36 San Francisco 49ers, 2019 season

4:40 PM13 days ago

Key player Arizona Cardinals

After recovering from his injury, one of the best receivers on the team and also in the league is DeAndre Hopkins, who last game alone had 10 receptions for 98 yards, so he will be of great help, either for Murray or McCoy in the air game
4:35 PM13 days ago

Key player San Francisco 49ers

He has not been able to surpass 100 yards on the ground in his few games with the 49ers, but Christian McCaffrey is a vital piece both on the ground and through the air and will be the player to watch in their visit to the Aztec Stadium.
Foto: NFL
Image: NFL
4:30 PM13 days ago

How is the NFL NFC West going?

This is how the Western Division of the National Conference is going after 11 weeks:

Seattle Seahawks: 6 wins and 4 losses (1-game losing streak).

San Francisco 49ers: 5 wins and 4 losses (2-game winning streak)

Arizona Cardinals: 4 wins and 6 losses (1-game win streak)

Los Angeles Rams: 3 wins and 6 losses (3-game winning streak)

This game is crucial for both teams, since Seattle has a bye this week and the 49ers could overtake Seattle at the top or the Cardinals could close to within one game of the Seahawks.

4:25 PM13 days ago

Arizona Cardinals: Avoiding turnovers

One of the big issues why Arizona hasn't had more wins has been because they have had costly turnovers, which is why they should avoid it at all costs. The question mark on offense is whether Kyler Murray will be able to recover and be ready for this game.
4:20 PM13 days ago

San Francisco 49ers: establishing the ground attack

It seems that the San Francisco 49ers are a serious contender to reach the postseason with all the great roster they have, however, their greatest strength is to establish the ground attack and thus take pressure off Jimmy Garoppolo to throw and avoid any loss of ball.
4:15 PM13 days ago

NFL returns to Mexico

After three years of absence due to the pandemic and the poor conditions at the Azteca Stadium a few seasons ago, the NFL returns to the Mexican capital with two old acquaintances, since the San Francisco 49ers and the Arizona Cardinals played the first regular season game outside the United States and it was in Mexico on October 2, 2005, so they will relive that great edition that took place 17 years ago.
4:10 PM13 days ago

The Kick-off

The San Francisco 49ers vs Arizona Cardinals match will be played at the Azteca Stadium, in Mexico City, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 20:15 pm ET.
4:05 PM13 days ago

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