Pittsburgh Steelers 24-17 Indianapolis Colts NFL Week 12 highlights and touchdowns
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6:33 PM2 months ago


11:14 PM2 months ago

End of match

Steelers 24-17 Colts
11:07 PM2 months ago

4C - 2:00

Two-minute pause
10:55 PM2 months ago

4C - 7:15

Colts will have to return the ball
10:47 PM2 months ago

4C - 9:00

Steelers touchdowns regain the lead.
10:39 PM2 months ago

4C -13:17

Pittsburgh moves into red zone
10:37 PM2 months ago

4C - 14:30

Pittsburgh crosses midfield on a personal foul.
10:33 PM2 months ago

End of third quarter

Steelers 16-17 Colts
10:32 PM2 months ago

3C - 0:16

Colts touchdowns turn the score around.
10:24 PM2 months ago

3C - 2:50

Steelers return the ball and Colts will start at midfield.
10:23 PM2 months ago

3C - 3:00

Pittsburgh recovers the ball in the red zone on a great defensive play.
10:14 PM2 months ago

3C - 6:13

Colts close to red zone
10:09 PM2 months ago

3C - 9:30

Colts is positioned at midfield.
10:05 PM2 months ago

3C - 12:00

Pittsburgh will have to give the ball back.
9:58 PM2 months ago

3C - 13:04

Quick Colts touchdowns add up to points.
9:57 PM2 months ago

3C - 14:21

Great Colts kickoff return to the red zone.
9:40 PM2 months ago

Half time

Steelers 16-3 Colts
9:31 PM2 months ago

2C - 0:59

Pittsburgh manages to salvage 3 points
9:22 PM2 months ago

2C - 2:00

Two-minute pause
9:16 PM2 months ago

2C - 3:48

Colts put 3 points on the scoreboard.
9:12 PM2 months ago

2C - 6:17

Indianapolis is already in midfield for the first time.
9:06 PM2 months ago

2C - 7:30

Pittsburgh's touchdown falls on the first touchdown of the game.
9:03 PM2 months ago

2C - 10:10

Pittsburgh approaches the red zone again.
9:01 PM2 months ago

2C - 12:20

Pittsburgh sets up at midfield with a great pass from Pickett to Pickens.
8:57 PM2 months ago

2C - 13:20

Colts will get the ball back again, Pittsburgh starts well defensively.
8:49 PM2 months ago

2C - 14:00

Pittsburgh takes 3 more points
8:45 PM2 months ago

End of first quarter

Steelers 3-0 Colts
8:38 PM2 months ago

1C - 3:20

Matt Ryan is stopped in the back and Colts will have to return the ball.
8:33 PM2 months ago

1C - 4:50

Pittsburgh will have to give the ball back.
8:31 PM2 months ago

1C - 7:20

They put the Steelers in the red zone with a big Pickett carry.
8:29 PM2 months ago

1C - 9:00

Pittsburgh intercepts the ball and will have possession on the Colts field.
8:24 PM2 months ago

1C - 9:27

Pittsburgh will have to settle for 3 points.
8:21 PM2 months ago

1C - 11:20

Steelers breakthrough with carries and get closer to the red zone.
8:19 PM2 months ago

1C -13:06

Pittsburgh approaches midfield
8:17 PM2 months ago

1C -14:20

Najee Harris carries for 8 yards on his first opportunity.
8:16 PM2 months ago


The game kicks off and Pittsburgh will have the first possession.
8:04 PM2 months ago

All ready

Everything is ready for the start of the match, the U.S. anthem has been sung and the players take their positions for the start of this match.
7:59 PM2 months ago

End of warm-up

The teams have finished warming up and are already equipped, we are just minutes away from kickoff for this match.
7:54 PM2 months ago

Great Entrance

Great attendance at Lucas Oil Stadium, many Pittsburgh fans, including Mexicans, made the trip to support the Steelers for this game.
7:49 PM2 months ago

Already warming up

The two teams are warming up, the players are getting ready for the kickoff of the last game that closes this week 12 of the NFL.
7:44 PM2 months ago

Inactives Colts

No. 9 QB Nick Foles
No. 15 WR Keke Coutee
No. 51 DE Kwity Paye
No. 55 DE Khalid Kareem
No. 59 DE Ifeadi Odenigbo
No. 62 C Wesley French
No. 83 TE Kylen Granson
7:39 PM2 months ago

Inactives Steelers

These are Pittsburgh's inactives

No. 2 QB Mason Rudolph
No. 13 WR Miles Boykin
No. 16 CB Josh Jackson
No. 25 CB Ahkello Witherspoon
No. 30 RB Jaylen Warren
No. 41 LB Robert Spillane
No. 53 G Kendrick Green

7:34 PM2 months ago

Already in the stadium

The two teams are already at the stadium and some players are warming up, while others are warming up with the fans before the warm-up.
7:29 PM2 months ago


The fans are slowly beginning to arrive at Lucas Oil Stadium, and a big turnout is expected for the closing of Week 12 on Monday Night Football.
7:24 PM2 months ago

Stay tuned for live coverage of Pittsburgh Steelers vs Indianapolis Colts in NFL Week 12

In a few minutes we will share with you the starting lineups for Pittsburgh Steelers vs Indianapolis Colts live in Week 12 in the NFL 2022. In addition to the latest information from Lucas Oil Stadium. Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute live online coverage from VAVEL Mexico.
7:19 PM2 months ago

Lucas Oil Stadium

It is the Indianapolis Colts stadium, one of the most important in the NFL, has a capacity for 70 thousand spectators and is one of the few that has a retractable roof, was inaugurated on August 16, 2008 and will be the scenario where Colts and Steelers will face each other in the game that closes tomorrow's Week 12 of the NFL.

7:14 PM2 months ago

Where and how to watch Pittsburgh Steelers vs Indianapolis Colts online and live in NFL Week 12.

This is the start time for the Pittsburgh Steelers vs Indianapolis Colts game on November 28 in several countries:

Argentina: 9:20 PM on NFL Game Pass

Bolivia: 8:20 PM on NFL Game Pass

Brazil: 9:20 PM on NFL Game Pass

Chile: 9:20 PM on NFL Game Pass

Colombia: 19:20 PM on NFL Game Pass

Ecuador: 19:20 PM on NFL Game Pass

United States (ET): 20:20 PM on CBS and NFL +

Spain: 2:20 AM on NFL Game Pass

Mexico: 19:20 PM on NFL Game Pass, ESPN and Star+.

Paraguay: 21:20 PM on NFL Game Pass.

Peru: 19:20 PM on NFL Game Pass.

Uruguay: 21:20 PM on NFL Game Pass

7:09 PM2 months ago


The teams will not have any injured or suspended players for this game, but tomorrow they will announce their list of inactive players who will not be active tomorrow.
7:04 PM2 months ago


The record is clear and convincing, since in the last 9 games, Pittsburgh has won 8 games and Indianapolis has won only once, so tomorrow the Steelers will be the favorites to win another edition of Monday Night Football.
6:59 PM2 months ago

How does Indianapolis arrive?

Indianapolis Colts comes into this game with a record of 4 wins, 6 losses and even a game that ended in a tie, they come with the need to beat the Steelers to have life in their division and fight in the wild card, they come from losing 17-16 last minute against Philadelphia Eagles, we expect a great game with two teams that urgently need the victory.
6:54 PM2 months ago

How are the Steelers coming along?

The Steelers are still alive but with the need to not lose any more games, they come from a loss to Cincinnati at home, a defeat that left a hard blow to the steel team, they will try to defeat Indianapolis and gain confidence both offensively and defensively, a team that has generated controversy for still having Matt Canada at the controls as offensive coordinator, something that has annoyed several fans.
6:49 PM2 months ago

Good afternoon VAVEL friends!

Welcome to the live broadcast of the Pittsburgh Steelers vs Indianapolis Colts game, corresponding to week 12 of the NFL. The game will take place at Lucas Oil Stadium, at 7:20 p.m. (CDMX).