Highlights: Seattle Seahawks 27-23 Los Angeles Rams in NFL
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Wolford attempted the long pass on a 4th for 21 and was intercepted! The game ends with the Seahawks winning 27-23 away from home!
7:04 PM4 months ago

31 seconds!

The ball has been put in play and the Rams start at the 25 line to try for the touchdown! The field goal is no longer valid and would not turn the game over or take it to overtime!
7:03 PM4 months ago

36 seconds!

Geno Smith, in this 2 minute warning, was able to get to the 12 line and soon after he caught a blazing pass to Deejay Dallas, who scored the touchdown for the Seahawks, which makes it 27-23!
6:53 PM4 months ago


Unable to get past the 50-yard line, the Seahawks maintain possession and we now go to the 2 minute warning!
6:49 PM4 months ago


Wolford was able to get the team to the 10 line and Cam Akers ran into the endzone on the last play to get the game turned around to 23-20!
6:45 PM4 months ago


The Rams went on offense was at the 50 line with a fourth down, but got the run with Wolford, who gets the 1st down and the Rams will go on offense!
6:39 PM4 months ago


Myers took the field goal, hit the 26-yard attempt and put the Seahawks up 20-16 on the scoreboard!
6:35 PM4 months ago


Lockett made a great reception, ran to the 20-yard line and is already in the field goal zone!
6:32 PM4 months ago


Trying to extend the score, the Seahawks start the campaign at the 20-yard line!
6:29 PM4 months ago


Even being in the face of the endzone, the Rams could not get the touchdwon, going for the 32-yard field goal, where Matt Gay scored and the score now stands at 17-16 for the Seahawks!
6:23 PM4 months ago


The Rams' campaign finally works and the offense gets to the 20-yard line for a touchdown attempt early in the final quarter!
6:18 PM4 months ago


On a mistake by the Seahawks offense, Bobby Wagner was able to steal the ball and the Rams go on offense after the steal and a referee review time on the throw, starting the Rams offense at the 45-yard line!
6:07 PM4 months ago


The campaign was short-lived and the Rams kick the punt and the Seahawks start the drive at the 30-yard line.
6:04 PM4 months ago


The touchback happens on the punt and the Rams start the campaign at the 25 line.
6:01 PM4 months ago


Jason Myers went for the 41-yard attempt and managed to convert the field goal, sending the score to 17-13!
5:56 PM4 months ago


Geno Smith, at the 30 line, caught a long pass to Metcaf, who got the ball and sent the Seahawks to the 30 line in the field of attack!
5:50 PM4 months ago


The Rams did not take advantage of the opportunity and did not get past the 30 line. The punt was kicked and the Seahawks come up with the offense again, starting at the 18 line.
5:47 PM4 months ago


The Seahawks were going for the offense and Smith was slapped on the arm, suffering the fumble! The Rams get possession on the turnover and start the campaign at the 30-yard line!
5:46 PM4 months ago


The second half of the game begins with possession by the Seahawks, who get the touchback at the 25 line.
5:32 PM4 months ago


Leading 14-13, the Seahawks go into halftime ahead on the scoreboard!
5:25 PM4 months ago


The Rams got to the field goal line and now the Rams, at the end of the first half, manage to cut the score to 14-13!
5:19 PM4 months ago


And we are at the 2 minute warning! The Rams go to the 50-yard line and try to close out the first half by scoring!
5:13 PM4 months ago


The Seahawks were going behind, getting pressured, and the drive went to punt, with the Rams' drive starting at the 36-yard line.
5:08 PM4 months ago


Wolford attempted the pass at the halfway line, but the Seahawks defender got the ball on the interception and put the Seahawks on the attack!
4:59 PM4 months ago


And with a touchback, the Rams start the campaign at the 25-yard line.
4:56 PM4 months ago


The Seahawks were able to get to the goal line and Smith found Noah Fant in the endzone and put the Seahawks ahead on the scoreboard once again at 14-10!
4:52 PM4 months ago


In a good campaign the Seahawks reach the 18 line and are already in the field goal zone!
4:46 PM4 months ago


The Rams' campaign didn't advance either, stopped near the 40 line on defense and the punt happened, with the fair catch, where the Seahawks start the campaign at the 10 line, in the second quarter.
4:38 PM4 months ago


The Seahawks couldn't even get past the 50-yard line, went for a punt, and the Rams start at the 18-yard line.
4:34 PM4 months ago


Touchback again. The Seahawks come to the 25-yard line!
4:32 PM4 months ago


Jason Myers got the 40-yard kick and made the field goal, putting the score now at 10-7!
4:29 PM4 months ago


Powell once again got the reception, gets on the 25 line, and the Rams are already in the field goal zone.
4:26 PM4 months ago


Touchback again and the Rams start the new drive at the 25-yard line.
4:24 PM4 months ago


And the answer couldn't have been better! Geno Smith, at the 40-yard line of scrimmage, caught a great pass to Tyler Lockett, who received it at the 20-yard line, got past defenders, and went for the touchdown! After Jason Myers' kick, the Seahawks tie the game!
4:17 PM4 months ago


Touchback for the Seahawks, who start the first drive at the 25-yard line.
4:15 PM4 months ago


In a great campaign, much for the ground game, closed with a touchdown by Cam Akers running to the endzone! After that, on Matt Gay's extra point, the score now stands at 7-0 to the Rams!
4:13 PM4 months ago


On the Rams' good drive, already in the field of attack, Powell got the run and pulled up on the ground with ONE yard left for the touchdown!
4:07 PM4 months ago


The kickoff is the Seahawks' and the Rams start the drive and the game at the 23-yard line!
4:07 PM4 months ago

Teams on the pitch!

The teams take the field to start the match!
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We now begin the broadcast of the Week 13 NFL matchup between the Rams and Seahawks!
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SoFi Stadium

The match will take place the SoFi Stadium, formerly known as Los Angeles Stadium. The stadium's capacity is for more than 70,000 people.
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49 matches

The Seahawks and Rams have met 49 times in history, with 25 wins for the Seahwaks and 24 for the Rams. The last matchup between them was in 2021, when the Rams won 20-10.
3:35 PM4 months ago

Injury Report: Rams

On the other side the Rams have a lot of problems. Confirmed out of the game are quarterback Matthew Stafford, wive receiver Lance McCutcheon, defensive end Aaron Donald and linebackers Terrell Lewis and Travis Howard. As a doubt you have linebacker Ernest Jones, center Brian Allen and cornerback Troy Hill.
3:30 PM4 months ago

Injury Report: Seahawks

In the Injury Report for this game, the Seahawks have no confirmed absences, but have three players as questionable for the game, which are Running Back Travis Homer and Safeties Josh Jones and Ryan Neal.
3:25 PM4 months ago

NFC West

The 49ers lead the NFC West with seven wins and four losses. Right behind, trying to steal the first spot, the Seahawks appear with six wins and five losses. The Cardinals are third with four wins and eight losses. Closing out the conference, the Rams have three wins and eight losses.
3:20 PM4 months ago

Last Matches: Seahawks

The Seahawks, in their last five games, won three and lost two. The three wins were in sequence, starting on October 23, by 37-23 over the Chargers. After that, on the 30th, the victory was over the Giants, 27-13. Closing the winning streak, on November 6, it was now 31-21 over the Cardinals. On day 13 the defeat came, to the Buccaneers, by 21 to 16, and on Sunday (27), the defeat was to the Raiders, by 40 to 34, in extra time.
3:15 PM4 months ago

Last Matches: Rams

The Rams, in their last five games, have suffered an incredible five straight losses. The first of them, on October 30, was to the 49ers, by 31 to 14. After that, on November 6, the loss was by 16-13 to the Buccaneers. On the 13th who won was the Cardinals, by 27 to 17. Coming on Sunday (20), the loss was by 27-20 to the Saints, and on the other Sunday (27), the loss was now by 26-10, to the Chiefs.
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