Highlights: Los Angeles Rams 12-24 Green Bay Packers in NFL
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11:15 PM3 months ago


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11:15 PM3 months ago


After going into the 2 minute warning, Aaron Rodgers just ran out the clock to confirm the Packers' 24-12 victory!
11:04 PM3 months ago


Aaron Rodgers leads another great Packers campaign and is already in field goal zone once again!
10:54 PM3 months ago


The Rams' campaign didn't go forward, got to the 50 line and stopped, having the punt and the Packers' fair catch.
10:46 PM3 months ago


And on the next play the Rams recovered the ball on a fumble and start the new drive still at the 20-yard line. WHAT A MESS!
10:43 PM3 months ago


Mayfield, who already had his back to the wall, attempted the pass, was intercepted, and the Packers get the ball at the 30-yard line!
10:34 PM3 months ago


The final quarter now begins with the Packers on the 50-yard line, going for the lead!
10:27 PM3 months ago

22 seconds!

The Rams got a 1st & Goal and Baker Mayfield hit the pass to Higbee, who received the ball and scored the Rams' first touchdown! The score is now 24-12 because the extra point was kicked away!
10:20 PM3 months ago


With the return, the Rams start the new campaign on the 25-yard line.
10:15 PM3 months ago


Now it was Aaron Jones' turn to receive the pass, enter the endzone and get the touchdown for the Packers, sending the score to 24-6!
10:13 PM3 months ago


Rodgers caught the pass and the Packers get the 1st & Goal!
10:11 PM3 months ago


The Rams' campaign was bad, it didn't get past the 50-yard line and the punt already happened. The Packers start the campaign at the 35-yard line on offense for a strong foul on the return!
10:02 PM3 months ago


AJ Dillon, once again, got past a mountain of defenders to get into the endzon and score the Packers' second touchdown, bringing the score to 17-6!
9:55 PM3 months ago


The Packers go up, are in the field of attack and in the field goal zone!
9:50 PM3 months ago


The Packers start with the ball in this second half of the game, receiving it at the 32-yard line!
9:34 PM3 months ago


Aaron Rodgers tried to get space after the clock ran out to attempt the hail mary, but was sacked and so ends the first half, with a 10-6 Packers victory!
9:31 PM3 months ago

20 seconds

Nixon, on the return, pulled up to the 28-yard line of scrimmage, but a hold happened and the Packers start the drive with a bucket of cold water at the 13-yard line.
9:26 PM3 months ago


The Rams barely got past the 50-yard line and went for a 55-yard field goal, getting the field goal! From 55 yards Matt Gay converts the field goal!
9:16 PM3 months ago


After the replacement, the Rams begin their campaign on the 30-yard line.
9:12 PM3 months ago


AJ Dillon got the run, broke into the endzone on the ground play and went for the touchdown, with the extra point converted and the Packers go on to win 10-3!
9:10 PM3 months ago


At the 17 line, on a 4th & 3, the Packers took a chance and got the 1st down, going for the touchdown!
9:08 PM3 months ago


Aaron Rodgers manages to lead a good drive and is already in the field goal zone, getting close to the 20-yard line!
9:00 PM3 months ago


The Rams managed to get into the red zone and converted Matt Gay's field goal, tying the game!
8:50 PM3 months ago


Passing from the 50-yard line, the Rams go on to at least look for a draw in this early second quarter!
8:45 PM3 months ago


There were gifts from there and there were gifts from here, too! Rodgers threw a ball and was intercepted at the 40-yard line of scrimmage, giving the Rams the ball to start their midfield attack again!
8:43 PM3 months ago


On a Mayfield pass error on a 3rd & 11, which turned into this after a false start, the drive ended and the punt managed to be worse than the drive, coming out at the 40-yard line of the field of attack, so the Packers start the drive at the 40-yard line!
8:37 PM3 months ago


With the return, the Rams begin their campaign on the 25-yard line.
8:35 PM3 months ago


The campaign came until after the 10-yard line, already on 1st & goal, but the Rams defense did a good job and what looked like a touchdown turned into a 34-yard field goal, converted by Crosby!
8:30 PM3 months ago


With good ground plays, the Packers are in the red zone and will try for the touchdown, already at the 24-yard line on offense!
8:23 PM3 months ago


Baker Mayfield, at the 50-yard line, was sacked and the punt was hit, arriving at the 29-yard line to start the Aaron Rodgers campaign!
8:17 PM3 months ago


The Rams will start with the ball at the 20-yard line to kick off the game with a drive to QB Baker Mayfield!
8:17 PM3 months ago

Teams on the pitch!

The teams appear on the field to start the match!
7:50 PM3 months ago


The players take to the field at Lambeau Field to begin their warm-up.
7:45 PM3 months ago


We now open here another NFL broadcast on VAVEL. Today we go with Sunday Night Football, featuring Green Bay Packers and Los Angeles Rams!
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Lambeau Field

The match will take place at Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers, which is located in Green Bay, Wisconsin and has a total capacity of over 81,000 fans.
7:25 PM3 months ago

Injury Report: Rams

On the Rams side things are not looking good either, having the injured Koski, Logan Bruss, Tremayne Anchrum JR, Jordan Fuller, Grant Haley, Joe Noteboom, Jaku Hummel, AJ Jackson, Chandler Brewer, A'Shawn Robinson, Allen Robinson, David Edwards, Matthew Stafford, Jacob Harris, Cooper Kupp, Aaron Donald, David Long Jr, Marquise Copeland, Travin Howard and John Wolford.
7:20 PM3 months ago

Injury Report: Packers

The Packers will not be able to use the injured Vernon Scott, Jake Hanson, Rashan Gary, Eric Stokes, David Bakhtiari and Tipa Galeai for this game.
7:15 PM3 months ago

NFC West

In the National Conference as well, but in the NFC West, the Rams are also third, with four wins and nine losses, staying above the Cardinals, who are 4-10, below the Seahawks, 7-7 and seeing the leader 49ers shoot up, at 10-4.
7:10 PM3 months ago

NFC North

Playing in the National Conference, in the NFC North, the Packers are in third position, with five wins and eight losses, standing above the Bears, 3-11, the Lions, who are 7-7, and the conference-leading Vikings, who are 11-3.
7:05 PM3 months ago

Last Matches: Rams

The Los Angeles Rams on the other side come from one win and four losses. These losses came in sequence, starting on November 13, by 27-17 to the Cardinals. After that, on the 20th, the loss was 27-20 to the Saints. On December 27, the Chiefs won 26-10, and on December 4, the Seahawks won 27-23. Closing out the last five games, the Rams beat the Raiders on Thursday (8), by 17-16.
7:00 PM3 months ago

Last Matches: Packers

The Green Bay Packers come into this game on the back of two wins and three losses in their last few games. On November 6 the first loss came, 15-9, to the Lions. After that, on the 13th, the victory was over the Cowboys, by 31 to 28. On the 17th who won was the Titans, by 27 to 17, and on the 27th, the victory was the Eagles, by 40 to 33. Closing the sequence, on December 4, the victory was over the Bears, by 28-19.
6:55 PM3 months ago

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