Detroit Lions 20-16 Green Bay Packers NFL Week 18 Recap and Scores for Week 18
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11:23 PMa month ago

End game

Detroit 20-16 Green Bay
11:21 PMa month ago

4C - 1:00

Detroit moves into red zone
11:16 PMa month ago

4C - 2:00

Two-minute pause
11:07 PMa month ago

4C - 3:00

Interception by Detroit, which recovers the ball and moves to midfield.
11:05 PMa month ago

4C - 3:41

Green Bay approaches midfield.
10:59 PMa month ago

4C - 5:00

Lions touchdown again go in front.
10:52 PMa month ago

4C - 8:40

Lions move into red zone
10:47 PMa month ago

4C - 12:30

Detroit is positioned at midfield.
10:46 PMa month ago

4C -13:50

Green Bay will have to return the ball.
10:41 PMa month ago

End of third quarter

Detroit 13-16 Green Bay
10:35 PMa month ago

3C - 2:00

Detroit will return the ball quickly
10:28 PMa month ago

3C - 3:00

Touchdown by Green Bay regains the lead.
10:27 PMa month ago

3C - 3:50

Green Bay moves into red zone
10:25 PMa month ago

3C - 6:00

Detroit looks to score quickly.
10:18 PMa month ago

3C - 8:05

Detroit touchdown turns the game around.
10:13 PMa month ago

3C - 9:00

Green Bay gets 3 more points
10:12 PMa month ago

3C - 9:30

Green Bay tries to advance with long passes.
10:04 PMa month ago

3C - 13:00

Detroit will have to kick quickly.
9:48 PMa month ago

Half time

Detroit 6-9 Green Bay
9:36 PMa month ago

2C - 1:50

Detroit gets the ball back and Packers lose points.
9:32 PMa month ago

2C - 2:00

Two-minute pause
9:26 PMa month ago

2C - 5:40

Green Bay gets into the midfield quickly
9:22 PMa month ago

2C - 6:00

Detroit misses field goal.
9:20 PMa month ago

2C - 7:50

Detroit moves into red zone
9:16 PMa month ago

2C - 11:05

Detroit approaches midfield again.
9:10 PMa month ago

2C - 12:30

Green Bay again takes 3 points.
9:07 PMa month ago

2C - 13:00

Green Bay moves into the red zone.
9:02 PMa month ago

End of first quarter

Detroit 3-6 Green Bay
8:57 PMa month ago

1C - 0:10

Detroit is positioned at midfield.
8:52 PMa month ago

1C - 1:54

Green Bay gets 3 more points.
8:51 PMa month ago

1C - 2:30

Good pass by Aaron Rodgers and he gets near the red zone.
8:49 PMa month ago

1C - 4:50

Green Bay sets up at midfield with runs.
8:43 PMa month ago

1C - 7:00

Detroit will settle for 3 points.
8:40 PMa month ago

1C - 8:30

Green Bay fails to make the 4th down and they leave Detroit in the red zone.
8:34 PMa month ago

1C - 10:30

Detroit is forced to punt after failing to advance yards.
8:29 PMa month ago

1C - 11:25

Green bay will have to settle for 3 points.
8:25 PMa month ago

1C - 13:30

Green Bay with carries approaches midfield.
8:23 PMa month ago


The game kicks off and Packers have the first possession.
8:10 PMa month ago

All ready

Everything is ready for the start of the match, the teams are already on the field for the start of the match.
8:05 PMa month ago

End of warm-up

The two teams finish warming up and enter the dressing room to get ready for the kickoff.
8:00 PMa month ago

Lions with no chance

With Seattle's 19-16 win over the Los Angeles Rams today, the Detroit Lions have been eliminated from playoff contention. Green Bay's win would eliminate Seattle and qualify for the Playoffs.
7:55 PMa month ago

Great Entrance

Great entrance at Lambeau Field, we have an almost full house with fans who want to see their team in the Playoffs.
7:50 PMa month ago

Inactives Lions

This is Lions Inactives

1 CB Jeff Okudah

46 RB Craig Reynolds

28 RB Jermar Jefferson

90 DL Michael Brockers

2 DL Austin Bryant

74 G Kayode Awosika

66 G Ross Pierschbacker

7:45 PMa month ago

Inactives Green Bay

These are Green Bay's inactives

22 CB Shemar Jean-Charles

63 T Rasheed Walker

72 T Caleb Jones

80 WR Bo Melton

99 DL Jonathan Ford

7:40 PMa month ago

Already in the stadium

The two teams are already at Lambeau Field, some players are warming up, while others are warming up with the fans before the start of the match.
7:35 PMa month ago


Little by little the fans arrive at Lambeau Field for what will be the closing of the regular season in the NFL, this will be the last game before the playoffs.
7:30 PMa month ago

Stay tuned for live coverage of Detroit Lions vs Green Bay Packers in NFL Week 18

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for the Detroit Lions vs Green Bay Packers live in Week 18 of the NFL, as well as the latest information from Lambeau Stadium in the NFL. Don't miss any details of the game with VAVEL's up-to-the-minute live online coverage.
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Where and how to watch Detroit Lions vs Green Bay Packers online and live on Day 18 in the NFL.

Detroit Lions vs Green Bay Packers will be broadcast on Fox Sports.

Detroit Lions vs Green Bay Packers can be tuned in from the live streams of Fox Sports Play and Fox Sports Premium. 

If you want to watch the game live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.

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This game will have the clash of players like Aaron Rodgers and Jared Goff, Aaron comes to this game with a great record of 25 touchdown passes, 3490 yards and 11 interceptions, will seek to be again in Playoffs stage that with his experience knows how to play Aaron Rodgers, for his part Jared Goff comes with a record of 29 touchdown passes, 4214 yards and only 7 interceptions, they seek to be the surprise and eliminate one of the most important teams in the NFL, which despite that has not had a great season coming tied with 8 wins and 8 losses.
7:15 PMa month ago

Matches in Week 18

Estos son los partidos que se jugarán esta Semana 18 la última de la temporada regular:

Kansas City vs Las Vegas Raiders

Tennessee Titans vs Jacksonville Jaguars

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cleveland Browns

Saints vs Panthers

Miami vs Jets 

Colts vs Texans 

Ravens contra Bengals 

Osos contra Vikingos 

Bills contra Patriots 

Falcons vs Tampa Bay

Seattle vs Rams 

49ers contra Cardinals 

Broncos contra Chargers

Washington vs Dallas 

Eagles contra Giants 

7:10 PMa month ago

Lambeau Field

It is the Green Bay Stadium, it has a capacity of 81 thousand spectators and it is one of the noisiest in the NFL, it was inaugurated on September 29, 1957, it will be the scenario where the game between Detroit Lions vs Green Bay Packers will be played, with a game that will undoubtedly be one of the most exciting in this Week 18 in the NFL.

7:05 PMa month ago

Where and how to watch Detroit Lions vs Green Bay Packers online and live in NFL Week 18

This is the kickoff time for the Detroit Lions vs Green Bay Packers game on January 8, 2023 in various countries:

Argentina: 21:20 PM on NFL Game Pass

Bolivia: 21:20 PM on NFL Game Pass

Brazil: 21:20 PM on NFL Game Pass

Chile: 21:20 PM on NFL Game Pass

Colombia: 19:20 AM on NFL Game Pass

Ecuador: 19:20 AM on NFL Game Pass

United States (ET): 20:20 PM on FOX and NFL +

Spain: 02:20 AM on NFL Game Pass

Mexico: 19:20 PM on NFL Game Pass and Fox Sports Premium

Paraguay: 21:20 PM on NFL Game Pass

Peru: 21:20 PM on NFL Game Pass

Uruguay: 21:20 PM on NFL Game Pass

7:00 PMa month ago


The record is leaning towards Green Bay since in the last 15 games the record indicates 9 wins for Green Bay and 6 wins for Detroit, so tomorrow the cheeseheads will be the favorites to win the game and the ticket to the playoffs.
6:55 PMa month ago

How are the Green Bay Packers doing?

Green Bay also comes from winning in Week 17, defeating the Minnesota Vikings with a score of 41-17, they also have a record of 8 wins and 8 losses and will play for a Playoff berth against Detroit, where they will try to take advantage of their home field and make their stadium count to get a ticket to the wild card game.
6:50 PMa month ago

How does Detroit Lions get there?

Detroit comes from defeating 41-10 and giving a great exhibition in Week 17, will come to this game with the obligation to win in a very difficult field as it is in Green Bay, if they win they will qualify for the playoffs and leave out Green Bay, they will seek to take their best weapons for this last game of the regular season.
6:45 PMa month ago

Good afternoon VAVEL friends!

Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the live broadcast of the Detroit Lions vs Green Bay Packers match, corresponding to Week 18 of the NFL. The match will take place at Lambeau Field, at 7:20 pm.