Highlights and Best Moments: Dolphins 31-34 Bills in NFL 2023
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Thank you for following the Dolphins-Bills game webcast.
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4Q 00:34

Singlatery's carry and the Bills move the chains to secure the win.
4:40 PM22 days ago

4Q 02:00

Two-minute pause
4:35 PM22 days ago

4Q 04:22

Incomplete pass by Thompson and the Dolphins give up the ball and almost the game.
4:30 PM22 days ago

4Q 04:06

Thompson with the completed pass and Miami keeps the offense moving forward.
4:25 PM22 days ago

4Q 05:01

The ball is stripped from Allen, but his teammate recovers. Still Bills to clear.
4:20 PM22 days ago

4Q 06:53

Shakil with the big reception to advance to midfield.
4:15 PM22 days ago

4Q 09:06

Waddle with the receiving court and Miami will have to clear.
4:10 PM22 days ago

4Q 10:34

Allen attempts the carry and is caught. Bills to clear
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4Q 10:03


Wilson with the 1-yard carry to put the difference at just 3.

3:55 PM22 days ago

4Q 11:28

Waddle with the carry and it stays at the 1-yard line.
3:50 PM22 days ago

4Q 13:08

Ahmed with 20 yards after taking advantage of the blocks and they are already at the opponent's 11 yard line.
3:45 PM22 days ago

4Q 14:45

Wilson appears with the reception of first and 10
3:40 PM22 days ago


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3Q 00:06

Pass interference and Miami moves the chains to midfield.
3:30 PM22 days ago

3Q 01:16

Hill with the trajectory and cut to make the reception and move the chains.
3:25 PM22 days ago

TD BILLS 34-24

3:20 PM22 days ago

3Q 02:07


Davis with 23-yard reception in the diagonals to take 10-point lead.

3:15 PM22 days ago

3Q 02:48

Beasley makes the big play and they're already in the red zone.
3:10 PM22 days ago

3Q 04:14

Morris with the 14-yard reception for the first and ten.
3:05 PM22 days ago

3Q 04:26

Thompson with the incomplete pass despite extending the play and Miami to clear.
3:00 PM22 days ago

3Q 05:14

Hill with the 15-yard reception to move the chains.
2:55 PM22 days ago

TD BILLS 27-24

2:50 PM22 days ago

3Q 05:18


Beasley with the 6-yard touchdown reception to regain the lead.

2:45 PM22 days ago

3Q 05:56

Allen with the personal carry and the Bills are already with first and goal.
2:40 PM22 days ago

3q 07:20

Davis with the reception and Buffalo is already in the red zone.
2:35 PM22 days ago

3Q 07:29

Thompson fumbles and is intercepted inside his own 40-yard line.
2:30 PM22 days ago

3Q 08:52

Allen's bomb and it's incomplete. To clear Buffalo.
2:25 PM22 days ago

3Q 10:22

Thompson with the long incomplete pass. Miami to clear.
2:20 PM22 days ago

3Q 11:23

Allen with the incomplete pass and Bills to clear.
2:15 PM22 days ago

3Q 12:40

Singlatery with the carry up the middle to move the chains and make first and 10.
2:10 PM22 days ago


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3Q 13:59


Pressure got to Allen, who fumbles the ball away and Sieler recovers it for the touchdown.

2:00 PM22 days ago

3Q 14:17

Incomplete pass by Thompson on third down and Miami to clear.
1:55 PM22 days ago

3Q 15:00

Second half begins - Dolphins on offense.
1:50 PM22 days ago


1:45 PM22 days ago

2Q 00:34


Bass 39-yarder retakes the lead for Buffalo by three points.

1:40 PM22 days ago

2Q 00:11

Davis with the 17-yard reception to put him in field goal range.
1:35 PM22 days ago

2Q 00:17


Gesicki with the 7-yard touchdown reception, coupled with Hill's two-point conversion to tie the game at 17.

1:30 PM22 days ago

2Q 00:37

Hill takes advantage of blocks and Miami with first and goal.
1:25 PM22 days ago

2Q 00:53

Holland makes the interception and Miami is now in the red zone.
1:20 PM22 days ago

2Q 01:18


Sanders connects on his third field goal and the Dolphins close to within 8 points.

1:15 PM22 days ago

2Q 01:19

Thompson with the incomplete pass on third down.
1:10 PM22 days ago

2Q 01:32

Great Miami comeback by Wilson that goes inside the opponent's 30-yard line.
1:05 PM22 days ago

2Q 01:48

The play is reviewed and it is an incomplete pass. Buffalo to clear
1:00 PM22 days ago

2Q 01:33

Allen's bomb and the Bills are already in the opponent's field.
12:55 PM22 days ago

2Q 02:00

Two-minute pause.
12:50 PM22 days ago

2Q 02:15


Sanders with the 48-yard field goal to cut the deficit.

12:45 PM22 days ago

2Q 02:20

Ahmed with the incomplete pass on third down.
12:40 PM22 days ago

2Q 04:21

Wilson evades tackles and miraculously moves the chains on fourth down.
12:35 PM22 days ago

2Q 04:29

Thompson with the incomplete pass on third down and clear.
12:30 PM22 days ago

2Q 06:01

Allen errs in throwing deep and the Miami deep man intercepts it and returns it to midfield.
12:25 PM22 days ago

2Q 07:00

Cook takes advantage of the gap to move the chains.
12:20 PM22 days ago

2Q 07:34


Sanders from 40 yards makes the field goal to take away the shutout.

12:15 PM22 days ago

2Q 07:28

Thompson with the incomplete pass and it will be fourth down.
12:10 PM22 days ago

2Q 09:43

Hill with the 21-yard reception to move the chains.
12:05 PM22 days ago

2Q 11:23

Hill surprises with the carry for first and 10.
12:00 PM22 days ago

2Q 12:46

Smythe with the 20-yard reception to move the chains downfield.
11:55 AM22 days ago

2Q 12:46


Bass with the 33-yard field goal to increase the lead by 17 points.

11:50 AM22 days ago

2Q 13:21

Allen to clear and the Bills will settle for just a field goal.
11:45 AM22 days ago

2Q 14:46

Allen with the completed pass to Diggs and Buffalo in the red zone.
11:40 AM22 days ago


11:35 AM22 days ago

1Q 00:43

Allen runs 7 yards to move the chains once again.
11:30 AM22 days ago

1Q 00:43

The play is reviewed and Davis makes the first-and-ten reception.
11:25 AM22 days ago


11:20 AM22 days ago

1Q 02:57

Thompson with the incomplete pass and Dolphins to clear.
11:15 AM22 days ago

1Q 03:17

Gesicki with the 8-yard reception to move the chains.
11:10 AM22 days ago

1Q 05:07


Cook turns the corner and the Bills increase the lead.

11:05 AM22 days ago

1Q 07:20

Thompson fumbles, is intercepted and the Bills will start in the opponent's red zone.
11:00 AM22 days ago


10:55 AM22 days ago

1Q 07:57


Knox with the one-handed reception to open the scoring 7-0.

10:50 AM22 days ago

1Q 08:51

Allen's bombshell with Diggs and they are already in the goal zone.
10:45 AM22 days ago

1Q 10:50

Diggs now does with the reception to set up at his 47-yard line.
10:40 AM22 days ago

1Q 11:15

Thompson with the incomplete pass and Miami to turn the ball over after three plays.
10:35 AM22 days ago

1Q 11:56

Allen with the incomplete pass and the Bills go empty-handed on fourth down.
10:30 AM22 days ago

1Q 14:12

Incomplete pass by Allen and it will be fourth down.
10:25 AM22 days ago

1Q 14:43

Shakir with the reception and the Bills already in opponent's territory.
10:20 AM22 days ago

1Q 14:53

Holding defensively, the Bills move the chains for the first time.
10:15 AM22 days ago

1q 15:00

NFL Wild Card game kicks off. Bills on offense.
10:10 AM22 days ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from kickoff of the Dolphins Bills 2023 NFL Wild Card game.
10:05 AM22 days ago


The Bills are more than motivated to get the victory this Sunday in front of their fans, highlighting that if they win they will be playing as home team in the divisional round.
10:00 AM22 days ago

Friendly coexistence

Dolphins players took pictures with fans at Highmark Stadium:
9:55 AM22 days ago

Inactive Dolphins

These are the Miami elements that will not see action for this Playoff game:
9:50 AM22 days ago

Bills Casualties

These are the Buffalo players who will not see action for today:
9:45 AM22 days ago

Combined points

Despite the margin of difference, only 44 points are expected between the two teams, so a 25-19 score in favor of Buffalo could be contemplated.
9:40 AM22 days ago

The favorite

The Bills are favored according to bookmakers in Las Vegas by a margin of 14 points, remembering that in the regular season they met twice and shared victories.
9:35 AM22 days ago

Motivation to the maximum

The Bills received a big visit early Sunday as they welcomed Damar Hamlin before this game, remembering that the safety collapsed on the field after going into cardiac arrest, but fortunately doctors acted in time to save his life in an unprecedented NFL unification.
9:30 AM22 days ago

The alternate of the alternate

With Tua Tagovailoa still dealing with a concussion and Teddy Bridgewater not 100 percent recovered from his discomfort, rookie Thompson will repeat as the starter and make his first Playoff start.
9:25 AM22 days ago


The Miami Dolphins look to make a splash in the Wild Card Round when they take on the Buffalo Bills in the Sunday kickoff of the NFL Playoffs. We begin our coverage of the game.
9:20 AM22 days ago

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What time is Miami Dolphins vs Buffalo Bills match for NFL Playoffs 2023?

This is the start time of the game Miami Dolphins vs Buffalo Bills of January 15th in several countries:

Argentina: 3:00 PM on NFL Game Pass

Bolivia: 2:00 PM on NFL Game Pass

Brazil: 7:00 PM on NFL Game Pass

Chile: 7:00 PM on NFL Game Pass

Colombia: 1:00 PM on NFL Game Pass

Ecuador: 1:00 PM on NFL Game Pass

United States (ET): 1:00 PM on NFL Game Pass and NBC

Spain: 7:00 PM on NFL Game Pass

Mexico: 12:00 PM on NFL Game Pass, TUDN, ViX, Fox Sports and Fox Sports Premium

Paraguay: 3:00 PM on NFL Game Pass

Peru: 1:00 PM on NFL Game Pass

Uruguay: 3:00 PM on NFL Game Pass

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Last games Miami Dolphins vs Buffalo Bills

The Dolphins and Buffalo Bills have met twice this season and split close victories. The record favors the Dolphins with 62 wins to 55 losses and one tie, but they have won just one of the last five.

Miami Dolphins 29-32 Buffalo Bills, 2022 season

Buffalo Bills 19-21 Miami Dolphins, 2022 season

Miami Dolphins 11-26 Buffalo Bills, 2021 season

Buffalo Bills 35-0 Miami Dolphins, 2021 season

Miami Dolphins 26-56 Buffalo Bills, 2020 season

9:05 AM22 days ago

Key player Buffalo Bills

Josh Allen is nominated to be one of the MVPs of the season, but he will have to be careful in the end zone and with turnovers that could tip the difference as happened in some games. Allen is the hope for the Bills to return to the Super Bowl after having good numbers with 63.3 percent of complete passes, for 4,283 yards, 35 touchdowns but with 14 interceptions.
Foto: Marca
Photo: Marca
9:00 AM22 days ago

Key player Miami Dolphins

Whoever is at QB for the Dolphins this Sunday, the main weapon they will have to take advantage of will be Tyreek Hill, who is a speedster by nature and can cause a lot of havoc for defenses, especially for the deep ones. In the regular season he registered 119 receptions for 1,710 yards, but only 7 touchdowns.
8:55 AM22 days ago

Buffalo Bills: avoiding turnovers

One of the issues the Buffalo Bills had in the first matchup against the Dolphins were the turnovers they had and will have to avoid so that it doesn't happen again. The Bills were the AFC East divisional champions and were one game behind the Chiefs to finish on top (remembering that the game against the Bengals was suspended due to Damar Hamlin who, fortunately, is fine and is already at home recovering).
8:50 AM22 days ago

Miami Dolphins: to pull off the upset

After five losses in a row, the Miami Dolphins were fortunate to face the New York Jets in the last game and based on field goals they were able to return to victory together with the defeat of the New England Patriots to advance to the Playoffs, although they seem to be the weakest team, especially because of an offense that has been down and does not know if they will be able to count on Tua Tagovailoa in the Playoffs or even on Teddy Biridgewater himself.
8:45 AM22 days ago

The Kick-off

The Miami Dolphins vs Buffalo Bills match will be played at the Highmark Stadium, in Buffalo, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 13:00 pm ET.
8:40 AM22 days ago

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