Miami Dolphins 24-17 New England Patriots NFL 2023 Summary and Touchdowns
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12:13 AM5 days ago


11:24 PM5 days ago

End of match

Miami Dolphins 24-17 New England Patriots
11:14 PM5 days ago

4Q - 2:00

Two-minute pause
11:02 PM5 days ago

4Q - 5:00

Patriots touchdown, one more touchdown and they get closer on the scoreboard.
11:02 PM5 days ago

4Q - 5:20

New England gets into the red zone very quickly.
10:56 PM5 days ago

4Q - 8:30

Miami touchdown, thanks to good possession the Dolphins continue to increase their lead.
10:48 PM5 days ago

4Q - 8:40

In the end, Patriots will have to give the ball back, in the face of a failed series.
10:47 PM5 days ago

4Q - 9:10

Mac Jones is stopped at the back and loses valuable yards.
10:46 PM5 days ago

4Q - 9:50

Pass intercepted and New England recovers the ball.
10:45 PM5 days ago

4Q - 10:45

Miami is looking to run down the clock and score important points.
10:43 PM5 days ago

4Q - 12:20

Patriots quick touchdown in this last quarter to get into the game.
10:31 PM5 days ago

End of third quarter

Miami 17-3 New England
10:27 PM5 days ago

3Q - 1:20

Intercepted, in the red zone Mac Jones gives the ball away and it will be Miami again.
10:18 PM5 days ago

3Q - 3:20

New England's special teams block the 3-point kick and get into good ball position.
10:15 PM5 days ago

3Q - 6:30

Miami gets into the red zone with big carries.
10:06 PM5 days ago

3Q - 10:09

Miami's defence does a good job and forces the Patriots to turn the ball over.
10:05 PM5 days ago

3Q - 11:02

New England is already fast in midfield with good yardage gain.
9:44 PM5 days ago

Half time

Miami 17-3 New England
9:41 PM5 days ago

2Q - 0:12

Miami touchdown, the visitors manage to score 3 more points before half-time.
9:37 PM5 days ago

2Q - 0:35

Serial play from Miami who look to add to the lead before half time.
9:35 PM5 days ago

2Q - 1:30

New England takes its first three points before half-time.
9:30 PM5 days ago

2Q -2:00

Two-minute pause
9:25 PM5 days ago

2Q - 7:35

Mac Jones has good numbers but has not been able to get the ball into the end zone.
9:20 PM5 days ago

2Q - 9:20

Patriots try to react but Miami is defending well.
9:15 PM5 days ago

2Q - 12:20

Miami touchdown to extend lead
9:10 PM5 days ago

2Q - 15:00

Loose ball recovered by Miami due to a mistake by the Patriots.
9:05 PM5 days ago

End of first quarter

Miami 3-0 New England
9:00 PM5 days ago

1Q - 1:31

Patriots advance thanks to the penalties caused by Miami and are already at the 50-yard line.
8:55 PM5 days ago

1Q - 3:30

Miami will have to settle for 3 points after failing to score in the red zone.
8:50 PM5 days ago

1Q - 5:00

Miami is already in the points zone with a great pass to Tyrek Hill.
8:45 PM5 days ago

1Q - 7:10

Dolphins already at midfield with a good 7-yard carry.
8:40 PM5 days ago

1Q - 8:30

Miami looks to get closer to midfield with short passes.
8:35 PM5 days ago


The game between Patriots and Miami kicks off.
8:30 PM5 days ago

All ready

Everything is ready for the start of the match, both teams are already on the pitch waiting for the signal to kick off.
8:25 PM5 days ago

End the warm-up

The two teams finish warming up and go into the dressing room to kit up for the national anthem and kick-off for the start of the match.
8:20 PM5 days ago

Here's how the Patriots warm up

This is how New England heats up:
8:15 PM5 days ago

Great Entrance

The Gillette Stadium is expected to have a very good crowd, with more than half of the stadium expected to be in attendance for Sunday Night Football.
8:10 PM5 days ago

This is how the players jump

The players are already jumping up and down and living together with the fans in this way.
8:05 PM5 days ago

Already in the stadium

The two teams are already at the stadium and are warming up on the pitch, some of them with fans.
8:00 PM5 days ago


Little by little the fans are beginning to arrive at the Gillette Stadium, and a full house is expected for this match that promises to be very exciting.
7:55 PM5 days ago

Stay tuned for live coverage of New England Patriots vs Miami Dolphins in NFL Week 2 2023.

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for the New England Patriots vs Miami Dolphins live in Week 2 of the NFL regular season 2023, as well as the latest information from Gillette Stadium. Keep an eye on the action with VAVEL's up-to-the-minute live online coverage.
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Where and how to watch New England Patriots vs Miami Dolphins online live NFL Week 2 2023

The New England vs Miami Dolphins game will be televised on ESPN.
New England vs Miami Dolphins can be tuned in from Star+ live streams.

If you want to watch New England vs Miami Dolphins live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.

7:45 PM5 days ago

Others games tomorrow

In addition to this match-up between New England and Miami Dolphins, Week 2 will see Tampa Bay Bucanners vs Chicago Bears, Jaguars Jacksonville vs Kansas City Chiefs, Detroit Lions vs Seattle Seahawks, Cincinnati Bengals vs Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo Bills vs Las Vegas Raiders, Atlanta Falcons vs Green Bay Packers, Titans Tennessee vs Chargers, Houston Texans vs Indianapolis Colts, Los Angeles Rams vs San Francisco 49ers, Arizona Cardinals vs New York Giants, Dallas Cowboys vs Jets and Broncos vs Washington, are the games for this Sunday's NFL match-up.
7:40 PM5 days ago

Gillette Stadium

It is the stadium of the New England Patriots, it has a capacity of 65 thousand spectators and was inaugurated on May 11, 2002, one of the most emblematic stadiums of the NFL, it will be the stage where the Patriots and Miami Dolphins will meet in the closing of one more week in the NFL, week 2 in the regular season, without a doubt an impressive stadium full of history in the most important League of American football.

7:35 PM5 days ago

What time is the New England Patriots vs Miami Dolphins game in Week 2 of the NFL Regular Season 2023?

This is the kick-off time for the New England Patriots vs Miami Dolphins game on 17 September 2023 in various countries:

Argentina: 20:20 hours

Brazil: 20:20 hours

Uruguay: 20:20 hours

Bolivia: 19:20 hours

Chile: 7:20pm

Paraguay: 7:20 p.m.

Venezuela: 7:20 p.m.

Colombia: 7:20 p.m.

Ecuador: 7:20 p.m.

Mexico: 18:20

Panama: 7:20 p.m.

Peru: 7:20 p.m.

United States: 7:20pm PT and 9:20pm ET

Spain: 03:20 hours

France: 03:20 hours

Germany: 03:20 hours

Italy: 03:20 hours

Japan: 12:20 a.m.

7:30 PM5 days ago


Neither team has any injured or suspended players, so tomorrow they will be able to count on a full roster and their best players for this game, which promises to be one of the best in Week 2 of the NFL regular season and is an important divisional matchup.
7:25 PM5 days ago


The record leans towards Miami Dolphins, as they have met 15 times, leaving a record of 8 wins for Miami Dolphins and 7 victories for New England, so tomorrow Miami will come out as favourites to win their second consecutive game, in another edition of Sunday Night Football with two great teams and a great divisional game.
7:20 PM5 days ago

How does Miami Dolphins arrive?

Miami Dolphins comes from defeating the Chargers in their first game with a very big score of 36-34, although they won and scored a lot of points, they allowed 34 points which is very bad for their defense, they will try to win their first divisional game against New England and continue with the undefeated in this new campaign, with a very powerful offense but with a very vulnerable defense, this is how both teams arrive to week 2 of the NFL.
7:15 PM5 days ago

How does New England fare?

The New England Patriots have just lost their first game of the regular season 25-20 to the Philadelphia Eagles, a game that had many chances and many emotions, but they were finally defeated to add up to their first defeat. Tomorrow, in their first divisional game, they will try to defeat Miami to get out of the bad streak and recover confidence from a game in which they did not do well offensively and allowed many points, so that is how New England arrives.
7:10 PM5 days ago

Good afternoon friends of VAVEL!

Good evening to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the New England Patriots vs Miami Dolphins live stream, corresponding to Week 2 of the NFL 2023. The match will take place at Gillette Stadium, kick-off at 18:20.