Scores and Summary of the Ravens 34- 20 Bengals in NFL
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12:32 AM20 days ago


11:27 PM21 days ago


Victory for the Baltimore Ravens by 34 to 20, where a Lamar Jakcson playing injured led his team to victory unlike Joe Burrow who could not continue due to injury.

The hand of the Bengals QB is worrying, as he will be out for several weeks.

11:22 PM21 days ago

4Q | 0:58

With 58 seconds on the clock, Lamar Jackson is going to go on the ground, this will end the game with one more play with a knee on the ground or advance on the ground.
11:17 PM21 days ago

4Q | 1:09

Irwin near the touchdown zone the Bengals are going to go on the ground with less than 1 minute on the clock. Chase scores the score, the Bengals are going to gain a few more points before the end.
11:12 PM21 days ago

4Q| 2:00

The 2 minute pause.
11:07 PM21 days ago

4Q| 4:49

Touchdown by Gus Edwards, Justin Tucker makes the extra point, the Ravens are going to win it by humiliation 33 to 13.
11:02 PM21 days ago

4Q | 6:20

Beckman had made a good advance, the Ravens from the 20 with Lamar found 8 yards close to the touchdown.
10:57 PM21 days ago

4Q | 8:25

Another turnover for the Bengals, the Ravens are going to return to the offense with Jackson. With 8 minutes left.
10:52 PM21 days ago

4Q | 15:00

The last quarter begins.
10:47 PM21 days ago

3Q | 0:26

Justin Tucker scores another 3 points for the Ravens, the 3rd quarter ends with Cincinnati receiving the ball.
10:42 PM21 days ago

3Q | 0:43

The Ravens still have less than 1 minute on the clock, an injured Jackson takes his team to the 30-yard line on the second opportunity. Beckman almost scored another touchdown but it was an incomplete pass.
10:37 PM21 days ago

3Q |4:02

3 more points for the Ravens thanks to Justin Tucker, 4 minutes from the end of the 3rd quarter. Jackson is not feeling well.
10:32 PM21 days ago

3Q | 4:36

Lamar Jackson falls to the ground, in a very low version, the Ravens are in big trouble, because of their QB. Jackson on the ground finds the 4th opportunity.
10:27 PM21 days ago

3Q | 9:56

Three more points for the Bengals, Evan McPherson makes a good kick, scoring 3 points that increase the score, shortening the gap.
10:22 PM21 days ago

3Q | 9:59

Jake Browning manages to advance on the run, on third down he goes for the touchdown.
10:17 PM21 days ago

3Q | 11:41

Jake from the 50 looks to get out of the pocket and reaches the 40, the Bengals with the second chance.
10:12 PM21 days ago

2Q | 0:23

Ravens touchdown by Rashod Bateman and Justin Tucker scores the extra point. Big advantage for Baltimore. Jake returns to the field with less than 15 seconds and we'll go to halftime.
10:07 PM21 days ago

2Q | 1:24

Brad Robbins turns the ball over, the Ravens with 1:30 left before halftime. Lamar Jackson throws the ball out.
10:02 PM21 days ago

2Q | 1:20

Trenton Irwin made a good reception of Mixon's pass but officials are reviewing it.
9:57 PM21 days ago

2Q | 2:00

In comes Jake Browning for Joe, the wrist injury is serious, the Bengals get the first down on Jake's first down.
9:52 PM21 days ago

2Q | 2:20

Be careful, there is a handkerchief but for the Bengals, Nelson Agholor scores the touchdown and Justin Tucker makes the extra point, which is a good kick.
9:47 PM21 days ago

2Q | 5:04

Flowers reached the touchdown, but the officials threw a handkerchief, Beckman Jr pulled his jersey and caused the touchdown to be annulled. The Bengals with Joe Burrow may suffer a hand injury that will keep him out.
9:42 PM21 days ago

2Q | 5:49

Mixon finds the touchdown, the Bengals up on the scoreboard. Evan McPherson scores an extra point, we go 10 to 7
9:37 PM21 days ago

2Q | 7:34

Joe finds the reception that helps them stay on the field, before handing off the ball, from the 20 Mixon finds the red zone.
9:32 PM21 days ago

2Q | 13:11

Lamar can't find a catch and ends up throwing the ball out, to avoid the catch, Joe returns to the field
9:27 PM21 days ago

2Q | 14:55

Almost Evan McPherso achieved the 3 points that tied the Bengals. Lamar remains on the field, despite a possible injury.
9:22 PM21 days ago

End of the 1Q

End of the first quarter 3 for the Bengals and 7 for the Ravens. Lamar Jackson is staying after a possible injury.
9:17 PM21 days ago

1Q | 1:41

Mixon finds first down. Entering near the 40-yard line. The Bengals go on the ground with Chase.
9:12 PM21 days ago

1Q | 2:47

Lamar Jackson could be injured due to a tackle by Wilson on the Ravens' QB.
9:07 PM21 days ago

1Q | 4:54

Joe calls for another time out, Burrow is being affected by the noise and can't give the orders. Since the 50th Chase he has not been able to have the complete reception.
9:02 PM21 days ago

1Q | 6:37

Hendrickson sends Mitchell down, the Ravens on 3rd and 9. From the 30-yard line Lamar goes to the ground.
8:57 PM21 days ago

1Q | 7:30

Williams avoids the first down for the Bengals, Joe was almost intercepted. Now with Evan McPherson he achieves the 3 points, from 50 yards.
8:52 PM21 days ago

1Q | 8:22

Cincinnati on the first down after a violation, Joe from the 30 was almost intercepted.
8:47 PM21 days ago

1Q | 10:02

Ravens touchdown by Gus Edwards, Justin Tucker makes the extra point, being a good kick. Joe enters the field.
8:42 PM21 days ago

1Q | 10:53

Lamar finds a good reception near the red zone, medical attention enters the field.
8:37 PM21 days ago

1Q | 12:50

First and ten for the Ravens, Lamar Jackson finds the reception well. Flowers made it past the 40-yard line.
8:32 PM21 days ago

1Q | 15:00

The game begins, both teams seek victory.
8:27 PM21 days ago

Minutes from the start

This is how the Bengals came out motivated for the start of the game against the Ravens.
8:22 PM21 days ago

Bengals Upcoming Games

Steelers, Jaguars, Colts, Vikings, Chiefs and Browns are the last games of the season for Cincinnati.
8:17 PM21 days ago

Ravens Upcoming Games

These will be Baltimore's last games of the season: Chargers, Rams, Jaguars, 49ers, Dolphins and Steelers.
8:12 PM21 days ago

The spotlight on Joe Burrow

8:07 PM21 days ago

Bengals inactive

Tee Higgings, Devin Harper, Trey Hill, Jackson Carman, Andrei Ioasivas and Sam Hubbard.
8:02 PM21 days ago

Ravens inactive

Trenton Simpson, Marlon Humphrey, Sala Aumavae-Laulu, Ronnie Stanley, Broderick Washington and Josh Johnson.
7:57 PM21 days ago

They are already warming up

Both teams are already out to warm up, minutes into this NFL match between Ravens vs Bengals, where the local team receives great support from its fans, in search of winning this day.

7:52 PM21 days ago

They have arrived

The two teams have already arrived at the venue, just minutes before they go out to warm up, after the actions begin in this match between Ravens vs Bengals.

7:47 PM21 days ago


Everything is ready for the players from both teams to arrive, the locker rooms are already complete with all the players' accessories.
7:42 PM21 days ago

The fans arrived

Both fans are already reporting to M&T Bank Stadium, minutes before this great match of the 2023 NFL season between Ravens vs Bengals begins. The stadium seats will be full for this game.
7:37 PM21 days ago

We came back!

We are back for the minute by minute of the Ravens vs Bengals match. We will soon share the confirmed lineups, as well as relevant data about the confrontation between these two teams.
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USA Date: Thursday 16 November, 2023

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7:17 PM21 days ago

Be careful with this player, the Bengals

Cincinnati has Joe Burrow, the 26-year-old QB has 9 games played, 14 touchdowns, 2,042 yards completed, 64 yards longest pass, 6 passes intercepted, 22 times sacked, 81 yards rushing, 20 yards longest rushing, 2 turnovers and 1 fumble. With an effectiveness of 67% of passes per game.

7:12 PM21 days ago

Watch out for this Baltimore player

Lamar Jackson, the 26-year-old QB has 10 games, 10 touchdowns, 2,040 completion yards, 80 yards longest pass, 5 interceptions, 24 sacks, 481 rushing yards, 5 touchdowns and 26 rushing yards. 10 turnovers, 6 fumbles and a passing effectiveness per game of 70%.
7:07 PM21 days ago


The last time the Ravens faced the Bengals was last 09/17/2023 with a 24-27, winning by a difference of 3 points for Baltimore. Cincinnati's most recent victory was last 01/15/2023 by 24 to 17. But the most scandalous victory was last 12/26/2021 when the Bengals humiliated 41 to 21, but Baltimore has still gone over with 49 to 13 in 2019.
7:02 PM21 days ago

How do the Bengals get there?

The Cincinnati team has just lost to the Texans by 27 to 30, being a regular night for Joe Burrow who was surpassed by C.J Stroud. Although the Bengals started winning in the first quarter, in the second they were a disaster. In 3 and 4 it was very even, but Houston was key in the second quarter for them to win, adding 10 points in the last two quarters. Their last victory was against the Bills by 24 to 18 and the great performance they gave against the 49ers shows that it was just a setback. They have 4 losses and 5 wins, being at the bottom of the AFC North of the American Conference. Next week the Steelers are coming and then the expected duel against the Jaguars.

6:57 PM21 days ago

How do the Ravens get there?

Baltimore comes into this game with a loss to the Browns by 31 to 33, being a super tight match, where the Ravens dominated the first quarter, scoring 17 points, but in 3 and 4, although they added 7 points in both, the Browns knew how to react from the second quarter, in the last they gave the final blow. It was a regular game for Lamar Jackson who sought to guide his team to victory, like two weeks ago against Seattle that humiliated them 37 to 3. Currently they have won 7 games, 3 losses, being the leaders of the AFC North of the Conference American. The schedule looks complicated because the Chargers, Rams, Jaguars, 49ers, Miami and Steelers will be the next rivals.

6:52 PM21 days ago

Week 11 begins

Week 11 of the NFL and the season is nearing its end. With 7 weeks ahead, the Ravens and Bengals open this week 11, then on Sunday the Browns will face the Steelers in the first game on Sunday, Miami will face the Raiders, being a very attractive game. But the card will be when the Bills face the Jets, the Rams face the Seahawks, the Broncos will close Sunday night against the Vikings. To icing on the cake, the Chiefs are going to play the Eagles.
6:47 PM21 days ago

Where are you going to play?

M&T Bank Stadium located in Baltimore, United States, is the home of the Baltimore Ravens, an NFL team, with a capacity for 70,107 spectators, at a cost of $220,000,000 million dollars, open since 1998.
6:42 PM21 days ago

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