12:09 AM21 days ago

Highlights by Nickelodeon

12:08 AM21 days ago


11:13 PM21 days ago

Its over

Acabou o jogo, os Chiefs conquistam o bicampeonato. Com o placar final de Kansas City Chiefs 25-22 San Francisco 49ers. O jogo foi para a prorrogação, Hardman marcou a 3 segundos do fim.
11:08 PM21 days ago

The save of the championship

11:03 PM21 days ago

its over

The Chiefs won it. The Chiefs manage to win the Super Bowl, Mecole Hardman makes the reception, with 3 seconds they played it and won.
10:58 PM21 days ago

TS | 1:33

With 1 minute Mahomes is in the red zone, he comes out of the pocket and the Chiefs are close to winning.
10:53 PM21 days ago

TS| 2:48

Time out San Francisco. With 2:48 minutes on second and six.
10:48 PM21 days ago

TS| 5:35

Mahomes breathes, gets the first down. The bosses have 5 minutes.
10:43 PM21 days ago

TS| 7:22

Jake Moody scores 3 points, this is 22 to 19. Mahomes returns to the field.
10:38 PM21 days ago

TS| 10:37

McCaffrey gets another first down. The 49ers dream big about the touchdown.
10:33 PM21 days ago

TS | 14:05

Pass deflected in fourth. There is a penalty, Trent gives the 49ers first down for holding.
10:28 PM21 days ago

TS | 14:55

Incomplete pass, Bolton almost had an interception. Brock from the 20 yard line, there is a penalty for moving early, they lose 5 yards.
10:23 PM21 days ago

Extra Time

10:18 PM21 days ago

4Q | 0:03

We go to extra time, with the tie at 19-19. Harrison Butker scores the 3 points.
10:13 PM21 days ago

4Q | 0:09

Travis makes the breakthrough with 9 seconds. The Chiefs can win it, there is an injured player.
10:08 PM21 days ago

4Q | 0:40

39 seconds left. Mahomes gets the first down. The Chiefs are looking for a tie.
10:03 PM21 days ago

San Francisco scores points

9:58 PM21 days ago

4Q| 1:53

Jake Moody gives him 3 points, Mahomes has 1.53. It's show or bust for the Chiefs.
9:53 PM21 days ago

4Q| 2:00

Two minutes and the 2 minute pause. San Francisco nowhere near winning it.
9:48 PM21 days ago

The game was tied 16-16

9:43 PM21 days ago

4Q| 5:48

Harrison Butker makes the kick, they tie it 16-16. With 6 seconds on the clock.
9:38 PM21 days ago

4Q| 6:22

Mahomes on 3rd and goal. Pacheco's great work has them in the red zone, but the Chiefs forgive.
9:33 PM21 days ago

Touchdown 49ers

9:28 PM21 days ago

4Q| 11:22

Touchdown San Francisco

Kittle gets first and goal. San Francisco approached the red zone. Brock manages to pass to Jauan Jennings, scoring 16 points. But the kick is blocked.

9:23 PM21 days ago

4Q| 13:33

Brock Purdy throws the ball, it was almost a touchdown. From the 20 yard line it's the 49ers.
9:18 PM21 days ago

The 3rd half is over

The 3rd half is over. The last quarter is already coming with the last 15 minutes.
9:13 PM21 days ago

Chiefs touchdown

9:08 PM21 days ago

3Q| 2:28

Chiefs touchdown, Mahomes finds Marquez Valdes, they add 12 points, Harrison Butker's kick puts him in the game with 13.
9:03 PM21 days ago

3 more points for the Chiefs

8:58 PM21 days ago

3Q| 5:01

Harrison Butker scores 3 points, a very far kick, the ball was very low, it's 57 yards, a new record.
8:53 PM21 days ago

3Q| 6:26

Mahomes manages to get there on the ground and gets the first down. The Chiefs gain 21 yards with Patrick.
8:48 PM21 days ago

3Q| 9:10

Samuel is injured. Possible loss for the 49ers.
8:43 PM21 days ago

3Q| 11:46

They burn another timeout, Mahomes knows what he's doing. Kelce was left one yard short of first down. Pacheco cannot reach by centimeters.
8:38 PM21 days ago

3Q| 13:10

Mahomes is intercepted. 49ers return to the field on offense, bad moment for the Chiefs.
8:33 PM21 days ago

The show ends

The show ends, being something unique, but with the lack of Justin Bieber. The teams return to the field in a few minutes.
8:28 PM21 days ago

Usher starts with halftime

8:23 PM21 days ago

Half Time

Usher starts with halftime.
8:18 PM21 days ago

The Chiefs score 3 points

8:13 PM21 days ago

Half Time

Harrison Butker scores 3 points to close the deficit.

We go to halftime, with San Francisco winning for the moment with 10 points to 0 against Kansas. McCaffrey made the touchdown.

Usher, Justin Bieber and many more surprises are coming.

8:08 PM21 days ago

2Q| 1:03

Mahomes calls timeout with 1 minute left. The Chiefs near the red zone.
8:03 PM21 days ago

2Q| 2:00

The 2 minute pause. After this preview, we go to Half Time.
7:58 PM21 days ago

2Q| 4:00

With 4 minutes Mahomes needs to add 7 points or 3 units. To get to the 3rd room more relaxed. On the first attempt, Pacheco stays close to the first down.
7:53 PM21 days ago

2Q| 4:23

Touchdown San Francisco. What a great play, with Christian McCaffrey having the entire field free, without pressure, Jake Moody makes a good kick.
7:48 PM21 days ago

2Q| 6:09

McCaffrey advances, managing to gain yards. Brock is playing without pressure. 49ers being the best in this quarter. On the ground they achieve another first down.
7:43 PM21 days ago

2Q| 7:49

The bosses return the ball. San Francisco returns to the offensive.
7:38 PM21 days ago

2Q| 9:27

Mahomes throws the ball, almost gets caught. There is previously punishment from San Francisco.
7:33 PM21 days ago

2Q| 9:16

James had lost the ball. But 49ers tried to make the interception. Mahomes returns to the offense, with the responsibility of tying or scoring points.
7:28 PM21 days ago

Q2 | 11:59

The Chiefs advance. What a pass from Mahomes, from the 40-yard line he manages to catch it and Pacheco releases the ball. The 49ers win the ball.
7:23 PM21 days ago

The first points of San Francisco

7:18 PM21 days ago

2Q| 14:48

Samuel almost makes a touchdown, but there is pass interference. 49ers return the ball with Moody with 3 points.
7:13 PM21 days ago

End of 1 quarter

Brock has done a good performance in this first quarter, playing deception, being a leader. On the third opportunity, with seconds left, Chiefs send McCraffey to the ground. We remain 0-0.
7:08 PM21 days ago

1Q| 1:51

First down ten scored by McCaffrey, he is playing the game of his life. San Francisco continues to have good arrivals, seeking to be in the red zone.
7:03 PM21 days ago


Fourth chance and the Chiefs fail again. Mahomes to the ground, they must return the ball.
6:58 PM21 days ago

1Q| 5:15

Pacheco makes a good play on the ground, they send Mahomes to the ground.
6:53 PM22 days ago

1Q| 7:02

The 49ers had advanced very well, Kittle had made a good reception, but there was punishment. Samuel is sent to the ground.
6:48 PM22 days ago

1Q| 10:20

Mahomes fails to advance through the air. Brock returns, from the 30 they are going to return the ball.
6:43 PM22 days ago

1Q| 12:15

Christian McCaffrey gains yards, Brock continues to maintain that consistency. The 49ers are already at the 20, there is a fumble, Kansas recovers the ball.
6:38 PM22 days ago

1Q| 15:00

Start the game from Las Vegas.
6:33 PM22 days ago

the blown

The toss was won by Kansas City. San Francisco begins the offensive series.
6:28 PM22 days ago

Minutes before starting

Minutes before starting, after the anthem comes the start of the game. He leaves us with this beautiful image of Chris Jones crying.
6:23 PM22 days ago

Chiefs to Field

The Chiefs, The rivals, upon winning, Mahomes leading this team, take the field.
6:18 PM22 days ago

San Francisco takes the field

San Francisco takes the field, minutes after the initial protocols, the cameras focus on Brock Purdy, the man of the moment.
6:13 PM22 days ago

The hymn protocol begins

The hymn protocol begins, minutes after beginning, those present stand up to pay honor.
6:08 PM22 days ago

TheHollywood stars has arrived

Look who's there in the stands, the Hollywood stars in the boxes, present to support their favorite.
6:03 PM22 days ago

Mr Irrelevant on the field

Mr Irrelevant, Brock Purdy on the field giving some passes before the start.
5:58 PM22 days ago

Chiefs inactives

Justyn Ross, Kadarius Toney, La Mical Perine, Ekow Boye Doe, BJ Thompson, Darius Harris.
5:53 PM22 days ago

San Francisco Inactives

Matt Pryor, Brandon Allen, Ronnie Bell, Jalen Graham, T.Y Mc Gill, Alex Barrett, Samuel Womack III.
5:48 PM22 days ago

The man of the moment arrived

Usher arrived at the Stadium for the big Half Time show, where the names of many artists are rumored.
5:43 PM22 days ago

Basic guide to understand the game

The field measures 100 yards.
Each team has 11 players on both sides.
Each team has 53 players, divided into offense, defense and special teams.
The game is divided into 4 quarters, each lasting 15 minutes.

The objective is to get the ball to the end zone, each team has 4 opportunities to go 10 yards, each time they manage to reach 10 yards, they will have another 4 attempts, if they fail, they must return the ball.

You can move the ball by sending a pass, playing on the ground.
Each team must score the most points to win.
The touchdown is worth 6 points.
The field goal can be worth 3 points when the offense cannot get the touchdown.
If they achieve the Touchdown, they get 1 extra point.

5:38 PM22 days ago

Justin present

Justin Bieber could be at Halftime with Usher, that's what has been reported in the last few hours. To sing the hit, Somebody To Love.
5:33 PM22 days ago

Last confrontation

In 2022 it was the last game of the Kansas City Chiefs vs San Francisco 49ers. The Chiefs won 44 to 23. The 49ers' most recent victory was in 2019 by 27 to 17 against Kansas. This will be the first time Brock and Mahomes have faced each other. The last San Francisco QB Patrick faced was Garoppolo.
5:28 PM22 days ago

The best stars have arrived

The best stars, celebrities from the world of cinema, entertainment, music, sports and social networks. They come to this great Super Bowl, supporting San Francisco and others supporting the Chiefs.
5:23 PM22 days ago

49ers to field

San Francisco takes the field, the rookie, the promise, Mr. irrelevant Brock Purdy leads them out. The 49ers are looking for revenge.
5:18 PM22 days ago

Chiefs to field

The Kansas City Chiefs leave before the start of the game, to fine-tune the last details before the start of this Super Bowl.
5:13 PM22 days ago

The choice of uniforms

The Chiefs will be the home team, due to NFL rules, they choose the color of the uniform.
The Kansas team will wear red while San Francisco will play in white, exactly the same as they did in Miami in the last Super Bowl game held in Miami.
5:08 PM22 days ago

SpongeBob makes an appearance

Squidward's gang will be participating in yet another edition of the Bubble Bowl. Together with SpongeBob to sing Sweet Victory before the start of the game. A tribute from said episode called the Band of Fools, from the first seasons of the cartoon.
5:03 PM22 days ago

How many times have they faced each other in the Super Bowl?

There have been 2 times that these two dynasties have faced each other, San Francisco was unable to beat the Chiefs in their last edition of the 2020 Super Bowl, leaving 31 to 20. The most recent is this one, where the 49ers are looking for their revenge.
4:58 PM22 days ago

They are already warming up

Both teams are already out to warm up, minutes into this NFL match between Kansas City Chiefs vs San Francisco 49ers, where the local team receives great support from its fans, in search of winning this day.
4:53 PM22 days ago

If Taylor arrived

Taylor Swift finished her tour of Asia, arriving last Saturday at the Los Angeles airport, just in time to go to Las Vegas to see the big game. In addition, there are many rumors about the possible proposal for the singer's hand.
4:48 PM22 days ago

They have arrived

The two teams have already arrived at the venue, just minutes before they go out to warm up, after the actions begin in this match between Kansas City Chiefs vs San Francisco 49ers.
4:43 PM22 days ago


Everything is ready for the players from both teams to arrive, the locker rooms are already complete with all the players' accessories.
4:38 PM22 days ago

The fans arrived

Both fans are already reporting to Allegiant Stadium, minutes before this great match of the 2023 NFL season between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers begins. The stadium seats will be full for this game.
4:33 PM22 days ago

We came back!

We are back for the minute by minute of the Kansas City Chiefs vs San Francisco 49ers match. We will soon share the confirmed lineups, as well as relevant data about the confrontation between these two teams.
4:28 PM22 days ago

Follow here 2024 Super Bowl Live Score

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups Kansas City Chiefs vs San Francisco 49ers live, as well as the latest information from the Allegiant                    Stadium. Keep an eye on the action with VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage.
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How to watch Chiefs vs 49ers Live Stream on TV and Online?

USA Date: Sunday 11th February 2024

USA Time: 6:30 PM ET

USA TV channel (English): In NFL GamePass

USA TV channel (Spanish): In NFL GamePass

USA Internet Live Updates Commentary: VAVEL

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Date, time, TV Channel and Live Streamings for Kansas City Chiefs vs San Francisco 49ers: match for the in NFL Match?

This is the start time of the game Kansas City Chiefs vs San Francisco 49ers: of Sunday 11th February 2024 in several countries:



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TV channel and live transmissions


Sunday 11th February 2024

21:20 hrs

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Sunday 11th February 2024

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Sunday 11th February 2024

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Sunday 11th February 2024

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Sunday 11th February 2024

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Sunday 11th February 2024

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Sunday 11th February 2024


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Sunday 11th February 2024

20:20 hrs

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Sunday 11th February 2024

19:20 hrs

In NFL GamePass and Paramount +


Sunday 11th February 2024

19:20 hrs

In NFL GamePass, ESPN, TUDN, Azteca Deportes and Fox.


Sunday 11th February 2024

20:20 hrs

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Sunday 11th February 2024

20:20 hrs

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Sunday 11th February 2024

21:20 hrs

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Sunday 11th February 2024

20:20 hrs

In NFL GamePass

4:13 PM22 days ago

Half Time

For many music fans, non-NFL fans watch this big game, just for the Halftime Show. Where Usher will be the special guest, remember that it is now Apple Music, the organizer of this event. Where the singer has made it clear that it has been difficult to have a show in 13 minutes, with the successes he has had.

Regarding the guests he will have, he commented: “I think I made it easy for myself when I decided to include artists in songs that became hits. That gave me the most inspiration. "I've definitely gone through a lot of ideas of who could spend this moment with me."

4:08 PM22 days ago

Player to watch for 49ers

On the other hand Mr Irrelevant, Broc Purdy seeks to win his first Super Bowl, being his first appearance at the age of 24, the San Francisco QB played 16 games in the season. With 31 touchdowns, 4,280 yards and 4,127 completion yards, 76 yards the longest pass, 28 times sacked, 11 interceptions, 2 rushing touchdowns, 144 yards, 6 fumbles and 2 turnovers. In the Playoffs he has 2 games, 2 touchdowns, 51 yards the longest pass, 3 times sacked, 503 complete yards, 21 yards rushing and 62 complete yards. 61% effectiveness in passes per game.
4:03 PM22 days ago

Player To Watch for Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs MVP, is looking for his second ring. This season he has played 16 games, 27 touchdowns, 4,183 yards, 3,997 completion yards, 67 yards longest pass, 14 interceptions, 27 sacks. He rushed 389 yards, 25 rushing yards, 3 fumbles, 5 fumbles. In the Playoffs, 3 games, 4 touchdowns, 2 sacks, 707 completed yards, 39 yards for the longest pass and 0 interceptions. 68% effectiveness in passes per game.
3:58 PM22 days ago

When was your last Super Bowl win?

San Francisco has not won a Super Bowl since before the 2000 era, being in 1995 in the XXIX edition, since 1/29/1995 against the Chargers 49 to 26. The MVP being Steve Young. Their last Super Bowl loss was in 2020 against the Chiefs.
In 2023, the Chiefs won their last Super Bowl against Philadelphia by 38 to 35. Mahomes was their MVP in the LVII edition. Kansas' most recent loss was in 2021 in the LV edition against Tampa Bay 31 to 9.
3:53 PM22 days ago


On February 2, 2020, Chiefs and 49ers faced off for glory, in Miami Florida, at the Hard Rock. With more than 62 thousand spectators. Two well-known Quarterbacks, one remains and the other left. Garoppolo vs. Mahomes. The score ended 20 for San Francisco and 31 points for Kansas. The Chiefs led in the first quarter 7-3. In the second San Francisco changed the roles, taking the lead, in the third quarter it was the same story with 10 points scored. In the last quarter, Chiefs made a comeback with 21 points. Finishing the game with a difference of 11 points. There were 351 total yards for the 49ers, 397 for the Chiefs, 2 turnovers for both sides and 21 first downs for the 49ers and 26 for the Chiefs. The MVP was Patrick Mahomes.

3:48 PM22 days ago

How many Super Bowls have the 49ers and Chiefs won?

The Chiefs have been the fashionable team in recent years, they have won the Super Bowl 3 times, the San Fracisco 49ers have won the Vince Lombardi 5 times.

The San Francisco team is one away from tying the Steelers and the Pats. Beating the Dallas Cowboys. Kansas will look to be on the 4-win list with the Giants and Packers.

3:43 PM22 days ago

Last Super Bowl champions

In the last 5 years there have been teams that have made history to obtain the highest trophy that the NFL has, the Vince Lombardi, its name is inspired by the former coach of the Green Bay Packers, since 1970 it has been called that.
Its last owners have been from 2019 to 2023, the New England Patriots beat the Rams in 2019, Kansas City in 2020 beat the 49ers by 31 to 20. Tampa Bay in 2021 took home the gold with Brady, beating the Chiefs by 31 to 9. The Rams in 2022 won against the Bengals by 20 to 23. In the most recent year of 2023, Kansas City was the winner against the Eagles by 35 to 38.
3:38 PM22 days ago

The big day has arrived

The Super Bowl arrived in Las Vegas, where the Chiefs and 49ers seek glory, let's find out how they reached the top game in the NFL. The Ravens were the top favorites to arrive, but the Chiefs won it 17 to 10, reaching another edition of the Super Bowl. The San Francisco 49ers came into this edition in a difficult game against the Lions. Winning 34 to 31.
3:33 PM22 days ago

Where are you going to play?

Allegiant Stadium will be the venue for this Super Bowl 58, located in Paradise, Nevada, United States. Nicknamed the Death Star, Las Vegas hosts the biggest game. With a capacity for 65 thousand spectators, the home of the Raiders. With a cost of 1,800,000,000 dollars, open to the public from July 31, 2020.
3:28 PM22 days ago

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