Sidney Crosby Still Exists; Pittsburgh Penguins Star Remains Best Player In The World

Nine out of ten people will say that Sidney Crosby is the best hockey player in the world. The rare few who don’t think that Crosby is the best will likely be Alex Ovechkin fans or unable to detach themselves from their home team’s best player. Crosby has the best point per game (PPG) rate out of anyone in the league by a long shot. He has a phenomenal 1.345 PPG rate, which is fifth all-time in NHL history.

Crosby is behind NHL greats, Wayne Gretzky (1.921 PPG), Mario Lemieux (1.883 PPG), Mike Bossy (1.497) and Bobby Orr (1.393 PPG). The next closest player to Crosby is his own teammate, Evgeni Malkin (1.191 PPG), who is 13th on the list. Ovechkin is 15th on the list with a 1.179 PPG.

If Crosby comes back to his career PPG rate, then he would get 110 points. If any other player in the league hit their career PPG they wouldn’t even come within a point of the 100 mark. He’s better than anyone else out there at producing offense and it’s as simple as that.

This season has been a different story for Crosby though. He has only five points in 11 games. He recorded all five of his points in two games and the rest he’s been held scoreless. This is just unheard of for Crosby, but he will start trending back up to his regular production soon enough.

Currently, his shooting percentage is 3.3 percent. That is more than 10 percent less than his career average of 14.3 percent. He is bound to get back up to his baseline in goal scoring. As far as his assists, only time will tell if he can get back up to his normal level of production. He still has all the same physical tools and skills that he’s had in prior seasons and is still of age that people consider the prime of a hockey player’s career. He’s only 28. Don’t drop Crosby from your fantasy leagues if you have him and don’t give up hope if you are a Crosby fan, Penguins fan, or any type of hockey fan who is worried for his well being on the ice. Sid the Kid will be alright.