Chicago Blackhawks' Patrick Kane Will Not Be Charged In Rape Case

The Chicago Blackhawks All-Star right winger, Patrick Kane, has denied allegations all along, ever since the story surfaced of him violating a 21-year-old woman three months ago at his home in New York.

Erie County District Attorney Frank A. Sedita III, less than two months after indicating a grand jury would look at the case, has stated that the lack of physical or forensic evidence was the downfall of the case. Frank also noted that there were too many inconsistencies between the victims and the eye witnesses accounts of that night.

It's been expressed that the proof doesn't sufficiently back up the accusations and the case will not continue. Patrick Kane has since said he is, "glad that the matter has now been closed."

Kane, 26-years-old, had been in trouble for his antics before but had most recently become the target of allegations for sexual assault after a woman claimed she was raped inside Kane's home in Hamburg, New York, a town located about 13 miles south of Buffalo.

In September, the case took a major turn when Thomas Eoannou, the accusers attorney, claimed that an evidence bag containing the rape kit used in the investigation had anonymously showed up at the mother of the victims home, and appeared tampered with. The next day presented another twist in the story when Eoannou announced he was no longer taking part in the case and that he was stepping down as the accuser's attorney.

Eoannou was quoted saying, "In my 30 years of practicing law, none of us in this profession has seen anything like (this)." He also claimed that him stepping down should hold no value in the case. The County District Attorney defended the Hamburg Police and said that the rape kit had not been mishandled or tampered with and alleging the mother of Kane's accuser had taken part in an elaborate hoax.

Today's announcement stated that from the prosecutors' perspective the case is now closed. Sedita said in a press release that, "the DNA results lend no corroboration whatsoever to the complainant's claim."

The NHL is still reviewing the situation. Bill Daly intends to look over all the available information that is now available to them. In the mean time, Kane will continue playing until otherwise notified of any discipline handed out by the NHL.

Kane is one of the league's most prolific scorers in recent memory. He has collected 18 points (8G, 10A) in 13 games this year and is expected to play tomorrow night against the New Jersey Devils in New Jersey. We'll see how the crow reacts to him on the ice. He's been heckled already this year by chants including, "She Said No." He's shown mental toughness so far playing through all of this and this writer is sure he's more than happy to put this behind him.