Report: Toronto Maple Leafs To Change Logo Next Season
Moe Doiron/The Globe and Mail

Report: Toronto Maple Leafs To Change Logo Next Season

The Toronto Maple Leaf logo has been one of the most iconic logo's in all of sports. That might all change next season as the Maple Leafs inject a new culture and unveil a new look.

Braden Bosman

For the past 45 years, the Toronto Maple Leafs logo has been a stable in the NHL. It's a sign of tradition within the hockey world and can be found scattered through many Canadians wardrobes. One of the richest and most historic hockey teams in the world, the blue and white may be getting an overhaul this next season.

A report from, citing, "several reliable sources" stated that both the uniform and logo will be "entirely" new. has been known to reveal jerseys and logos to the fans before being officially released. 

The change comes as the NHL and the Toronto Maple Leafs mark their centennial celebration. Next season will be the 100th year of the league and the Toronto franchise. There is also reportedly a number of throwback jerseys in the mix such as a green "Toronto St. Patricks" sweater.

The team started out in 1917 as the Toronto Arenas and claiming the first ever Stanley Cup. The Arenas folded the following season due to financial difficulties and later re-entered the league in the 1919-20 season as the Toronto St. Pats. This name would stick until 1927 when Conn Smythe bought the team, preventing them from moving to Philadelphia. Conn Smythe then changed the name to what we know today. The Toronto Maple Leafs.

Conn said that he changed the name because the maple leaf was a badge of honor. He hoped that the possession of this badge would inspire something in the team that wore it, having them skate out onto the ice with pride and courage with this badge on their chest, the way it had been worn by the brave soldiers of the first Great War in the Canadian Army.

With a new culture being introduced to the team, the hiring of superstar coach Mike Babcock, successful GM Lou Lamoriello and a wealth of young prospects coming through the system, this should be a welcomed change to a deprived fan base looking for a fresh start.

The Maple Leafs logo has remained very similar to the logo we know today since 1970.