Arizona Coyotes John Scott Ineligible For All-Star Game?
John Scott #28 of the Arizona Coyotes in action during the NHL game against the Edmonton Oilers at Gila River Arena on November 12, 2015 in Glendale, Arizona.

Arizona Coyotes' forward John Scott is not having a good day. After learning that he was traded to the Montreal Canadians, he now may ineligible to play in the All-Star game later this month.

What's the controversy?

I mean, think about it -- he is no longer a member of the Arizona Coyotes after being waived for the third time and then traded; and when Head Coach Dave Tippett was asked about Scott's status, we were all told that he would be back in a day or two. Yeah, right. Another factor which will see Scott not participating in the mid-season NHL classic event, is that an AHL player cannot play in the NHL All-Star game. Makes perfect sense to me.

TSN's Bob McKenzie twetted that when Scott was asked to bow out of the All-Star voting by both the NHL and the Coyotes, that he refused. According to McKenzie "His inclusion in the trade, in my mind. was absolutely orchestrated to solve the All-Star issue for the league."

Scott was just a roster filler anyway, and does not possess any real hockey skills except for being an enforcer...and they are a dying breed in the NHL.

Now, the question becomes if Scott is ineligible (which seems to be the case) then who on the Arizona Coyotes will take his place on the ASG roster? Per Craig Morgan of AZ Sports, GM Maloney is lobbying for a more sensible candidate like say... Max Domi (31 points in 43 games), or team captain Shane Doan, who already has 16 goals in 34 games.

Where do we get our tickets for the side-show?

When you analyze this whole scenario, it resembles a side show, or a TV reality show. If the NHL orchestrated the Coyotes' trade of Scott to increase their image, then why have the rule they implemented in the All-Star game player selection process?

They seemingly created this whole mess, and it will definitely be re-valuated to see that nothing like this occurs in the future. NHL fans voted for Scott as a protest to see if the league would actually allow a player who lacks a quarter of the skills and talent as the rest of the All-Stars to particiapate. And, you know Scott ate it up. Why wouldn't he? It's an extreme honor to be elected to play in the ASG, and he was not a happy camper when he was traded. He probably felt more disappointed about not getting to play in the game amongst all the elite players, than getting traded.

In the end, shouldn't the BEST players be in the game?

If Max Domi does get to play in Scott's place, it gives the NHL a gold star on their image board, since Domi is a talented, young sensation who will dazzle the viewers of the game. And, we all know the game is not really a game, even if the winners bank a $1 million prize.

I think Scott will be okay with Domi replacing him, I mean at this point he really has no choice.