Are the Dallas Stars misaligned?
Both Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn have failed to live up to their inflated contracts. | (Photo:

"They are f—king horses—t. I don’t know how else to put it.”

Harsh words coming from Dallas Stars' Chief Executive Officer Jim Lites.

Stars' fan are unsympathetic to the team. Maybe this is what needed to be said, or heard by the Stars who just dropped four road games.

The funny part about this statement is that it came AFTER a win.

If Mr. Lites wanted to be heard, this is how you do it

When Tyler Seguin was signed for the next nine years, he was expected to be a 70-80+ point scorer. With 11 goals in 38 games, he might hit 25.

Jamie Benn is signed for the next seven years and is a cap hit of $9.5 million. He hasn’t been the same since Jordie left.

"Not good enough", Seguin said to The Athletic. "I've got to do better. I'm trying to do a job, and I haven't had the right results."

"I think it's pretty self-explanatory; if this team wants to get to the next level that starts with myself," Benn added. "And that's exactly what needs to happen, we need to get better."

Adding Alexander Radulov did help, but only the top line. Benn and Seguin cannot carry the team to the postseason.

That is where Stars' fans can agree.

The management should shoulder some of the blame for the Stars' troubles

Let's start here in 2017.

The Stars paid Martin Hanzal $14.25 million for three years and he's played a whopping 45 games for the organization.

Last year, the Stars re-signed forward Devin Shore for $4.6 million for two years. He's never been over the 33-point mark. A lot to pay a depth player in my opinion.

Then, there's Jason Spezza.

He just earned his 1,000-game silver stick. He's beloved for many of his charitable efforts and being a good locker-room guy.

But, Spezza is coming off the worst season of his 15-year NHL career. After posting eight goals among 26 points in 78 games, Spezza has said he is motivated.

Unfortunately, the stats don't lean in his favor. In 36 games, he has recorded five goals and 19 points. He's on pace to produce a 40-point season. Still better than last season, but the team needs more. And, don't forget he is in the last year of his $7.5 million contract.

"Our team needs him to produce this year", head coach Jim Montgomery told "He's going to be a big part of what we do, I know he is."

The frustration can easily be felt from both sides of the dilemma for the Stars.

Players want to produce, but can't. Management wants players to score big goals and win games.

Can the Stars align?

Hopefully, with the return of Connor Carrick on the backend, this can add some competitive nature to the team. Carrick says in an interview with that the Stars are "looking for another level" and he hopes he can help bring them there.

For Jim Lites, he just wants return on the investment that the Stars' made on ALL these stars... and that's not too much to expect.

This can either go as a motivating way to call out the players he feels need to play better, or it could blow up in his face and cause so much distraction that the team begins to crumble.

Time will tell how the Stars align.

** CHRISTINA FAROOQ contributed to this article **

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