Dylan Strome: He's finally showing NHL caliber talent
Dylan Strome has found success with the Chicago Blackhawks. | (Photo: Chicago Tribune)

Dylan Strome has arrived.

At least it appears that way, and perhaps he was one of those players (like Max Domi) who just needed a change of scenery to show his skills.

Being the third overall selection in the 2015 NHL entry draft has some expectations tied to it and the Arizona Coyotes never saw it.

Dylan Strome's stats are improving

Strome has had five multiple-point games in his last 12 games with three goals and 13 points with the Chicago Blackhawks.

Now those are the numbers that the Coyotes expected when they spent their third overall pick on Strome. Think about it, they could have selected Mitch Marner there and went with Strome instead.

That, as it turned out was a bad selection... at least when you compare what Marner is doing with the Toronto Maple Leafs since they took him fourth overall in the same draft.

He is a truly talented forward who proved his critics wrong with their uneasiness concerning his size (6'0", 175 lbs). He's proven he can play in the NHL... big time.

What has really helped Strome in Chicago is the fact that he is on a line where he clicks well with his linemates. His former linemate, Alex DeBrincat when he was in the OHL has aided in his newfound offensive success.

It also doesn't hurt to be on the power play with two of the best, Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews.

Does this mean Strome has arrived?

He's certainly doing much better than the other piece of the trade sending him to Chicago.

Brendan Perlini was also part of the trade which sent Nick Schmaltz heading to the desert in Arizona. Now Perlini for whatever reason has not performed very well... perhaps a vital reason he was dealt.

He has only three goals, one assist in 23 games with Chicago and a dismal five goals, five assists in 45 games this season. Could be why he's only averaging just under 10 minutes a game when his NHL average was more like four minutes more than that.

And, if one were to analyze that trade it appears that both teams can out pretty well. Schmaltz was doing great with 14 points in 17 games with the Coyotes before he fell to a season-ending knee injury.

With Schmaltz due a new contract and Strome still good until the 2020/21 season that plays into the equality of the trade to some extent. Schmaltz will surely be signed to a new contract after this season, even with his injury issue, and if Strome continues his path to becoming a bonafide NHL player he too will do quite well.

Now Perlini is another story. He may find himself out on the free agent market due to his ineffectiveness and his entry-level contract expiring after this season making him a restricted free agent.

For Dylan Strome, he's doing quite well and to some critics... IT'S ABOUT TIME!

Do you think that Dylan Strome has finally arrived as a good NHL player? What took him so long? Let us know in the comments section below.