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Next playoff

The Golden Knights will face the Colorado Avalanche, who knocked out the St. Louis Blues, in the quarterfinals.
10:49 PM3 years ago

20' 3rd | ¡END OF GAME!

10:44 PM3 years ago

19' 3rd | ¡LAST MINUTE!

Going into the final 60 seconds of the game, it will be a Golden Knights win at home!
10:39 PM3 years ago

17' 3rd | ¡Knights GOAAAL!

Mattias Janmark scores for the third time in the match! He disputed a possession with Calen Addison, who wanted to clear, but was unlucky that in the duel with Janmark the ball went into the goal.
10:34 PM3 years ago

16' 3rd |The visit is at risk

Minnesota have decided to play the last few minutes without a goalkeeper.
10:29 PM3 years ago

15' 3rd | Minnesota saved

Good counterattack on the right that culminated in a good save by Cameron Talbot. It was the sixth goal for the home team.
10:24 PM3 years ago

14' 3rd | Knights GOAL!

Nicolas Roy recovered in the offensive zone, played it back to Mattias Janmark and he put it into the right corner for the fifth.
10:19 PM3 years ago

13' 3rd | Good approach by the Knights

The home side tried from the left with a shot that Cameron Talbot saved.
10:14 PM3 years ago

12' 3rd |The end of the match is near

We are halfway through the last third of an hour. Possession is still very divided.
10:09 PM3 years ago

8' 3rd |Now the Knights are trying

Two good attempts in the final seconds by the home side, both shots went narrowly wide.
10:04 PM3 years ago

6' 3rd |Minnesota Wild approaching

Two good attempts in the final seconds by the visitors, both of which were well answered by goalkeeper Marc-Andre Fleury.
9:59 PM3 years ago

3' 3rd | The third part began very dynamically

For the time being, there is not so much pause in the last half, the teams are fighting for possession.
9:54 PM3 years ago

3rd half start!

The last 20 minutes of the match are underway.
9:49 PM3 years ago

20' 2nd |End of second half

The second half of the game ends with a 4-2 victory for the Knights on the scoreboard.

Scorers: Mattias Janmark, Nicolas Hague Max Pacioretty and Shea Teodore for the Golden Knights; Zach Parise and Kirill Kaprizov for the Minnesota Wild.

9:44 PM3 years ago

14' 2nd | Golden Knights GOAL!!

Shea Theodore came through the middle and then laid it off for Zach Whitecloud, who crossed from the right side for the home side's fourth goal.
9:39 PM3 years ago

8' 2nd | Golden Knights GOAL!

Chandler Stephenson did very well on the left, crossed the puck to the center and Max Pacioretty appeared to score.
9:34 PM3 years ago

5' 2nd | Minnesota's GOAL!

Zuccarello behind the goal went to the right side and passed the puck to Kirill Kaprizov, who took a first-time shot that went in.
9:29 PM3 years ago

3' 2nd | Knights GOAL!

Play resumed near the penalty area and Nicolas Hague took a shot from almost halfway and the puck went in.
9:24 PM3 years ago

1' 2nd |Shot to the post!

Kirill Kaprizov shot from the left and the puck hit the post.
9:19 PM3 years ago

2nd half start!

The second half of the match gets underway.
9:14 PM3 years ago

20' 1st | End of first half

The first half of the game ends with a 1-1 tie on the scoreboard.

Scorers: Mattias Janmark for the Golden Knights and Zach Parise for the Minnesota Wild.

9:09 PM3 years ago

19' 1st | Minnesota approached

A double shot from Denmark's Mats Zuccarello was well intercepted by the Knights' defense.
9:04 PM3 years ago

17' 1st | Minnesota's GOAL!

Zach Parise received the ball with his back to the goalkeeper and only had to touch it to put it between his legs. The game is tied.
8:59 PM3 years ago

15' 1st |Minnesota approached

Zach Parise came up the right side towards the center and when he shot, he was well closed by Marc-Andre Fleury.
8:54 PM3 years ago

13' 1st |Wilds try

Double shots on goal by the visitors. The first from the left flank and then from the center. Both wide.
8:49 PM3 years ago

5' 1st | Golden Knights Goal!

Janmark scores the first of the game for the home side.
8:44 PM3 years ago

Match's Start!

The game between Wilds and Golden Knights gets underway.
8:39 PM3 years ago


Referee: Wes McCauley #4

Referee: Gord Dwyer #19

Linesman: Matt MacPherson #83

Linesman: Michel Cormier #76

8:34 PM3 years ago

All set at the T-Mobile Arena

The teams are already preparing for this duel. More than 11,000 people are expected to attend this duel that defines the series.
8:29 PM3 years ago

How to watch Wild vs Golden Knights Live TV and Stream

The game will be broadcast on the official channel: NHL.TV

VAVEL USA will broadcast the game in real time.

8:24 PM3 years ago

Peter DeBoer (Golden Knights Coach)

"That's what you play for all year, looking to have the best possible record that will put you in a more favorable position in a game like this."
8:19 PM3 years ago

Dean Evason (Wild Coach)

"We don't know the outcome of what's going to happen, but we do know that we can compete and we're fully in this game. That's why we're going to battle and at the end of the night, we'll know where we'll be."
8:14 PM3 years ago

Key player - Golden Knights

Mark Stone leads Vegas' production in these playoffs with six points, the product of four goals and two assists.
8:09 PM3 years ago

Key Players - Minnesota Wild

Defenseman Matt Dumba and forward Jordan Greenway, lead the offense with three points each (one goal and two assists). Ryan Hartman is the leading scorer with two goals.
8:04 PM3 years ago

Series Results

Wild 1-0 Golden Knights

Wild 1-3 Golden Knights

Golden Knights 5-2 Wild

Golden Knights 4-0 Wild

Wild 4-2 Golden Knights

Golden Knights 0-3 Wild

7:59 PM3 years ago

Golden Knights: for another second-round berth

Golden Knights are looking to reach the second round of the playoffs for the third time in their first four years and come in as the favorites, even though the series is evenly matched.
7:54 PM3 years ago

Wild: to return to the second round

Minnesota Wild have an unbeatable opportunity to reach the second round of the playoffs for the first time since the 2014-15 season and are confident in their abilities to swing the series in their favor.
7:49 PM3 years ago

Place of the game

The game will be played at the T-Mobile Arena, located in Las Vegas (Nevada, United States), starting at 9:00 pm.
7:44 PM3 years ago


Hello everyone! Welcome to the broadcast of the Minnesota Wild vs Vegas Golden Knights game, which corresponds to game 7 of the first round in play-offs of the 2020-21 season of the National Hockey League (NHL).
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