Highlights and Goals: Kraken 3-4 Golden Knights in NHL 2021-2022


1:06 AM3 days ago


Our coverage of the Seattle Kraken vs Vegas Golden Knights game from the opening night of the 2021-22 NHL regular season comes to an end. Thanks for joining us! Stay tuned to VAVEL.com to stay up to date with the world of sports.
12:53 AM3 days ago

End of the game

Victory 4-3 for Golden Knights, good defensive work by Vegas, managed well the difference obtained in the first period.
12:50 AM3 days ago

3rd | 1.51

Great job by Brubaeur to keep his team in the game.
12:45 AM3 days ago

3rd | 5.07

Golden Knights maintain their minimal lead, with only a few minutes to go.
12:39 AM3 days ago

3rd | 9.03

Power Play. Seattle Kraken will have a numerical advantage of 4-3 to score in the opponent's goal.
12:37 AM3 days ago

3rd | 9.45

Power Play. Seattle Kraken will have the numbers advantage for the first time in this period, ideal option to score.
12:32 AM3 days ago

3rd | 11.27

GOLDEN KNIGHTS GOAL. Chandler Stephenson scores the go-ahead goal for Vegas.
12:30 AM3 days ago

3rd | 12.02

GOAL OF THE KRAKEN. Morgan Geekie scores the equalizer for Seattle.
12:27 AM3 days ago

3rd | 12.47

Golden Knights reacts a little, looking to increase the difference.
12:23 AM3 days ago

3rd | 14.48

Seattle plays better in the third period, but still can't get the equalizer.
12:16 AM3 days ago

3rd | 20.00

Third period starts, Golden Knights with a 3-2 lead.
11:58 PM3 days ago

End | 2nd Period

Advantage for Vegas, this time by 3-2 to the newcomers, Seattle Kraken.
11:52 PM3 days ago

2nd | 2.13

A game of give and take in this second, the Kraken have made it difficult for Golden Knights.
11:46 PM3 days ago

2nd | 7.16

KRAKEN GOAL. Jared McCann scores Seattle's second goal.
11:44 PM3 days ago


11:42 PM3 days ago

2nd | 8.35

KRAKEN GOAL. Ryan Donato scores the first goal in franchise history.
11:39 PM3 days ago

2nd | 10.39

Power Play. The Kraken have their second numerical advantage of the match.
11:33 PM3 days ago

2nd | 13.17

Golden Knights GOOOOAL. Max Pacioretty scores Vegas' third.
11:27 PM3 days ago

2nd | 16.50

Power Play. Golden Knights with a numerical advantage.
11:24 PM3 days ago

2nd | 19.01

Power Play. Golden Knights with a numerical advantage.
11:21 PM3 days ago

2nd | 20.00

The second period starts in Las Vegas.
11:03 PM3 days ago

End | 1st Period

Vegas Golden Knights takes a 2-0 lead, Seattle Kraken tries to react, but can't score.
10:56 PM3 days ago

1st | 3.52

Good defense by Seattle in the two minutes at a numerical disadvantage.
10:55 PM3 days ago

1st | 5.00

Grubauer stops Nolan Patrick's shot, Seattle is saved.
10:53 PM3 days ago

1st | 5.52

POWER PLAY. Numerical advantage for Golden Knights, watch out for the Kraken.
10:51 PM3 days ago

1st | 7.06

High shot efficiency for Vegas, out of three shots on goal, two have been goals.
10:45 PM3 days ago

1st | 10.00

Seattle tries to react, but Vegas does not let up and counter attacks.
10:38 PM3 days ago

1st | 13.24

VEGAS GOLDEN KNIGHTS GOAL. Jonathan Marchessault scores unassisted.
10:36 PM3 days ago

1st | 15.00

Golden Knights dominates the actions of the game.
10:33 PM3 days ago

1st | 16.50

VEGAS GOLDEN KNIGHTS GOAL. Max Pacioretty scores his first of the season.
10:30 PM3 days ago

Game starts

The NHL season kicks off for Kraken and Golden Knights.
10:23 PM3 days ago

Starting Lineup- Seattle Kraken

10:18 PM3 days ago

Opening night

In minutes, we'll have all the Kraken vs Golden Knights game action from the T-Mobile Arena.
6:49 PM4 days ago

Golden Knights make their home debut and want to start off on the right foot

6:45 PM4 days ago

The Kraken, ready for their debut tonight

2:08 AM4 days ago

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If you want to watch the game Montreal Canadiens vs Vegas Golden Knights live on TV from USA, your options is:  ESPN, ESPN+.

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What time is the Seattle Kraken vs Vegas Golden Knights NHL 2021-2022 game?

This is the start time of the game Seattle Kraken vs Vegas Golden Knights in several countries:

Colombia: 21:00 hrs.
Argentina: 23:00 hrs.
Bolivia: 22:00 hrs.
Brazil: 23:00 hrs.
Chile: 23:00 hrs.
Ecuador: 21:00 hrs.
USA (ET): 22:00 hrs. in NBCSN
Spain: 04:00 hrs.
Mexico: 21:00 hrs.
Paraguay: 22:00 hrs.
Peru: 21:00 PM hrs.
Uruguay: 23:00 hrs.
Venezuela: 22:00 hrs.


1:58 AM4 days ago

Key player: Vegas Golden Knights

Young center Nolan Patrick from the Philadelphia Flyers will be key to freshen up the Golden Knights' forward line. Patrick was the second pick in the 2017 Draft and made his NHL debut that same season.
1:53 AM4 days ago

Key player: Seattle Kraken

Young defenseman Vince Dunn from the St. Louis Blues will be key for this new franchise, he has scoring ability and can assist, in addition to his contribution on defense.
1:48 AM4 days ago

Golden Knights, called to make noise

The Las Vegas franchise led by Peter DeBoer is looking for a great season that will take them back to the fight for the Stanley Cup, starting at home against the debutants, Seattle Kraken.
1:43 AM4 days ago

Marco Giordano, Kraken's man of expertise

At 38 years old, Giordano comes to Seattle bringing with him 949 years of NHL experience, 143 goals and 366 lifetime assists. He will be key and by experience is the one called upon to lead this new franchise.
1:38 AM4 days ago

The Kraken, a new franchise for the NHL

The new expansion franchise will be the Seattle Kraken, who debut the 2021-2022 campaign, being led by Dave Hakstol, with experience as head coach with the Flyers and defensive assistant in Toronto. 
1:33 AM4 days ago

The match will be played at the T-Mobile Arena

The match will be played at the T-Mobile Arena, located in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. It has a capacity for approximately 17500 spectators.
1:28 AM4 days ago

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