Highlights and Goals: Edmonton Oilers 5-3 Vegas Golden Knights in NHL 2021-22
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End of the game

The Oilers beat the Golden Knights 4-3 to maintain their perfect start to the season. Edmonton has a 5-0-0 record in the 2021-2022 season.
11:44 PMa month ago

3rd | 0.11


Leon Draisaitl puts in the fifth for the Oilers and secures the win.

11:28 PMa month ago

3rd | 7.33

The Oilers hold the slim lead and the end of the game is near.
11:20 PMa month ago

3rd | 11.28

Power Play

Numerical advantage for Golden Knights.

11:11 PMa month ago

3rd | 15:27

GOOOOOOOL for Oilers

Zach Kassian scores the lead for Oilers.

11:07 PMa month ago

3rd | 17.53

GOOOOOOOL for Golden Knights

Nicolas Hague scores the equalizer for Golden Knights.

11:02 PMa month ago

3rd | 20.00

If the Golden Knights want to avoid another loss, they will have to come from behind in the last period. The third period begins.
10:45 PMa month ago

End | 2nd Period

The Oilers win 3-2 against the Golden Knights, the third set is coming up.
10:37 PMa month ago

2nd | 3:05

Break in the match, Oilers manage their lead for now.
10:27 PMa month ago

2nd | 8:40

Power Play 

5-3 advantage numerical for Oilers.

10:25 PMa month ago

2nd | 10:10

Power Play 

Numerical advantage for Oilers.

10:16 PMa month ago

2nd | 14.53

GOOOOOOAL for Oilers

Leon Draisaitl gives the Oilers the lead.

10:12 PMa month ago

2nd | 16.05

GOOOOOOAL for Oilers

Zach Hyman ties it again for Oilers.

10:07 PMa month ago

2nd | 18.35

GOOOOOOOL for Golden Knights

Nolan Patrick scores the second goal for Golden Knights.

10:04 PMa month ago

2nd | 20.00

The second period starts at the T-Mobile Arena.
9:47 PMa month ago

End | 1st Period

The Oilers, with an inspired Mikko Koskinen, keep the scoreboard safe with a one-goal tie. 
9:43 PMa month ago

1st | 1.33

Wasting a 5-3 numerical advantage in favor of Golden Knights, who fail to score.
9:39 PMa month ago

1st | 3.55

Numerical advantage in favor of Golden Knights.
9:34 PMa month ago

1st | 5.00

Even match at T-Mobile Arena, the Oilers have been limited by the Golden Knights defense.
9:26 PMa month ago

1st | 11.26

GOOOOAL for the Oilers

Zach Hyman takes advantage of the numbers advantage for the Oilers and scores the equalizer.

9:24 PMa month ago

1st | 11.45

Power Play

Numerical advantage for the Oilers

9:16 PMa month ago

1st | 16.26

GOOOOOOAL for Golden Knights Nicolas Roy gives the Golden Knights the lead.
9:10 PMa month ago


The match is underway at the T-Mobile Arena.
8:52 PMa month ago

Knights take to the court

8:29 PMa month ago

Connor McDavid making history

11:55 PMa month ago

Oilers with four-game unbeaten streak

Edmonton Oilers expose their undefeated season at home to the Golden Knights, in minutes, the minute by minute of the game in Las Vegas.
11:50 PMa month ago

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What time is the Edmonton Oilers vs Vegas Golden Knights NHL 2021-2022 game?

This is the start time of the game Edmonton Oilers vs Vegas Golden Knights in several countries:

Colombia: 21:00 hrs.
Argentina: 23:00 hrs.
Bolivia: 22:00 hrs.
Brazil: 23:00 hrs.
Chile: 23:00 hrs.
Ecuador: 21:00 hrs.
USA (ET): 22:00 hrs. in NBCSN
Spain: 04:00 hrs.
Mexico: 21:00 hrs.
Paraguay: 22:00 hrs.
Peru: 21:00 PM hrs.
Uruguay: 23:00 hrs.
Venezuela: 22:00 hrs.

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Key Player- Vegas Golden Knights

Chandler Stephenson, with two goals and an assist, will be one of the key players in the absence of Max Pacioretty. 
11:30 PMa month ago

Key Player- Edmonton Oilers

Leon Draisaitl, with two goals and six assists, is one of the league leaders in assists and points, no doubt, along with Connor McDavid they make up a very lethal duo for the Oilers.
11:25 PMa month ago

Golden Knights, in search of a new triumph

The Las Vegas team has not won since the opening day of the season, and is looking for a new victory that will allow them to climb up the standings.
11:20 PMa month ago

Edmonton Oilers off to a promising start

The Oilers have started the season very well and hope to remain among the best in the league, and to that end, they are looking for another win this Friday when they visit the Golden Knights.
11:15 PMa month ago

The match will be played at the T-Mobile Arena

The match will be played at the T-Mobile Arena, located in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. It has a capacity for approximately 17500 spectators.
11:10 PMa month ago

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