What Do Joey Logano's Comments Mean

On lap 212 at New Hampshire, Joey Logano was running in the second position, looking for another Penkse 1-2 finish. On lap 212, Joey Logano was taken out of the race due to a wreck with him and only one other car. That being the machine driven by 72 year old Morgan Shepherd. The words from Joey in his interview with TNT reporter Marty Snyder were even more embarrasing than the actual way he was taken out.

"Slowest car on the race track took us out. Go figure. We had a pretty good Auto Trader Ford, just doing what we could to hang in there. We were running second, Brad was really, really fast ... Felt like we could have had a Penske one-two again, and we get taken out by the slowest car." Joey would continue on to say "I feel like there should be a driving test before you get out in a Cup car to make sure you know how to drive before you drive one, I don't know. I guess there isn't."

The only thing that Joey can actual argue is that he got taken out by the slowest car. And even that is an argument that can be made interesting. Many fans concluded that after looking the replay of the wreck, it looked as though Joey was the one who moved lower into Morgan. Regardless of who got into who, it was a racing incident and Joey needs to find a way to get over that. 

But it'd be very wrong of us not to dive into the comments that Joey made. First off, yes Joey, you did get taken out by the slowest car. But in NASCAR, there's a minimum speed that drivers have to be able to mark to stay on track. It doesn't matter how slow he was going, he was going fast enough to be your competitor. 

Secondly, there needs to be a drivers test, as Joey claims. Well, are you sure that you would even pass that drivers test? Seriously, if Joey wants to complain about a driver getting loose and then wrecking him, he should go look a video of the time he got loose under Denny Hamlin and then cost Denny six weeks of his career.

Joey would finish his rant by saying "It is just dumb that it happened. I feel like that should be stuff that shouldn't happen at this level of racing." Yeah Joey, because you have never been in another wreck in your entire Sprint Cup Career, right?