Supercross: Santa Clara Supercross Result
Dungey celebrates his championship victory last Saturday night in Houston. Photo: Motorcycle USA
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That is all from me tonight. The recap of tonight's Supercross race will be hitting the Racing section shortly. Thank you very much for following along tonight! This is Aaron Durant, signing off. 

Ryan Dungey is now just seven race wins away from Bob Hannah on the all-time win list. Tonight's win was his seventh of 2015 - the most races he's won in a single season. 

A fantastic ride for Peick too as he earns his first ever podium finish. 

Eli Tomac must wonder: what could have happened if he had gotten a better start?

450 main, CHECKERS: Ryan Dungey wins another race in 2015! Eli Tomac finishes second and Weston Peick finally earns his first ever podium of his career in third.

450 main, final lap: Blue flags everywhere as the leaders come through various lapped riders. Dungey riding with a lot of intensity but he has to hit his lines perfectly as he is looking for his 7th win of the year. 

450 main, 2 to go: Broc Tickle goes down. Dungey leads but Tomac has in fact shaved off some time; he's gotten his lead down to 2.8 seconds. 

It's looking like Dungey has this race in his hands; Tomac has run out of time to shave some seconds off of Dungey's lead. 

450 main, 3 to go: Dungey, Tomac, Peick, Anderson, Seely are your current top five. 

450 main, 5 to go: Dungey's lead continues to hover around 5 seconds over Tomac in second. 

Barcia got the holeshot and led in the early goings of this race; his stamina simply is not there after missing the majority of the year. This is only his seventh race of 2015. 

450 main, 6 to go: Barcia, Seely, and Baggett battle for fifth. Both are now by Barcia. 

450 main, 8 to go: Anderson is now behind Barcia as they begin to fight for fourth position. Baggett is behind these two and most likely will get involved soon. Seely is now around Baggett for sixth (remember that Seely started 18th). 

450 main, 9 to go: Dungey continues to lead. Tomac, Peick, Barcia, and Baggett continue to occupy the top five positions. Tomac was 0.3 seconds faster than Dungey on his last lap. He may not have time to catch Dungey before this race is over, though. 

450 main, lap 10: We've reached the halway point of the final race of the night. Peick and Tomac are five seconds behind Dungey. Note that Peick has been consistently strong through only the first half of the race; let's see how his stamina lasts tonight as the final stages of the race take place. 

450 main, lap 9: Seely goes by Brayton for 7th; he started this race 16th and has made up 9 positions now. 

450 main, lap 8: Anderson, Brayton and Seely are battling for sixth behind Baggett who continues to run fifth. He was 12th off the start. 

450 main, lap 7: Tomac and Barcia are battling for the final spot on the podium just before the halfway point of this race. Tomac goes by Barcia and makes it stick. Baggett now runs fifth. 

450 main, lap 6: Dungey, Peick, Barcia, Tomac, and Brayton are the current top five. 

Tough night for 22 Motorsports. Reed fell from second position and is now down in 19th, and Josh Grant didn't even start the race due to transmission problems. 

450 main, lap 3: Dungey closes in on Barcia who continues to lead this race - by Barcia he goes. The newly-crowned champ is now in the lead of this race. The Yamaha riders of Barcia and Peick are second and third. 

450 main, lap 2: Chad Reed goes down! Riding second, he made a mistake and found himself on the ground in the middle of a rhythm section. 

450 main, lap 1: Barcia with the holeshot, and Chad Reed is just behind him in second! Dungey runs third. Barcia, returning to Supercross racing after spending most of the season away with injury, is running at the front of this race. 

It's time! GATE DROP!

The 15th 450 Supercross premier class main event is lined up at the gates. It's time for the final race of the night in Santa Clara. 

Another fantastic 250 race has been completed. One more race remains tonight inside Levi's Stadium: the 450 main event. 

250 main, CHECKERS: Cooper Webb wins yet another race in 2015 and becomes the first ever main event winner inside Levi's Stadium - a new location for Monster Energy Supercross! This is his sixth win of 2015. 

250 main, final lap: The final lap of the 250 West 2015 season is underway. The series heads east to crown the East regional champion. 

250 main, 3 to go: Webb, Hill, A. Martin, Malcolm Stewart, and Shane McElrath make up the top five. Stewart was involved with the crash at the first turn as was Webb. 

250 main, 5 to go: Hansen is suddenly out of the race! Mechanical problems with the bike have ruined a fantastic race that he had going that included the holeshot. 

250 main, 7 to go: Cooper Webb into the lead but a battle with Hansen is brewing for the final win of the year! 

250 main, lap 7: Hansen, Webb, Martin are the new top three after Plessinger crashes out of the lead. He lost the front wheel after the whoops section entering a corner. 

250 main, lap 5: Cooper Webb has ridden back up to fourth. Plessinger, Hansen, A. Martin are still the top three with a third of the race gone. 

250 main, lap 3: Hansen, Plessinger, and A. Martin are the top three. The battle is quickly on for the final win of the year for the 250 West championship between Plessinger and Hansen. Plessinger now goes by. 

250 main, lap 2: All of the top riders go down in the first turn! Webb, Bisceglia, Stewart, all found themselves on the ground in the first turn. Josh Hansen leads. 

Final race for the west... GATE DROP!

It's almost time for the final 250 West main of 2015! It's been a great season of racing for the West class and for Cooper Webb especially, the newly-crowned champ. Can he win this final race of the year for his class?

The 250 West main event will drop the gates in moments! 

It's main event time in Santa Clara. The next race on track will be the final 250 West main event of the year. 

450 LCQ, CHECKERS: Schmidt wins and is headed to the 450 Supercross main event. 

450 LCQ, 2 to go: Ramette now runs fourth. The top four are the final riders to go to the 450 main event. R. Stewart and Rusk are second and third. Schmidt leads after his disastrous semi race. 

450 LCQ, lap 1: The holeshot goes to Ramette, the UK Arenacross champion. Stewart takes the lead away from him. 

Gate drop for the 450 LCQ!

The riders of the 450 LCQ are lined up at the gates. It's about time to add the final riders to the main event. 

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Time for the final race of the night before the main events: the 450 LCQ. 

450 semi 2, CHECKERS: Seely makes his way to the finish line first and is headed to the main event. Also going to the main with him are Eli Tomac, Josh Grant, Partridge, and Ray. 

450 semi 2, 2 to go: Eli Tomac goes by Grant for second position. 

450 semi 2, lap 1: Seely, Grant, Partridge, Tomac, Ray are in the top five in this final semi race of the night; the top five advance to the 450 main event from semi races. 

The second of the two semi races for the 450s is coming up next. 

450 semi 1, CHECKERS: Nick Wey wins his first semi race of the season. 

450 semi 1, 2 to go: Schmidt goes off track, rejoins, and falls in the next turn; he is now battling with Pipes for fifth (final transfer spot) - BIG crash for Schmidt! He steps over the bars and is headed to the LCQ. 

450 semi 1, lap 1: Gate drop. The top five will advance to the main event, and the rest are headed to the LCQ. Wey, Schmidt, Chisholm, Barcia, Lamay are the current top five. 

250 LCQ, CHECKERS: Reis wins and is headed to the main event. Up next are the semi races for the 450 class. 

250 LCQ, lap 1: Dalzell with the holeshot. One rider was in a transfer position before falling in the second corner - he won't be making the main event. Dalzell, Reis, Siminoe, Burger are in the four transfer positions. 

Gate drop!

Time for the 250 West LCQ. The top four will be the final four additions to the main event - the final main event for the West class. 

Chad Reed wins the final heat race of the night. Onto the semis and LCQs!

450 heat 2, final lap: A rider is down hard just before the finish line on this final lap of the heat races. Chad Reed has taken over the lead of the race. 

450 heat 2, lap 3: Seely leads from Short, Reed and Barcia. These are the top four that advance straight to the main event. 

450 heat 2 is on! 

450 heat 1, CHECKERS: Dungey takes the win; that marks his 10th for the year. Peick finishes second. 

450 heat 1, final lap: Dungey gets by Peick on the final lap!

450 heat 1, lap 3: Peick is running fantastically. He leads and is pulling away from the newly-crowned champ Dungey. 

450 heat 1, lap 2: Dungey is behind Peick who leads. Peick has one heat race win this year; comparitively, Dungey has nine. 

Gate drop for the 450 heat 1!

Ryan Dungey is in this heat race. He clinched the 450 title last weekend at Houston. 

Heat 1 for the 450s is lined up at the gates. 

Time for the 450s to take to the track inside Levi's Stadium. 

250 heat 2, CHECKERS: Cooper Webb wins heat two for the 250s. 

250 heat 2, lap 3: Webb is being pursued by Malcolm Stewart - the Geico Honda rider was on a tear before finding himself on top of the tough blocks at the top of a berm when trying to make the pass on Webb! He drops down to fourth. 

250 heat 2, lap 1: Webb is third on the opening lap. He was crowned champion last weekend in Houston. Leading the race is Bisceglia of Geico Honda. 

Gate drop for the second race of the night! 250 heat 2. 

Advancing from 250 West heat 1: Hill, Plessinger, Martin, Hansen, Alldredge, Champion, Scharer, Ullrich.

250 West heat 1, CHECKERS: Hill takes the checkered flag for the first race of the night. 

250 West heat 1, lap 5: Hill and Plessinger run one-two. Third is Martin, then Hansen and Alldredge round out the top five. The top nine advance in these 250 heats. 

250 West heat 1, lap 2: Hill takes over the lead. Plessinger runs second and Hansen third; Martin has already dropped down to fourth. 

250 West heat 1, lap 1: Martin with the holeshot. 

Gate drop in Santa Clara!

Race time! 

Three hours until the first races of the night. The final practice sessions have been completed. 

Tonight's coverage will feature minute-to-minute updates that refresh automatically in your browser during each of the heat races, semi races, last chance qualifer (LCQ) races, as well as, of course, the two main events. With this fantastic season winding down, you won't want to miss our coverage of tonight's racing right here; be sure to be around at 10 PM ET when the gate drops for the first heat races of the night! 

For the 450 Supercross class: With KTM rider Ryan Dungey wrapping up the premier class title last weekend in Houston, it's become time to close out the season with some good racing with nothing major on the line. A handful of riders have won 450 class main events this year; names of the likes of Chad Reed, Eli Tomac, Cole Seely, all race winners this year, would be able to stop the dominant Dungey train and get another win tonight in Santa Clara. Other past winners this season include Ken Roczen and Trey Canard, but both of these riders are out for the season due to injury at Atlanta and Detroit, respectively.

Ken Roczen came out of the offseason at a blistering pace and seemed to be on his way to a 450 Supercross class title but an unfortunate string of events and crashes came his way and ended these championship hopes. He was a favorite to win the title this year, and with the return of Roczen and James Stewart in 2016, next season is bound to be fantastic. Chad Reed, having won the first of the two races in Atlanta, could put in a fantastic ride and find himself ion the top of the podium tonight; the same goes for Tomac and Seely. One rider who is yet to win in 2015 but has been consistent - especially on his starts - is BTO KTM's Andrew Short. Put simply, the consistency that Short has shown on the starts is incredible, but he is yet to be able to hold on to a position at the front and even finish on the podium thus far in 2015. A surprise rider who could win tonight? Perhaps Justin Brayton also of BTO KTM. Any number of riders in the 450 class could find themselves victorious tonight. 

For the 250 West class: Cooper Webb has dominated the West division of the 250 group with some incredible rides - especially in the early goings of the 2015 season. He's been able to have been knocked down at the front of the pack, find himself mid-pack or worse, and fly to the front of the race again and take the win. He was also able to not only win the championship last weekend in Houston but to do so in stellar fashion by taking the victory as well. Overall, it can be expected that Webb will take yet another victory tonight inside Levi's Stadium. Tyler Bowers has become a major rival of Webb's after an incident that took place between the two on the track that sparked one of the greatest races of the entire year, but Bowers of Kawasaki will be sitting out the rest of the season due to an apparent injury. Other consistent riders within the championship and perhaps Malcolm Stewart would be able to knock Webb off the top step of the podium tonight, though. 

With the championships out of the picture and essentially out of the minds of the riders, let's take a look at which riders from the 250 West regional and 450 Supercross premier class are due for a win tonight in Santa Clara

The only races that remain on the 2015 calendar after tonight are East Rutherford inside Metlife Stadium and the finale at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas

There's nothing to report in regards to the championship points standings entering tonight's race in Santa Clara as Cooper Webb and Ryan Dungey were able to clinch the 250 West and 450 Supercross titles last weekend in Houston. This means that these two riders roll into Levi's Stadium with no pressure, and, ultimately, no rider has any goal for the short remainder of the 2015 season other than win a race. 

Welcome to live coverage of the Santa Clara Supercross! Full coverage of each heat race, semi, last chance qualifier and main event race tonight will be covered here through commentary and analysis by myself, Aaron Durant. A full preview of round 15 of the 2015 season tonight is above and will get you in the know before racing begins inside Levi's Stadium at 10 pm ET! I am excited for you to join me for exciting coverage of another great round of Supercross.