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That is all from me, Aaron Durant, in regards to coverage of the Las Vegas Supercross and Supercross in 2015 entirely! The season is now over, and it's time for outdoor motocross to begin. Thank you all very much for following along this season; more Supercross/motocross coverage here on VAVEL USA is to come. It's been a great season of Supercross racing, another chapter in the books. Until January 9, 2016 at Angel Stadium, it's outdoor motocross time! Thank you and goodnight. 

During his post-race interview, Marvin Musquin comes over to Ryan Dungey and yells "we did it again!" because they have once again matched finishing-positions. 

450 main event, CHECKERS: Dungey gets his eighth win of the year in Las Vegas! The fireworks light up the dark Vegas sky and confetti falls down to the track as Dungey celebrates for the final time in this final race of the year.

450 main event, FINAL LAP: Weston Peick will finish on the podium once again! 

450 main event, FINAL LAP: The final lap of the 2015 Monster Energy Supercross Series season is underway. 

450 main event, 2 to go: Ryan Dungey is making his way through lap traffic as he heads toward the final checkered flag of the year. 

450 main event, 4 to go: The 2015 season is drawing to a close. Dungey will close it out in fantastic fashion by adding yet another win to top-off his dominant season. He will also match his KTM stablemate Marvin Musquin's finish once again with another win from each of them. 

450 main event, 6 to go: The top five of Dungey, Tomac, Peick, Reed, and Seely remains intact. Nick Wey is running 12th in what may be his final Supercross start. 

450 main event, 8 to go: Justin Brayton is running in the top ten after a great start; he entered the stadium after the gate drop on the outside of the stadium second nearly bar-to-bar with Dungey. 

450 main event, 9 to go: Dungey, Tomac, Peick, Reed, Seely are the top five, but they are very spread-out; Seely is 33 seconds behind in fifth. 

450 main event, 10 to go: Halfway point of this, the final race of the year. Dungey's lead only continues to grow over Tomac; Eli must turn up the intensity if he wants a shot in the closing laps. Reed is still looking to get by Peick. 

450 main event, lap 8 of 20: 12 laps remain in the 2015 Supercross season. Dungey has a six second lead over Tomac and his Geico Honda. A great battle is brewing now between Peick in third and Reed in fourth right now. This battle is exciting!

450 main event, lap 6 of 20: It's a 5.3 second lead for Dungey over Tomac now. A great ride by Chad Reed as he continues to run in fourth; he has a shot at a podium tonight with Weston Peick just in front of him. 

450 main event, lap 5 of 20: Tomac loses the front and goes down! He got QUICKLY back up and is back on the charge toward Dungey. 

450 main event, lap 4 of 20: Dungey, Tomac, Peick, Braytona, Reed are the top five. Tomac is back, pressuring the champion Dungey once again! 

450 main event, lap 3 of 20: Dungey now has a 1.4 second lead over the Geico Honda of Tomac; I still believe Tomac has something else for it, even if it is in the later stages of this race. 

450 main event, lap 2 of 20: Tomac and Dungey exchanging the lead back and forth on just the second lap! A fantastic battle is on our hands tonight. Weston Peick runs third - can he also be a contender?

450 main event, lap 1 of 20: Ryan Dungey to the lead with Tomac right on his heels!

It's been a great season. Time for the gates to drop for the final time! 

A memorable season is coming to a close tonight. 20 more laps to go in 2015. Who will win the final main event of 2015? Let us know at @RacingOnVAVEL and don't forget to use the VAVEL Supercross coverage hashtag of #VAVELSX!

20 laps are just ahead of the 450 Supercross riders for their final main event of 2015 and the final Supercross race until January. 

That leaves the true finale of the 2015 season: the final 450 class main event is next. After that, it's time for the outdoor motocross nationals and no more Supercross racing until January. 

250 Shootout, CHECKERS: Marvin Musquin wins the 2015 250 East/West Shootout inside Sam Boyd Stadium! His final win on a 250 in Supercross; next year, he moves up as a 450 teammate to Ryan Dungey. 

250 Shootout, FINAL LAP: Musquin makes his way to the finish line for yet another win in 2015. This will be his final win on a 250 as he moves up to the 450 Supercross class next year. Such a dominating year and dominating race by Marvin Musquin. You cannot help but think that this race would've been even greater with Cooper Webb there to challenge the Frenchman. 

250 Shootout, 3 to go: Plessinger gets by Hampshire for fourth place. Musquin has truly run away with this one. Could Cooper Webb have challenged him in this race if he hadn't gotten injued in practice earlier today?

250 Shootout, 6 to go: Musquin, as predicted, is dominating this East/West Shootout. 

250 Shootout, lap 8 of 15: McElrath almost had an off in the whoops as his left leg came completely off. Musquin now leads Malcolm Stewart and the rest of the field by 10 seconds. 

250 Shootout, lap 6 of 15: Bell goes down in the whoops section. Musquin's lead has grown to six seconds over Stewart. Hampshire is even further back, 15.4 seconds behind Musquin. The second and third place riders are both of Geico Honda. 

250 Shootout, lap 5 of 15: Hansen had fifth place all to himself but he's gone down! Musquin has a four second lead over Malcolm Stewart. 

250 Shootout, lap 3 of 15: Musquin leads but Malcolm Stewart is not far behind in second; he looks hungry for this win. Hampshire rounds out the podium. 

250 Shootout, lap 1 of 15: Musquin to the early lead - that is BAD news for the competition! 

15 laps are ahead of the top riders of the 250 East/West classes. GATE DROP!

It's time for the shootout! Here comes the gate drop!

It's showdown time for the 250 class. Who will win the 250 East/West Shootout? For 15 laps, the two classes will face off for a bar to bar finale to their season. Will Marvin Musquin win his last-ever race on a 250? He seems the clear winner. 

Next up: the main events! The final two races of this great 2015 season.

450 LCQ, CHECKERS: The last main event is set for the 450s. 

450 LCQ, lap 1 of 4: The top four in this race will be the final four added to the 450 main event. Archer leads from Ray, Raper, and Bannister. 

The final last chance qualifer of 2015 is coming up next. This will be the final non-main event race of the year also and the final chance for 450 riders to make the main event itself. 

450 semi 2, CHECKERS: Brayton wins this semi race. Grant, Partridge, Rusk, and Pipes take the other four transfer positions. 

the final semi race of this year. 

450 semi 2, lap 1 of 5: The final semi of the year is underway. 

Semi 2 is now in the gates. 

450 semi 1, CHECKERS: Nick Wey wins this semi race. Chisholm finishes just behind him. 

450 semi 1, 2 to go: Ray is passed by Schmidt for the final transfer position. 

450 semi 1, lap 3 of 5: Wey, Chisholm, Lamay, Ramette, and Ray are the top five in transfer positions. 

450 semi 1, lap 1 of 5: Nick Wey to the early lead as the field enters the stadium from the start that is located on the exterior of the stadium. A crash has seen the night end for a few riders. 

Up now is the first of two semi races for the 450 riders. Kyle Chisholm and Nick Wey are in this one. GATE DROP!

Semis and the 450 LCQ remain before the main events tonight. 

250 LCQ, CHECKERS: Alex Martin takes the win in this LCQ. Bisceglia finishes second while the Yamaha teammates of Desiderio and Renzland close out the final two transfer spots for the 250 East/West Shootout. 

250 LCQ, 2 to go: Martin continues to lead. Teammates of Desiderio and Renzland are battling in third and fourth position - the final two transfer positions. The final lap is underway. 

250 LCQ, lap 1 of 4: The top four advance to the main event. Alex Martin currently leads from Bisceglia, Desiderio and Renzland. 

It's now time for the 250 LCQ! Alex Martin and Vicki Golden, the first female to qualify for a Supercross night program, are in this trying to make the main. 

The next race for the night is lined up at the gates. 

That's all for the four heat races tonight. 

450 heat 2, CHECKERS: Ryan Dungey wins his 12th heat race in this dominant season! The two-time and reigning champion wins the final heat race that will be run in Supercross racing until January 2016. 

450 heat 2, 2 to go: Dungey is riding fantastically tonight; he is on his way to win his 12th heat race out of the 18 that were run this year. 

450 heat 2, lap 2 of 6: Baggett has gotten through on BTO KTM's Justin Brayton for fourth place, the final transfer position. 

450 heat 2, lap 2 of 6: Dungey leads from Seely, Barcia and Braytona in the three other transfer positions. 

450 heat 2, lap 1 of 6: Gate drop! Ryan Dungey goes right to the lead with Barcia and Seely just behind him. 

Time for the final heat race of the 2015 season. There's been quite a few this year... here comes the gate drop for the final one!

450 heat 1, CHECKERS: The Geico Honda rider of Eli Tomac gets his sixth heat race win of this 2015 season. 

450 heat 1, 2 to go: Eli Tomac is exhibiting the straight-line speed of these 450 machines through the Monster Alley that features a long straight almost the length of the stadium and a ski jump. The speed is incredible. 

450 heat 1, lap 3 of 6: Tomac continues to lead. Weston Peick is looking confident and strong on his Yamaha; he's currently in third. 

450 heat 1, lap 2 of 6: The top four advance from these 450 heat races. Currently in the top four are Tomac, Reed, Peick, and Tickle. 

450 heat 1, lap 1 of 6: Eli Tomac runs up front as Chad Reed moves into second place. 

The first 450 class heat race is in the gates now. Eli Tomac is one of the big names in this one. Chad Reed and Weston Peick are featured in this heat 1 as well. 

250 heat 2, CHECKERS: Musquin closes out the heat race win, minus the fall. He is riding like a true champion this evening; his riding style is something to behold. 

250 heat 2, 2 to go: Musquin goes down! He lost the front wheel in a 180 degree right-hand corner. Now R.J. Hampshire is challenging him immediately after the fall for the lead. 

250 heat 2, 3 to go: Musquin is riding masterfully with the No. 1 plate finally fitted on his orange KTM. He looks very impressive tonight. It's very disappointing that Cooper Webb will not be racing tonight against him. 

250 heat 2, lap 2 of 6: Rodriguez nearly had a massive highside in the fast and wide turn that sees the riders enter back into the stadium. Vicki Golden, the first female rider to qualify for Monster Energy Supercross, runs sixteenth. 

250 heat 2, lap 1 of 6: Marvin Musquin to the early lead as he gets by Starling. R.J. Hampshire of Geico Honda challenges Starling and gets by for second position. 

250 heat 2, lap 1 of 6: Gate drop for the second race of the night! Savatgy got stuck in the gate. Starling on the No. 77 gets a massive holeshot and already has a lead. 

250 heat 1, CHECKERS: Malcolm Stewart won his second heat race of this season. He's wearing some interesting-colored gear for tonight's big Vegas race. "Hey, it's Vegas, right?" he said when Ralph Sheheen of Fox Sports asked him about it. 

250 heat 1, 2 to go: Stewart continues to lead. Bell, Osborne, Hansen, McElrath round out the top five. 

250 heat 1, lap 1 of 6: Bisceglia of Geico Honda finds himself on the ground in just the second corner inside the stadium (the start is outside the stadium). Malcolm Stewart leads from Zach Osborne and Bell, both on Husqvarnas. 


It's time for racing in Las Vegas! 

10:03 pm ET: Cooper Webb will not be racing tonight. A massive disappointment; with all of the riders that are out, the 250 East/West Shootout will not be as good as was expected. No Webb-Musquin battle after all. 

9:51 pm ET: The finale of this great season of Supercross racing is just a few minutes away. In about 20 minutes, the gates will drop for the first races of the night!

9:22 pm ET: Chad Reed will be racing tonight in Vegas on his TwoTwo Motorsports Kawasaki. He missed last weekend's round at Metlife Stadium due to a sore shoulder after a crash in the Santa Clara race. 

More news and notes are to come as race time nears. Just two hours at this point until the gates drop for the first races of the final night of Supercross in 2015. 

Remember: 22 riders may line up at the gates for a Supercross main event, but the track itself is always the 23rd rider. Tonight's track is no exception as the track inside (and partly outside) of Sam Boyd Stadium is notorious for being unique and technical. 

The 450 Supercross title was awarded to KTM's Ryan Dungey with a few rounds left on the calendar, but the riders of the premier class of Supercross will still be fighting hard to win tonight's finale. In regards to probable winners, it is as wide open as it has been all season (although Dungey answered the "Who's Next?" calling time and time again). Eli Tomac, Cole Seely, and others who have won races this season are all possibilities, but so are Andrew Short (who has been masterful on his starts this year) and others. 

There will be no points awarded to any 250 riders tonight, but both the 250 West and East regional classes will be on the unique track tonight for the annual 250 East/West Shootout. The excitement for the 250 racing tonight is high due to it being the first time that Cooper Webb and Marvin Musquin will take to the same track at the same time. Both of them are still newly crowned champions in their respective classes, meaning both of them will be carrying #1 plates this evening in Vegas; Webb's will read 1W while Musquin's will show 1E, corresponding with their regional class. Both of the star riders won six of the eight races in their class, keeping them as evenly matched as possible for tonight's all-star format race. The one thing that sets them apart other than their riding style? The amount of laps they've led this season. Musquin led nearly twice as many laps as Webb. I believe this is because Webb, the Yamaha rider, has the ability to fight through the pack during the main event while Musquin, the KTM rider, is simply dominant in his class with talent above all others. We shall see who leads the most important lap tonight for the 250 riders: the last one. 

Welcome to live coverage of the final race of the 2015 Monster Energy Supercross Series! It's been a great season and tonight's finale inside (and outside) the massive Sam Boyd Stadium is bound to be a great one. My name is Aaron Durant, and I am the editor of the Racing section - ready to bring you coverage of tonight's exciting racing!