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Gran Prix in Formula 1
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5:10 PM19 days ago

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5:08 PM19 days ago

End of the Miami Grand Prix

The race ends in Miami and Verstappen gets the victory of the Grand Prix of Miami 2022, second place Leclerc and third Sainz, the Mexican Sergio Perez finishes in fourth position.
5:06 PM19 days ago

57/57 laps

Last lap of the Miami Grand Prix and Verstappen will try to keep the first place, second Leclerc and third Sainz.
5:04 PM19 days ago

55/57 laps

Last 2 laps of the race and Vettel crashes into Schumacher
5:00 PM19 days ago

53/57 laps

Leclerc closes in and Perez tried to take the place from Sainz but went long and the Spaniard keeps the podium
4:57 PM19 days ago

51/57 laps

The action remains at the top and Hamilton is battling with teammate Russell for fifth place.
4:54 PM19 days ago

49/57 laps

Leclerc attacks Verstappen and Checo Perez attacks Sainz for podium finish
4:51 PM19 days ago

47/57 laps

Race restarts, 11 laps to go in Miami Grand Prix
4:48 PM19 days ago

46/57 laps

The track is starting to be cleared and the Safety Car is about to leave.
4:43 PM19 days ago

44/57 laps

The Safety Car is still on the track because parts of Lando Norris's car are missing. Checo Perez managed to change tires and maintain his position, he will have a great opportunity.
4:37 PM19 days ago

42/57 laps

Norris crashes with Gasly and the Safety Car will have to be brought out
4:35 PM19 days ago

40/57 laps

Radars begin to mark an upcoming rain that will be on the circuit
4:32 PM19 days ago

38/57 laps

The drivers are not finding the opportunity to close the gap and the positions do not change at the moment in the points zone.
4:28 PM19 days ago

36/57 laps

The race is starting to settle down and there are not as many position changes
4:26 PM19 days ago

34/57 laps

Leclerc sets the fastest lap of the race and the Monegasque is slowly closing in.
4:23 PM19 days ago

32/57 laps

The fight is emerging at the back between the Aston Martins and the Haas.
4:21 PM19 days ago

30/57 laps

Differences remain after tire changes: 1 Verstappen, 2 Leclerc, 3 Sainz, 4 Perez
4:17 PM19 days ago

28/57 laps

Sainz and Perez pitted, but Ferrari had a bad pit stop
4:15 PM19 days ago

27/57 laps

Verstappen enters to change tires and momentarily the leader is Carlos Sainz, but he will have to stop.
4:12 PM19 days ago

25/57 laps

Leclerc enters to change tires and Verstappen could do the same to protect strategy
4:09 PM19 days ago

23/57 laps

Verstappen sets fastest lap of the race and maintains the gap to Leclerc, Sergio Perez is 7 seconds behind Sainz after a small loss of power that he managed to control
4:04 PM19 days ago

21/57 laps

Checo Perez is losing power
4:02 PM19 days ago

19/57 laps

One third of the race is completed and only the first 6 places have not entered to change tires.
3:59 PM19 days ago

17/57 laps

Drivers begin to enter the pits for the second set of tires
3:56 PM19 days ago

15/57 laps

Leclerc can't get close to Verstappen and Perez can't get by Carlos Sainz
3:53 PM19 days ago

13/57 laps

Leclerc starts to have tire problems and Max Verstappen pulls away in the le
3:50 PM19 days ago

11/57 laps

The overtaking zone is turning into turn 1 of the circuit, the world champion continues to win.
3:46 PM19 days ago

9/57 laps

Max Verstappen takes the lead in the race
3:43 PM19 days ago

7/57 laps

Leclerc pulls a second and a half ahead of Verstappen while behind Hamilton starts to make up ground
3:40 PM19 days ago

5/57 laps

The positions remain unchanged and the DRS zones are not generating the expected overtaking
3:37 PM19 days ago

3/57 laps

DRS is activated and overtaking begins
3:35 PM19 days ago

1/57 laps

First lap and Verstappen moves into second position
3:33 PM19 days ago

0/57 laps

2022 Miami Grand Prix race kicks off
3:15 PM19 days ago

Red Bull will be looking to get the result

Red Bull wants to get back to winning ways and prove its comeback in the championship.
Follow all the action on VAVEL.
3:09 PM19 days ago

Ferrari ready to start the race

The championship-leading team is ready to start the race
3:02 PM19 days ago

The starting grid for the Miami Grand Prix 2022

1 Leclerc, 2 Sainz, 3 Verstappen, 4 Pérez, 5 Bottas, 6 Hamilton, 7 Gasly, 8 Norris, 9 Tsunoda, 10 Stroll, 11 Alonso, 12 Russell, 13 Vettel, 14 Ricciardo, 15 Schumacher, 16 Magnussen, 17 Zhou, 18 Albon, 19 Latifi, 20 Ocon.
2:54 PM19 days ago

Upcoming races

Spain, Monaco, Azerbaijan, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, France, Hungary, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Singapore, Japan, the United States, Mexico, Brazil and Abu Dhabi.
2:50 PM19 days ago

This afternoon's racetrack

The circuit has 19 turns with a lap distance of 5.412 kilometers, in which 57 laps will be made to cover 308.326 kilometers.
2:40 PM19 days ago

The United States: the category's next big target

The United States will have two races this year, since after Miami, the United States Grand Prix will be held in the following months at the Circuit of the Americas in Texas. Next year, Las Vegas will follow.
2:35 PM19 days ago

The risks that exist in Miami

The track represents a challenge for the drivers, as the layout has blind curves and new asphalt in some parts of the circuit, which means that there is not much grip for the cars.
Tires will suffer a lot of wear and tear due to the ambient temperature in Miami.
2:29 PM19 days ago

Latest grand prize winners

In Bahrain the winner was Charles Leclerc, in Saudi Arabia it was Max Vertappen, while in Australia it was again Leclerc and in Imola Verstappen.
12:49 AM20 days ago

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What time is Miami Gran Prix 2022 race for Formula 1 Championship?

This is the start time of the race Miami Gran Prix 2022 of 8th May in several countries:


Argentina: 16:30 PM

Bolivia: 15:30 PM

Brazil: 16:30 PM

Chile: 16:30 PM

Colombia: 15:30 PM

Ecuador: 15:30 PM

USA (ET): 15:30 PM in ESPN

Spain: 20:30 PM in DAZN

Mexico: 14:30 PM in Fox Sports

Paraguay: 16:30 PM

Peru: 15:30 PM

Uruguay: 16:30 PM

12:39 AM20 days ago

Watch out for this Mercedes driver

Criticism has been present for seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton who failed to score points in the last race at Imola.
The Briton will start from sixth position and although he beat his teammate George Russell, he finished behind his former teammate Valteri Bottas with the Alfa Romeo and was almost half a second behind the fastest cars.
12:34 AM20 days ago

Watch out for this Red Bull driver

Sergio Perez will start the race in Florida in the fourth position and although the Mexican driver was not so far away from the best times in qualifying, he never managed to settle in the first 2 sectors of the track.
Checo Perez comes from 2 second places in the last 2 races in Australia and Italy, so he will be looking for a third podium in a row and continue this good streak he is presenting in the maximum category of motorsport. 
12:29 AM20 days ago

Watch out for this Red Bull driver

Max Verstappen will start the grand prix in third position, as he failed to put in a good last lap in qualifying on Saturday.
The reigning world champion will have to work as a team with his teammate Sergio Perez, as they both start behind the two Ferrari cars.
12:24 AM20 days ago

Watch out for this Ferrari driver

Charles Leclerc will start from pole position in the Miami race and is the first place in the drivers' championship, as he has 86 points to 59 for second place Max Verstappen.
The Monegasque will seek from pole position to take the victory and win the first edition of the Grand Prix of Miami 2022.
12:19 AM20 days ago

The great challenge for Sergio "Checo" Perez in the race

The Mexican driver will have to start from the fourth position of the grid, so he will have to be careful at the start in order not to lose any position and try to go hand in hand with his teammate Max Verstappen to fight against the Ferraris.
The driver from Guadalajara will have the support of many compatriots who want to see him succeed in one of the two best cars in the top category of motorsport.
12:14 AM20 days ago

Imola Grand Prix Result

1 Verstappen, 2 Perez, 3 Norris, 4 Russell, 5 Bottas, 6 Leclerc, 7 Tsunoda, 8 Vettel, 9 Magnussen, 10 Stroll, 11 Albon, 12 Gasly, 13 Hamilton, 14 Ocon, 15 Zhou, 16 Latifi, 17 Schumacher, 18 Ricciardo, NC Alonso, NC Sainz.
12:09 AM20 days ago

Result of the Australian Grand Prix

1 Leclerc, 2 Perez, 3 Russell, 4 Hamilton, 5 Norris, 6 Ricciardo, 7 Ocon, 8 Bottas, 9 Gasly, 10 Albon, 11 Zhou, 12 Stroll, 13 Schumacher, 14 Magnussen, 15 Tsunoda, 16 Latifi, 17 Alonso, NC Verstappen, NC Vettel, NC Sainz
12:04 AM20 days ago

Sergio "Checo" Perez and his another home race

The driver from Guadalajara will run the Grand Prix of Miami as another race where he feels at home, as the Latin and especially the Mexican public will be present to support the Red Bull driver.
"Checo" Perez is having his best start of the season since he has been in the highest category of motorsport, as he has 54 points and is third in the world championship.
11:59 PM20 days ago

Getting to know the Miami International Speedway circuit.

The circuit has 19 turns with a lap distance of 5.412 kilometers, in which 57 laps will be made to cover 308.326 kilometers.
The race will have 3 DRS zones that will be used for overtaking in a race that promises to be very complicated due to the drivers' unfamiliarity with the circuit.
11:54 PM20 days ago

The constructors' table

In the manufacturers' table the first place is Ferrari with 124 points, in second place Red Bull with 113 units and further down Mercedes with 77, Mclaren with 46, Alfa Romeo with 25, Alpine with 22, AlphaTauri with 16, Haas 15, Aston Martin 5 points and Williams with only 1 unit.
11:49 PM20 days ago

Drivers' championship

In the first position is the Monegasque Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc with 86 points, while in second and third position are the Red Bull drivers: Max Verstappen with 59 units and Sergio "Checo" Perez with 54 points.
They are followed by Russell with 49 points, Sainz with 38 units, Norris with 35, Hamilton 28, Bottas, 24, Ocon 20 and closes the top ten Kevin Magnussen with 15 points.
11:44 PM20 days ago

Race number 5 of the F1 world championship is held

The maximum category of world motor racing will dispute its fifth race of the championship in Florida in the United States, at the new international racetrack of Miami, which will see its debut in Formula 1, becoming the second race that the North American country has in the calendar.
11:39 PM20 days ago

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