Summary and highlights of the Formula 1 Race at the Baku Grand Prix
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Thank you all.

Thank you all for joining us in this intense duel with an exciting ending, it has been a pleasure to be with all of you. See you all again!
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Ricciardo and Norris can not with Fernando Alonso and say they will not change position by team 
8:28 AM23 days ago


Lance Stroll retires Aston Martin driver was fifteenth in position;
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Fernando Alonso is asked by radio to tighten in search of overtaking Vettel, although it is difficult for the Spanish driver;
8:18 AM23 days ago

Lap 44

Hamilton manages to overtake Gasly even though the Frenchman tried to defend himself with all his might
8:13 AM23 days ago

Lap 40

A duct tape is placed on Tsunoda, as he has a broken rear spoiler.
Source: Formula 1
Source: Formula 1
8:08 AM23 days ago

Hamilton complains of back pain


8:03 AM23 days ago

Lap 37

Hamilton overtakes Tsunoda and moves up to fifth with 15 laps to go 
7:58 AM23 days ago

Lap 34

Virtual safety where Hamilton, Sergio Pé rez, Rusell, Gasli does not stop and Hamilton stops.
7:53 AM23 days ago

Lap 33

Magnussen stops the car and we will see if there is a virtual safety car.
7:48 AM23 days ago

Lap 27

Fernando Alonso passes Magnuseen and now passes his teammate and the Spanish driver is placed in ninth position;
7:43 AM23 days ago

Lap 25

Sebastian Vettel and manages to overtake Ocon this time did not overbrake and retained position;
7:38 AM23 days ago

This was the moment when Leclerc was forced to abandon the project


7:33 AM23 days ago

Lap 21

Engine problems for Leclerc, who has to retire from the race when he was leading the race
7:28 AM23 days ago

Lap 19

For Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc is placed líder of the race 
7:23 AM23 days ago

Lap 18

Lewis Hamilton overtakes Ocon and the Briton moves up to eighth place;
7:18 AM23 days ago

Lap 17

Sergio Pé rez bad stop and leaves just ahead of Russell in third position;
7:13 AM23 days ago

Lap 15

Sergio Pérez lets Max Verstappen pass and the Dutchman takes the lead;
7:08 AM23 days ago

Lap 13

Sebastian Vettel overtakes Ocon, but overbrakes and loses positions 
7:03 AM23 days ago

Here is the moment that Carlos Sainz has left the company


6:58 AM23 days ago

Lap 11

Leclerc, Rusell and several drivers from behind stop, taking advantage of the virtual safety car;
6:53 AM23 days ago

Lap 10

Carlos Sainz goes to the escape due to a failure and there is a virtual safety car;
6:48 AM23 days ago

Lap 9

Max Verstappen continues to press the driver of Monaco to half a second, but for now does not attack;
6:43 AM23 days ago

This was the reason for Latifi's sanction.


6:38 AM23 days ago

Lap 4

Sergio Pé rez escapes, while Max Verstappen approaches Leclerc and also already has DRS
6:33 AM23 days ago

Lap 3

Penalty of 10 seconds to Latifi for not being in position, although it does not affect much as it is penú penú last 
6:28 AM23 days ago

This is how the Mexican driver's overtake went


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51 laps ahead, Sergio Pérez takes the lead over Charles Leclerc
6:18 AM23 days ago

All set

The warm-up lap starts, the first 11 start with medium, behind some with hard and none will start with soft on the tire;
6:13 AM23 days ago

Hamilton vs Rusell

The former world champion will start today from sixth position, while Russell will start fifth and is currently beating Lewis Hamilton;
Source: DAZN
Source: DAZN
6:08 AM23 days ago

Sergio Perez has a lot at stake

The Mexican driver will start ahead of his teammate in the race and already knows what it is like to win in Bakuacute; he achieved it last year and is only 15 points behind the leader, a victory could bring him closer in the fight for the championship.
Source: Fórmula 1
Source: Fórmula 1
6:03 AM23 days ago

Carlos Sainz will go all out, the Spanish driver warns with these statements

The Ferrari driver will start from the fourth position and does not renounce to go out in search of his first victory in a Grand Prix;


5:58 AM23 days ago

This is the starting grid

The first four are the main favorites to win the race, but the Alpha Tauri cars also stand out and will be looking to fight from the start.
5:53 AM23 days ago

Fernando Alonso breaks a record

The Spanish driver becomes the driver with the longest career in Formula 1 with 23 years, 3 months and eight days on the road, surpassing Michael Schumacher;
Source: Fórmula 1
Source: Fórmula 1
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1 hour

In 1 hour the Formula 1 race will start at the Baku Grand Prix, both the preview and the minute by minute of the race can be followed here on VAVEL.
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Where and how to watch Baku Grand Prix?

If you want to watch race GP Baku live on TV, your option is Sky Sport F1

If you want to watch it online,VAVEL is your best option.

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What time is the Formula 1 race at the Baku Grand Prix ?

This is the starting time of the Bakú Grand Prix race;

Argentina: 6:00 AM

Bolivia: 5:00 AM

Brazil: 6:00 AM

Chile: 5:00 AM

Colombia: 4:00 AM

Ecuador: 4:00 AM

USA (ET): 7:00 AM

Spain: 1:00 PM

Mexico: 6:00 AM

Paraguay: 7:00 AM

Peru: 7:00 AM

Uruguay: 8:00 AM

Venezuela: 7:00 AM

England: 12:00 AM

Australia : 21:00 AM

India: 16:30 AM

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Charles Leclerc's sixth pole position of the season

Source: Formula 1
Source: Formula 1
5:28 AM23 days ago

Baku Grand Prix standings

1. Charles Leclerc (141.359)
2. Sergio Pérez (+0.282)
3. Max Verstappen
4. Carlos Sainz
5- George Russell
6- Pierre Gasly
7. Lewis Hamilton
8- Yuki Tsunoda
9. Sebastian Vettel
10. Fernando Alonso
11. Lando Norris
12. Daniel Ricciardo
13. Esteban Ocon
14. Guany Zhou
15. Valtteri Bottas
16. Kevin Magnussen
17. Alexander Albon
18. Nicholas Latifi
19. Lance Stroll
20. Mick Schumacher
5:23 AM23 days ago

FIA wants to cap driver salaries and Verstappen wets his whistle

This has unleashed the wrath of almost all y eso que aú n has not yet reached an agreement, nor expected to affect those who already have a contract in force with the current figures. Some, such as Verstappen and Hamilton, themselves exceed 40, especially the Dutchman, recently renewed until 2028. Max Vestappen said: "From my point of view, it's completely wrong, because I think at the moment, F1 is becoming more and more popular and everyone is making more and more money, including the teams and FOM. Everyone is benefiting.
5:18 AM23 days ago

Sebastian Vettel's future is in the area

Sebastian Vettel is one of the drivers who end contract with his team this season, and the German could choose to leave the premier class once his agreement with Aston Martin ends. Not only have not transcended details about his possible renewal, but his words suggest that perhaps he has finished his career in F1. Vettel, who came to Aston Martin last season with the hope of having a winning car with the new regulations, has encountered a completely different reality.
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Four editions in Fórmula 1 in this Grand Prix, where Valtteri Botyas has the récord of the circuit that achieved itó in the year 2019 with a lap of 1:40.495.

Azerbaijan Grand Prix winners 

2017 Daniel Ricciardo 
2018 Lewis Hamilton
2019 Valtteri Bottas
2021 Sergio Pérez

It should be remembered that no one has won twice on the Bak  street circuit. Although the constructors' triumph has been shared between Mercedes and Red Bull, two victories for each.

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Venue: The race will be held at the Baku street circuit, located in Azerbaijan where the circuit has a length of just over 6 kilometers, this was inaugurated in 2016.

Source; Motor Pasión
Source; Motor Pasión
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Race Preview

The eighth race of the F1 World Championship has arrived at the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan, which will be run on the street circuit of Bakuacute. Max Verstappen is the lí der of the World and seeká defend the lead in this race, only has nine points over Charles Leclerc.
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