Summary and highlights of the Canadian Grand Prix in Formula 1
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Thank you all.

Thank you all for joining us in this intense duel with an exciting ending, it has been a pleasure to be with all of you. See you all again!
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3:42 PM16 days ago

Last lap

Max Verstappen has it if he doesn't miss 
3:37 PM16 days ago

Lap 68

It's business as usual with two laps to go, Carlos Sainz still six laps behind Verstappen but unable to pass
3:32 PM16 days ago

Lap 60

Again overtakes Chalres Leclerc now the other of Alpine to Ocon 
3:27 PM16 days ago

Lap 59

Charles Leclerc takes sixth by overtaking Fernando Alonso 
3:22 PM16 days ago

Lap 57

Pull Carlos Sainz has DRS is getting him into trouble Max Verstappen 
3:17 PM16 days ago

Lap 56

Max Verstappen goes all out and tries to pull to prevent him from not having DRS
3:12 PM16 days ago

Lap 54

On the next lap, the safety car will end and Max Verstappen will be in charge.
3:07 PM16 days ago

This was the moment of the Safety Car


3:02 PM16 days ago

Lap 49

Tsunoda's accident and there is safety car and Carlos Sainz takes advantage of it to stop;
2:57 PM16 days ago

Lap 45

Max Verstappen overtakes Lewis Hamilton and moves into second place;
2:52 PM16 days ago

Lap 44

Max Verstappen stops and starts behind Lewis Hamilton, Carlos Sainz now leads the race.
2:47 PM16 days ago

Lap 42

Bad stop of Charles Leclerc who is put in twelfth position;
2:42 PM16 days ago

Lap 42

Fernando Alonso approaches Charles Leclerc is within DRS distance
2:37 PM16 days ago

Lap 37

Carlos Sainz cuts Max Verstappen and is already less than seven seconds behind;
2:32 PM16 days ago

This is how Norris's disastrous stop went


2:27 PM16 days ago

Lap 29

Fernando Alonso stops and starts in the best position behind Charles Leclerc.
2:22 PM16 days ago

Lap 28

Charles Leclerc tries to overtake Ocon to move into sixth position, but continues to defend the Frenchman;
2:17 PM16 days ago

Lap 24

Now it is Hamilton who overtakes Fernando Alonso and the Briton is already in podium position;
2:12 PM16 days ago

Lap 22

Carlos Sainz passes again Fernando Alonso who has not given him time to stop 
2:07 PM16 days ago

Safety car

Accident of Mick Schumacher and several drivers, including Carlos Sainz and Russell, take advantage of it.
2:02 PM16 days ago

Lap 19

Charles Leclerc continues to make progress and is already one place out of the points;
1:57 PM16 days ago

Lap 16

Max Verstappen is flying; he is five seconds behind Sainz who still hasn't stopped;
1:52 PM16 days ago

Lap 10

Stop Max Verstappen y Lewis Hamilton 
1:47 PM16 days ago

Safety car

Sergio Pérez's car stops and there is a virtual safety car.
1:42 PM16 days ago

This is how Carlos Sainz overtook the car


1:37 PM16 days ago

Vuelta 4

Carlos Sainz overtakes Fernando Alonso and is already in second position;
1:32 PM16 days ago



1:27 PM16 days ago

Lap 3

Carlos Sainz starts to squeeze Fernando Alonso and from now on will have DRS
1:22 PM16 days ago


Good start of all drivers with no changes ahead, Charles Leclerc has gained a position and is already 18th;
1:17 PM16 days ago

Preparation lap

The drivers are already doing the formation lap and warming up the engines before the start of the race.
1:12 PM16 days ago

Otmar Szafnauer on Alonso:

It's great to start on the front row of the grid. We have to have a good first lap and stay out of trouble and manage the tires," he said;
Source: Fórmula 1
Source: Fórmula 1
1:07 PM16 days ago

Sunny weather in Montreal

After qualifying conditions were wet, the race is expected to be completely dry, which is not in Fernando Alonso's best interest.
1:02 PM16 days ago

Max Verstappen could increase his lead over Charles Leclerc, one of the Dutchman's main rivals for the time being.


12:57 PM16 days ago

A hard or medium hard target is the best tire condition for the Canadian GP.

Source: Formula 1
Source: Formula 1
12:52 PM16 days ago

Fernando Alonso's best starting position in the last ten years and warned that he will go out to attack Max Verstappen.


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1 hour

In 1 hour the Formula 1 race will start, both the preview and the minute by minute of the Canadian Grand Prix race can be followed here on VAVEL 
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How to watch Formula 1 at the Canadian Grand Prix ?

f you want to watch race Formula 1 live on TV, your option is DAZN

If you want to watch it on the internet,VAVEL;is your best option.

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What time is the Formula 1 race at the Canadian Grand Prix ?

This is the kickoff time race in several countries:

Argentina: 14:00 AM
Bolivia: 14:00 AM
Brazil: 15:00 AM
Chile: 14:00 AM
Colombia: 13:00 AM
Ecuador: 13:00 AM
USA (ET): 14:00 AM
Spain: 20:00 PM
Mexico: 13:00 AM
Paraguay: 14:00 AM
Peru: 14:00 AM
Uruguay: 14:00 AM
Venezuela: 14:00 AM
England : 19.00 AM
Australia : 04:00 AM

12:32 PM16 days ago

Max Verstappen to start from pole position

The driver from the Netherlands and leader of the World Championship has achieved his second pole position and will start in first position ahead of the Spanish drivers, Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz;


12:27 PM16 days ago

Canadian GP Qualifying

1. Max Verstappen
2. Fernando Alonso 
3. Carlos Sainz 
4. Lewis Hamilton
5. Kevin Magnussen
6. Mick Schumacher
7. Esteban Ocon
8. George Russell
9. Daniel Ricciardo
10. Zhou Guanyu
11. Valtteri Bottas
12. Alexander Albon
13. Sergio Pérez
14. Lando Norris
15. Pierre Gasly
16. Sebastian Vettel
17. Lance Stroll
18. Nicholas Latifi
19. Charles Leclerc
20. Yuki Tsunoda
Fuente: Fórmula 1
Fuente: Fórmula 1
12:22 PM16 days ago

Formula 2 champion Oscar Piastri to race in Formula 1 next year

Otmar Szafnauer, Alpine's sporting director, has confirmed that Oscar Piastri will drive for the team in 2023, as he is currently the reserve driver. It is also rumored that the Australian driver could replace Lafiti at Williams even this year since the Silverstone race;
Source: Motorsport
Source: Motorsport
12:17 PM16 days ago

Charles Leclerc to be penalized with ten positions

The Monaco driver will mount the third electronic control unit of the two that are allowed, which entails a ten-place penalty at the start. Even from the Ferrari team is beginning to see as a possibility to mount a new turbo and this would make him to start from the back of the grid, but avoids penalties in other races;
12:12 PM16 days ago


The record lap of this circuit is held by the German driver, Sebastian Vettel after doing a lap of 1:10.240 in 2019, that time was Vettel in the Ferrari team. 
The winners at the Canadian Grand Prix have been:
1967:Jack Brabham    
1968: Denny Hulme
1969: Jacky Ickx    
1970: Jacky Ickx 
1971: Jackie Stewart    
1972: Jackie Stewart 
1973. Peter Revson    
1974: Emerson Fittipaldi
.1976: James Hunt
1977: Jody Scheckter    
1978: Gilles Villeneuve    
1979: Alan Jones    
1980:Alan Jones 
1981: Jacques Laffite
1982: Nelson Piquet 
1983: René Arnoux    
1984: Nelson Piquet
1985: Michele Alboreto    
1986: Nigel Mansel
1988: Ayrton Senna    
1989: Thierry Boutsen    
1990: Ayrton Senna
1991:Nelson Piquet 
1992: Gerhard Berger    
1993: Alain Prost    
1994: Michael Schumacher    
1995: Jean Alesi    
1996: Damon Hill    
1997: Michael Schumacher 
1998: Michael Schumacher
 1999 - Mika Häkkinen
2000 - Michael Schumacher 
2001: Ralf Schumacher    
2002: Michael Schumacher
 2003: Michael Schumacher 
2004: Michael Schumacher
 2005: Kimi Räikkönen    
2006: Fernando Alonso    
2007: Lewis Hamilton
2008 Robert Kubica
 2010:Lewis Hamilton
 2011:Jenson Button    
2012: Lewis Hamilton
2013: Sebastian Vettel    
2014: Daniel Ricciardo    
2015: Lewis Hamilton
 2016:Lewis Hamilton 
2017: Lewis Hamilton 
2018: Sebastian Vettel
 2019: Lewis Hamilton

Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton are the drivers who have won the most here, both with seven victories. While McClaren is the constructor team that has won the most with a total of 13 just one more victory than the Ferrari team. 

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Venue: The race will be held at the Gilles Villeneuve Circuit, located in the city of Montreal. It was inaugurated on October 6, 1978 and has a capacity for 100,000 spectators. The circuit has 14 turns and a length of 4'361 kilometers.

Source: Sport
Source: Sport
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Race Preview

The ninth race of the F1 World Championship has arrived at the Canadian Grand Prix, which will be run at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. Max Verstappen is the leader of the World Championship and seeks to defend the lead in this race, has 21 points ahead of his teammate, the Mexican driver, Sergio Pé rez.
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