Summary and highlights of the Formula 1 Race in the United States Grand Prix
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3:52 PM5 months ago

Thank you all.

Thank you all for joining us in this intense race with an exciting finish, it has been a pleasure to be with you all. See you all again!
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3:47 PM5 months ago


Norris overtakes Fernando Alonso, who was unable to fight back
3:45 PM5 months ago

Lap 55

Max Verstappen leaves as Fernando Alonso fights back with Norris
3:41 PM5 months ago

This was Alonso's overtaking move to take sixth place


3:40 PM5 months ago

Lap 51

Max Verstappen arrives and overtakes Hamilton even though the Englishman does not get off the ground
3:35 PM5 months ago

Lap 49

Fernando Alonso moves into sixth place after overtaking Mick Schumacher
3:31 PM5 months ago

Lap 47

Ten laps to go, Verstappen within two seconds of Lewis Hamilton 
3:29 PM5 months ago

Lap 46

Norris overtakes Ocon and the Briton already in the hunt for Fernando Alonso
3:26 PM5 months ago

This was the battle between Leclerc and Max Verstappen.


3:25 PM5 months ago

Lap 43

Norris overtakes Zhou and moves into the top position;
3:23 PM5 months ago

Lap 42

Bad stop by Vettel who loses a lot of positions
3:22 PM5 months ago

This has been Red Bull's bad hacking


3:21 PM5 months ago

Lap 39

The Dutchman's time has come if he passes Leclerc in a cost-effective manner.
3:19 PM5 months ago

Lap 38

MazVerstappen overtook Charles Leclerc, but the Monaco driver returned the overtaking;
3:13 PM5 months ago

Lap 36

For Lewis Hamilton who is very close to Max Verstappen 
3:11 PM5 months ago

Lap 35

For Lewis Hamilton who is very close to Max Verstappen 
3:07 PM5 months ago

This was Charles Leclerc's overtake


3:06 PM5 months ago

Lap 30

Charles Leclerc takes third after overtaking Sergio Pérez
3:02 PM5 months ago

Lap 29

Fight between Leclerc and Sergio Pé rez, the one from Monaco overtook, but went long and the Mexican returns to his position.
2:58 PM5 months ago

Lap 26

The race is relaunched without any accident and with little change;
2:53 PM5 months ago

Safety car is running out

The safety car leaves again and Max Verstappen restarts the race.
2:48 PM5 months ago

This was the heavy blow between Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll.


2:43 PM5 months ago

Serious accident

Fernando Alonso and Stroll have a serious accident, the Canadian retires and the Spaniard hangs on although he has had to stop.
2:38 PM5 months ago

Image of Bottas in the gravel

The Finn has caused the Safety Car
Photo: Formula 1
Photo: Formula 1
2:33 PM5 months ago


Bottas accident that will take advantage of Leclerc to stop, Vettel and Fernando Alonso 

2:28 PM5 months ago

Bosex moment

Images of Hamilton, Verstappen and Russell's stop;


2:23 PM5 months ago

Lap 15

Now for bosex Sergio Pérez who starts sixth, but already ahead of Rusell.
2:18 PM5 months ago

Lap 14

Verstappen stops to defend ahead of Stroll and Russell, who serves his five-second penalty, so the Mexican Sergio Pé rez leads the race.
2:13 PM5 months ago

Lap 13

Lewis Hamilton stops at bosex and moves into pole position;
2:08 PM5 months ago

Lap 12

Charles Lelecerc overtakes Sebastian Vettel and moves up to sixth position
2:03 PM5 months ago

Lap 11

Several drivers start to stop, including Bottas and Tsunoda.
1:58 PM5 months ago

How Ferrari reacted after Carlos Sainz's accident


1:53 PM5 months ago

Lap 8

Sergio Pérez has already overtaken both Aston Martins, Vettel and Stroll.
1:48 PM5 months ago

This is the current standings

Photo: Formula 1
Photo: Formula 1
1:43 PM5 months ago

Lap 5

The stewards have decided to sanction Rusell with a five-second penalty after taking Carlos Sainz
1:38 PM5 months ago

This is how Carlos Sainz has been left out of the start of the race


1:33 PM5 months ago

Lap 2

Stroll is third while Mexican Sergio Pé rez has already moved up three positions and is sixth.
1:28 PM5 months ago

Lap 1

Spanish rider abandons after crash with Russell despite pole position
1:23 PM5 months ago


Verstappen overtakes Carlos Sainz and the Spaniard spins after being hit by a bump
1:18 PM5 months ago

All set

Start of the warm-up lap
1:13 PM5 months ago

Minute of silence

Before the start of the race, a minute of silence was observed for the death of Dietrich Mateschitz.
Photo: DAZN
Photo: DAZN
1:08 PM5 months ago

Trouble for Lewis Hamilton's car

Hamilton has had some problem during the lap to go to the grid has had problems and they are changing the discs, we will see what Mercedes does to solve the problem 
1:03 PM5 months ago

Open pit lane

The drivers are already arriving at the starting line to finalize the details before the start of the race.


12:58 PM5 months ago

Sainz vs Verstappen

Carlos Sainz and Verstappen are expected to fight for the victory in the United States Grand Prix. 

Carlos Sainz is looking for his second victory of the season and this will be the third time he starts from pole. The last time he started from pole was in Belgium, where he finished third behind the two Red Bull drivers. Holding pole position on the first lap could be decisive for the Spaniard. 

Max Verstappen, already World Champion, knows that winning the race will give Red Bull the constructors' championship and he will also have the motivation to dedicate the victory to Dietrich Mateschitz, the founder of Red Bull.

12:53 PM5 months ago

Starting grid

This is the starting grid after the last penalties to Ocon who will start from the pitlane and Tsunoda.
Photo: DAZN
Photo: DAZN
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1 hour

In 1 hour the United States Grand Prix will start, both the preview and the minute by minute of the race can be followed here on VAVEL 
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Stay tuned for a live coverage of the United States Grand Prix

In a few moments, we will share with you the live preview of the United States Grand Prix, as well as the latest information from the Circuit of the Americas. Stay tuned for the match with VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage.
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Where and how to watch the United States Grand Prix?

The U.S. Grand Prix race will start at 3:00 PM  and can be followed on ESPN.

However, a good option is to follow it through VAVEL. com.

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What time is the United States Grand Prix?

This is the time the race starts in several countries:

Argentina: 15:00 AM
Bolivia: 15:00 AM
Brazil: 16:00 AM
Chile: 15:00 AM
Colombia: 14:00 AM
Ecuador: 14:00 AM
USA (ET): 15:00 AM
Spain: 21:00 PM
Mexico: 14:00 AM
Paraguay: 15:00 AM
Peru: 15:00 AM
Uruguay: 15:00 AM
Venezuela: 15:00 AM
England : 20.00 AM
Australia : 05:00 AM
India: 00:30 AM

12:28 PM5 months ago

Pole position for Carlos Sainz

Third pole position of the Spanish driver who thanks to a great third sector that allows him to start from the first position ahead of Max Verstappen who will be his main rival in the race, since Leclerc will start 12th after receiving the penalty.


12:23 PM5 months ago

Red Bull founder passed away

 Helmut Marko, founder of Red Bull, has died at the age of 78.  Mateschitz founded Red Bull GmbH in 1984, he was always interested in motorsport and became a patron of F1. In 2004 he took over the Jaguar F1 team and then started Red Bull, to which he later added Toro Rosso on the sporting ashes of Minardi.
12:18 PM5 months ago

Classification result

1. Carlos Sainz

2. Charles Leclerc

3: Max Verstappen

4. Sergio Perez

5. Lewis Hamilton

6. George Russell

7. Lance Stroll.

8. Lando Norris

9.  Fernando Alonso

10.  Valtteri Bottas

11. Alex Albon

12. Sebastian Vettel

13. Pierre Gasly

14. Guanyu Zhou

15. Yuki Tsunoda

16. Kevin Magnussen

17. Daniel Ricciardo

18. Esteban Ocon

19. Mick Schumacher

20. Nicholas Latifi

To this we must apply the penalties to several drivers since Fernando Alonso, Mexican Sergio Perez and Zhou will have five penalty positions while Charles Leclerc 10 positions.

12:13 PM5 months ago

2 pilots to confirm the 2023 grid

Ferrari: Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc

Red Bull: Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez

Mercedes: Lewis Hamilton and George Russell

Alpine: Ocon and Gasly

Alpha Tauri: Tsunoda and Nyck de Vries

Aston Martin: Lance Stroll and Fernando Alonso

Haas: Magnusen and to be confirmed

McLaren: Norris and Piastri

Williams: Albon and to be confirmed

Alfa Romeo: Zhou and Bottas

12:08 PM5 months ago

What does Red Bull need to become constructors' champion?

With Max Verstappen already Formula 1 World Champion, his second and both in a row, Red Bull wants to claim the constructors' championship and could do so here in the United States. Red Bull currently has 619 points while Ferrari has 454 points, a 191-point advantage. Max Verstappen and Mexican Sergio Perez only need to score 26 points between them. If the Red Bull team scores 19 more points than Ferrari, it will be champion. For there to be a fight in the next Grand Prix the Italian team has to score 19 points more than its rival.
12:03 PM5 months ago


Formula 1 has been racing at this circuit since 2012. Although before, the United States Grand Prix was held in other places such as Indianapolis and Phoenix. The winners in Austin have been: 

2012: Lewis Hamilton
2013: Sebastian Vettel
2014: Lewis Hamilton
2015: Lewis Hamilton
2016: Lewis Hamilton
2017: Lewis Hamilton
2018: Kimi Raikkonen
2019: Valtteri Bottas
2021: Max Verstappen

Lewis Hamilton with six wins is the driver who has won the most times at the United States Grand Prix with six wins followed by Michael Schumacher with five wins. While the team that has won the most here has been Ferrari with ten victories. 

11:58 AM5 months ago

Venue: The race will be held at the Circuit of the Americas, located in the city of Austin. This circuit was inaugurated in 2012 and has 20 turns and a length of 5'513 kilometers and a capacity for 150,000 people.

Photo; DAZN
Photo; DAZN
11:53 AM5 months ago

Race Preview

This Sunday will be disputed & aacute; the United States Grand Prix in which comes with the championship already decided, since Max Verstappen was proclaimed world champion in the last Grand Prix, the Japan. Although at stake is the second position in which Sergio Pé rez has 253 points, one more than Charles Leclerc. 
11:48 AM5 months ago

Welcome to VAVEL.COM's LIVE coverage of the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix race.

My name is Manuel Carmona Hidalgo and I will be your antifrión for this match. We will offer you the analysis prior to the match and news here; live from VAVEL.