Summary and best moments of the Italian Grand Prix in Formula 1
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11:03 AM22 days ago

Thank you all.

Thank you all for joining us in this intense race with an exciting finish, it has been a pleasure to be with all of you. See you all again!
10:58 AM22 days ago

Final standings of the Italian Grand Prix

Verstappen, Sergio Pérez and Carlos Sainz on the podium in the final classification of the Italian Grand Prix
10:53 AM22 days ago

Tenth consecutive victory for Max Verstappen

The Dutch driver becomes the driver with the most consecutive wins (10), surpassing Sebastian Vettel.
10:48 AM22 days ago

🏁 Lap 51/51

The team asks the two to run, but without risk, Leclerc will not stop trying until the end.
10:43 AM22 days ago

🏁 Lap 49/51

Ferrari fight between Carlos Sainz and Leclerc, for a podium position;
10:38 AM22 days ago

🏁 Lap 46/51

Checo Pérez overtakes Carlos Sainz and the Mexican is in third position;
10:33 AM22 days ago

🏁 Lap 42/51

Crash between Lewis Hamilton and Piastri, the Australian has damaged the spoiler;
10:28 AM22 days ago

This is how Checo Perez overtook Leclerc in Mexico


10:23 AM22 days ago

🏁 Lap 37/51

Sergio Pérez continues to cut back, the Mexican is 1.5 seconds behind Carlos Sainz
10:18 AM22 days ago

Contact between the two McLarens

Norris and Piastri's touching incident under investigation
10:13 AM22 days ago

🏁 Lap 32/51

Sergio Pérez overtakes Charles Lecerc and the Mexican now has Carlos Sainz in front.
10:08 AM22 days ago

🏁 Lap 31/51

Checo Pérez closes in on Leclerc as he looks to fight for third place
10:03 AM22 days ago

This is how Carlos Sainz overtook Lewis Hamilton


9:58 AM22 days ago

🏁 Lap 29/51

Lewis Hamilton overtakes Fernando Alonso and the Mercedes driver ninth
9:53 AM22 days ago

🏁 Lap 28/51

Carlos Sainz, Checo Pérez and Leclerc overtake Lewis Hamilton who stops in the pits 
9:48 AM22 days ago

🏁 Lap 24/51

9:43 AM22 days ago

🏁 Lap 22/51

Checo Pérez stop exiting just behind the Ferraris 
9:38 AM22 days ago

🏁 Lap 21/51

Checo Pérez is leading the race right now, although he hasn't stopped yet;
9:33 AM22 days ago

🏁 Lap 20/51

Stop Carlos Sainz, Leclerc and Max Verstappen 
9:28 AM22 days ago

This is how Max Verstappen overtook


9:23 AM22 days ago

🏁 Lap 16/51

Verstappen overtakes Sainz and leads the race, while Checo Pérez overtakes Russell 
9:18 AM22 days ago

This was Max Verstappen's attack


9:13 AM22 days ago

🏁 Lap 10/51

The Ferrari driver continues to hold off Max Verstappen, who is also close to Leclerc 
9:08 AM22 days ago

🏁 Lap 8/51

Checo Péz approaches Rusell, Mexican seeks to overtake Mercedes driver
9:03 AM22 days ago

🏁 Lap 6/51

Max Verstappen's first attack and they almost touched.
8:58 AM22 days ago

This is how the start went


8:53 AM22 days ago

🏁 Lap 4/51

Max Verstappen continues to tighten his grip and is four days behind Carlos Sainz
8:48 AM22 days ago


Carlos Sainz holds on at the start and continues to lead, while Sergio Pérez remains 5º
8:43 AM22 days ago

The training lap starts again

The Italian Grand Prix kicks off in no time at Monza
8:38 AM22 days ago

The race has been delayed

Following Tsunoda's accident, it has been decided to wait for him to retire the car before starting the Italian Grand Prix.
8:33 AM22 days ago


Tsunoda retires from the race on the warm-up lap
8:28 AM22 days ago

Warm-up lap

The formation lap of the Italian Grand Prix gets underway
8:23 AM22 days ago

The man on the pole

Carlos Sainz is looking for his second victory in Formula 1 today, do you think he will be able to get it or will Max Verstappen win again?
8:18 AM22 days ago

Drivers already on the grid

In 15 minutes the Italian Grand Prix meeting starts and the drivers are ready to go
8:13 AM22 days ago

Hamilton and Russell at least until 2025 at Mercedes

The two drivers have been announced to have renewed their contract with the German team and will remain with Mercedes until at least 2024 and 2025.
8:08 AM22 days ago

Max Verstappen looks to set a new record

Last week he surpassed Sebastian Vettel by adding nine consecutive victories and will be looking for his tenth in Monza. Something that no one in the history of Formula 1 has ever done.
8:03 AM22 days ago

F1 World Ranking

1. Max Verstappen - 339 points
2. Sergio Perez - 201 points
3. Fernando Alonso - 168 points 
4. Lewis Hamilton - 156 points
5. Carlos Sainz - 102 points 
6. Charles Leclerc - 99 points
7. George Russell - 99 points
8. Lando Norris - 75 points
9. Lance Stroll - 47 points
10. Pierre Gasly - 37 points
11. Oscar Piastri - 36 points
12. Esteban Ocon - 36 points
13. Alexander Albon - 15 points
14. Nico Hulkenberg - 9 points
15. Valtteri Bottas - 5 points
16. Guanyu Zhou - 4 points
17. Yuki Tsunoda - 3 points
18. Kevin Magnussen - 2 points
Nyck De Vries - 0 points
Logan Sargeant - 0 points
Daniel Ricciardo - 0 points
7:58 AM22 days ago

We return

In a few minutes the Formula 1 race will start with the Monza Grand Prix, both the preview and the minute by minute of the race can be followed here on VAVEL.
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Stay tuned to follow the Grand Prix of Italy

In a few moments we will share with you the live preview of the Italian Grand Prix, as well as the latest information from the Monza circuit. Don't miss any detail of the race with VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage.
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How to watch the Formula 1 race at the Italian Grand Prix?

If you want to watch the Italian Grand Prix live on television, your option is ESPN.

If you want to watch it online, VAVEL is your best option.

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What time is the Formula 1 race of the Italian Grand Prix?

This is the start time of the race in several countries:
Argentina: 8:00 AM
Bolivia: 8:00 AM

Brazil: 9:00 AM

Chile: 8:00 AM

Colombia: 7:00 AM

Ecuador 7:00 AM


Spain: 3:00 PM

Mexico: 7:00 AM

Paraguay: 8:00 AM

Peru: 8:00 AM

Uruguay: 8:00 AM

Venezuela: 8:00 AM

England: 13:00 AM

Australia: 22:00 AM

India: 17:30 AM

7:38 AM22 days ago

Fourth pole position for Carlos Sainz

At home of Ferrari the Spanish driver who has made a perfect weekend and has been the fastest has taken the pole, which has snatched it from Max Verstappen by just one tenth. 


The Ferrari driver after taking pole commented that "it has been a very intense qualifying, especially Q3. All three of us went for pole. Since I crossed the finish line, I have goose bumps. Although he explained that the goal "tomorrow is the podium", he sent a message to Max Verstappen: "I will give everything to get the first place".


7:33 AM22 days ago

Italian Grand Prix standings

1. Carlos Sainz 

2. Max Verstappen

3. Charles Leclerc

4. George Russell

5. Sergio Pérez

6. Alexander Albon

7. Oscar Piastri

8. Lewis Hamilton

9. Lando Norris

10. Fernando Alonso 

11. Yuki Tsunoda

12. Liam Lawson

13. Nico Hulkenberg

14. Valtteri Bottas

15. Logan Sargeant

16. Guanyu Zhou

17. Pierre Gasly

18. Esteban Ocon

19. Kevin Magnussen

20. Lance Stroll

7:28 AM22 days ago

The classification of Sergio Perez

The Mexican driver reached Q3, but was not in the fight for pole position today. We remember that yesterday he had an accident in the free practice sessions. Checo could not compete with his teammate or with the two Ferrari drivers, and was even overtaken by Russell. Finally he will start in fifth position and will have Albon's Williams next to him in the third row.
7:23 AM22 days ago

Last winners of the Italian Grand Prix

1950 Giuseppe Farina

1951  Alberto Ascari 

 1952 Alberto Ascari

1953  Juan Manuel Fangio

1954 Juan Manuel Fangio

 1955 Juan Manuel Fangio 

1956 Stirling Moss

1957 Stirling Moss 

 1958 Tony Brooks

1959 Stirling Moss

 1960 Phil Hill

1961 Phil Hill

 1962 Graham Hill

1963 Jim Clark

1964 John Surtees

 1965 Jackie Stewart

 1966 Scarfiotti

1967 John Surtees 

1968 Denny Hulme

1969 Jackie Stewart 

1970 Clay Regazzoni

 1971 Peter Gethin

1972 Emerson Fittipaldi

1973 Ronnie Peterson

1974 Ronnie Peterson 

1975 Clay Regazzoni 

1976 Ronnie Peterson

 1977 Mario Andretti

 1978 Niki Lauda

1979 Jody Scheckter

 1980 Nelson Piquet

1981 Alain Prost B

1982 René Arnoux

1983 Nelson Piquet 

1984 Niki Lauda 

1985 Alain Prost 

1986  Nelson Pique

 1988 Gerhard Berger

1989 Alain Prost

 1990 Ayrton Senna

1991 Nigel Mansell

1992 Ayrton Senna 

1993 Damon Hill

1994 Damon Hill 

1995 Johnny Herbert

1996 Michael Schumacher

 1997 David Coulthard

 1998 Michael Schumacher

 1999 Heinz-Harald Frentzen

2000 Michael Schumacher

2001 Juan Pablo Montoya

 2002 Rubens Barrichello

 2003 Michael Schumacher 

2004l Rubens Barrichello 

2005 Juan Pablo Montoya 

2006 Michael Schumacher 

 2007  Fernando Alonso  

2008 Sebastian Vettel

2009 Rubens Barrichello

 2010 Fernando Alonso 

 2011 Sebastian Vettel 

 2012 Lewis Hamilton

2013 Sebastian Vettel 

2014 Lewis Hamilton

 2015 Lewis Hamilton

2016 Nico Rosberg

2017  Lewis Hamilton 

 2018 Lewis Hamilton 

2019 Charles Leclerc

2020 Pierre Gasly 

2021 Daniel Ricciardo

2022 Max Verstappen


The drivers who have won the most times in this Italian Grand Prix have been Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton, both with five victories. Ferrari, with 19 victories, is the constructor team with the most victories.

7:18 AM22 days ago

The Circuit

The race will be held at the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza, located in the Lombardy region of Italy. It was inaugurated on September 3, 1922 and has 11 turns and a capacity for 11,88865 spectators. The length of the circuit is 5'793 kilometers.
7:13 AM22 days ago

We arrive at Monza, the home of Ferrari.

A week after the Dutch Grand Prix, Max Verstappen's home is now Monza, the home of the Ferraris where they will seek to dethrone the Dutchman. Verstappen arrives in Italy with 339 points, 138 points ahead of the Mexican, Sergio Perez, who is second in the World Championship ahead of Fernando Alonso.
7:08 AM22 days ago

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