Score Montreal Impact - America in 2015 CONCACAF Champions League Final (2-4)
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Congratulations to Club America for a brilliant performance.

There are not enough good things to say about how the Montreal Impact played throughout this tournament.  A gutsy first half wasn't enough to seal the victory as the defense broke down in the second half.

This is Club America's first CONCACAF Champions League title and sixth CONCACAF title.

Club America showed why they are one of the best clubs in North and Central America in the second half with a stunning four goal performance.

The referee blows the whistle for full time.  America wins the game 4-2 and the final 5-3 on Aggregate.

90+2' America dribbles over the end line and out for a Montreal goal kick.

90+1' Foul by Tissot on the wing.  Free kick America.

McInerney slots one home from the top of the box, but it is consolation at this point.  America leads 4-2 (5-3 on Aggregate)


87' Substituion America.  Mares replaces Sambueza.

86' America appears to be letting off the gas and content with holding posession. The squence went into the attacking half and back to the goalkeeper.

85' Substituion AmericaArroyo replaces Peralta.

84' Benetto with a cross from inside the box goes out of play for a Montreal goal kick.

83' Montreal continues to look for goal.  Another hard strike goes right to Munoz.

82' Substitution America. Meduena replaces Quintero.

Benedetto buries a shot from the top of the box.  Nicht had no chance at the save on that one. America leads 4-1 (5-2 on Aggregate)


79' No goal! The ball goes into the back of the net after a save by Nicht, but the assistant referee had his flag up.

79' Substitution Montreal.  Bernier replaces Mallace.

78' Tissot with a great block to end a brilliant passing sequence by America.  Corner kick America.

77' Montreal with a great buildup, but an errant pass by Piatti ends the attack.

76' Another great pass break up by Montreal.  Corner kick America.

75' A great ball by MontrealOduro gets a shot from the edge of the box, but it goes straight to Munoz.

74' America intercepts and breaks the other way.  Martinez gets a shot that rolls wide.

74' Throw in Montreal in the attacking half.

72' Martinez tries a shot from distance that goes just over the bar.  Nicht read it the entire way. Goal kick Montreal.

Montreal is throwing everything they have into this lineup. A defender and a holding midfielder have been replaced by a forward and an attacking midfielder.

71' Substitution Montreal.  Tissot replaces Toia.

69' Yellow Card Montreal.  Oduro is shown the yellow card for a off the ball foul.

The Montreal Impact now need three goals to win the tournament.  A draw will not be good enough as America hold the away goals tiebreaker.

67' Substitution Montreal.  McInerney repalces Donadel.

67' Yellow Card America. Benedetto is shown a yellow card for excessive celebration.

Benedetto taps home a cross in front of goal.  3-1 America (4-2 on Aggregate)


Peralta heads home a floated ball by Quintero.  2-1 America (3-2 on Aggregate)


63' Yellow Card Montreal.  Ciman is shown the yellow card for a professional foul in midfield to stop the attack.

62' Throw in Montreal in the attacking half after a great break from the home side.

Montreal is packing it in at the back.  Oduro is the only player staying forward.  He is the outlet pass to relieve the pressure in the back.

60' Ciman with another clearance as the entry pass comes off America.

America has domintated the opening 15 minutes of the second half.  Whatever was said in the locker room must have sparked this club.

59' Dangerous shot by Benedetto is blocked in the box. The followup shot is collected by Nicht.

58' Oduro taken down from behind.  That was a professional foul on the break.  No card.

57' America with another great chance.  Benedetto plays a ball to space as Nicht comes out.  Ciman is the first one there.

This game is wide open with both teams pushing the attack each time they get the ball.

55' Benedetto tries a shot from outside the box, but it goes well wide.

54' America quickly the other way.  Ciman with a timely breakup play.

53' Foul by America.  Free kick Montreal in the attacking half.

53' The cross on the rebound is cleaned up by the defense.

53' Nicht with a great save at the near post to rob Sambueza

If this score holds, there will be Extra Time.

Benedetto with an amazing scissor volley on the pass by Martinez1-1 tie (2-2 Aggregate)


49' Great Save Nicht!  Benedetto's header is caught on the line.

48' Romero with a nice move in the box, but his cross goes out of play .

47' Reo-Coker finds Oduro for the break, but the linkup with Piatti never happens.  Turnover by Montreal.

47' America sends the ball over the end line.  Goal kick Montreal.

46' America takes the second half kickoff and the gameis back underway.

Kristian Nicht hasn't really been tested yet, but has looked poised and ready whenever he has been called upon.

Both teams are playing with purpose in this one.  America has an impressive 84% pass completeion rate, which goes with the possession.  But it is Montreal's astounding 72% that is driving this game. 

America is dominating possession once again with 67%, but the defense in the final third is keeping them off the score sheet.

America leads Montreal on shots so far, 7-6, but Montreal has two on target and a goal.

The whistle sounds for halftime.  Montreal leads 1-0 (2-1 on Aggregate)

45+2'  Peralta tries a last second long shot, but it goes high.

45+2' Piatti quickly the other way.  He gets taken down on the wing, but no foul is called.

45+2' A very dangerous entry pass by America nearly leads to close range attempt, but Ciman is there to clear it.

45+1' Piatti hangs onto the ball too long and the attack breaks down.

45' Great punch by Nicht to clear the danger.  Montreal quickly the other way.

45' Foul by Montreal on the throw in.  Free kick America on the wing.

44' Reo-Coker saves one for the end line.  Throw in America near the corner flag.

43' Foul by America on the free kick.  Ciman goes down on the challenge and is slow to get up.

43' Foul by Reo-Coker in the attacking half.  Sambueza goes down near the touch line.

42' Montreal cuts out another pass as America attempt to move up the field. Thorow in America in the attacking half.

40' The free kick goes wide of goal.

40' Foul by Duka on Aguilar.  Free kick America just outside the box.

39' Ciman's free kick sails harmlessly wide. Goal kick America.

38' Piatti is taken down again by Guerrero.  Free kick Montreal in the attacking half.

Tempers flare after the last foul.  Romero and Martinez get into it following the play.  This could get chippy quickly.

36' Yellow Card Montreal. Romero is shown the card for an argument.

36' Yellow Card America. Martinez is shown a yellow card for an argument.

36' Foul by Martinez on Romero.

36' Montreal on the attack again, Oduro's cross is head out. 

35' Turnover by Montreal and the ball is headed back the other way.

35' Donadel's free kick is head out for a Montreal corner.

34' Yellow Card AmericaAguilar is shown the yellow card for a professional foul on Oduro on the break.  Free kick Montreal in the attacking half.

33' Another entry ball by America is cut out by Ciman.

32' Benedetto tries a shot from distance, but it goes wide. Goal kick Montreal.

31' The attack breaks down as Duka runs into traffic.

31' America with another turnover and Montreal breaks quickly. 

30' Duka and Piatti work a quick one two passing sequence. Piatti's shot goes wide of goal.

29' Foul by Montreal on the wing.  Free kick America in the defensive half.

28' Donadel's free kick goes off the wall and out of play for a Montreal throw in.

28' Yellow Card AmericaGuerrero is shown the yellow card for a professional foul.  Free kick Montreal near the top of the box.

25' Quintero's free kick doesn't lead to a scoring chance.

25' Yellow Card Montreal. Soumare is shown the card for a professional foul.Free kick America in the attacking half.

25' Piatti taken down in the box while scrambling for the rebound.  Not call.

25' Piatti wide open in the box the other way, but he takes too long and Munoz closes him down. 

24' Another brillaint sequence by America breaks down at the top of the box.

23' Donadel with another foul in the open field.  That's his third roughfoul thisgame.

23' Throw in America, as Ciman breaks up the play and heads it out.

22' Quintera takes a short corner.  Nicht collects the entry pass easily.

22' Donadel breaks up a play at the top of the box and sends it out for corner kick.

20' The corner kick is taken low towards the top of the box. Donadel is the first one there to clear for Montreal.

20' The free kick is well taken, but Ciman heads it out for an America corner kick.

19' Foul on Sambueza by Donadel. Free kick America on the wing.

19' A great squence from America, but one bad pass from Quintero and the play breaks down.

17' Throw in America in the attacking half.  The set piece works nicely, but the attempt is headed right to Nicht.

16' Ciman's strike goes by the wall and out of play for a goal kick.  That appeared to be headed out by America.

16' Foul by America on Mallace outside the box.  Free kick Montreal from a dangerous position.

15' Foul by America near midfield.  Free kick Montreal.

13' Stoppage in play as Donadel goes down with an injury.

13' A great set piece by AmericaPeralta's shot goes off the crossbar and out. Mallace with the clearance.

12' Foul by Donadel.  Free kick America in the attacking half.

11' America is looking for a way forward, but Montreal is always there to cut it out. 

With the goal, Montreal leads 2-1 on Aggregate.

Piatti finds Romero in the box.  A quick sequence of dribbles and Romero scores an early stunner for Montreal.


7' Reomero with a dangerous cross is clear out by Aguilar.

6' Alvarado recieves the ball at the near post, but heads it out.  Throw in Montreal.

6' Ciman cuts out a dangerous pass to Benedetto. Corner kick America.

5' Quintero takes down Piatti, but advantage is played.  Montreal gives it away.

5' Piatti finds Oduro on the wing, but the return pass is too strong and goes out for an America goal kick.

3' A poor cleareance leads to a Montreal throw in the attacking half.

3' Donadel's free kick is cut out short, but Montreal retain possesion.

3' Foul by Aguilar on Oduro.  Free kick Montreal on the wing.

2' The ball is played to the near post, but the attempt goes wide.  Montreal goal kick.

2' America earns a corner.

1' A quick ball out of play leads to an America throw in in the defensive half.

1' Montreal has taken the opening kickoff and the game is underway.

The teams are making their way onto the field for the pregame ceremonies.

The Montreal Impact do not appear to be the massive underdogs like they were in leg one.  Many MLS writers and staff have picked them to win this game. 

Impact fans are fully committed to supporting their new keeper Kristian Nicht.  They are emphatically cheering him on throughout warmups. 

Club America will again be playing the 4-4-2, this time with Ventura Alvarado starting at center back.  Oribe Peralta, the lone goal scorer for America in game one, has been added to the starting lineup as well.

Nigel Reo-Coker will be playing right back tonight as Montreal line up in the familiar 4-2-3-1.  Marco Donadel will fill his role in midfield.  The remained of the lineup remains unchances.

More than the trophy, the pride of Mexico is on the line.  Only Mexican teams have lifted the CCL trophy since the tournament was founded in 2008. 

The CONCACAF Champions League trophy is the only one that Club America is missing from their cabinet.  The 12 time Mexican champions and 5 time Mexican Cup winners have been shut out in CCL so far.

Both teams are on the pitch warming up with kickoff coming within the next 45 minutes.

Ventura Alvarado is a name many USMNT fans will recognize.  He made an impact in the Mexico friendly earlier this month in a solid defensive showing.

It appears the Cabrera and Camara are not healthy enough to go.  The Montreal Impact have elected to start three defenders.  It is possible that Marco Donadel or Calum Mallace could fill in at right back tonight. 

Club America starting XI: Munoz, Aguilar, Aguilar, Alvarado, Samudio, Martinez, Sambueza, Guerrero, Quintero, Peralta, Benedetto

Montreal Impact starting XI: Nicht, Toia, Soumare, Ciman, Romero, Donadel, Reo-Coker, Mallace, Duka, Piatti, Oduro

Starting lineups have been announced.

With an hour and a half before kickoff, fans are crowding into Olympic Stadium for the match.  Frank Klopas asked for the building to be rocking well before kickoff and the fans have responded.

Even Toronto FC, Montreal's most bitter rival, has thrown in their support for the match.

Social media is blowing up with the tag #MLS4Montreal.  The entire Major League Soccer family is stepping up to support the Impact.  A win on the field is a win for the league.

If neither right back is capable of starting, Eric Miller is the likely replacement.  When Camara went down injured in the second half of leg one, it was Miller who filled in and had an excellent showing.

Victor Cabrera and Hassoun Camara are both questionable for the starting lineup heading into tonight's match.  Both have been limited in training this week with leg injuries. 

Finishing chances has to be the number one goal for Club America.  Their team is better than the Impact on paper and they dominated the first leg.  Converting the missed opportunities into goals will surely bury the home side.

As they have done throughout the knockout rounds, the Impact are expected to play a defense first game and look for opportunities to strike quickly on the counter.  With Dilly Duka, Ingacio Piatti, and Dominic Oduro ready to pounce on any opportunity, Montreal has perfected their recipe for success.

Unlike other FIFA regions, CONCACAF  does not allow the away goals rule to determine an extra time winner. If the teams end regulation tied, the away goals tiebreaking is no longer in effect.  In other regions, if the visitors were to score in ET, the home side would need to win outright to win the series.  To keep things fair, CONCACAF sends the teams to penalty kicks if the draw remains after the extra 30 minutes.

If tonight's matchup were to end in a 1-1 draw, extra time would be needed to decide a winner. 

Club America would love two quick goals in this game to put the pressure on the home side.  Taking the road goal advantage early and forcing Montreal to win the game outright is the easiest out for the Liga MX club.

To win tonight's game, the Montreal Impact will need another stellar defensive perfomance from the entire squad.  Keeping Club America from scoring two is the clearest path to a positive result.

Besides the first CCL trophy for either club, a place in the Club World Cup is on the line for these teams.  Each year, the best club teams from around the world compete in this exhibition tournament to be held in Japan.

Club America is looking for their first Champions League trophy as well, but more importantly, they are looking to keep the streak of Mexican dominance alive.  Since CONCACAF switched their premier championship to this format in 2008, a Liga MX club has won it each time.

Montreal is aiming to become the first Canadian and first Major League Soccer team to win the CONCACAF Champions League tournament.  In 2011, Real Salt Lake made it to the finals but was unable to secure the first championship for MLS.

Tonight’s game will be held in Olympic Stadium in Montreal.  It is the larger of the two venues the Impact call home and will house more than 61,000 fans tonight.

Kristian Nicht, might not have a lot of experience with the team, but he isn't a complete outsider either.  Nicht was brought in for the 2015 preseason for a trial with the Impact and knows the members of the squad fairly well.

Queue Kristian Nicht. The Montreal Impact quickly worked out a loan deal with Indy Eleven for the 33 year old veteran keeper. Nicht, who spent the majority of his career in first and second tier Germany, should be an able replacement for Bush despite his lack of experience with the team.

As expected, the yellow card appeal failed. Overturning a Time Wasting call is very rare as the entire decision hinges on a judgement call by the lead official. A loan announcement was imminent.

The unfortunate turn of events sparked instant rumors on social media with suggestions and theories about a replacement for Evan Bush. Nick Rimando's name was instantly thrown into the ring as a potential one week loan to fill in, but the links to Sean Johnson of the Chicago Fire carried the most weight. Apparently the Impact did inquire about his services, but the price was too high.

Maxime Crépeau is the third keeper on the Impact roster for 2015, but the 20 year old has yet to see first team minutes.

Despite the unexpected scoreline and epic defensive performance, Montreal was left with one major issue following the game. Goalkeeper Evan Bush was shown a late yellow card for time wasting on an apparent injury and will miss tonight's matchup. With backup keeper Eric Kronberg cup tied to Sporting Kansas City, Montreal was stuck waiting on an appeal, looking for a replacement or starting their third string keeper.

Early in the second half, Club America could have seen a red card for a late, studs up tackle that raked Ignacio Piatti's thigh, but Rodriguez saw nothing wrong with the challenge and let the game continue without a foul call. A moment later, with Piatti still down, he halted play for medical attention. According to the rules, play should only be stopped for injury when their is a natural stoppage of play or for a head injury. Neither condition applied.

Montreal had their share of grievances with the officiating as well. Just before halftime, Dominic Oduro was away with only the goalkeeper to beat, but was dragged down by the jersey. The clear DOGSO incident was punished with a yellow card instead of a red. The corner earned from the free kick was not allowed although the entire minute of added time was spent sorting out the foul and setting up the free kick.

Club America's Michael Arroyo appeared to have the equalizer midway through the first half, but was flagged for offsides. If he was indeed offsides, it was by inches and far to close to be a definitive call. When the call is that close, the benefit of the doubt usually favors to attacking player, not the defensive line.

In typical CONCACAF fashion, the first leg was not without controversy either. Honduran referee Henry Rodriguez and his crew made several decisions that left fans scratching their heads and diving for the rulebooks.

With the impressive team effort on defense, Montreal's man of the match had to be Evan Bush. The goalkeeper recorded eight saves in the first leg and robbed Club America of several goals that would have gone in against most keepers.

Oribe Peralta's headed equalizer came in the 89th minute from a set piece. The late payoff for all the chances created was a needed consolation prize for one of the best teams on the continent.

Ignacio Piatti scored the early goal for the Montreal Impact, but the entire attacking core deserves credit. The quick passing sequence opened up the field for Montreal and made the home side look out of position and a step slow.

Club America must feel they let the series get away from them in the first leg. After controlling nearly 70% of the possession, sending in 38 crosses, and getting 28 shots away, getting a single goal is a dismal result. A multiple goal aggregate lead heading to Montreal would have been a huge relief and likely enough to earn the championship. The Impact have not scored more than two goals in a game in 2015.

In the first leg, Montreal earned an astounding draw in Estadio Azteca to take a road goal and level aggregate scoreline away from one of the toughest venues around the world. The extremely hostile crowd and intense elevation appeared to have no effect on the visitors as they found an early goal and settled into a brilliant team defensive effort.

Vavel USA will be bringing you live coverage and updates throughout the day as both teams prepare for the showdown to decide the winner of North and Central America's most prestigious club tournament.

Hello and welcome to Vavel USA's live coverage of the CONCACAF Champions League Final second leg between the Montreal Impact of Canada and Club America of Mexico.