New Zealand - United States Live Score and Result of 2015 FIFA U-20 World Cup (0-4)
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Until then, my name is Matthew Evans. Thank you for joining us here at VAVEL USA. Good night!

Join us again bright and early on Friday morning as we bring you more live coverage of the United States Men's U-20 National Team. We will have live coverage of USA vs Ukraine starting at Midnight ET.

Our VAVEL USA Man of the Match is Cameron Carter-Vickers. He played a great game both offensively and defensively on the night. Congratulations to CCV.

The United States is into the knockout round!

Full Time: United States 4, New Zealand 0

90+3': There is the final whistle.

90+2': Arriola takes a bouncing shot that goes wide of the net.

90+1': Steffen makes the catch on a shot late.

Score Update: Ghana 3, Argentina 2

90+1': Two minutes of stoppage time

90': Monty Patterson tries a long range effort that sails over the bar.

89': Zack Steffen collides with Stuart Holthusen in the six-yard box. Both players are back on their feet.

89': No sign of slowing down for the United States here in the final few minutes.

87': Tommy Thompson looks to play in one of the runners but the ball is put into the wrong direction.

86': United States Sub: Marco Delgado (Out), Joel Sonora (In)

86': SAVE! Requejo is played in behind the defense, his shot is blocked by the shoulder of Oliver Sail.

84': United States Sub: Rubio Rubin (Out), John Requejo (In)

83': GOAL!!!! RUBIO RUBIN!!!! Payne plays a ball in that takes a deflection, it falls into the Bermuda Triangle between the goalkeeper and centerbacks. Rubin sneaks in to tap the ball home. 4-0 USA

Score Update: Ghana 3, Argentina 1

82': New Zealand Sub: Noah Billingsley (Out), Stuart Holthusen (In)

81': SAVE! Zack Steffen gets down to palm out a shot from Noah Billingsley. The ball is out for a corner.

79': The corner is played to the backpost where Tuiloma gets a head on it but it is just wide.

78': Corner coming for New Zealand.

78': Steffen is called into action as Patterson puts a shot in that is easy blocked by the American goalkeeper.

76': MISS! Moses Dyer fires a low shot that is just wide.

76': Arriola goes down in the box looking for a penalty but nothing doing.

74': A high looping shot from Moses Dyer is an easy catch for Zack Steffen.

73': Two big blocks by the New Zealand defense. Adam Mitchell makes two huge blocks to keep the margin at 3-0.

72': The fans are doing "The Wave"

71': Deklan Wynne looks to make a run down the wing but his first touch is too far ahead of him and out for a throw-in.

Score Update: Ghana 3, Argentina 0

70': Patterson makes a run down the wing. His low cross to cleared by Cameron Carter-Vickers.

67': The United States continues to push forward. Arriola attempts to cross into the middle but it is deflected out for a corner. The corner is floated in to Miazga but his header is out for a goal kick.

66': MISS! Hyndman and Zelalem work a one-two that ends up falling to Arriola but his shot is over the crossbar.

64': MISS! Rubin fires a shot from 25 yards out that just hooks wide of the near post.

63': New Zealand Sub: Joel Stevens (Out), Andrew Blake (In). United States Sub: Bradford Jamieson (Out), Tommy Thompson (In)

62': A chance there from New Zealand, the ball is caught up in Monty Patterson's feet and he cannot get the shot off.

62': Tommy Thompson is getting ready to come into the match.

Score Update: Ghana 2, Argentina 0

61': The United States starting to hold possession in the New Zealand zone.

59': New Zealand pushing forward quickly. Cameron Carter-Vickers with a big clearance to cut out the good look at goal for New Zealand.

57': GOAL!!!! PAUL ARRIOLA!!!! He finally gets his moment. Arriola is played in by Zelalem, he turns and fires the shot that kisses off the far post and into the net. 3-0 USA

55': MISS! Rubin plays a ball in front to Arriola but the ball is behind the intended target. Sail gathers the ball.

53': Jesse Edge plays Joel Stevens down the wing. He slices his crossing attempt well over the bar and out for the goalkick.

52': Miazga gets a head on the corner. Billingsley whiffs on a clearance chance, Miazga with an off-balanced shot that rolls wide of the far post.

52': Payne feeds a ball in to Zelalem who takes a shot that is deflected out for another corner.

50': Desevio Payne is down after taking a boot to the leg. He will be okay.

49': WOW! Zelelam with a cheeky nutmeg to get the ball to Jamieson. Jamieson gets a shot that is knocked out for a corner. The corner comes in and is headed to the backpost. Arriola fires a volley that Sail gets a boot to.

48': SAVE! Rubio Rubin looking for space in a 1-on-2 situation. He finds a lane and fires a shot that Sail gets down the stop.

47': New Zealand is starting to press very high in the American zone.

46': We are underway in the second half. A close call there as the ball was played back to Steffen, he just got the ball away before the crashing New Zealand player arrived.

HT: New Zealand Sub - Matt Ridenton (Out), Monty Patterson (In)

The United States are outshooting New Zealand 14-3 after the first 45 minutes.

We will be right back after a short break.

HALFTIME: United States 2, New Zealand 0

45+1': The referee blows the halftime whistle

44': Zelalem looks to play Arriola in space but the defense is equal to the pass.

Score Update: Ghana 1, Argentina 0

42': Delgado is called for a handball as New Zealand looked to spring a counter.

41': New Zealand plays a corner that finds Billingsley but his header is cleared away from the post by Arriola.

39': Rubin gets the ball on a poor giveaway by the New Zealand defense. He takes the ball on the counterattack to the box, pulls back, looks to play the ball to an open runner but it is stopped by the defense.

38': Carter-Vickers takes a shot on a venture forward. The ball was right at Sail who made the easy save.

36': New Zealand's manager telling his players that they have to want to find the ball. The crowd is very quiet making those intructions very clear.

35': The United States is the superior team in this match. That last scoring sequence showed why. Dominant in the air and on the ground from the long ball

34': Yellow Card - Moses Dyer

33': GOAL!!!!! EMERSON HYNDMAN!!!! Zack Steffen played a ball into the offensive zone. Jamieson flicks the ball into the path of Rubin. Sail comes off his line but the ball bounces back to Hyndman who does not miss into the empty net. 2-0 USA

33': New Zealand with a spell of pressure but they cannot get a shot away.

32': SAVE! Bradford Jamieson opens up some space before firing a curling shot that is caught by Sail.

30': Rubin takes his man one-on-one and fires a shot to the near post that just sails over the crossbar.

29': A very dumb foul committed by Payne there to earn the yellow card. The United States with two of their back four on a yellow card.

29': Yellow Card - Desevio Payne

27': His shot is a little too far over the crossbar. A goal kick coming for the United States.

26': A very dangerous free kick coming from about 25 yards out with a slight angle left. Tuiloma is lining up a shot.

26': Yellow Card - Matt Miazga

24': MISS! Acosta plays a low ball in to the near post. Jamieson gets on the end of it but his deflection hits Rubin, also making a near-post run, and rolls out for a goal kick.

23': New Zealand is starting to hold some sustained possession.

22': We are getting word that the first goal is being credited to Rubio Rubin.

21': Yellow Card - Clayton Lewis

20': Zack Steffen comes off his line to punch a floated ball into the box. He stays down for a moment but the defense is able to clear.

19': The "All-Whites" chant going around the stadium. Fans trying to give their team a lift.

19': New Zealand looked to spring a counterattack but the distribution pass is poor. The United States gains possession.

17': Rubin is down after a clash of heads. He takes a few deep breaths and is back up on his feet.

16': The United States is not afraid to shoot from distance. They have had at least five shot attempts from beyond the 18-yard box.

15': SAVE!!! Oliver Sail with a big save off the shot from Cameron Carter-Vickers. The corner found CCV wide open but his curling shot was saved by the keeper.

14': MISS! Arriola tries again from distance but it is deflected out for a corner kick.

13' MISS! Payne plays a ball to the near post that Hyndman gets a head on but the shot is wide.

13': New Zealand looks to play in Billingsley but he is just offside.

11': The free kick is headed around the box. It comes out to Hyndman who plays a pass to Delgado. He crosses to the back post but Sail comes off his line to make the save.

11': Hyndman draws a foul around midfield.

8': Delgado fires a shot from distance that just rolls past the post for the United States. The USA is starting to dominate this match.

7': Dangerous play on the other end as Zack Steffen is caught out of his box with possession, he makes a nice move on the pressuring New Zealand forward before clearing the ball.

6': GOAL!!!! The corner comes across to Carter-Vickers, his header hits the crossbar before falling to Bradford Jamieson who fires a low shot into the far corner. 1-0 USA

6': SAVE! Paul Arriola strikes a ball from distance that is punched out by Sail.

5': Hyndman shows some great vision with a beautiful ball across the field to Desevio Payne but the cross is cut out.

4': Corner kick coming to the United States. Hyndman's corner is cleared by the defense.

3': New Zealand looks to play Lewis down the wing again, this time it is Miazga to make the defensive play.

2': New Zealand with an early chance. Clayton Lewis takes a ball out on the wing, he plays a low ball in to the feet of Billingsley but Cameron Carter-Vickers is there to make the big tackle to prevent a scoring chance.

1': We are underway! The United States is moving from left-to-right on your keyboard.

The United States will be wearing all-blue tonight while New Zealand will be in all-white.

15 minutes to kickoff.

Courtesy of @ussoccer_ynt

The crowd is starting to fill in at th North Harbour Stadium in Auckland. It is going to be a fun atmosphere tonight.

Both nations are out on the field for pre-game warmups.

A few changes for Tab Ramos, the biggest inclusion being Gedion Zelalem with the start for the United States.

Here is the starting eleven for the United States: (4-2-3-1): Steffen; Payne, Miazga, Carter-Vickers, Acosta; Delgado, Hyndman; Zelalem, Arriola, Jamieson; Rubin

Here is the starting eleven for New Zealand:

Courtesy of @NZ_Football

Rain and wind are in the forecast for tonight's match. The rain is expected to let up around halftime but the wind will be a factor.

Austria defeats Panama 2-1 on the night. Panama will have some work to do in their Group B finale.

Look at the rain coming down on the pitch ahead of United States and New Zealand.

Courtesy of @NZ_Football

Wow, Panama is reduced to nine men. Two red cards in the span of two minutes.

We should be seeing the lineups in about 25 minutes or so. Will Tab Ramos make any changes to his eleven?

The United States U-20 Men's National Team has arrived at the stadium!

Courtesy of @ussoccer_ynt

If you would like to watch the rest of Panama-Austria flip it over to Fox Sports 2. We will be back in a few minutes with more coverage ahead of New Zealand-United States.

Austria scores! A beautiful cross and header to give the Europeans a 2-1 lead.

Some nasty challenges in the first few minutes of the second half in the Panama and Austria game. Each teach has had a player limp off the field in the first four minutes.

There is one match going on right now. Panama and Austria are level at one after 45 minutes of play.

Ukraine takes over the top spot in the group. The United States can only regain the top spot with a win tonight.

Ukraine scored six goals in the second half for a 6-0 win over Myanmar earlier on Tuesday. Viktor Kovalenko scored twice with goals added by Roman Yaremchuk, Valeriy Luchkevych, Eduard Sobol, and Artem Besyedin

The other two nations from Group A have played their second match already and it was not even close.

How will the United States handle the hostile environment of the North Harbour Stadium today? Will they have a better showing today? A win will lock them into the knockout round before their match with Ukraine on Friday.

The biggest key to the match for New Zealand will be to convert their chances early. They will have about 25,000 people in their corner, keep the crowd in the game for as long as possible. If New Zealand can get another draw, they still leave open the possibility of winning the group with a big over Myanmar in their final match.

It was also the tenth match overall for New Zealand at the U-20 World Cup, they have an overall record of 0 wins, three draws, and seven losses with a minus-11 goal differential.

That draw for New Zealand snapped a three match losing streak for the U20s including losses to Qatar as well as Honduras and Austria in pre-World Cup friendlies.

New Zealand is the opponent for today’s match, they are sitting in a tie for second place with Ukraine after the two nations drew 0-0 in their first match.

Defender Kellyn Acosta added that he thinks the team needs to “come out flying with more energy off the start.” That is a very good observation as Myanmar really took the match to the Americans in the first ten minutes and were rewarded with a goal from the pressure.

The United States does have a history of performing well in the FIFA U-20 World Cup. Their winless performance in 2013 was the first time they had no won a game in the competition since their first appearance in 1981. They had a great stretch between 2003 and 2007 when they won their group in each of those competitions.

Manager Tab Ramos was not impressed with what he saw from his team in their 2-1 win. “They [Myanmar] fought hard and they made us play ugly, and it was difficult for us,” said Ramos in a postmatch interview with He went on to add, “I’m happy with the win and I know that we have to improve a lot if we’re going to do well in the tournament.”

That is how the match would end with the United States earning all three points. The United States led in the major stat categories with 58% possession and eight shots on target (14 overall).

Six minutes later though, Hyndman would get on the scoresheet following a great counterattack led by Rubio Rubin. The ball was quickly cleared from the American penalty area to Rubin who brought the ball forward on a 2-v-3 counterattack. He drew all of the defenders to him which opened up a lane for Hyndman to burst into the box. Rubin passed the ball into the path of Hyndman who fired a low shot far post to give the Americans the 2-1 lead.

Hyndman had a golden chance in the 50th minute to give the Americans the lead. Real Salt Lake midfielder Jordan Allen floated a cross through the area that somehow fell to Hyndman in the six-yard box. With his back to goal, the Fulham midfielder attempted a cheeky backheel but Myanmar keeper Myo Min Latt was equal to the challenge.

It would take just eight minutes for the United States to equalize, their first goal coming off of a set piece as well. Team captain Emerson Hyndman floated a ball to the near post which Carter-Vickers flicked on towards the far post. The ball fell to Red Star FC forward Maki Tall who hit an acrobatic half-volley to level the score at one after just 17 minutes.

Myanmar took a shocking lead in the ninth minute off of a corner kick. The set piece was played in towards the near post where American goalkeeper Zack Steffen attempted to come off his line for a punch. His defenders, however, did not clear a path for the goalkeeper and the ball fell amongst a mass of humanity at the near post. After a scramble, it would be Yan Naing Oo to poke the ball into the net right between the post and defender Cameron Carter-Vickers of Tottenham Hotspur.

The United States is sitting top of the group (at time of publication) after beating surprise entrant Myanmar in their first match by a score of 2-1 at the Northland Events Centre in Whangarei last Saturday afternoon (Friday evening back in the United States).

Nothing better than getting your day started or, in some cases on the West Coast, finished with some good soccer.

Good morning and welcome to VAVEL USA’s live coverage of the FIFA U-20 World Cup from New Zealand. Today we come to you from the North Harbour Stadium in Auckland for a Group A match between the hosts New Zealand and the United States. My name is Matthew Evans and I will be your host for today’s match.