Score Germany - Ivory Coast 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup (10-0)
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Thanks for joining me for this match, I've been Liam McMahon. I'll be around all tournament to provide LIVE coverage, so keep checking back with VAVEL USA for the latest Women's World Cup coverage. Goodbye for now.

Meanwhile, this a hugely disappointing result for the Ivory Coast. I'm certain that they'll search for positives to take away from this match, but they will have to search far and wide to find any.

Great performance from Germany, they're well deserving of their victory. Not only were they well worth the victory, but they entrenched themselves as one of the favorites to win this tournament. 

90+4' And there is the final whistle. Germany wins 10-0!

90+3' Popp goes down under a heavy challenge. That was probably a penalty, but no one wants to call anything in favor of the Germans at this stage of the match.

90+2' Goeßling takes a corner kick short and then whips in a cross that Thiamale claims awkwardly.

90+1' Clock slowly ticking down now

Three additonal minutes coming.

90' Diakite down now, and she'll need treatment. Hope there's nothing seriously wrong there.

89' Mittag tackled in the box again, she was looking for her fourth goal.

88' Popp is in on goal again but this time the flag comes up as she is offside.

86' Yellow Card Nahi (Ivory Coast)

85' GOAL GERMANY! Mittag is hacked down and the Germans have a dangerous free kick here that Popp takes and bends inside the side netting at the far post. Now she has gotten here goal. Lovely take, and it's 10-0. One goal away from tieing the record for most lopsided score ever in a Women's World Cup match.

83' Apologies, forgot to say tha N'Guessan had been subbed on earlier. 

82' Petermann in on goal but her touch let her down there. Disappointing for her.

81' Ivory Coast nearly picked up a goal there themselves as Koko N'Guessan put a header just over the bar. Angerer made a mess of a ball into the box, but N'Guessan could only float her header over the bar.

80' Everyone wants to get on the score sheet now for the Germans.

79' GOAL GERMANY! And it's another substitute on the scoresheet, this time it's Melanie Behringer! She picks up the pieces off a corner kick and uncorks a vicious volley from inside the box. 9-0 now. 

78' You do wonder now if they had kept Sasic on the field how many goals Germany could have scored.

76' It's a little bit hard not to feel bad for the Ivory Coast here. It must be disappointing to have a result like this in your Women's World Cup debut.

75' Petermann now plays creator to make it 8-0! It's a subtitute combination as Petermann makes a great run to the byline before crossing to Daebritz. Lovely goal.


71' GOAL GERMANY! And now it's Laudehr getting on the score sheet! She has been all over the place today, creating a catalogue of chances for her teammates, and now she gets one of her own. 7-0.

70' Popp looks like she'll be coming out soon. Coulibaly enters the book.

69' Diakite whips in a ball that is claimed easily by Angerer.

68' Due to the constant fouling from the Ivorians, there's just been no flow to this second half. It's been disappointing. Corner coming for the Ivory Coast.

66' Elloh now is the one going into the book. She seems to want this match to end.

65' The Fox Sports television coverage is informing us that the turf is 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

63' GOAL GERMANY! Well that is a completely self-inflicted wound. Dreadful defending sees the defence present the ball to Mittag on a platter and she calmly finished her 1v1 chance. 6 goals now, shared evenly by two players.

62' Goeßling nearly scored an Olimpico there. Beautiful corner kick that.

60' Mittag with a decent chance at a flicked header, but it goes wide. Pretty boring second half so far.

59' Elloh whistled for yet another foul. How long until she gets in serious trouble?


57' Always interesting when you get a couple of strange bounces on the artificial turf...

56' Germany with a set piece from 45 yards out, and no one challenged the ball in the air. It fell to Popp eight yards out, but her shot was right at Thiamale. Good stop.

54' Mittag should have had her hat trick. Laudehr with another superb run down the right wing, and after getting to the by-line she whipped a ball back across the face of goal. Mittag got her foot on the ball, but the strike sliced wide of the mark.

53' Diakite with a foul on Angerer. The striker challenged the keeper in the air, and she went down hard. The ball trickled into the net, and the Ivorian fans erupted before the referee blew the whistle to give the foul.

52' Nahi whistled for another foul. Frustration creeping into the play of the Ivorians.


50' Mittag with a dangerous cross in towards Popp that is cleared out for a corner by Aguie.

49' Diakite with a strong challenge on Maier and she is penalized for it.

47' Elloh goes down easily in the box looking for a penalty but nothing is given. Meanwhile, Popp is down after talking a kick to the back of her calf. She steps off the field to receive treatment.

46' Krahn whistled for an early foul, and the Ivorians try and fail to ignite an attack.


Fantastic performance from the Germans in that first half. They're thoroughly deserving of their lead, and in truth could have had 10 goals in that first period. It's been tough for the Ivorians, but one would hope they'll tighten up a bit defensively after the break. I'll be back to bring you the second half as soon as play resumes.

45+4' Ivory Coast with a nice little bit of pressure to end the half, but it's nothing more than a small moral victory. Germany will head into the break leading 5-0.

45+3' Ivory Coast win a corner, and maybe they can create something here. They play the first one short, and it's blocked out for another one. The second one produces a half decent cross, but nothing comes of it.

45+2' Diakite with some dogged defending and pressing, but she can't win the ball back.

45+1' Thiamale is back up after receiving treatment and we're back underway.

Four minutes of stoppage time here.

45' Both back-up goalkeepers are warming up now for the Ivory Coast, and it sounds like a substitution will be coming soon.

44' Thiamale down again holding her shoulder, and she will receive more treatment. Is this another turf caused injury?

43' Elloh and Kacou combine down the right wing, but can't create anything. Elloh has been the one bright spot thus far for the Ivorians.

42' Elloh with a heavy tackle on Mittag, and she does not want to hear an apology. Fair play folks.

41' Behringer with a delicate clip on the free kick that goes wide. Somehow, the referee thought there was a deflection there.

40' Sasic in on goal, and touches the ball past Thiamale before the striker is brought down by the keeper. Free kick just outside of the bo, and Thiamale gets a yellow card for the tackle.


37' Laudehr with another lovely run down the right wing and rolls a cross back across the box that Thiamale dove down to deflect. Sasic and Mittag both missed out on the ball, and Maier could only scuff a shot. Thiamale down injured after the ball was cleared.


35' GOAL GERMANY! How many will it be? Laudehr this time with a lovely run down the left wing before she cuts the ball back across the box to the feet of Mittag, who finishes calmly. 5-0.

34' Kpaho with a rare foray down the left flank, and she sends in a cross that is cleared easily.

33' Thiamale with a great save! A lovely ball into the box found the head of Popp, but Thiamale got a foot out to keep the margin at 4-0.

32' Angerer just did her best Manuel Neuer impersonation, and came 40 yards off her line to clear a ball that was played over the top.

31' GOAL GERMANY! Sasic seals her hat trick! Well that took no time at all. Goeßling with a lovely diagonal ball over the top picks out the run of Mittag, and she squares the ball to Sasic who makes it 4-0.

29' GOAL GERMANY! This time it's Mittag after a lovely piece of passing play. Great goal, they sliced the Ivorian defence to shreds there.

27' Mittag is hacked down, and Germany looked to create a goal with a quickly taken free kick, but Thiamale read the plan well to cut out the danger.

26' Popp with yet another run down the left wing that ends with a dangerous cross that Sasic just misses.

25' We've yet to have a single lull in the action here.

24' Elloh was in again! This time, she was unselfish and looked to square the ball for Diakite. This game is thrilling, end to end stuff here.

23' Popp was in again but Khapo made a great last ditch challenge to cut out the danger.

22' Germany with another corner taken by Goeßling but this delivery is poor and Thiamale can collect.

21' Elloh proving to be the danger woman out here, and she makes another dangerous run before attempting one stepover too many too many and losing the ball.

20' Elloh will never have a better chance to score! She was in on goal after a great counter attack but tried to cut back onto her left foot and the touch wasn't quite good enough. What a chance that was.

20' Sasic in behind again, but this time there's a great recovery tackle made and we will have another corner for Germany.

18' Germany are in again, but this time the Ivorian offside trap works and the flag raises. Leopolz had come off the field about five minutes ago after picking up a knock, and Germany made the decision to substitute her, prompting the question: how serious is her injury?


17' Germany are in behind again, this time through Mittag and she tries a shot from a tight angle which goes wide.

16' Diakite now with a rare attack for the Ivory Coast, but her touch is heavy and Angerer clears. 

14' Sasic now with three great chances within the space of 45 seconds, and she finally finishes the third. Goeßling whipped in a great cross, and Sasic beat Thiamale to the spot in the middle of the box and glanced a header home. 2-0 Germany.

13' Another chance goes begging for Germany. How is it still only 1-0? Laudehr is played in behind again, and slides a great cross back across the face of goal that Kemme blazes over the bar.

12' Popp involved again, but this time she is called for a foul after some rough play in the box.

11' Ivory Coast look to break following the ensuing Germany corner, but Goeßling breaks up the play well. 

10' Thiamale with a fantastic save to deny Popp a goal! Great combination play from the Germans cut Ivory Coast apart, and Popp was in 1v1 on Thiamale but the goalkeeper got down well to save.

9' Germany coming forward in waves here, Laudehr with another strike over the bar. Ivory Coast have to regain their composure here or this one could be over by the half hour mark.

8' Sasic and Mittag look to combine and wind up with a corner. Goeßling works it short and then sends in a great cross that somehow isn't turned in.

7' Laudehr picks up the pieces after a poor cross on a set piece, and fires the ball just over the bar. Looks like they'll have their way here...

6' Apologies for some technical difficulties folks.

5' Germany not content to sit back, and they look like they want more. Laudehr and Popp both have efforts that are saved and go over the bar respectively.

3' GOAL GERMANY! A dream start for the Germans, who get a goal from Celia Sasic. Simple attack down the right wing and she finished coolly. Great start.

2' Elloh with a long, strong run down the left wing but nothing comes of it. Decent early attack.

1' Germany putting the Ivory Coast under some early pressure, but good keeping from Thiamale prevents a corner.

Apologies for getting distracted, the match is about to start and Germany will get us under way...

Here's the coin toss, and the much publicized, Sepp Blatter created "Handshake For Peace". Sepp Blatter, what a man. He's never done anything corrupt. Never.

Anthems done now, and it's incredible to see how much being here for the first time means to these Ivorian women. Fantastic scenes. Here we go.

The teams are in the tunnel and it's nearly time to get underway. A very nice contingent of traveling fans here for the Ivory Coast, expect a great atmosphere.

Ivory Coast Starting XI: Thiamale; Kacou, Aguie, Coulibaly, Kpaho; Nahi, Akaffou, Guehai, Elloh, Essoh; Diakite

Germany Starting XI: Angerer; Maier, Krahn, Bartusiak, Kemme; Laudehr, Goeßling, Leupolz, Popp; Mittag, Okoyino Da Mbabi

The starting lineups have finally been released. Here we go...

I've already walked you through the German team, but I've hardly mentioned the Ivorians. The Ivory Coast, known for global superstars such as Didier Drogba and Yaya Toure, are making their FIFA Women's World Cup debut today. It will not be the names Drogba and Toure leading the line today. No, it will be forward Jose Nahi, goalkeeper Dominique Thiamale and midfielder Ida Guehai who will look to make headlines in Ottawa today by shocking the football world.

Live Coverage Women's World Cup 2015

Once again, hello and welcome to VAVEL USA's LIVE coverage of this afternoon's Group B match between Germany and the Ivory Coast. We're just over 90 minutes away from the start of this match, and we will be bringing it to you as soon as the other Group B match, between Norway and Thailand, is over. Currently, the Norwegians are crushing Thailand, leading 4-0 late in the second half.

Although they will have Mittag, the Germans will be without reigning FIFA Women's World Player of the Year Nadine Kessler, who will miss out following a knee procedure. Kessler, the German captain, has made 27 appearances for the senior national team since 2010 and was named Women's Player of the Year in January. She beat out Abby Wambach and Marta for the award, garnering 17.52% of the vote. Kessler, a two-time winner of the UEFA Women's Champions League with VfL Wolfsburg, is one of the true stars of the women's game and will be greatly missed at this year's tournament.

LIVE coverage of Group B 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup

This summer, they will be lead by Anja Mittag. One of the most capped players in German history, she has appeared for her national team on 120 occasions, scoring 33 times. She has captured one World Cup title (in 2007) and two European Championship titles (2009 and 2013), and scored the winner against Norway in the 2013 European Championship Final. In her professional career, Mittag has enjoyed a remarkable strike rate, scoring 177 goals in 230 professional appearances. She has recently completed a transfer to European powerhouse Paris Saint-Germain.

Germany is the only team in the field besides the United States that can claim to be the most successful women's side of all time. They have not only appeared at every World Cup, but they have never missed the knockout stages of a World Cup. They are two times winners of the trophy and were semifinalists in 1991 and finalists in 1995. 

Women's World Cup Group B LIVE

The Germans have one of the best infrastructural set-ups of any team in this field. Manager Silvia Neid has been in the job for nearly 10 years now, and the sense of contiuity has been evident. Neid scored Germany's first ever Women's World Cup goal in the augural tournament back in 1991, and has been a member of the technical staff for 20 years. Like the majority of the teams at this tournament, the Germans set up in a formation that can be described as either a 4-2-3-1, a 4-5-1 or a 4-4-1-1. In attack, it looks more like a 4-2-3-1 with wide midfielders deployed farther up the pitch, but when they are sitting back and defending those wingers sit back deeper to maintain a good defensive shape.

While their performance at the 2011 World Cup was a great disappointment, it didn't affect Germany's performances going forward. They responded to the 2011 exit in style, and rebounded to win the 2013 European Championship, beating Norway 1-0 in the final on a goal from Anja Mittag (pictured above). The Germans, already regarded as the top team in Europe, went on to cement their place there as they waltzed through World Cup Qualifying, winning all 10 matches while scoring 62 goals. The closest they came to dropping points was a 3-2 win over the Republic of Ireland in qualifying.

Germany - Ivory Coast LIVE

The Germans hosted the 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup, and went out to eventual winners Japan in the Quarterfinals. Most American fans remember only two moments from that tournament: Abby Wambach's stoppage time equalizer in the second period of extra time against Brazil in the Quarterfinals and Japan winning the World Cup on penalties. What is lost in the shuffle is that 2011 was one of the most successful Women's World Cups ever. The tournament was played in top class men's football stadiums around the country, and it was incredibly well attended in addition to garnering great television ratings. However, the German team was a huge disappointment. They entered as the tournament's presumptive favorites but never impressed, scraping through the group stage. Then, they came up against an incredibly talented, very techincal Japan side in the first knockout stage and crashed out of the tournament. 

Germany, winners of the 2003 and 2007 FIFA Women's World Cups, are ranked first in the world and are tipped by most pundits to advance deep into the tournament. However, it is not just the knowledge that they are one of the best teams in the tournament that has them tipped to go deep in the whole thing. No, it is the fact that there is a sense of unfinished business around this group of players.

2015 FIFA Women's World Cup LIVE

Today's match-up truly is a "David v Goliath" struggle. Yes, anything can happen in football, there are innumerable quotes and instances that back up that saying. However, it is rare that such a mismatch is seen in a World Cup match.

Hello and welcome to VAVEL USA's LIVE coverage of the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup! My name is Liam McMahon and I am genuinely privileged to be bringing you a LIVE commentary of today's match between the number one team in the world, Germany, and one of the eight debutants in this tournament, the Ivory Coast.