Score Trinidad 0-0 Tobago - United States in FIFA World Cup Qualifiers
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Score Trinidad 0-0 Tobago - United States in FIFA World Cup Qualifiers

Matthew Evans
Trinidad and Tobago(4-4-2): J. Williams; Cyrus, Bateau, Abu Bakr, M. Williams (Hoyte 76'); George, Boucaud (Cummings 82'), Hyland, J. Jones; Cato (Caesar 84'), K. Jones
United States(4-4-2): Howard; Orozco, Cameron, Besler, Ream (Nagbe 68'); Yedlin, Jones, Bradley, Johnson; Zardes (Wood 75'), Altidore
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That will do it for our coverage tonight. Thank you for joining us. My name is Matthew Evans. Good night!

Stay tuned for the match recap from Jorge Belon. Our VAVEL USA Man of the Match will be Kenwyne Jones.

Full Time: Trinidad and Tobago 0-0 United States

90+4': The throw is dealt with out for a goal kick and that will do it.

90+3': Joevin Jones fires a low cross into the box that sails through and out. It took a deflection so a late throw-in coming for the hosts.

90+1': The corner is cleared out for a throw-in.

90+1': Late corner coming to the United States

90': Three minutes of stoppage time. The pace has slowed way down.

89': Fatigue is starting to set in for the United States.

Score Update: Haiti 0-1 Jamaica (65')

87': WIDE!!! Cummings sees his delayed run rewarded with a juicy ball that he fires wide.

84': Trinidad Sub: Caesar (In), Cato (Out)

83': Fabian Johnson earns a corner kick as his cross is deflected off the defender.

82': Trinidad Sub: Cummings (In), Boucaud (Out)

Score Update: Brazil 2-0 Peru (58')

81': Fabian Johnson floats a cross into the box that Jan-Michael Williams grabs off his line.

80': The pace is starting to pick up for the men in white.

79': Bradley plays the corner short. He receives the return pass. Bradley leans back and fires on a curling run that is over the bar.

78': CROSSBAR!!! Jermaine Jones looks up from distance and fires a shot that is off the crossbar and over. A slight touch from the keeper and a corner upcoming.

77': The United States is starting to hold possession. They are starting to throw some more numbers forward as Fabian Johnson pushes into the attack.

76': Trinidad Sub: Hoyte (In), M. Williams (Out)

75': United States Sub: Wood (In), Zardes (Out)

72': Bradley's corner is punched out. The ball lands to the feet of Zardes who attempts a volley that is missed.

72': Corner coming to the United States after Michael Bradley's free kick is deflected out by Abu Bakr.

69': Fabian Johnson has dropped back into the left back spot.

68': United States Sub: Nagbe (In), Ream (Out)

66': Another good buildup from the United States that doesn't come to anything. Yedlin's cross was easily cleared as the Americans seemed to think that somebody else was going to go for the ball.

64': Joevin Jones looks to take a shot but it is deflected straight to Howard. Jones has moved to the other side of the field, this could be a good matchup for Trinidad against Tim Ream.

63': He is not down for long and we are back to action.

62': Jan-Michael Williams is down on the pitch after coming off his line to snag a cross from Geoff Cameron.

61': Zardes draws a corner kick as his crossing attempt is deflected out by the defender.

60': The free kick is straight into the wall. Hyland gathers the bouncing ball and fires a shot that is easily gathered by Tim Howard.

59': Joevin Jones draws a foul on Michael Bradley. A free kick coming from about 24 yards out.

58': Tim Ream is the other man down. He is off the field but signaling to the referee that he is ready to return.

58': There is someone else down on the field but we cannot tell who it is.

Score Update: Uruguay 3-0 Chile (FT)

57': Jermaine Jones takes a lick and is slow to get up. Looked like he caught an elbow from Tim Ream.

Score Update: Paraguay 2-1 Bolivia (FT)

55': Abu Bakr wins the challenege on the corner kick but he climbed all over Besler to win it. Foul called on the Trinidad center back.

53': As we get closer to the 60th minute, what changes do you see Jurgen Klinsmann making?

53': Michael Bradley wins a throw-in after his defensive challenge on Cordell Cato deflects off the attacker and out.

51': Corner kick coming to the United States. Johnson plays the ball to the front post towards Besler but the header is just over the bar.

49': Jermaine Jones is given a yellow card after stepping on the heel of Khaleem Hyland.

47': POST!!!! Yedlin dishes to Altidore. Altidore floats it into the box into the path of Zardes, his header smashes off the crossbar and out. So close!

46': We are underway for the second half. The United States are now moving from left-to-right.

The teams are coming back on the field for the second half.

Canada has announced their starting eleven for tonight's match against El Salvador: It is a 4-3-3. Borjan; Ouimette, Straith, Jakovic, de Jong; Hutchinson, Johnson, de Guzman; Ricketts, Larin, Hoilett

We will be back with more coverage in just a moment.

It was not the prettiest first half but as of now, a point is in the grasp of the United States.

Halftime: Trinidad and Tobago 0-0 United States

Score Update: Uruguay 3-0 Chile (66')

45+2': Kenwyne Jones takes the free kick which is gathered by Howard and that will end the half.

45+1': Yedlin gives the ball away leading to a counterattack for Trinidad. Yedlin fouls Joevin Jones and he is booked.

45': Some sustained possession for the Americans. One minute of stoppage time.

Score Update: Uruguay 2-0 Chile (62')

Score Update: Paraguay 2-1 Bolivia (66'); Brazil 1-0 Peru (23')

42': A dangerous high boot from DeAndre Yedlin ends a spell of possession for the United States.

Score Update: Paraguay 1-1 Bolivia (63')

39': Daniel Cyrus is down on the field after taking a shot from Fabian Johnson square in the manhood.

Score Update: Paraguay 0-1 Bolivia (60')

38': Andre Boucaud attempts a long-range effort that is not even close.

37': Matt Besler is down behind the play. He ran full speed into the pole holding the net up. Ouch. He looks to be ok.

36': Yedlin the target of the floated ball, but the play-in is taken by the goalkeeper.

34': We are back after some technical difficulties. Trinidad has a long throw-in that Kenwyne Jones looks to get to but his header is cleared.

29': MISS! Altidore gets behind the defense. He puts in a cross that is just beyond the reach of Zardes. That would have been a goal had Zardes made contact.

28': Zardes clears at the front post

28': Corner coming to Trinidad

27': Another great buildup from Trinidad. Mekeil Williams floats a ball across the box towards Kenwyne but he cannot get a head to it.

Kickoff: Haiti 0-0 Jamaica (1')

26': MISS! Cato uses his speed to get behind Ream and Besler. His first time shot beats Howard but cannot tuck into the far post.

25': Jermaine Jones is undercut by Khaleem Hyland as he goes up for a header. Yikes. That was a rough landing.

23': Fabian Johnson recovers to dispossess Cordell Cato down in the corner.

22': Michael Bradley looks to play a ball through but it is quickly taken away by Trinidad.

Kickoff: Brazil 0-0 Peru (1')

21': Jozy Altidore fires a volley from 30 yards out that just dips over the bar. Here we go, will the United States start to put pressure on the defensive line of Trinidad?

20': There is your first shot as Fabian Johnson cuts into the middle and fires a ball that bounces into the arms of Jan-Michael Williams.

19': The United States is still looking for their first big offensive rush. No shots on target to show at this point and really no pressure on the Trinidad back line.

17': Jermaine Jones gets cleaned out. A foul called on Trinidad. 

15': Trinidad is carving through the American defense. One of these times they will convert a scoring chance.

14': Geoff Cameron is called for a foul as he tangles with Kenwyne as they go for a header.

13': MISS!!!! THAT WAS CLOSE!!! Kenwyne Jones makes a nice turn and fires a shot that just misses the near post. The angle from the press box made it look like a goal.

12': Trinidad holding on possession. The fans are doing 'The Wave'

10': Tim Ream is down in the box after Cordell Cato's knee drives the head of the left back into the ground. Ream is back up now and looks to be fine.

9': A great takeaway by DeAndre Yedlin. He touches the ball to Bradley who looks up and tries to play a ball to Altidore. The forward is called offside.

Score Update: Paraguay 0-0 Bolivia (Half); Uruguay 1-0 Chile (Half)

7': Yedlin makes a darting run behind the defense, Bradley tries to feed him in space but Jan-Michael Williams is quickly off his line to gather.

7': The former Stoke City forward appears to be good and we are back to action.

6': A whistle as Kenwyne Jones takes a smack from Jermaine Jones. No foul but the referee was concerned about a possible head injury.

5': Joevin Jones looks to use his speed to get on the end of a ball down the wing. He catches the ball but cannot keep it in as his cross is out for a goal kick

4': Altidore looks to make a run. Orozco plays a long diagonal ball but the forward is ruled offside.

3': Fabian Johnson is played down the wing but Cyrus makes the recovery run to clear.

1': MISS! Joevin Jones gets the ball after a speedy run from Kenwyne Jones but the shot is high. Just 23 seconds in. Yikes.

1': We are underway! Trinidad gets us going and the United States will be moving from right to left.

Score Update: Uruguay 1-0 Chile

It is time for the national anthems.

Trinidad will be wearing red kits with black shorts.

The two natons are coming out onto the pitch. The United States are in all-white tonight.

Finally. Here is the starting lineup for Trinidad and Tobago: Williams, Cyrus, Abu Bakr, Bateau, Williams, George, Boucaud, Cato, Hyland, J. Jones, K. Jones

We are just about 20 minutes to kickoff and yet still no word on the lineup for Trinidad.

FULL TIME: Honduras 0-2 Mexico

Here is the starting lineup for the United States (4-4-2): Howard; Orozco, Cameron, Besler, Ream; Yedlin, Jones, Bradley, Johnson; Zardes, Altidore

We are still waiting on the lineups. Not sure what the delay is.

There is the final whistle in Venezuela. Ecuador 3, Venezuela 1

SCORE UPDATE: Venezuela 1-3 Ecuador (85')

Damm with the goal as he powers through a slide tackle before slotting home the shot from a tight angle. The keeper anticipated a cross which was the crucial mistake. Three points coming to Mexico unless something crazy happens.

SCORE UPDATE: Honduras 0-2 Mexico (73')

Which was better? The strike from Corona or the touch off the bounce to set up the strike?

SCORE UPDATE: Honduras 0-1 Mexico (67'). What a strike from Corona! Honduras is looking at zero points from two matches at the moment.

The action has picked up in San Pedro Sula. Both nations with some very good scoring chances in the last few minutes.

SE LA PERDIO!!!!!! Chicharito makes a great run behind the defense. He fires a low shot that the keeper gets a hand on. The rebound falls to Jimenez in the six-yard box but he skies the rebound over the bar!

FINAL: Colombia 0-1 Argentina

Colombia gets a good look but the shot at the wide open goal just slices wide. Stoppage time continues to tick away.

It appears that Ecuador will remain perfect in World Cup Qualifying with four wins in four matches.

Score Update: Venezuela 0-3 Ecuador (60')

Mario Martinez just puts a free kick over the bar from about 22 yards out. That one was close.

We should be seeing the starting lineups at any moment.

Honduras is back on the field as we await the return of Mexico to the pitch here for the second half.

The second half is underway in Venezuela.

Colombia is starting to throw numbers forward as they look for an equalizer late.

There is the halftime whistle with the score Honduras 0, Mexico 0. A very physical first half highlighted by the clear broken leg suffered by Luis Garrido.

Six minutes of stoppage time coming in San Pedro Sula

Ecuador and Venezuela have reached the halftime whistle with the score 2-0 to Ecuador.

It is Houston Dynamo midfielder Luis Garrido. Prayers for a speedy recovery.

We are trying to confirm who the player is. It is #19 of Honduras. If you are watching the game, try to avoid seeing that replay. Nasty looking.

A long delay as the medical staff tends to the injured man.

Oh my. Legs are not supposed to bend that way. The Honduran was leaning in to challenge for the ball as the Mexican attacker was knocked over from behind. The attacker hit the Honduran square in the knee being it the wrong way.

It will be interesting to see the foul numbers at halftime between Honduras and Mexico. 30 combined fouls may not be too much of a stretch

Tempers are starting to flare in San Pedro Sula, this match looks like it has at least one red card in it. Don't be surprised to see more than one.

Current leaders Ecuador have raced out to a 2-0 lead early against Venezuela. It looks as though Ecuador will likely keep their perfect start to qualifying in tact.

They are at halftime in Colombia with the hosts trailing Argentina 1-0 on a 20th minute tally from Lucas Biglia.

Two matches underway in South America.

Mexico and Honduras are underway from San Pedro Sula. The score is currently 0-0 in the 25th minute. Things are getting very chippy with fouls being called left and right. For those with Telemundo, you can listen to the great Andres Cantor calling the match.

One match is in the books as Guatemala defeats Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 4-0. That result puts Guatemala into second place in Group C at the moment,

And we welcome you into our coverage of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers

How do you see our game going? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below or on our twitter page @VAVEL_MLS.

Do not be surprised to see Darlington Nagbe get the start in the midfield. As Michael Bradley and Jermaine Jones age, the next crop of midfielders needs to be seen. We’ve seen players like Mix Diskerud and Sacha Klejstan but now it is time for the Portland Timbers man to get his shot.

What will Klinsmann do with the right back spot as well? DeAndre Yedlin is still not very good defensively which could be a problem against the speed on the wings of Trinidad. Fabian Johnson could be an option to start at the position but then you would lose his attacking ability in the midfield.

Something else to mention, how about Tim Ream getting the start at left back? A great reward for a player who has endured a lot during his career. Let’s see if he is able to keep ahold of the starting spot going forward.

Speaking of Nagbe, what formation will Klinsmann decide to go with? He started out with the team in a 4-4-2. When Nagbe came on to replace Fabian Johnson in the second half against St. Vincent, the United States shifted more to a 4-3-3 with Jones, Michael Bradley, and Nagbe in the middle. Gyasi Zardes and Bobby Wood shifted to more attacking wing roles.

One of the bigger storylines to come out of the match with Saint Vincent was the cap-tying of defender Matt Miazga and midfielder Darlington Nagbe. Both players are young, dynamic, and could be important keys in this run to the FIFA World Cup, possible beyond.

We will get a better understanding during the next set of matches when the United States plays a home-and-home with Guatemala. Who will get the start in the away leg?

It may look as though the battle between the pipes is neck and neck but this writer feels like Howard has the advantage. This match is the more difficult of the two especially considering the strength of the opponent as well as the venue.

Jurgen Klinsmann has already announced that Tim Howard will get the start in goal as he continues his keeper rotation. Brad Guzan got the start last Friday against Saint Vincent.

The United States has five wins, one draw, and one loss in their previous trips to Trinidad. They are outscoring the hosts six to three in those matches.

Back to our match. This is the 8th time that the United States has played in a World Cup Qualifier on the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. History has been pretty good to the Americans.

The other matches are Venezuela hosting leaders Ecuador, Paraguay hosting Bolivia, Uruguay hosting Chile, and Brazil hosting Peru.

We will also keep you posted on the results from South America during the day. That slate of games starts with a barnburner in Barranquilla as Colombia hosts Argentina. Currently both nations are on the outside looking in but there is still plenty of time to go.

After our match is done stick around for updates from the two nightcap matches. El Salvador hosting Canada and Panama hosting Costa Rica.

Kicking off at 6:00 pm ET will a big clash between Haiti and Jamaica in Port-au-Prince. Both nations will be looking for a win after losing in their openers. Haiti a 1-0 defeat to Costa Rica while Jamaica lost 2-0 at home to Panama.

At this point, any sort of positive result would be good for Honduras as they will have their home-and-home with El Salvador during the next two matchdays while Canada will be playing twice against Mexico.

Honduras is playing host to Mexico as we speak right now at the Estadio Olimpico Metropolitano in San Pedro Sula. Mexico leads the group with three points while Honduras is looking to rebound from an interesting 1-0 loss to Canada last week at BC Place.

There are four other matches going on in the region today.

By the time our coverage starts, the earlier match between Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Guatemala will be completed. One of those two nations could also have three points.

After one matchday to date, the United States and Trinidad are tied atop Group C with three points each. United States holds the goal differential tiebreaker with a plus-5 comparted to the plus-1 of Trinidad.

Our match is part of Matchday Two around the CONCACAF region. We are in the fourth round of World Cup Qualifying with the top two nations from each of the three remaining groups advancing into the Hexagonal starting in October of 2016.

Good evening and welcome to VAVEL USA’s live coverage of the United States Men’s National Team. Tonight we come to you from the Hasely Crawford Stadium in Port-of-Spain as the United States takes on Trinidad and Tobago. My name is Matthew Evans and I will be your host.