Score Washington Spirit vs Western New York Flash in 2016 NWSL Championship (2-2)
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Washington misses. WNY Wins!

WNY Misses 3-2

Washington misses 3-2

WNY scores 3-2

Washington scores 2-2

WNY Misses 2-1 Flash

Washington scores 2-1 Flash

WNY scores 2-0 Flash

Washington misses 1-0 Flash

WNY scores their first PK

We're going to PKS!!

Goal scored by Lynn Williams


120+2 Yellow card issued to Kelsey Wys for time wasting

There will be 4 minutes of added time

120' Matheson shot is blocked.

118' Lots of passing in the box by the Spirit but the eventual shot is blocked

117' Dunn shot blocked for a corner

115' Shot from Dunn forces a save

113' Flash long throw leads to commotion in the box but it's eventually cleared

113' Stengel enters the game in Ordega's place

110' Play continued but Ordega is still down. Seems to be a lot of pain coming from her knee now.

109' Trainer is on for Ordega who appears to be holding her ankle

FLASH SUB: Hamilton in for Zerboni

That's the end of the first half of overtime! 2-1 Spirit with 15 minutes to go!

105' Shot for Ordega but it goes wide of the goal

104' Referee controversially calls offside against the Flash

100' Dunn called offside

98' Mewis attempts a backheel but misses. Kreiger clears for a Flash throw-in

96' Krieger shot forces D'Angelo to make a diving save.

94' Flash corner

Goal scored by Dunn 2-1 Spirit


91' We're back! The Spirit start with the ball

The score is 1-1. The game will now go into two 15 minute halves of overtime

That's the end of regulation

90+4 Krieger shot over the crossbar

90+2 Hinkle shot goes over the cross bar

There will be four minutes of added time

90' Flash with a chance but it is cleared

88' D'Angelo taken down, the trainer is called on

83' Yellow card issued to WNY Flash's Zerboni

81' McDonald long throw is cleared by the Spirit

80' Spirit corner does not connect and is out for a throw in on the other side

WNY SUB: Smith for Doniak in the 79th

SPIRIT SUB: Matheson in for Banini in the 79th

78' Flash free kick in the middle of their attacking half

78' Krieger with a shot but it is called offside and goes wide anyway.

77' Dunn is held by a Flash player a few yards above the 18.  Free kick taken by Nairn

75' Flash free kick in the middle of their half

74' Another Spirit freekick taken by Nairn

72' Trainer on for Banini, but she is ok enough to walk

69' Washington free kick taken by Nairn

65' WNY cross blocked by Zardorsky, but it goes out for a corner

64' McDonald is attended to by a trainer

62' Crystal gets a chance after almost being tripped in the box. Spirit corner

58' Spirit free kick and quick restart leads to a chance for the Spirit

57' Flash corner

55' Krieger is down and the trainer is called onto the field, but she is well enough to continue playing

54' Ordega called offside

53' McDonald dribbles in towards goal but her back pass is not recieved by anyone

51' Spirit free kick

50' Spirit Corner kick

49' Dydasco has returned to the sidelines on crutches

The Flash are doing a lot of attacking to start the half

We're back!

That's the end of the first half.

45' There will be 3 minutes of stoppage time in the first half.

WNY doing a lot of attacking, but the Spirit starting to look for more chances.

42' Combinations between Krieger and Dunn lead to a shot for Krieger that is bobbled by D'Angelo, but she eventually grabs it.

37' Dunn dribbles down the sideline and beats her defender to get a cross off, but it goes out the opposite sideline

36' Flash free-kick from just above midfield

33' Another shot from Nairn forces D'Angelo to make a diving save

30' Nairn rockets a shot right over the center of the goal

29' Washington Free Kick

27' WNY long throw is cleared 

25' Dunn called offside again.

23' Dunn recieves a through pass but is called offside.

21' Handball called and Spirit immideatly restart for a Banini shot

Dydasco is taken off on a stretcher.  Will be replaced by Kleiner

17' Dydasco is down, but no foul is called.  A trainer is brought onto the field

15' Flash freekick in their defending third

Mewis touches around a defender and finishes 1-1 


11' Spirit playing in their attacking half, looking for another goal

Crystal Dunn touches the ball past D'Angelo and places it in the back of the net 1-0 Washington 


7' Flash corner is headed in, but the referee calls it back. Still 0-0

5' Mewis takes a shot, but Wys saves it

2' Washington with a shot on goal, but it's easily collected

1' WNY pressing and almost have a shot but recycle instead

0' We're off!

Washington will start with the ball.

The national anthem is over, and the teams are getting ready

We're minutes away from kickoff.  The teams are taking the pitch.

SUBS: Cayman, Eckerstrom, Hahn, Hamilton, Niemiec, Smith, Speck

D'Angelo, Dahlkemper, Doniak, Eddy, Ecerg, Hinkle, Kennedy, McDonald, Mewis, Williams, Zerboni

Western New York Flash Starting Lineup:

SUBS: Johnson, Kleiner, Labbe, Lohman, Matheson, Stengel, Williams

Banini, Church, Dunn, Dydasco, Huster, Krieger, Nairn, Ordega, Oyster, Zadorsky, Wys

Washington Spirit Starting Lineup:

That's all for now. Keep checking in as the match gets closer for more updates!

Prediction: Both teams are very strong, so this will be a tough matchup. Both teams have aggressive forwards but equally robust defenses. The game will be tight and be 0-0 at the end of the first half, but a flurry of goals in the second half will lead to a 2-1 victory to the Western New York Flash.

The head coach of the Washington Spirit is Jim Gabbera.  The head coach of the Flash is Paul Riley, but he will be suspended for this match

D'Angelo; Eddy, Kennedy, Hinkle; Doniak, Erceg, Mewis, Zerboni; McDonald, Williams

Western New York (4-4-2):

Labbe, Dydasco, Church, Krieger, Nairn, Huster, Lohman, Matheson, Banini, Dunn

Washington (4-3-3)

Here are the projected lineups for both teams.

On the other side, Western New York will rely heavily on their offensive strength to help them win this game. Lynn Williams has found the back of the net time and time again this season, so it is likely that she will find chances on Sunday as well. Jessica McDonald’s aforementioned long throw-ins also caused many problems for the Portland Thorns in their semifinal match. It will be absolutely vital for Washington to be able to sort out their marks and keep track of them during their throws because it is clear that they can be as effective as corner kicks. Lastly, Sam Mewis has been a force in the midfield for the Flash. Although only an alternate on the Rio Olympic Squad, she is still a talented player and her national team career is only beginning.

The Washington Spirit are a very experienced team, and that will show in their play on Sunday. Veteran players like Ali Krieger and Joanna Lohman know how to communicate with all of the players, and that communication will be a huge key in their success. The Spirit are a team that may have struggled occasionally to find a rhythm, but once they found it there was no stopping them. On the attack, the return of Estefania Banini from injury will surely help them and of course, the USWNT’s Crystal Dunn will be helping create opportunities. Fans should not see her lack of goals this season as a sign of her decline, as she is just playing a different role that allows her to produce chances for other players. Another important key for Washington will be sorting out the Flash’s long throw-ins and being able to control their pacy forwards that were able to break Portland down

These two teams have met twice before this season. Their first matchup was a 3-0 Washington victory, but a more recent 1-1 draw proves how much the Flash have improved since the beginning of the season, so a pretty close scoreline should be expected

Hi, and welcome to VAVEL USA’s coverage of the 2016 NWSL Championship between the Washington Spirit and the Western New York Flash. My name is Alexandra Grant, and I will be providing you with live updates!