Score: USA 0 - 3 France in the 2017 SheBelieves Cup

Score: USA 0 - 3 France in the 2017 SheBelieves Cup

Kudzi Musarurwa
USANaeher; Sauerbrunn, Long, Short; Heath, Mewis (Johnston, min. 70), Brian (Horan, min. 70), Lavelle (Pugh, min. 46); Lloyd (O'Hara, min. 78); Press (Dunn, min. 46), Williams (Morgan, min. 70).
FranceGérard; Périsset, Georges, Renard, Karchaoui; Toletti (Bussaglia, min. 53), Henry, Abily (Thiney, min. 81); Thomis (Lavogez, min. 69), Le Sommer (Delie, min. 65), Majri (Catala, min. 80).
SCORE0-1, min. 8, Abily. 0-2, min. 10, Le Sommer. 0-3, min. 63, Abily.
REFEREEMarie-Soleil Beaudoin (CAN). Yellow Card: Naeher (min. 8), Toletti (min. 18), Georges (min. 74).
INCIDENTS2016 Rio Olympics between previous Gold medalists, the USWNT, and France. The match was played at the Estádio Governador Magalhães Pinto (Mineirão) in Belo Horizonte. 10,059 spectators.
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USA 0 - 3 France

Full-time: France completely dominate this game against the US and win their first ever major tournament trophy. Their finishing has finally matched their general play and this could be the platform they need to become  the dominant force in the women's game going forward. The USWNT were abject and the weaknesses in their current tactical make up was exposed for all to see tonight. Le Sommer, Abily and Renard were exceptional.

90 +1' Bussaglia finds Delie alone and the striker can't beat Naeher at the near post.

90' The game is drawing to a close here as France continue to push for goals. The US are failing to find the finishing touch to many of their attacks.

84' Morgan and Georges tangle at the edge of the box and Morgan wins the foul in a great position at the edge of the box. Heath's set piece cannons off the wall and away.

83' Horan puts the ball into the back of the net but Dunn had run the ball out as she crossed the ball in.

82' CHANCE! Pugh sends a good ball in and Morgan mistimes her jump and takes the ball away from an incoming O'Hara.

81' SUBSTITUTION: Gaëtane Thiney comes in for Abily. Another star performance by the midfielder.

80' SUBSTITUTION: Camille Catala comes in for Majri

79' Heath serves it in and it just evades Dunn at the far post.

78' SUBSTITUTION: Kelley O'Hara gets her first minutes of the tournament and comes on for Lloyd.

78' Kachaoui fouls Pugh and the US get another chance for Heath to put the ball into the box.

74' YELLOW CARD: Georges picks up a card for what looks like dissent.

74' After a little scrappy play, Dunn fouls Lavogez and France win the ball back deep in their own half.

73' The US come again but their attack ends as Horan fouls Abily. QUick tactical note: Johnston has slipped into the back while Long has now moved up into midfield.

71' The US keep pressing here but Heath's cross falls easily to the goalkeeper.

70' SUBSTITUTION: Lindsey HoranAlex Morgan and Julie Johnston come in for Williams, Brian and Mewis.

69' SUBSTITUTION: Claire Lavogez comes in for Thomis who has had a great game on the right for France.

69' The US get the ball in the French penalty area but it won't fall for any player and France are able to clear their lines.

68' SUBSTITUTION: Aïssatou Tounkara comes in for Périsset.

67' Abily finds Delie (who's surname is being completely mispronounced by the FS1 commentator) iwith her free-kick but the striker mistimes her header and it goes harmlessly wide.

66' Heath takes down Abily. A foul out of pure frustation there.

65' SUBSTITUTION: Marie-Laure Delie gets her 100th cap tonight as she comes on for a brilliant Le Sommer.

65' France break again with Le Sommer but her long range effort is straight at Naeher.

USA 0 - 3 France

The ball is worked between Thomis, Le Sommer and Périsset and the right back picks out Abily in the six-yard area unmarked. The midfielder finishes with ease past Naeher.

63' GOAL! Abily makes it three for France!

61' Heath goes near post and the ball is tipped on by Williams. Unfortunately for the US, the ball just evades Mewis and France get the goal kick.

60' Périsset wins the free-kick which Abily takes and is met by Henry in the box but it's an easy catch for Naeher.

56' The set piece is played quickly and Pugh cuts inside before firing at the near post. Gérard is equal to the task and makes a good stop. The US fail to capitalize on the corner kick though.

55' Thomis and Short continue their running battle and this time SHort wins a free-kick off of Thomis.

54' France wins the ball high up the field and Le Sommer breaks forward before firing high over the crossbar.

53' SUBSTITUTION: Elise Bussaglia comes in for Toletti.

51' Dunn and Karchaoui fight for the ball and the foul goes against the French defender. The ball is eventually played calmly back to the goalkeeper by Renard.

50' Now Dunn wins a corner at the other end for the US which Renard wins in the air and eventually the US win a throw-in in the French half.

49' CHANCE! France now have a shot at goal after Toletti springs Thomis down the flank. The midfielder breaks away and tries to fire in from a tight angle and can't quite find the far post.

48' CHANCE! The US finally find a gap in the French's backline after Heath finds Lloyd in the box. The US captain squares it to Dunn who's first time effort is saved at close range by Gérard.

47' CHANCE! The second half has started just like the first with France on the front foot. Karchaoui gets forward and one-times across into the box which finds Abily but she's unable to turn it enough into the goal.

46' SUBSTITUTIONS: Mallory Pugh comes on for Lavelle while Crystal Dunn comes in for Press.

ICYMI: USA 0 - 2 France at the half.

And that's the end of the first half. It's been a fascinating game to watch with France clearly on top and always looking dangerous on the break. The US will have to regroup quickly to salvage anything from this game.

44' The US almost gift France a third as they lose possession of the ball near their own penalty area but France can't find the telling pass to go through on goal.

Quick note of the field at RFK. It's in an awful, awful state.

43' Heath sends in another great delivery which is almost put into her own net by Abily. Corner coming up for the US.

42' Press tries to split two defenders and wins the free-kick in a good position for the US.

41' Le Sommer tries to trick her way past Allie Long but she stands strong and makes a good tackle in the box.

40' France finds the gaps again and Le Sommer finds Majri at the top of the box making a late run but the midfielder slips as she hoots and the ball is cleared away.

37' Toletti atones for her foul by clearing the ball away for a US throw-in. Heath tries to use the byline to tip-toe into her box but again Renard is steady and stops any crosses into the box.

36' Toletti is guilty of a foul in midfield again as she breaks Lloyd's attempts to get forward. Heath steps up to deliver.

36' The US look to build again but Lloyd delays her pass out wide to Press for too long and the striker is caught offside.

35' The US break and Press tries to find Williams but Renard is there again to make a crucial interception. Thomis is then in a race with Casey Short for the ball and this time, the defender wins the race.

33' Majri plays in the corner which finds and unmarked Henry in the box but the midfielder completely mis-kicks her shot and ends up clearing it instead.

To be completely honest here, the 3-back system that Jill Ellis is using has finally been tested and exposed. France are finding all the necessary gaps and exploiting them.

32' Majri plays in the corner which Naeher punches away. The goalkeeper wins the free-kick after Thomis is adjudged to be fouling her.

31' Mewis tries to find Press with a long ball and she's called offside but the linesmen got that horribly wrong.

30' The corners come to nothing but France still have possession deep in the US half.

29' Abily sends in a corner after winning it and the ball is cleared by the US, albeit a little unsurely for a second corner. Now France have a third corner coming up.

27' Lloyd finds Heath who goes by a few players before sending her shot just wide of the far post.

25' Lloyd gets to the byline and tries to find Press in the box but the forward sends her header over the bar.

24' CHANCE! Heath sends in another good delivery and Williams gets a touch to it. Gérard hesitates and the ball bounces over her but Amadine Henry is there to clear off the line. France then break quickly but Press works hard to get back and stop the counter.

23' The referee calls play back after Lloyd was fouled in midfield as the US try to get back into this.

22' Play stops as Le Sommer gets some treatment for what looks like a knock on her hip.

21' Heath plays it short to Williams who sends it back to Heath for the cross. Samantha Mewis gets on the end of it and France kick it out for another corner. The second corner finds Lavelle but her shot is closed won quickly and the ball eventually goes out for a France thrown-in.

20' Press gets forward but Georges is quick to close her down and concede the free-kick.

19' Heath's delivery finds Long in the box but she's called offside and France have the ball again.

18' YELLOW CARD: Sandie Toletti picks up France's first yellow card after fouling Heath at midfield.

17' France are winning the ball high up and Abily almost finds the right-back Eve Périsset, who had gotten forward into the box.

15' I don't think anyone expected this in the first 15 minutes of the game but France are fully worth their 2-0 lead. The 3-back system for the US is being exposed right now by Thomis and Le Sommer's speed as well as France's high press.

13' Heath strides forward but her pass is cut out by Renard again and Heath ends up fouling the French captain.

12' Alex Morgan wins a corner kick off Laura Georges but Lavelle's delivery goes straight out.

11' This is no less than France have deserved. They have pounced on the US' early sloppy play in possession and made them pay.

USA 0 - 2 France

Wendie Renard stops a pass by Tobin Heath near her own penalty area, strides forward and plays a long ball that Le Sommer latches onto quickly. The Olympique Lyonnais striker strides by two defenders, sending one to the floor and finishes clinically into the near post. What a start by France!

10' GOAL! France are now 2-0 up!

8' GOAL! Camille Abily sends her penalty right down the middle to give France the lead.

7' PENALTY! The US take a quick free-kick which Carli Lloyd then gifts possession to France. Amel Majri slips Eugénie Le Sommer in with a beautiful ball. Alyssa Naeher comes out and upends the striker, giving away the penalty and earning a yellow card.

5' A clever backheel by Lavelle gives Lynn Williams space to take a shot but it goes straight to Meline Gérard in goal.

5' After a few deliveries that are cleared by France, the ball falls to Rose Lavelle alone at the far post but she's called offside so the attack stalls.

4' France are all over the US right now but can't find that last telling pass. Brian springs forward but her cross can't find Christen Press on the far post and the US get a corner kick.

1' France start quickly as Morgan Brian and Alex Morgan give the ball away on two separate occasions to Elodie Thomis but France are unable to get the final shot off.

1' And we're off!

We're a few minutes away from kick-off now on a wet and slightly warm (for winter) night at the RFK Stadium.

Notes: Tonight's referee will be Marie-Soleil Beaudoin from Canada. USA's Becky Sauerbrunn will be getting her 100th cap tonight as well.

France bring in a whole host of changes from their match against Germany knowing that a win or a draw will make them this year's champions. The USWNT, simply put, must win if they want to retain their title.

Gérard; Périsset, Georges, Renard, Karchaoui; Toletti, Henry, Abily; Thomis, Le Sommer, Majri.

France Starting XI (4-3-3)

Naeher; Sauerbrunn, Long, Short; Heath, Mewis, Brian, Lavelle; Lloyd; Press, Williams.

USWNT Starting XI (3-5-2)

Hello everyone! Thanks for joining us here at VAVEL once again for the last match at the 2017 SheBelieves Cup. Starting lineups are in for what hopefully will be a fantastic game of soccer.

USWNT 1, France 1.

Prediction: This was one of the more eagerly awaited matchups of the tournament as on any given day, both teams are able to beat each other. The last time these two teams met, the USWNT came out on top but the team has changed quite a bit from that time period and France are seemingly finding momentum again this year under Echouafni. A draw seems the likely outcome of this match and barring a bizarre error by either side, a draw seems like a feasible prediction to make.

Leading the USWNT will Jill Ellis while her opposite number will be Olivier Echouafni.

Bouhaddi; Houara, Georges, Renard, Majri; Henry, Bussaglia, Abily; Le Sommer, Delie, Thiney.

Projected Lineup: France (4-3-3).

Naeher; Sauerbrunn, Long, Short; Dunn, Brian, Mewis, Heath; Lloyd; Press, Williams.

Projected Lineup: USWNT (3-5-2).

The match will be played at RFK Stadium in Washington D.C. on March 7th, 2017. The game will broadcast on Fox Sports 1 and kick off is set for 7:00PM EST.

This match will be won or lost based on whichever team capitalizes on their transitions better. Both teams will look to neutralize each other in midfield and try to use the flanks or quick counters to find their way towards goal. Both the USWNT and France have left gaps in their defense that can be exploited by a quick break and that is where both coaches will be looking to exploit their opponent.

For France, the key as always, will be finishing their chances. France tend to struggle to score goals against the big teams, as shown with their 0-0 draw against Germany last time out so if the likes of Marie Laure-Delie and Eugénie Le Sommer can bring their club form to the big stage, France's chances of winning this game will rank much higher. Having captain Wendie Renard ready to go at the back will also allow France to use their best defender against a very potent USWNT attack. Renard will have to be at her very best to keep the US out of her penalty area. Lastly, midfielder Camille Abily will be looking to impose her will on the midfield. Given the time and space, Abily will find openings that most players do not see and her set piece delivery is one of the best in the world.

In the game against England, head coach Jill Ellis made seven changes to the team that won against Germany and although a few players rose to the occasion, expect most if not all of the starting eleven from Germany's game to start against France. Players like Lynn Williams and goalkeeper Alyssa Naeher could be what makes the difference for the USWNT against France as the hosts look to win their second SheBelieves Cup trophy in a row. The return of Tobin Heath and Morgan Brian should help the USWNT gain a better control of the midfield and against a team like France, being able to navigate the midfield effectively will be a huge positive.

It's been an up-and-down tournament so far for the USWNT as they won their first match against pre-tournament co-favourites Germany and then proceeded to lose to England on Saturday evening. Those two results leave them second in the table and could potentially see them finish bottom of the table should they lose against France and other results go against them.

Hello again to VAVEL USA's LIVE coverage of the 2017 SheBelieves Cup! My name is Kudzi Musarurwa and I will be your host for this game between the United States of America and France to decide who takes home the cup this year.