Copa America could return to the US in 2020

It looks like the 2020 Copa America is set to be held in America, which will then see a shake-up of the competition. According to a report published by Brazilian sports news outlet Globo Esporte, the 2019 Copa America in Brazil will be the last Copa America to be played in an odd year, and the from 2020 the competition will take place alongside the EUROs.

The report also claims that the introduction of the Copa America taking place once every four years is a move that Fifa president, Gianni Infantino, is keen to make this happen as it would tidy up the football calendar.

A Copa America in Ecuador has been planned for 2023, however, it will be likely that this will be postponed until the following year to coincide with the 2024 EUROs.

Another reason why this concept could succeed is because it would allow European clubs to release their international players for just one summer rather in consecutive summers, as the current scheduling has seen some players, in particular, Chilean internationals, have not had a summer break since 2013.

Last summer the US hosted the Copa America Centenario, a special edition of the Copa America that celebrated the 100th anniversary of South America’s footballing body, CONMEBOL, and it was the first Copa America to be hosted outside of South America.

The one-off tournament proved to be a huge success in both the Americas and across the globe. It brought much-needed hype for the sport to a country that is starting to grasp soccer as one if it’s most popular sports, and the tournament proved to be a huge financial sense due to TV rights and ticket sales.

If the report proves to be true, it could be a possibility that teams from CONCACAF could be invited to the 2020 Copa America as they were for the 2016 Copa America Centenario.