Result and goals USA 5-1 Russia Live Stream Score Commentary in International Friendly 2017

Result and goals USA 5-1 Russia Live Stream Score Commentary in International Friendly 2017

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Thank you all for tuning in! My name is Bianca Verar with VAVEL USA.

FULL TIME: USA 5-1 Russia

90+1' Rapinoe's service is cleared

90+1' USA earns a free kick. Rapinoe stands over it.

90+1' USA builds up and attack but Russia clears for a throw in

90' Long is fouled on the halfway line

88' Morgan's header clears the corner out

87' Cholovyaga takes a short that Short comes to tackle, but she's too late and Russia earns a corner

85' Williams beats her defender and tries her shot at goal, but it's cleared for a corner

84' Campbell comes all the way out of her box to clear a ball coming her way

84' Russia clears a ball that goes all the way back to Campbell. She easily collects with her feet and plays it to Sauerbrunn

81' Russia builds a counter attack, but the final pass runs past Terekova for a goal kick

78' Press almost gets one for the USA! Grichenko makes the diving save for a corner

76' Morgan fouled in the box, but she's called offside before the play

75' Jane Campbell makes her first appearance in the USWNT kit.

73' USA SUBSTITUTIONSJane Campbell in for Harris, Megan Rapinoe in for Pugh, Lynn Williams in for Dunn

72' Pugh wins the ball and passes it to Press, but she's unable to get to it before the keeper makes the save

70' Karpova is called offside

69' SO CLOSE! Dunn crosses it and Morgan tries to get a foot on it and tap it in, but Grichenko is there to collect

67' Oyster plays a ball over for Morgan, but the keeper comes out of her box to clear it first

64' RUSSIA SUBSTITUTION: Pantiukhina out, Terekhova in.

62' Long plays a ball over the top of Morgan. The keeper comes to the edge of her box to make a save, but Morgan dribbles it out of her reach before defenders come to clear it away for a throw in

58' Lots of chances here for the US as they earn another corner

57' Pugh serves it in. Morgan up for the header but the keeper challenges and it goes out for a goal kick

57' Morgan fouled just outside the box after being knocked over

54' This is Megan Oyster's second cap for the USWNT. She earned her first the other night in Dallas.

54' USA SUBSTITUTIONS: Morgan in for Lloyd, Oyster in for O'Hara and Press in for Lavelle

53' Lavelle taps it and Mewis plays it in, but Russia leaves it high and wide

53' USA earns a foul between the 18 yard box and halfway line. Mewis and Lavelle stand over it.

52' Lloyd tries to chip a ball in from outside the box, but it goes out for a goal kick

49' Harris comes out to make a save

48' GOAL USA! Crystal Dunn scores another!

46' Second half kick off!

HALF TIME: USA 4-1 Russia

45+1' USA GOAL! Lavelle plays it in and Lloyd gets a head on it, but it deflects off a Russian defender's foot for an own goal

45+1' Lloyd goes end line and plays the ball in, it bounces and Dunn tries to get to it but Russia clears for a corner

45+1' Harris makes her first save of the match

45' Lloyd battles down the line with Russian defenders, but the ball goes out for a goal kick

44' Yellow card issued to Karpova for a hard foul on Sauerbrunn at the halfway line

43' Casey Short was issued a yellow for her foul in the box

43' USA 3-1 Russia

42' GOAL RUSSIA! Karpova converts!

41' Russia is fouled in the box and they earn a PK

40' Ball played out wide to Pugh and she tries her luck, but the keeper collects

39' USA 3-0 Russia

38' GOAL USA! Klingenberg serves it in and Dun does a one touch finish!

37' GOAL! Rose Lavelle scores her first international goal!

36' Lavelle's service is poorly cleared to let O'Hara collect, but her service is caught by the keeper

35' Klingenberg plays a ball to Dunn, but Dunn is pulled down for a foul just outside of the 18

34' Lavelle serves the ball in and Lloyd gets a head on it, but a foul is called

33' Foul is called a few yards outside of Russia's 18. Lavelle to take it.

32' Pugh takes the ball end line and serves it in. Dunn can't get there in time and the keeper collects in her hands

30' Lavelle serves in another corner, but it's cleared away by Russia

29' O'Hara plays a ball to Lloyd, but Lloyd is called offside

27' Mewis tries from outside of the box, but she hits a group of Russian defenders

22' Dunn takes the ball endline, playing it low into the box but no one is there to finish

21' Kovalenko receives yellow for foul on Dunn earlier

20' USA 1-0 Russia

20' GOAL USA! Lloyd converts the PK.

19' PK! Dunn tripped up in the box. Lloyd to take it.

18' Ball played in for Pugh, but it's cleared high for a corner

18' Russia counters, but is called offside

17' Klingenberg delivers a cross into the box but it's too high for Lloyd and too far for O'Hara to keep in

14' Russian defender is taken off. Lavelle plays a short corner and ball is played in, but US can't finish. USA called offside.

13' Lloyd takes the ball up the right side and plays O'Hara forward. O'Hara's initial shot is blocked and after a bit of a jumble it's out for a corner. Defender down for Russia and play is stopped

10' A bit of defending for the US and Long is fouled to earn US a free kick in their defensive third

9' A little bit of build up, but Long is called offside

9' Lavelle's initial corner is headed out, but the US collects outside of the box and builds up an attack. Lavelle plays through a few defenders until it is eventually cleared

8' Lavelle takes the corner, but it's headed out for another one

7' Klingenberg takes the ball into the box and shoots, but she hits it straight to the keeper. The US collects again and Pugh earns the US a corner

6' Pugh plays a ball through for Klingenberg, but she's called offside

4' Klingenberg plays a ball in and the Russian keeper punches it away, but refs call offside on Long

3' Keeper is back up and the US has the thrown in

2' Lots of action early in the game! USA build up towards goal, but play is stopped because the Russia keeper is down.

1' And we're off in Houston!

Anthems have been sung, kick off shortly

Lineups are being announced, anthems will be underway shortly!

Players have gone back to the locker room. Anthems and lineups are coming soon!

Players not suiting up are: Alyssa Naeher, Jaelin Howell, Ali Krieger, Amy Rodriguez and Sophia Smith.

Lineup Notes: This is Harris' 13th cap in goal for the USWNT. It is her second start in 2017.

Both teams are out and warming up! Kick off a little over a half hour away in BBVA Compass Stadium

Russia Starting XI: Grichenko; Karpova, Mararenko, Belomyttseva, Kovalenko, Ziiastinova; Chernomydrina, Pantiukhina, Sochneva, Cholovyaga; Karpova, Danilova. 

USA Starting XI: Harris; Klingenberg, Short, Sauerbrunn, O'Hara; Pugh, Mewis, Lavelle; Long, Dunn

Houston Dash captain Kealia Ohai is in camp with the USWNT, and could possibly suit up and play on her "home" field tomorrow. When asked about this before Saturday's training Ohai said, "It would be pretty cool. This is my fourth year here with the Dash and I've been here since I went pro so it means a lot to me. I love Houston. I consider Houston my home now so this is a very cool feeling for me."

In Saturday's press conference with Jill Ellis, she stated: "I like to always have pace central high. I like having multiple lines of build up - not just having three lines when you defend out of a 4-4-2, but now how do we create more lines?  One of the things I liked the other night that I saw is...we were never flat across the top. Sometimes we push our wide players up and have two players high you look flat. We had a lot of variance I think in that, so that's important to me because then you're less predictable."

Keys to the Game for the USWNT: After Thursday night’s performance, it’s becoming clear that a four-back works more in their favor. If head coach Jill Ellis has her team playing with a four-man defense, it seems like everyone plays a little better. Allie Long, who was tested out at center back in Ellis’ interesting three-back experiment, found herself excelling at her more natural attacking position. Long came away with two goals against Russia and could continue to find the back of the net in this next match.

Keys to the Game for Russia: Control the midfield. It will be difficult for Russia to do so with the likes of the USWNT, but if they can maintain possession in the midfield then there are fewer chances that attacks will come their way. This, and making sure players are being well-marked - or even just being aware of players making runs - will be big for Russia.

In Thursday night’s game, the USWNT easily scored four goals on Russia, even with a rather new lineup. The recap of their last matchup can be found here.

This match will be the last time the USWNT are able to train and play together before the start of the 2017 NWSL season. The league will be entering its fifth season - a first for any women’s league in the United States. Yesterday, the NWSL announced its list of allocated players for the 2017 season. Out of the 22 listed, 14 are currently in camp with the USWNT for this set of friendlies. The other 10 players on the roster for this camp are not allocated, but could very well be in the future as head coach Jill Ellis evaluates fresh talent with the new cycle.

Speaking of Sweden, the USWNT just announced on Friday morning that they will face Sweden this summer as part of a series of friendlies with Sweden and Norway. This will be the first time the USWNT meets Sweden since the 2016 Rio Olympics, where the US lost on penalty kicks.

Before coming to play these friendlies, Russia qualified for the 2017 UEFA Women’s Euros for their third straight appearance in the tournament. They have been drawn into a tough group with Germany, Sweden, and Italy. If they are successful against these teams, it will be the first time Russia has made it out of the group stage since 1995. Russia also competed in this year’s Algarve Cup where they faced Denmark, Portugal and the eventual winners Canada. They finished with a record of 1-1-1, scoring in each of the games and finishing third in their group to earn themselves a spot in the seventh place match against Sweden. They lost to the latter 4-0.

This will be the 10th time the US and Russia have faced each other in international competition. Before this set of friendlies, the last time these teams met was February of 2014, when the US hosted Russia to a set of friendlies, winning the first by a score of 7-0 and then 8-0. Most recently, they faced off after three years in Dallas on Thursday night. The USWNT came away with a 4-0 win.

Welcome to VAVEL USA’s LIVE coverage of the US Women’s National Team's second friendly against Russia. My name is Bianca Verar and I’ll be your host for this game. Kickoff is set for 2:00 pm ET on Sunday afternoon. We will provide you with pre-game analysis, roster updates and news as it happens here on VAVEL. This game will be broadcasted on ESPN.