FC Kansas City takes second consecutive win against Washington Spirit
Kansas City has scored seven goals and has allowed five to reach the back of their net so far in the season | Source: FC Kansas City

After a successful 1-0 victory on the road last weekend against Washington Spirit, FC Kansas City hosted the Spirit tonight to wrap up Week 7. Kansas City goalkeeper Nicole Barnhart marked a new record in her NWSL career as she made her 32nd consecutive start. As a goalkeeper she has made numerous saves that have changed the aspect of the game and tonight Barnhart reached a new peak that not many goalkeepers can attest to as well as celebrating another win for the Blues.

Kansas City dominates in Week 6

Last Saturday both of these teams met at Maryland SoccerPlex and midfielder Alexa Newfield scored the winning goal, which gave Kansas City a 1-0 lead. Throughout this match, Barnhart made six saves to achieve the shutout for the Blues and was successful in doing so. 

The Washington Spirit wanted to prove differently of last weeks score and managed to score in the fourth minute of the match. This goal by Kristie Mewis was intimidating as the Spirit saw the back of the net early, but there was still plenty of time for anything to happen. Kansas City came through, and Sydney Leroux made her way past the Spirit defense to see a successful shot raise the Blues to a 1-1 score.

Leroux also had another goal, which was waived offside as the ball crossed the line. This wasn't the end for Leroux as she saw much action throughout the game and even scored her third season goal in the 27th minute, which was assisted by Shea Groom and gave the Blues a 2-1 lead. 

Mallory Pugh attempts to get past midfielder Desiree Scott | Source: Washington Spirit
Mallory Pugh attempts to get past midfielder Desiree Scott | Source: Washington Spirit

The Spirit striving to comeback

After the half, Leroux had another close shot as she dribbled through the back line, but was unsuccessful as her shot missed by going far too high above the goal. Despite being in the lead,  Kansas City was consistent in their play and continued to keep pounding at the goal. In the 60th minute, the Blues took a corner and defender Becky Sauerbrunn headed the ball over the heads of those in front of her and reached the back of the net, which put Kansas City up 3-1. 

There were numerous cards given for the intense play and unintentional collisions, which brought more heat to the competitive match. Alexa Newfield already had a yellow card from earlier on in the match and was given another, which was equivalent to a red card and resulted in her being ejected from the game. This situation put Kansas City down to nine players on the field and Barnhart at the back of the net.

With the Spirit desperate to score and possibly comeback, Francisca Ordega took a shot that made its way past Barnhart. The crowd was silent, which gave concern and the referee brought the ball back to the box for a goal kick to resume play as the ball had gone outside of the sideline. The Spirit were still hopeful to comeback as midfielder Havana Solaun took an unexpected shot from the outside of the box and brought the score to 3-2. 

US Players lead the way for the Blues

Seven minutes of stoppage time were added before the final whistle blew, but both teams were at their ends meet as the final score was a 3-2 win for Kansas City. Leroux scored two goals and Sauerbrunn scored one to lead the Blues to their second success against the Spirit. Kansas City stands in sixth places as the Spirit are in tenth. FC Kansas City will travel to North Carolina as they see their next competitors North Caroline Courage.